Choosing Your Niche, And The Best Ways To Do It!!

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Do you want to create a profitable website, or blog, but wonder what should be your niche?

Well, you have come to the right place. Here, you will know all what you need to know, in order to choose an awesome niche for yourself. A good website or blog, can earn you a lot of money, but you need to be careful while choosing your niche. Picking the right niche is important, because it will determine the amount of money, and traffic that you will be getting towards your website. So if your looking to find a profitable niche, read on and learn 10 good ways to find a perfect niche, for your website or blog. You will also see some examples of easy niches vs. harder, more competitive niches.

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Why choosing the right niche is important

If you want to make money from your blogs or website, it is very important that your niche has a good ad rate, and it attracts a number of users. Here are the reasons why choosing the right niche is so important:

  • It increases credibility: By choosing a niche, you present yourself as an expert of that topic. That raises your credibility, and makes the users think of you as a reliable source.


  • It makes a profit: You should know that every niche is not profitable. You may think of a topic to be really fun, and attractive, but it may not work because you missed the calculations that were extremely necessary before choosing a niche.


  • It makes you an expert: Blogging about your niche will make you much competitive in that field. You will start to become known for that topic. It will incredibly increase your knowledge and will provide you some amazing opportunities to shine out, like writing an E-book or speaking to public or appearing on the mainstream media.

For these reasons, instead of choosing a random topic, you should carefully analyze your opportunities and risks, to make sure that your niche pays you well.

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10 good ways to find a niche

Finding a good niche is very important. Sometimes, it can be really bothering. It can take a lot of days to come up with a good idea. However, it is the time worth spending. Here are 10 good ways to find an awesome niche for your website, or blog:

  1. Brainstorming: Your first move towards finding a good niche, should be brainstorming. Our brain carries a lot of amazing information and ideas. You just need to get them out. Take these ideas and check them by Google Trends or other tools on the internet. It will show you the popularity of these topics throughout the years.
  2. Interests and Strengths: Think about the things you love, and the things that are your strengths. There is nothing better than a niche in which you are already strong in.
  3. Research: Know about the market, and it’s trends. Take examples, and analyze them. They may prove helpful to you.
  4. Seminars and Conferences: Don’t miss the opportunities of attending seminars, and conferences. You may get a couple of good ideas there.
  5. Local Communities: Look around your community. Try to observe their concerns, and habits. Get in touch with them if needed. They can provide you lots of information, that could help you to decide your niche.
  6. Social Media Trends: Social media trends, are a good source of getting the highlights of the popular topics. You will come across plenty good ideas there.
  7. SEO Analytics and Insights: Google has a number of paid, and free tools to help you find out what’s trending globally and regionally. Google Trends,  Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics are some the well-known tools that will help to get insights about the potential niches.
  8. Other People’s Experiences: You can learn by the examples of other people who have tried certain niches before. You can learn by their failures or achievements, the do’s and don’ts of the market.
  9. Focus on specific people: Rather than focusing on all the people, you should target a specific type of people with specific challenges. You should not go too broad.
  10. Go for Popularity: Lastly, if you don’t want to take a risk, select a popular market, industry, or conversion. In this case, you would not have to care about an audience. An audience is already there. You just need to showcase your work. However, you need to make sure that there is not too much competition in that niche.

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Easy Niche vs. Harder Niche (Examples)

Easy niches are those where you get low competition and more profit, and it requires very little effort. On the other hand, harder niches demand more research, deliver less profits, and contain a higher competition. So, let’s discuss a few easy, and hard niches.

Some of the easiest niches, can be found in affiliate marketing. For instance, you can choose Electric Shavers, Trimmers, Back-Massagers, Karaoke Machines and Lazertag Systems as your niche. These topics can earn you a fair amount of money, as they give a better commission rate with each sale, and contain less competition. So, you can try the niches like these to get a quick start to the market.

On the other hand, the fields like Banking, Insurance, Sports and Healthcare are highly competitive. The marketers who enter these niches, often face problems of getting revenues out of them. In these niches, you need lots of quality content to attract your audience. The reason why, is because there is already plenty of content out there about it, and if you don’t make a difference with your content, it won’t bring a lot of fortune for you. Therefore, unless you have something very unique, you should avoid highly popular niches that contain a lot of competition.

