20 Ways To Make Your Youtube Video A Success!!

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20 top legit ways on how to make your YouTube video a success

Like many YouTube entrepreneurs, you may be wondering how you can make a go at YouTube and develop a successful channel. Just as with all methods of making money online, it is important to stick with the process until you start seeing results. With YouTube, many would be channel owners give up after a few months because they just aren’t seeing the type of success that they would like to see.

However the truth is that YouTube can be a time intensive make money venture that requires a lot of time invested in order to see great, long term results. Below are 20 legit ways to make your YouTube video a success so you can have videos that bring in revenue over and over again.

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Method # 1- You need good lighting

The first way to make your YouTube video a success is to provide your viewers with clear, easy to view footage. If your footage is blurry or hard to see due to it being dark, you may actually end up hurting your chances of growing your YouTube channel.

Clear, and crisp lighting, shows your viewers that you are serious about your channel and that you have taken the time and purchased the right equipment to make your lighting bright and engaging. If you can’t afford to invest in professional lighting right now, you can always shoot your videos near to the window for a natural and free light source.

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Method #2 – Consider using a mic

The second consideration when you are trying to make your YouTube video a success is to consider using a mic when you record your videos. A professional microphone can be bought off of Amazon for under $100. You can use a clip to attach the mic to your clothing or you can simply set the mic on a stand out of view of the camera.


A mic amplifies the sound of your voice so that you are more audible during your videos. This improves the listening and watching experience of your viewers which is likely to make them want to see your videos again in the future.

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Method # 3 – Dress nicely

This third method to making your YouTube videos a success includes the way you present yourself. This is all relevant to your audience and the type of videos you are producing. If you are in the makeup and beauty field, you will want to make sure you present yourself well to your viewers.

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Method # 4 – Clear and concise

Maintain one theme throughout your video that is explained by the title. Your viewers should know exactly what they are watching and what they can expect from your video.

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Method # 5 – Keep your video short

It’s been shown that videos three minutes and under in length are more likely to be watched all the way through than videos that go up to twenty minutes and beyond. Unless you are shooting a Vlog, it helps to keep it short and sweet for the best chance of getting lots of views.

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Method # 6 – Always have a call to action

Whether you want the viewer to subscribe to your channel, or to purchase your product or service, a call to action is important if you want to make your YouTube video a success.

How to identify the target audience for your product

Method # 7 – Target a specific audience

If your channel is about hairstyles then having a food video may seem a little bit irrelevant to your audience. Try to stay on topic especially in the early days of your channel.

How To Speak More Clearly, Stop Mumbling, And Be Heard The First Time

Method # 8 – Speak clearly

If people don’t understand what you are saying throughout your video, then they will have a hard time connecting with your message. Always speak clearly and succinctly for the best results.

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Method # 9 – Ask viewers to subscribe

Asking viewers to subscribe is the best way to get new subs on your YouTube channel. If you don’t mention it, your viewers may not remember on their own.

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Method # 10 – Use the right music

Using the right background music will enhance the end user experience all around. You can use background music that is relevant to the video for the best results.

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Method # 11 – Clear the clutter

A cluttered background means that you didn’t put a lot of thought into your video. Make sure to clear out the clutter so you can have a clean background that enhances your video.

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Method # 12 – Collab with other YouTubers

One of the best things you can do for a successful Youtube video is to collaborate with other well known YouTubers. This gives your video the best chance of getting discovered.

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Method # 13 –
Appropriate keywords

Having the right keywords, description, and tags is key to having your video found by your target audience.

Topic: Keeping on Topic

Method # 14 – Stay on topic

By staying on topic, you can make sure that your viewers remain engaged throughout the entirety of your video.

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Method # 15 – Keep it interesting

Maintain a high energy level as you record your video and keep it interesting to ensure that viewers stay interested throughout your whole video.

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Method # 16 –
Reference popular topics in your video

It’s been proven that videos with popular topics that are trending get watched more than others. If you can incorporate a popular topic into your video, you have a better chance of getting great views.

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Method # 17 –
Make your video relevant

As long as your video is relevant to your audience, you can feel more certain knowing that you will continue to get repeat views and additional subscribers.

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Method # 18 – Entertain your viewers

Most people know that YouTubers with the most subscribers always keep their viewers entertained. Keep this in mind when creating your content

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Method # 19 – Post consistently

By posting consistently, you have a better chance of gaining new subscribers and increasing your viewer count.

Method # 20 – Don’t give up

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The best method to having successful YouTube videos is to never give up trying. Once you have grown your channel, you can reap the financial rewards for many months and years to come.

Do you have something to add on about how you’ve made your Youtube video a success? If you do, please take a second and leave a comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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4 thoughts on “20 Ways To Make Your Youtube Video A Success!!

  1. Hey Hassan!

    My wife has a Youtube channel and it’s amazing how people subscribe or like just because you tell them so.

    As you said, you need to ask it, otherwise they forget to do it 🙂

    And I totally agree about posting consistently and not giving up even though you don’t see results fast. It takes time to build a following.

    What do you think about the latest YouTube change of demonetizing channels with less than 1.000 subscribers and 4.000 hours of content?

    Do you think people with small channels are going to leave?

    Thanks for the tips, my friend! 😉

    1. Hey there Israel, and thank you for commenting. My whole point of this post, was to inform people. Thank you for clarifying me doing so. And its awesome to know that your wife has a successfull YouTube channel. YouTube is the greatest platform ever, when it comes down to video marketing.

      As far as YouTube’s latest change, I think it’s unbelievable. I mean, what are all the new channels supposed to do to compete with existing ones, especially when you have a good video. YouTube basically (in my opinion) X’ed all the new comers out, while boosting the already successful channels. It’s not fare at all. Thanks again for you insight Israel. Take care..

  2. Hi. Thanks for the great tips. I have got a question or two, though. First, the lighting. You said you’d need “right equippment”. What exactly is that equipment you mention? Is it really enough to shoot your videos near the window? Second thing – it’s somewhat related to the first one. What kind of video recorder do you use? Are the built-in webcams good enough or do you need some professional equipment? Thanks againg, bye.

    1. Hello Zbigniew! When I say the right equipment, I wasn’t trying to be particular. I know my LG android produces 100% HD videos, which always tend to get me started off right on YouTube. 

      And yes window light would be enough! But I would have to consider that recording taking place when the middle of the day. You know, when the sun is completely out and shining towards your window or where you are recording.

      So to answer your last question, yes, built in cameras like the one from your cell phone, should be ok to use. It was for me. Especially if it records in HD already. I hope this helps. Take care and good luck. Let me know if you need to know anything else.

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