A List Of 39 Smart Ways To Get Paid While Traveling

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Do you like to travel, or for whatever reason, always find yourself on some sort of nice vacation? What if I told you, you could make a good living from doing it. Yes it’s possible to get paid while you travel or vacation. But before we dive into this broad subject, let’s remember these important facts:

First off..

Traveling will be subject to costs and expenses on the road. This will remain a key factor, on top of the standard road, train or flight charges. Travels will, therefore, raise specific cash requirements depending on the distance, time and the nature of the places visited.

It is important to realize that certain considerations have to be made, such as the duration of stay, laws governing labor, as well as indigenous cultures in the places you visit. Certain challenges may sully your travel experience. These are:

  • Your time and motivation to travel and sight see is cut down
  • The flexibility to move around and enjoy your trip is reduced as a result of assumed responsibilities
  • You may end up unpaid if you encounter unforeseen mishaps or deal with dishonest employers
  • Working in an area that you don’t know may also be complicated and getting around may prove a challenge in the event of a job that requires mobility

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Getting a job on your travels also avails certain advantages:

  • You can properly supplement your budget and make your trip truly memorable
  • There’s the unique opportunity for cultural immersion from the interactions with the natives in the course of your work on the road
  • Working in a different setup will often avail some unique learning opportunities with endless possibilities.
  • The course of your work also avails the opportunity to network and meet new people, much better than the simple visits to places over the course of your trip.


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Here’s a list of 39 ingenious ways of making money while traveling:


  • Teach English. In many situations, you need to be a native speaker to have your application considered by a school.
  • Sell Timeshares. If you’re gifted in sales, you will get paid in countries such as Greece and Thailand
  • Resort jobs are readily available in almost all destinations you’re likely to visit
  • Hostel work. These offer a good opportunity to earn cash over a few hours each day
  • Online freelancing. Skills like programming, illustration, and marketing will earn you money regardless of location.
  • Working Holiday Visas. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada among others allow persons between the ages of 18 and 30 to get a working holiday visa with stays of up to a year.
  • Fruit-picking. Backpackers and travelers across Australia can pick fruit, with payment being in the form of room, board, or cash
  • Travel blogging. This also provides an opportunity to make money from your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing. Even with stiff competition, you can make money this way
  • Online sales. A website or a shop on eBay can help you make money this way
  • Day-Trading. This may not be for everyone, but offers the chance to make money
  • Housesitting. This may not get you paid in cash, but you do save accommodation expenses.
  • Work remotely. Having a job that doesn’t require your physical presence can help you travel and earn
  • Give haircuts. You can get permission for erecting a sign and give haircuts for additional cash
  • Offer massages. Get proper permission and earn some money on your travels
  • Bar tending. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the road
  • Café/restaurant work. With the proper agreement with the hostel staff, it’s a way to earn.
  • Web design. This is a limitless source of income in itself
  • Teach musical instruments. This is a good way to have your talent and ability pay you
  • Teach musical instruments. Teaching this skill will definitely earn you some money
  • Teach dance classes. You could put up signs and choose a spot in a park and teach dance
  • Teach yoga. As with any workout, yoga sessions will get you paid
  • Construction work. Experience in this field will get you paid
  • Au pair. You will get room, board and a paycheck for tending to a family’s kids
  • Be a surfing instructor. This is another easy avenue to earn if you have the necessary know-how
  • Scuba diving instructor. If you are certified, this is another way to get some cash
  • Sale of personal crafts at local markets. Your creations can very well cater for your travel expenses
  • Tour escort. Via international tour operators like Indochina.com can be a source of money
  • Photography. If you have a knack or skill of taking great photos, you will get paid.
  • Travel writing. You can get paid for pieces about places, sights, and cultures
  • Be a local tour operator. In the Caribbean, you can greet passengers and show them around
  • Vacancies in the corporate world. You can apply for a post on your trip
  • Cruise ship employment. This is a very direct way of earning an extra buck
  • Work on a yacht. Seafaring vessels offer the opportunity to earn
  • Travel/tourism industry. May not be so mobile, but provides a consistent paycheck
  • Sign and menu editing. Odd but a resourceful avenue of earning.
  • Busking. You can earn with your talent
  • Work exchange. Just check the listings on helpX.net, and you’re good to go
  • Random opportunities. Brief miscellaneous assignments along the way

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Be creative. Spot unexploited opportunities

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Do you have something to say about making money while traveling or maybe something to add to my list? Or maybe something to add about your success or failures with incorporating whatI  just shared?

If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear whats on your mind! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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