If you need more assistance finding a niche, or need general assistance pertaining to your website or business, Click here


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My Conclusion:

Choosing a good niche is important, because it will determine the profit, and traffic, your site will be getting. If the niche is easy, you have far more chances of success, compared to a harder, more competitive niche. Follow the above listed, 10 good ways to get a fine niche.

Do you have something to say about your experience with finding a good niche? Maybe something to add about your success, or failures with your attempts of finding one? If you do, please take the time, and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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The Importance of Passive Income!!

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Why Join A Top Paying Affiliate Program?

Why would you want to join a Top Paying Affiliate Program? My favorite Affiliate referral program is Wealthy Affiliate, for example. I joined it because they pay their affiliates over a million in commissions. And they are known for very high conversion rates. To top it off, make 3 referrals daily with Wealthy Affiliate, and you could be looking at around $200,000 recurring revenue.

So, it’s no wonder that joining a top paying affiliate business can allow for you to earn a stable living from home.

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Recurring. Residual. Referrals. That’s the key..

Think about it. Working remotely from home and making a passive income online is your dream or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve seen how people’s lives are changing every day from them earning money while working with a business that includes recruiting or referring.

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Why Work with One of Many Residual Companies?

Wealth. Do you ever dream about having it? Money isn’t everything, but wouldn’t it be a relief not to worry about living paycheck to paycheck?

These days, some people don’t even know Wealthy Affiliate exists, so they turn to the Internet for advice on how to make extra money online. Every day, year-after-year people scour the Internet in hopes of learning top ways to supplement their income. There they sit tapping on their keyboard in hopes of stumbling across the top residual income opportunity, or just the right company with referral programs; or the number one residual income job or business that will catapult them into financial freedom.

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And then comes speculation..

We’ve all been there, right? We all wonder, “How in the heck do people make their money!?” We see huge, sprawling homes as we drive past them. We watch the HGTV shows about people buying private islands.

Have you ever watched those couples (both young and old) buying the million-dollar yachts on AWE TV?

Oh, and let’s not forget about HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

The kicker is not always the bargain beach homes or the fact that people are throwing money away on yachts and private islands – and still have extra for wining and dining. The kicker is that I often catch the buyers talking about how they have the freedom to work remotely from the locations they are buying into. Whether it be the St. Croix, Honduras, Ocean Park, Miramar Beach, Pensacola Beach, or a private island somewhere off the coast of Key West. You name it, and there’s someone living it. There is someone living the dream!

Whether you want to be a millionaire or whether you just want to earn a stable income while living working from home, statistics show that the people living this dream do it with passive and residual income opportunities working for companies that provide a way for them to wine and dine while making money with affiliate programs and referral programs.

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Make Passive Income Online | Top 7 Reasons Why Working with Passive Residual Income Opportunities Can Predict Your Financial Future

1.) Produce Multiple Streams of Income

It’s a well-known fact that millionaires make their money with not one, not two but multiple streams of income.

2.) Choose Companies with High-Recurring Commissions

If you go with companies who produce high affiliate commissions (like Wealthy Affiliate, for example) you can earn monthly and yearly recurring commissions. And with WA, for example, you can make $1 when free members upload their profile picture as well as a description (meaning they don’t even have to pay for you to earn). However, most will join (another $23.50 in monthly recurring commissions). Over 12% of your referrals will then go Premium. In this case, that’s another $175 yearly you will earn.

3.) Referrals Produce More Referrals. Referrals of Referrals Make YOU More Money

There are some programs that allow you to make money off your referrals AND Their referrals AND their referrals’ referrals.

4.) To Blog or Not? That is the Question.

Yes. Blog and do it every day by providing affiliate links throughout your entire website or blog. Affiliate links with many different venues will provide you with passive income by doing this, therefore leading to streams of income.

5.) Because Who Wants an Active Income?

