Udimi Solo Ads- A Good Way To Get Traffic And Make Money Online

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Udimi Solo Ads and Internet Traffic:

Is it possible to make money online using Internet traffic? The answer is it depends. It depends on how you use it. Often times, people make money online using traffic sources like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even the tried and true banner ads that have been around since the beginning of time. However, we’re going to take a look at another traffic source called “Udimi Solo Ads“. We’re going to talk about what it is, how they came about, and what the purpose is for this service.

We’re also going to determine whether or not if it’s legitimate service to help you make money, or if you’re simply flushing your money down the toilet with something that’s a complete scam. Traffic is considered one of the lifebloods of any website that is designed to make you money in your online business. Let’s see if Udimi Solo Ads is something you can probably trust.

A Brief History About Udimi Solo Ads:

According to their website, Udimi Solo Ads has been around since approximately 2008. It is unclear who the founder is or who the current CEO is of the company that runs Udimi. While this is considered a yellow flag issue, it is important to consider using this service with extreme caution. However, they have been a company that was founded to provide good quality traffic for people who use their services for their own online business. As of today, Udimi claims to have saved their customers a total of $300 million in ad spend.

How Does Udimi Solo Ads Work:

The purpose of “Udimi Solo Ads” is to help save you money, that could have been otherwise wasted on bad, or even fake traffic, that’s being sent to your website. As an example of this, there could be some traffic that is based in foreign countries. Typically they are designed to throw off your website’s analytics. More specifically, the bounce rate will likely be higher than it’s supposed to be. Bad, or fake traffic can not only hurt your numbers, but can hurt your business as a whole. And as a result, it can hurt you financially. Udimi will provide quality traffic, and will even buy bad or fake traffic under an assumed identity, just so they can blacklist it and banish it off the Internet. By the sounds of that, that seems pretty cool.

At the same time, they want to take the guesswork out of what’s considered good traffic and what isn’t. And they do exactly that, saving you hundreds of dollars per 1000 clicks. Try and find a traffic source that won’t do that? So far, Udimi has been quite impressive. They definitely have the online business owner in mind. But is it really worth the investment? We’ll get to that later on. But let’s continue with how this all works.

The traffic sellers will undergo a strict process to ensure the traffic they sell is human traffic, and not useless or bot traffic. There are three types of traffic: non-human or bot traffic, human traffic, or human but useless traffic. At this point, you already know the kind of traffic they want to give you.

What Makes Human Traffic “Useless”?:

So the question that needs to be asked is: what makes human traffic useless? Here are a few things that Udimi has outline as what determines human, but useless traffic:

  • Click Rings: What the heck is a click ring, you ask? It’s when a group of people tend to click on each other’s links to increase their stats. Doesn’t that kind of sound dumb? You bet it does. But Udimi will make sure that the traffic you get won’t do any of this.


  • Traffic Exchange: This is a fancy way of calling this a scam. How this works is a website owner will visit other websites in exchange for traffic to come to their site. On top of that, the owner will usually add paid links and implement the same strategies that are used in click rings. The users of these traffic exchanges are unaware that they are aiding in some type of scam. Not only is it unethical, but it’s probably illegal as well.


  • “3 Second” Visitors: These are basically users who inadvertently click on your site, and then click out of it.


  • Technology That Is Out Of Date: Are you still using Netscape? Are you dead set on using Internet Explorer until the day you die? Well, the times are a changing. And none of these browsers may ever be of good use anymore.


  • Countries That Are Considered “Useless”: What do they mean by “useless countries”? Countries that don’t bother purchasing what is on the website. On top of that, these are also countries that are associated with click frauds, DDOS attacks, and a whole host of bad things. The last thing you want is people from these countries wreaking havoc on your website.

So in short, “Udim Solo Ads” counts quality visitors. They don’t count everything like Google Analytics does. On top of that, they won’t even filter useless traffic. How can someone with a name like Google do this to its loyal users? It’s almost shameful. A multi-billion dollar tech company that doesn’t even bother to filter out useless traffic. Another thing that Udimi will filter out for you are the duplicate names and other information that pertain to people who have already visited the site. They even filter out the Bing or Google bots that visit your site.

Udimi also has other filters that are included in their system. They include, but are not limited to: click ring visitor filtering, fake optins, fraud sales, fake testimonials, multiple names, and high buyer/seller refunds. Udimi’s filtering system works by detecting all kinds of technology that is considered illegal, unethical, or even suspicious.

