FreelanceMyWay Review | Legit Freelancing Platform or Is It Just Another Online Scam?

FreelanceMyWay | Legit Freelancing Platform or Is It Just Another Online Scam?

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The world of freelancing is growing at an exponential rate. As more people turn to remote, at-home working jobs, we are witnessing an increase in the number of online job boards as well. That being said, if you are new to freelancing and are looking for a legit online job board, the good news is that there are plenty of options. 

FreelanceMyWay was founded and launched as one of the online platforms where freelancers like yourself, could bid on jobs from a wide variety of clients. Today, we are not certain whether the platform is still operational. However, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern, at all. There are plenty of viable alternatives. 

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our mission is to help online entrepreneurs like you, find legit gigs online while avoiding online scams. In this FreelanceMyWay review, we will uncover everything that you need to know about this program. We promise to keep this review honest and resourceful. 

This review is divided into the following sections:

  • When was it started?
  • What is FreelanceMyWay all about?
  • What did it cost to join?
  • How FreelanceMyWay worked
  • How much money could you make with FreelanceMyWay?
  • What we liked about the program 
  • Good vs. bad qualities 
  • Alternatives to FreelanceMyWay
  • What are internet users saying about FreelanceMyWay?

When Was It Started?

As of the time of this writing, we did not find any information on when the platform was launched or who the founder(s) might be.  

However, the oldest customer review on FreelanceMyWay that we found on the internet, dates back to around 2018. We also realized that most of the reviews mentioned within them, that the platform was still young in the online freelancing space, which essentially could mean that it was founded just around that time. 

What is FreelanceMyWay All About?

FreelanceMyWay was an online job board, where clients and talents could meet to collaborate on different projects. You might have realized by now, that we are using past tense to describe this website. This is due to the fact that FreelanceMyWay is no longer indexed across all search engines.

With that being the case, we assume that FreelanceMyWay is no longer operational. The website’s homepage URL redirects to a different website ( Sisnolabs is a software development service provider platform. It could be that the founders shut down, in favor of a different business venture. 

A Review of What FreelanceMyWay Used to Be: 

Now that we have mentioned that the website under the name “FreelanceMyWay” doesn’t no longer exist on the internet, you should take note that this review only speaks of what FreelanceMyWay used to be. 

What Did It Cost to Join?

Signing up with FreelanceMyWay as a freelancer was absolutely free of charge. New members were not required to pay any registration or monthly subscription fees. 

To create a freelancer account, all one needed was a valid email address, username, PayPal account, and a password. The website was accessible to freelancers from all over the globe. However, an affiliate had to be at least 18 years old to join the job board. 

How FreelanceMyWay Worked

Members signed up as either clients or freelancers. Below is a brief description of how the website worked for both categories of members:

For Clients:

If you wanted to source talents on FreelanceMyWay, you had to first create a client account with the website. Once the client account had been verified, one could then post projects and start receiving bids from freelancers. 

You would then have a chance to go through the submitted bids to pick the freelancer who you deemed fit for your project. To hire the services of the selected talent, you then had to make milestone payments in advance (your money was always escrow protected). 

For Freelancers: 

To begin working as a freelancer on this platform, the first step was to create a freelancer account. Upon verification, you could then start bidding on the different jobs posted by clients. 

After a client had accepted your bid and you had finished working on the milestone, you could expect to immediately receive full payment for that specific milestone. 

How Much Money Could A Freelancer Make with FreelanceMyWay?

With this online job board, your potential earnings depended on a number of factors. First off, your earnings were highly dependent on the level of your skills and expertise because each project or job paid differently. 

Freelancers with the highest skill levels earned the most. Consistent availability and high bid acceptance rates also meant more earnings. 

Considering the fact that FreelanceMyWay was a platform that offered jobs across different industries, your area of specialization also had an impact on one’s earnings. If you are a seasoned web designer or programmer, there is no way you would earn the same money as a transcriber or writer. 

What We Liked About FreelanceMyWay

Considering the fact that the website was not in business long enough, there isn’t much to say about it. However, the following features made stand out among its competition:

  • Low Competition 

Since FreelanceMyWay was young in the industry and not many people knew about it, members enjoyed low competition for bids. 

  • Milestone PayPal Payments

Freelancers working on long-term projects enjoyed milestone payments where they could receive PayPal payments for every completed milestone. This meant that your earnings as a Freelancer were escrow protected

Good Vs. Bad Qualities 

Here’s the good news and bad news concerning FreelanceMyWay. We promised to keep the review honest, right? Well, it’s about time that we pay that debt. 


  • Free to join: As a starter, nothing beats being able to get started with a legit business opportunity for free. 
  • Low competition: Any seasoned freelancer will tell you that online job boards are crowded and finding a job is a real hassle. The fact that freelancers on this site face less competition is a plus. 
  • PayPal payments: PayPal is one of the safest and most secure e-wallets on the market. PayPal payments meant that your money was always safe. 


  • It was never guaranteed that your bid would get accepted
  • Being a startup, freelancers had limited job opportunities
  • No BBB rating 

Alternatives to FreelanceMyWay 

Since is no longer in business, you should consider checking out alternative freelancing websites. Among the top available options include Upwork, Fiverr, and 

The three are our top picks because they are all legit, free to join, and accept freelancers from all over the world.

What Are Internet Users Saying About FreelanceMyWay

On, FreelanceMyWay has a 4.4/5 stars rating from a total of 10 reviews. From this rating, it seems that a majority of freelancers using the platform were happy. Here are some of the sentiments shared by freelancers who had a chance to work with this platform:

Just Joan

FreelanceMyWay customer reviews rating from trustpilot


FreelanceMyWay customer reviews rating from trustpilot

Our Conclusion For FreelanceMyWay:

FreelanceMyWay was definitely not a scam. Although all indicators show that the website was a legit freelancing platform, it is still unclear why the founders decided to shut it down. Since you can no longer use this program to find online jobs, you should consider signing up with alternatives such as Upwork and Fiverr. 

We are hoping that this FreelanceMyWay review has been helpful. You are welcome to share your experience and comments with us, by leaving them down in a comment section below. Thank you for reading and see you in our next review. 

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