Active incomes can earn you a salary. You work for a company earning a yearly or hourly wage – never giving you the chance to make much more – not even through raises. Passive Income means you are compensated after you’ve already put in the work. It takes hard work in the beginning of these kinds of ventures, but if you don’t quit, the money will continue to grow for the long-term.

6.) Lifestyle

Passive, residual, and referral income allow for the financial freedom of “buying a yacht” and still having money left over. My point is, you can change your lifestyle. You can do it. Just keep working at it.

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7.) Because Learning Turns into Knowledge and Knowledge Turns into Opportunities

Not every opportunity will grow your bank account, but what you learn from each experience will help you make smart moves for the future. It’s called trial and error. You are not alone. Everyone learns through trial and error. It will be through those trial and errors you will see an influx of cash over time.

Looking for passive income? Click Here.

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How To Start With Making Legit Money Online

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With this post, I would like to explain from my own experience, how to approach making legit money online.

Especially for you individuals who are just getting started, and would like to know some good advice to keep in mind, while searching for your very first legit online opportunity to join. So shall we get started with choosing what online opportunity you want to try FIRST!

Online Home-Based Business Ideas:
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Before you open your laptop or computer to search for your very first piece of legit work online, do you think you have an idea of what you want to do? It can be very easy to get lost in the “Swamps” of the Internet!

Legitimate Online Jobs at Home:

  • Insurance Work at Home Jobs: If you are a licensed agent, learn more about independent contracting with LiveOps. They always have openings for Insurance agents. Better yet, if you don’t have a valid license, LiveOps
    quite often has job availability for those who may have an interest in helping people file insurance claims after a car or home accidents.
  • Health Care Work at Home Jobs: If you are a registered nurse or a physician, McKesson (a work remotely type of company) will hire you to work remotely in the telehealth field. Telehealth is used in what they call telphone triage. The positions may even require frequent travel, making it even more interesting.
  • Become a Ghostwriter: for multiple industries such as: Fiverr, Upwork, Textbroker, Association of Ghostwriters (for those who have written at least one book), Contena. There are countless opportunities in this area.
  • Do you have a passion for helping and/or motivating others?
  • Or how about being a part of Online Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities? The up and coming ones are like World Ventures.

I would say that – if you’ve been doing this for a while – most of you have made the mistake and fallen for the wrong business opportunity, simply because – from the start – you don’t have your minds focused on your true interest. Lucky you, if you are in the beginning stages, you can learn from us who have made mistakes.

Let me tell on myself: I was one who fell for those types of “too good to be true” scams. I signed up for more than a few opportunities that didn’t work out too well for me, or not at all. This was due to the fact that I didn’t pick something of interest to me – something I wanted to be or something I wanted to do online. It felt like I was getting “pulled” in many different directions. For me – I remember the first opportunity looking as if it was “BIG EARNING CAPABILITY“. I got swindled into thinking that, in a vert short period of time, I would get rich. I don’t meant o sound cliche, but it took a while for me to learn not to fall for things that sounded “too good to be true”.

Feel free to read more about my story.

Knowing what you really want to do first will clear things up when getting yourself started online. After you get an idea of what you want to do, search the web and build a list of online business opportunities from home you could see yourself working with for a long period of time. I hate to break it to you, but if you learn one thing from me: Never believe anyone who makes you feel as if you are going to make a lot of money very quickly.

If you want to find successful opportunities online, it will be for the long-term. it takes a lot of time to build any successful business (online or offline). The more extensive research you preform on work at home ideas (including reading up on reviews) the more it will help you determine what to weed out and what to keep on your list of possibilities.

How to Research Work at Home Opportunities:

7 chalkboards showing how to research work at home opportunities with who what when why where and how

There’s one specific rule that you should always follow when finding online interesting work. Especially after you feel like you’ve hit the, “Jack Pot Opportunity“!

Rule: # 1.)

No matter what, PERFORM THE RESEARCH before joining any business opportunity to earn money online. Look at it this way: Would you stay in a hotel without looking over the reviews? Would you buy a laptop without making sure that other people like that brand, too? Would you not perform research on that brick and mortar company through Glassdoor (for example) before applying to work for them?

I think you get the picture. It’s all about the research, my friend. Good research – at all times – will play a big role in your future success.