For example, if the traffic source is not using Javascript, then it’s probably useless. Same way if it’s also able to detect black hat traffic. This has a whole laundry list of things to look out for to ensure that it won’t pass through the filters, and make the traffic as high in quality as possible. In fact, if you get traffic caught in the filter, Udimi will give you a reason why they blocked it.

What Is A Solo Ad?

You’re probably wondering: what in the world is a solo ad? Obviously, the word “solo” is self-explanatory. You’re working with one ad. The goal of the solo ad is for a mailshot to be sent out to a list of mailing list subscribers. The publisher of these solo ads has a list of emails subscribed to this list. And they guard it with such strict confidence.

If you’re an advertiser, you obviously have to go through the motions to sell whatever product or service you’ve got to your targeted audience. One of those things you do is write a sales letter. More specifically, you’re writing a sales letter in email format. Another term for this is email marketing. Just think of it as just another email from a list that you’ve subscribed to. The solo ad seller will then take your email and send it on your behalf. However, this comes at a price.

Even though you will need to make a payment in advance, Udimi will charge you per click. In other words, when the email recipient clicks on your link, you get charged an amount. The price you need to pay Udimi for a solo ad is currently $3 as of this writing. This is a flat fee for every ad you want posted.

The pay-per-click (PPC) fee that Udimi will charge you will usually run in the neighborhood of $0.35 on the low end to $0.60 on the high end. So let’s do some math here. Suppose you send out a solo ad to a mailing list. The PPC rate is about $0.45. If 100 people click on your ad, then it will cost you a total of $45 plus the $3 administration fee. So that will equal $48 in total.

Finding A Seller On Udimi:

When you sign up on “Udimi Solo Ads“, what you’ll notice is that there is a marketplace that consists of sellers. These sellers have quality traffic that they want to sell to you. Each of them have a picture and a name, as well as their PPC (pay per click) rate. Not all PPC rates are the same. Some will be on the low end like $0.35. Some of them will be higher than that. To make it easier for you, the traffic sellers can be filtered by PPC rate, niche, how many clicks you want, and so on. Another thing to look for if you’re looking to buy traffic from a seller is to take a look at their “thumbs up to thumbs down” ratio. The more thumbs up ratings that have over thumbs down, there’s a good chance that they’re a reliable source. However, always take that with a grain of salt.

So What’s Next?

So now, you have to find a seller. Again, this will be based on your personal needs and preferences. Also, if you’re on a budget, you’ll need to find a seller that fits it. Of course, you’ll also need to find the best traffic source that matches with your niche. Once you have everything in place, you’ll need to choose the date on when the ad can be sent out. Sellers will have available dates on their calendar. So obviously, you choose the date. Next, you choose to buy the number of clicks you want. So once again, if you’re buying 100 clicks at $0.45, it will cost you $48 in total. That’s $45 for the total CPC, plus the administration fee.

You can also add filters to see which countries can see your ad, and which countries to exclude. The most popular countries of course are your top English speaking countries (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand). Since the GDPR rules are in place, you may want to double check to see if these ads are also GDPR-compliant if you want to choose additional countries like those in the European Union. However, there are filters that will allow you to include the wealthiest countries in the world.  These are known as T1 countries. They consist of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

There are also other filters that you can set for your solo ad. You can include or exclude mobile users. Note that if you exclude mobile users, you may be subject to an additional charge. You can also deny users that can only be identified by IP numbers that use transparent proxies.  Next, you can choose between email solo ad or web solo ad. Email solo ads can be sent to your mailing list while web solo ads will put links on your website, social media profiles, or anything else tied to you.

On top of that, you can also get premium features (if you upgrade). This can include heatmaps of how far your subscribers have read or tell you which links were clicked on the most.

Udimi’s Affiliate Program:

To note, Udimi does have an affiliate program. How it works is you send a referral link to your friends. With a successful sign up, they will receive a $5 gift code. The code can be used for orders that total $70 or more. The way the affiliate program operates is kind of complex, so let’s give you an abridged version of how it works. There are two kinds of referrals: hardcoded and cookied. Hardcoded is for users who choose not to use cookies and have maximum privacy settings. Once your referral buys through your link, your information will be hardcoded into their account. Once your referral buys something, you get 15% of the sales.

However, you will also lose your referral to another affiliate. Why? Because whoever nets the sale, will get the cash. That’s why it is important for you to inform your referrals to buy a solo through you in order to reap the rewards.

