Online Investment Scams-They’re Out There!!

There are legitimate ways to invest money online. These days, people are investing in the stock market using online brokerage firms like TD Ameritrade and ETrade. In the age of cryptocurrency, there are those who are investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many others by way of crypto exchanges like Bittrex or Poloniex. Unfortunately, there are […]

Cash4Gold: Make Good Money through Selling Jewelry, or Get Ripped off?

Will you make good money through selling your unwanted jewelry, or just get ripped off: Cash4Gold is a famous mail-in refinery company, that enables people to sell their jewelry for cash, from home. This is a well-known company too, by the way. Many people know it through TV commercials, or magazine ads. The company promises […]

Is Helium Network A Good Place For Writers, Or A Huge Scam?

Is Helium Network a good place for writers, or just another huge Scam? Let’s find out.. Are You A Writer? If your a good writer and searching for ways to earn money working from home, you might come across a company that goes by the name, “Helium Network”. Helium Network, was a company that paid […]

Online Scams: What They Are And How to Avoid Them

Scams are everywhere these days.. Have you been scammed recently? Well, it appears that you are not alone here. According to Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) statistics, over 161 thousand people reported in 2017 that they had been scammed. The total amount lost to these scams, was over $60 million. Given the fact that […]

Money-Flipping Scams: The Truth Revealed

  Money-Flipping Scams: The Truth Revealed: If you use the internet on the regular basis (especially social media platforms), you probably came across these well-organized advertisements. These advertisements claim you can make a lot of money, very fast and easy, by investing just a little bit of your hard earned money and time, into their […]

Is Neucopia another big scam?

Neucopia Review: Another Scammer Name: Neucopia Price: Basic: $49.95/month or Premium: $169.95/month Owner: Rich Cook Who is Neucopia? Neucopia was an affiliate, Multi-Level Marketing company. At first glance, the company seemed to be beneficial as a supplemental income. The owner of Neucopia, Rich Cook, claims that the company was created to help customers create abundance […]

Banners Broker Scam Review

Company Name: Banners Broker Price: Varies per package (Ranging from $25-$4000) Owners: Christopher George Smith and Rajiv Dixit What was the purpose of Banners Broker? Banners Broker, a Canadian company, presented themselves as an online advertising platform. The company claimed to give business owners “the tools to help you meet your financial and lifestyle goals.” […]

The Paid To Read Email Scam – Are Any of Them Legit?

Name: Paid to Read Email Headquarters: Unknown Price: Time. Lots and lots of time. Picture This: A Google ad. And the image shows a computer keyboard with two $100 bills on it. Enticingly it reads, “How I get paid to read emails!” Now one would automatically think that the online email reading business would make them […]