Check Out My List of The Top 10 Online Scams

a view of search engines to use when researching legit and real online work at home opportunities

Here are a few resources to start off with:

  • Search Engines(Google/Yahoo/Bing etc.),
  • Ask,
  • Forum Discussions,
  • Social Media Websites,
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Let Me Elaborate a Little:

Using the Search Engines is pretty self- explanatory. If you want to know something, just search for it. But if you want a more detailed response, ask your question on or You could also join popular Forum Discussions, or visit

If that doesn’t get you enough information, you could try researching on More times than not, you will find a video about it. YouTube is especially nice for those of you out there who enjoy learning by watching verses reading. Researching via YouTube is my favorite way to learn.

And don’t forget about the popular Social Media Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Now-a-days, businesses of all kinds are adding their information to Facebook and other social media platforms. Just type the name of the company into the search engine of any social media platform.

Trust me, at least one or all of these tools will help with your quest for more information on ways to make legit money online as well as the people using their services. And the good thing is: Those same people will be chatting about the pro’s and con’s. This will work in your favor!

Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Way too often I hear of work online scams that people could’ve avoided had they checked the BBB. The BBB will show if the company any track record to help you avoid the frauds.

Join an Online Business Opportunity from Home:

a hand with a blue mouse prompting us to click and join online business opportunities from home

Some opportunities such as multi-level marketing opportunities, for example, will feel like they are screaming in desperating for you to join whatever it is they have to offer.

Doing your research will save the hassle of making hasty decisions that will only waste time (and money).

You Must Have Your Own Website/Build out Your Brand:

How To Approach Making Legit Money Online

After you have chosen your legit online opportunity, it’s now time to showcase it by advertising it on your own personalized website! This website could be built by a company that costs more out of pocket money OR you can build it yourself. Building your own website sounds easier than you think.

Click Here To Build Your FREE Website!

I would recommend building your own website. It will not only save you tons of money, but will also build your knowledge and skill, as an Internet Marketer. Now you might be asking yourself, “What will my own website do for me and my online business in the long-run?

Most of us know that by Branding Yourself Online, you will give your guests a place to come and learn about YOU and what it is YOU are offering. As you build your customer-base, your authority will grow. In fact, the more websites or online stores you build, teh more streams of income you can create for yourself.

Building authority gives you power, because the more authority you have, the higher you will rank in Google and Yahoo’s search engines. And the higher your rank, the more visitors you gain. And the more visitors you gain, the more success you gain. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Using some “hand me down” website, or referral link, will never get you noticed, and will leave your prospects feeling scammed, confused, and lost.

Focus On Your Customers/Visitors The Getting Paid Part:

a blue and white website builder

Customers are a major part of your business. That said, answering a visitor’s simple questions, could lead you to get Paid.

So always “Pay” close attention to any questions or concerns your potential customers may have. The growth of your business depends on it. The success of your business depends on it!

My Conclusion on How To Make Legit Money Online

5 business men looking to make real and legit money online

I say in conclusion: Creating a team of people with Internet Marketing experience to assist you from the start, would put you in the greatest position to making legit money online.

3 green dollar signs showing legitimate and real money can be made online

There are those with the experience of making a lot of money online, who are successful and advertise on a regular basis that they are willing to share their knowledge with any novice, beginner, or even an expert.

Once you determine the opportunity you would like to pursue, find someone doing the same and follow their blog or subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can be successful, too. I heard someone say (not too long ago): Find someone who is successful with something you want to do and then do it better than them”.

Once you have the necessary tools and training, you will be better equipped to know how to avoid the work online scams.

Now I know finding and choosing an opportunity might sound tough! But you are not alone. In fact, what if I told you there’s a solution I followed that can help you, too. There’s a system I followed that guided me to making money online!

This system has up to date training through endless video/written material, Live weekly training, Live chat, 24/7 customer/team support, and much more! Check out Full Review If you have any questions or need any help, I’ll be right here to assist you!!

Other than that, thank you for reading my “short” post, on how to approach making legit money online. If you have any comment’s or questions I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments area, and I’ll respond right back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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