Pros and Cons:

Before we wrap this up, let’s go over the pros and cons of Udimi Solo Ads:


  • Filters out useless human traffic and information that may throw off your analytics.
  • Sellers are vetted and will have high quality traffic for each niche, country, etc.
  • You receive 15% for every sale your referral buys.


  • If your referral buys from another affiliate, you don’t get the sale.

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My Final Verdict:

Upon further review, we’ve decided to declare “Udimi Solo Ads” as a legit source for buying traffic, and a legit way for you to make money online. It’s no secret that traffic is one of the most important things you need in order to make your online business a successful one. So please be sure to give them a further look if you want high quality human traffic. Also, if you’re tired of the fake stats that Google Analytics doesn’t even bother to filter out, then you should probably give Udimi Solo Ads a shot.

So, do you have any experience with buying traffic, or benefiting from Udimi’s Solo Ads? Maybe something to add that I didn’t mention? Do you have any questions concerning my Udimi Solo Ads post review? If you do, great! Please leave your comments/questions at the bottom of this post, and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks again as always guy’s for checking out my post, and good luck with your success online..

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10 Tips For Highly Effective Email Marketing

A picture of an envelope and the words email marketing

10 tips for easy, highly effective email marketing..

Today, it’s nearly impossible to visit most business websites without a pop up to join their newsletter, or receive free information for bettering your brand. Especially legit online businesses! These business owners are utilizing the beauty of email marketing. It’s your turn to do the same for your business. This marketing technique could potentially change your business forever. I will provide 10 tips for effective email marketing to help you start your journey towards success – in no specific order.

A picture of words, Marketing Tips, Tricks and Insights For Free | Serial Entrepreneur ...

Tip 1: Offer Free Tips and Insights

Those websites that you visit with the pop ups, usually mention wanting you to give you email address for “free tips,” “free examples,” or “free insights” towards the topic of their brand. Your customers like free, but even more they like free things that will ultimately help them.

A cartoon picture of 2 men in business suits, shaking hands

Tip 2: Build Trust

Ensure that your website encompasses trusting material so that customers will want more from you. If you provide content that intrigues them, they will WANT to sign up for your email lists for more information and updates. Make them feel like they’re getting the inside scoop on your business.

A screen shot of a grey and black envelope

Tip 3: Limit the Emails

No one wants their email spammed with multiple emails a day. Limit the amount of emails you send after getting them to subscribe to your email list. You’ve already accomplished getting their attention if they signed up, tread lightly with massive amounts of emails. Keep your subscribers on their toes, wanting more, so that they’re waiting on the next email.

Tip 4: Keep It Interesting

If you reread your emails and they read like a textbook – delete it and start over. You want to keep the email content interesting enough to keep your subscribers subscribed! If they are constantly receiving textbook material, they will unsubscribe – it only takes a few clicks to lose a subscriber.  

Tip 5: Guide Readers Back to Your Website

Send a short and simple email so that you can guide subscribers back to your website. Have a link included in the email for them to read the full posts. This allows business professionals to read your entire email and know they have a link they can check out later to read more information about the topic of the email. Not only does this keep them subscribed, it creates traffic back to your site!

A cartoon picture of two men having a hearing conversation

Tip 6: Make It Personal

Your subscribers want to feel that the email is for them – and only them. We can be selfish beings! Let them feel that way by personalizing your emails. Use a software that allow you to use your subscriber’s name at the beginning of the email and sign your name at the bottom.

Tip 7: Consistency

Tip 3 mentioned to limit the amount of emails you send, but don’t interpret that as slacking off with emails. For new subscribers, a solid 3-5 emails are a good rule of thumb before slowing it down to one every few days. This ensure that your subscribers don’t forget you and your brand.

A black and white picture of three pages, over laped

Tip 8: Provide Useful Material

If you find yourself emailing, simply to say that you met your email quota for the week or month – STOP! Make sure you’re providing useful material to your subscribers. You will be of no help to them if you send them random emails, rather than something to keep them interested in your brand. You want to remain relevant to them so that you keep their subscriptions.

Tip 9: Effective Subject Line

You don’t want your email to be placed in the trash folder before it’s opened. No ones that. Make sure you immediately catch their attention with the subject line first so that they actually open the email. You can’t be effective is no one reads your material.


Tip 10: Don’t Overdo It

A lot of these tips can also plummet your effectiveness with email marketing if you over do them. Be genuine because people catch on to fake business strategies and will unsubscribe because of it. You don’t want to look like you’re solely focusing on boosting your business, but you also don’t want to make people question your authenticity. Look for the happy medium for you and your subscribers.

