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Hi, my name is Mr.Hassan, and I’m the owner of LegitWorkOnlineForReal! If you don’t already know, this page is About Me! Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always wanted to make money by using the Internet to work from home. Owning my own business has been a true passion of mine for a long while now, but back then I didn’t have a computer. It all started with 50 typed up flyers that described how good of a house cleaner I was (I was a total expert, of course!). Those same flyers pointed out all of the “odd jobs” I could accomplish with negotiable fees.

This was a neighborhood business I decided to build form the ground up, since I was too young to get around, otherwise. Within a matter of months, I had 7 steady clients! While I continued building my cleaning business (by the age of 16) I decided to work for McDonald’s. I spent 8 long years with them, vowing to myself that one day I wouldn’t need them or any job.

“I always wanted to be my own boss”.

Anyhow, I totaled 15 residences that I personally cleaned, on a weekly basis. Now, even though the money was excellent, the work was harder! This made me want to look for other business opportunities, with better commissions, and retiring (capabilities that would allow for residual income). I was working myself hard, but McDonald’s was working me even harder (slave style)! That was a constant reminder to stay on the hunt for a better opportunity.

Shortly After, I discovered countless business opportunities. Some were scams that tricked me into giving them thousands of dollars. And some that didn’t turn out to be what they promised. But out of all of them, there would only be two businesses I would explore before I would find, what I believe to be, the ultimate opportunity to make money from home!

And I didn’t expect it to be an online opportunity either. Why? Because during my search, I had been scammed countless times by a lot of fake online opportunities! Some of them I should’ve known better, because it sounded to good to be true. But we live and we learn, right?

Here are just a few of them that really got me:

  • Paid to read emails, or paid to so called click ad websites, that never paid me,
  • 2×2 Matrix Systems (goes by many names and numbers), that took my money and never paid me at all!! A lot of these systems, if not ALL of these matrix systems have crashed, and don’t even exist anymore,
  • Online investment programs that crashed (lost thousands of dollars!) because of the so called “market”. One of my accounts that I thought I still had, was depleted, and all the investors (myself included), were of course forced to deal with our left-over devastation,
  • Small, short lived MLM websites, which could have been due to small earning capabilities, lack of training, and support. These were the reasons for me anyway! Some of these MLM opportunities I was involved with, also had no community what-so-ever! Not to mention that there was no residual income! Maybe that’s why most of these websites either had slow business or are completely out of business and off-line today!

Getting Back To My Short Story

Even though my first piece of work took place in my very own neighborhood providing an “odd job” cleaning business, I always had a J.O.B. I had bills to pay. I needed a steady paycheck. I had responsibilities. But shortly after employment, I knew I wasn’t going to be doing that for the rest of my life! My burning desire to earn a full-time income from home was too alive and remains alive to this very day. The only difference is that back then, I couldn’t make it happen. Today, I’m making it happen.

As I mentioned before, I joined 2 business opportunities. The first was Primerica, an insurance, health, and investment company. The second was Ameriplan, which involved selling health benefits of all types. Though I was only able to make it to the second level in both business opportunity, both companies had great products with outstanding compensation plans. The company trips were awesome, although I had to pay for them. I can imagine you asking yourself, There have got to be some con’s to this.”that we had to pay for, but were still nice.

Trust me, there were con’s.

Everyday I had to:
1.) Constantly do follow up phone calls (Phone Blitz). These were calls that I personally made every day and night – to talk to people I met in the streets – or where ever I was. This every day hard work would lead to little or no money.
2.) I was always having to spend money on mandatory trips and seminars every month
3.) I had to attend WEEKLY SEMINARS that we had to PHYSICALLY attend, twice a week (34 hours long or longer), which took time away from answering calls and making money
4.) I had to pay the monthly fee for the GoSolo conference call tool, which was mandatory
5.) I worked more than 40 hours weekly doing something I could not see myself doing forever

What did this teach me?

These business opportunities taught me what I did not want in a business opportunity. It taught me that I wanted a business opportunity to make money from home where everything is based online as far as the training, the tools, your payments, and the support (All 24/7). This way I could really be comfortable, relaxed, and make money from home, without all the extra bull crap I had to go through with these other companies. Once I made that clear to myself, the search was on! I knew exactly what I needed to be working on, to become successful online.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate I was, at first, skeptical. However, they were so thorough by offering a step by step process which changed my opinion very quickly. WA would eventually teach me through their detailed training how to put together a website from scratch (so quickly that it felt like 30 sec.) and advertise anything of my choice on it. For example, on this site, I chose to advertise WA. (I could have chosen to sell an Avon or Amazon product.) WA then taught me – in great detail – how to build my content and how to get FREE traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, without having to spend money on Pay Per Click (PPC).

Wealthy Affiliate practically handed me the Internet Guru knowledge and the tools I needed to succeed at the same time – which means this online opportunity will never go out of style!”

So, call me crazy, but I decided to give Primerica and Ameriplan a break so I could have a much more sufficient way of doing home-based work from home. And I did it because I love the fact that this is an online business that truly allows me to stay and work from the comfort of my home, which my cleaning business nor McDonald’s would have EVER allowed me to do.

I kept my cleaning business, though. It makes good money. Plus, I’m still my own boss. And after building it at the age of 15, I’ve grown attached to my clients. I love them. Some days it doesn’t even feel like work because we talk when I clean. I make them smile. They make me smile. We are like family. I feel blessed that my cleaning business and Wealthy Affiliate makes me a full-time entrepreneur – something I’ve always wanted. And, oh yeah – once I fired my boss at McDonald’s.

To Conclude
I started making money online with Wealthy Affiliate almost immediately after publishing my website. AND I haven’t looked back since. I’m now a full-time entrepreneur at the young age of 28! One day I will retire from my cleaning business – although it will be hard to leave my clients. But I very much enjoy my current and stable residual, monthly income from Wealthy Affiliate. As it has continued to grow, it got me out of the fast food business. I couldn’t be more thankful. And, yes, Wealthy Affiliate continues to change my life as the residual income grows. And guess what? It will help Change Your Life, Too! Get Started Today!

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4 thoughts on “About Me, Mr.Hassan

  1. Hi Hassan,

    Great to meet you. And thanks for sharing your story! I’m impressed that you started your own cleaning business at such a young age. Me, I was likely snacking in front of the TV and playing video games 🙂

    So how long have been doing the online business thing? You mentioned that you started gaining sales right away. Depending on what you read, some folks don’t see sales right away and don’t know how to get started. Curious what you did differently to get results. Obviously, on tactic is to be a go-getter as it seems that you are.


    Kim Wolfe

    1. Good evening Kim, and nice to meet you too as well! Well I’ve been doing this online thing (the right way anyway lol), for the past 2 years. I didn’t start getting sales right away, but when I started putting my website together the right way, it sure felt like my success was instant, lol. But total, I’ve been involved with making money online, since 2009-2010. So it really took me a while to master everything I teach thru out my website. 

      As for when I was younger, I always loved making my OWN money. I knew that making money on my time, was way more valuable then making money, on someone else’s else’s time. I mean I did play games from time to time. Don’t get me wrong lol. I had a little fun in my child days lol. 

      Other than that, I think that’s about it. Life is good when your helping people. Thanks again for commenting Kim. Have a wonder day, and good luck with your success

  2. Thanks Hassan! It sounds like it takes persistence no matter what. You just started at a young age. Thanks again for sharing your story. Good motivation of what we can achieve when we just go for it.

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