A real life picture of a man's hand typing on a computer with cartoon envelopes coming out the computer screen

Successful Email Marketing:

If done right, email marketing could cause a huge boost in your customer conversion. Utilizing the tips above could help you make the right next move with your emails. Email marketing doesn’t have to be hard – follow my advice to help give you an easy transition into this marketing technique.

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Share Your Thoughts

Do you have something to say about your experience with these techniques? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with email marketing? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About “Social Marketing” Here..

A 3d picture of the words social network

Social Marketing: Transforming Behavior

Social marketing aims to alter, or maintain the way people behave in society. The focus of social marketers is to choose a target audience and apply the necessary techniques to alter, or maintain the behavior of their audience, which they then expect to ultimately affect the greater good of society. This approach creates a long-term relationship with the targeted audience, which for businesses, are their customers.

This marketing tool seeks to integrate techniques that best benefit the greater good. These techniques tend to end in secured and maintained customer engagement. Although social marketing uses social science as the driving force behind its technique, the ultimate goal of marketing techniques is always to create tools that increase customer engagement; this one is no different.

Vector illustration of cartoon woman character working on computer ...

The History and Meaning of Social Marketing:

G.D Wiebe and Phillip Kolter are accredited as influencing and creating the term social marketing. Although not officially a concept for the first 20 years, the term social marketing has been around for over six decades! Social marketing began as a marketing technique applied to healthcare, but has extended to numerous industries over the years. Numerous journal publications have been published about the term within this time frame.

Often social marketing is confused with the term social media marketing, but the two have major differences. Many people overlap the two definitions because, on the surface, they seem to represent the same thing. I addressed a few of those differences in the social marketing vs social media marketing section of this article.

It’s important to know the difference so that you know which technique best applies to your developing marketing strategy. With the booming social media industry, people often turn to social media marketing, but for some industries social marketing is another option to explore.

Social Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing:

Social Marketing:

Social marketing mixes commercial marketing, with social sciences.
It changes, or maintains the target audience and society’s behavior, for the long term.
It benefits the target audience and society.
It also develops services or products based on needs of the target audience, and also
aims to improve the behavior of individuals for the benefit of the greater good.

This list represents complete dedication to the “target audience,” “society,” and “the greater good.”

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing utilizes social media for content promotions,
benefits the company or business
social media platform choice based on business type
Pinterest or Instagram: visual marketing tool
Works well for E-commerce companies
Twitter or Facebook:
Works well for business-to-business and marketing company
Attempts to persuade customers to purchase products or services

This list focuses on the benefit of businesses and companies.

Both social and social media marketing techniques continue to boost customer engagement, but the underlying intentions and actions towards that goal are different. Remember to use the technique that works best for your service; every company is different. One major difference with social marketing is that it’s used to create long term behavior changes.

When aiming to create anything long term, the task is different and the way to approach that goal is different. It’s a difficult task to successfully use social marketing. I want to help you overcome those difficulties by helping you begin this technique with the proper tools of success on your side!

A picture of all the social media logos

How To Successfully Use Social Marketing:

After taking the steps to understand the people that are in your target audience, you begin a journey towards successfully using social marketing. These steps include research, developed strategies based on that research, and applying those strategies to create the environment necessary to influence your audience’s behavior.

Approaching this technique with a selfless attitude will help you develop the attitude needed to keep a “customer oriented” focus when applying the tools necessary for social marketing. Providing opportunities of convenience for your service or product to your target audience is one of the top tools in this process.

When you provide those types of opportunities, your target audience will develop voluntary behavior towards your brand because their behaviors will be influenced by the opportunities you have laid before them.

Look to organizations, that relate to your service or product, to fund your strategies. These organizations will support your mission and understand the importance behind it. After focusing on your audience and the funding of your service, all your tools should extend to transforming or maintaining the positive, beneficial behavior of all of society.

Ultimately, these tools should influence positive individual behaviors to benefit the greater good. Then, and only then, will you have successfully applied social marketing. Social marketing could create a ripple effect into creating the necessary attention towards your service because society will recognize how it benefits them.

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a cartoon picture of a boy thinking, Cartoon Royalty-free Stock photography Clip art - Thinking cartoon ...

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about Social Marketing? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with incorporating this technique? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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The Great World And History Of Video Marketing..

A picture of a guy video recording two people

Welcome to this great world of video marketing:

When was the last time you made a day through the World Wide Web without running across multiple ads on Facebook or video on a blog? There’s a reason for that! Have you been searching for a way to take your company or product to the next level? Maybe even a way to expand your brand’s marketing techniques?

Video marketing is by far one of the most powerful tools you could incorporate in your marketing campaigns. In a world ran by YouTube videos, commercials, and those same ads that you continue to run across, videos have become a way of life. The reality is that people pay more attention to videos than they do reading. Videos are attention grabbers and SEO friendly, which makes them such a powerful tool in marketing.

People are more inclined to trust and remain attentive to things that are visually appealing. If done right, your business will see an increase in engagement from your current customers and new customer conversion. A bonus is that your website will rank higher on the search engine! Yes, simply incorporating video marketing on your website will increase your SEO. Video marketing is taking over the internet and you can be a part of that revolution!

a black and white screen shot picture of the first television show to play on tv

The History and Meaning of Video Marketing:

As social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have expanded and exploded in the social scene, video has become a significant marketing strategy. YouTube, the “founder” of video marketing, is the second largest search engine, with good reason. Today, videos are must, in all industries, to help your brand reach its highest level of success.

Video Marketing is the incorporation of videos in business marketing techniques. It’s used to increase engagement, customer conversion, and maximize SEO. Video marketing is becoming a revolutionary tool for businesses because of the success it has provided brands. With the proper tools, video marketing could be the next big break for your brand. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of all marketing techniques, especially those that you are unfamiliar with in the marketing world.

I have compiled a small list of pros and cons to show you what video marketing offers to your brand. The decision will start to become clear after reading through the list. After reviewing the list, be sure to keep reading through the section explaining how to successfully use video marketing. It’s important to know how to work the pros in your favor and how you can overcome some of the cons.

a blurry real life picture of a man

Video Marketing Pros and Cons:

Increased Customer Conversion Rates
SEO boost
Increased Engagement
Creates trust between the brand and potential customers

Expensive (but worth it)
Quality Downfalls (content quality could be lacking), Picture’s not clear
If done improperly, it could cause the customer to be less interested in your brand

A cartoon picture of a camera


How To Successfully Use Video Marketing:

You’ve weighed the pros and the cons of video marketing and the pros have outweighed the cons by a long shot. How do you implement video marketing properly to confirm you can successfully increase traffic to your website and customers? Well, for starters prepare to create a video strategy to ensure everything in the video caters to your target audience. From your mission statement to your closing- be sure your target audience understands what your brand represents for them. You’ll also need a strategy to plan how to ensure your video stands out and has the best quality from the sound to the message.

Decide if interviews, instructional videos, or promotional videos work best for your brand. Despite the high engagement videos can provide, if you choose to incorporate a random video on your website- it could defeat the purpose of the video. Remember that no matter what, your focus is to cater to your target audience. Also, videos are known to heightened emotional connection between the customer and your brand- use that to your advantage! Personalize your videos in a humorous or emotional tone. Make it short and sweet to make a lasting impression on the customer.

Go with the method that works for your brand, which may be more of an instructional video. Regardless of the type of video, don’t forget to WOW the viewers, while remaining sensitive to your target audience’s needs. Your goal is to keep the watch time high so that viewers are more inclined to share it with their friends and colleagues. Unlike some of the other marketing techniques out there, you are in control of how you incorporate video marketing into your website, so make the best of it!

If your looking for a legit work online opportunity, to focus your video content on, please don’t hesitate check out Wealthy Affiliate.

a cartoon picture of a lady thinking really hard

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about Video Marketing? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with incorporating this technique? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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20 Ways To Make Your Youtube Video A Success!!

A picture of the words YouTube

20 top legit ways on how to make your YouTube video a success

Like many YouTube entrepreneurs, you may be wondering how you can make a go at YouTube and develop a successful channel. Just as with all methods of making money online, it is important to stick with the process until you start seeing results. With YouTube, many would be channel owners give up after a few months because they just aren’t seeing the type of success that they would like to see.

However the truth is that YouTube can be a time intensive make money venture that requires a lot of time invested in order to see great, long term results. Below are 20 legit ways to make your YouTube video a success so you can have videos that bring in revenue over and over again.

a real life picture of a women getting good lighting

Method # 1- You need good lighting

The first way to make your YouTube video a success is to provide your viewers with clear, easy to view footage. If your footage is blurry or hard to see due to it being dark, you may actually end up hurting your chances of growing your YouTube channel.

Clear, and crisp lighting, shows your viewers that you are serious about your channel and that you have taken the time and purchased the right equipment to make your lighting bright and engaging. If you can’t afford to invest in professional lighting right now, you can always shoot your videos near to the window for a natural and free light source.

a black and white cartoon picture of a mic

Method #2 – Consider using a mic

The second consideration when you are trying to make your YouTube video a success is to consider using a mic when you record your videos. A professional microphone can be bought off of Amazon for under $100. You can use a clip to attach the mic to your clothing or you can simply set the mic on a stand out of view of the camera.


A mic amplifies the sound of your voice so that you are more audible during your videos. This improves the listening and watching experience of your viewers which is likely to make them want to see your videos again in the future.

a cartoon picture of a man dressed in a suit sitting down

Method # 3 – Dress nicely

This third method to making your YouTube videos a success includes the way you present yourself. This is all relevant to your audience and the type of videos you are producing. If you are in the makeup and beauty field, you will want to make sure you present yourself well to your viewers.

Writing Note Showing Keep It Simple Motivational Call. Business ...

Method # 4 – Clear and concise

Maintain one theme throughout your video that is explained by the title. Your viewers should know exactly what they are watching and what they can expect from your video.

a screen shot picture of a really short video

Method # 5 – Keep your video short

It’s been shown that videos three minutes and under in length are more likely to be watched all the way through than videos that go up to twenty minutes and beyond. Unless you are shooting a Vlog, it helps to keep it short and sweet for the best chance of getting lots of views.

A blue a white picture of a circle that reads click here inside of it

Method # 6 – Always have a call to action

Whether you want the viewer to subscribe to your channel, or to purchase your product or service, a call to action is important if you want to make your YouTube video a success.

How to identify the target audience for your product

Method # 7 – Target a specific audience

If your channel is about hairstyles then having a food video may seem a little bit irrelevant to your audience. Try to stay on topic especially in the early days of your channel.

How To Speak More Clearly, Stop Mumbling, And Be Heard The First Time

Method # 8 – Speak clearly

If people don’t understand what you are saying throughout your video, then they will have a hard time connecting with your message. Always speak clearly and succinctly for the best results.

a picture of an arrow pointing to the subscribe button

Method # 9 – Ask viewers to subscribe

Asking viewers to subscribe is the best way to get new subs on your YouTube channel. If you don’t mention it, your viewers may not remember on their own.

a picture of a red music symbol

Method # 10 – Use the right music

Using the right background music will enhance the end user experience all around. You can use background music that is relevant to the video for the best results.

a picture of a lot of clutter

Method # 11 – Clear the clutter

A cluttered background means that you didn’t put a lot of thought into your video. Make sure to clear out the clutter so you can have a clean background that enhances your video.

a picture of Collabing with other YouTubers

Method # 12 – Collab with other YouTubers

One of the best things you can do for a successful Youtube video is to collaborate with other well known YouTubers. This gives your video the best chance of getting discovered.

a picture of Appropriate keywords

Method # 13 –
Appropriate keywords

Having the right keywords, description, and tags is key to having your video found by your target audience.

Topic: Keeping on Topic

Method # 14 – Stay on topic

By staying on topic, you can make sure that your viewers remain engaged throughout the entirety of your video.

a picture of the words Keeping it interesting

Method # 15 – Keep it interesting

Maintain a high energy level as you record your video and keep it interesting to ensure that viewers stay interested throughout your whole video.

a collage picture of popular topics listed all in one

Method # 16 –
Reference popular topics in your video

It’s been proven that videos with popular topics that are trending get watched more than others. If you can incorporate a popular topic into your video, you have a better chance of getting great views.

a picture of up to date
Method # 17 –
Make your video relevant

As long as your video is relevant to your audience, you can feel more certain knowing that you will continue to get repeat views and additional subscribers.

a cartoon picture of a two people dancing

Method # 18 – Entertain your viewers

Most people know that YouTubers with the most subscribers always keep their viewers entertained. Keep this in mind when creating your content

a picture of someone Posting consistently

Method # 19 – Post consistently

By posting consistently, you have a better chance of gaining new subscribers and increasing your viewer count.

Method # 20 – Don’t give up

A picture of a computer screen that says YouTube

The best method to having successful YouTube videos is to never give up trying. Once you have grown your channel, you can reap the financial rewards for many months and years to come.

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