Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

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Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

Working from home offers a special type of freedom. Whether you’re searching for work at home jobs for extra cash or to have a flexible schedule, you don’t want to find an opportunity that forces an upfront cost. In most cases, work from home jobs do not have startup costs and if they do, unfortunately, they can often be scam. Finding legit work from home jobs without a startup cost can be a struggle, but I have listed 50 options for you to sort through.

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Freelancing has become a popular option for extra cash and full-time work from home opportunities. There are 6 popular websites, without startup costs, worth checking out below. There are diverse categories you have the chance to explore on all 6 websites. After applying to open positions on these sites, clients can reach out to you for an interview or to ask further questions about your qualifications for their job.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Guru
  4. ProBlogger
  5. BloggingPro

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Virtual Assistant:

If you have administrative assistant experience and developed an expertise in perfecting your administrative skills – consider becoming a virtual assistant! These jobs are often high paying and can be started without a startup cost. The websites below are not the only options, many of the freelancing sites listed above have opportunities for virtual assistants as well.Zirtual

  1. Fancy Hands
  2. Time Etc

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Data Entry:

Branching from administrative experience, data entry is an option for those of you that quickly input data. The sites below hire people to utilize their data entry skills for different jobs posted along their site. Often times, these jobs are not very high paying, but offer an opportunity for extra cash if you have extra time on your hand.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. Working Solutions
  3. Clickworker
  4. VirtualBee

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Surveys are a quick, small cash way to work from home without a startup cost. The websites below offer different ways to complete surveys. Some of the surveys offered require prerequisites for eligibility, but others are surveys anyone can complete. The reward for completion ranges from PayPal funds to gift cards.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Opinion Outpost

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Customer Service Representative:

There are various options to consider when aiming to be a customer service representative without a startup cost. Many of the companies that hire customer service representatives, offer to supply the materials needed for the position. The companies can offer full time or part time opportunities.

  1. Amazon
  3. BestBuy
  4. Apple
  5. TeleNetwork
  6. Dell
  7. Uhaul
  8. 1-800-Flowers
  9. Teletech

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If you have a love for writing or happen to be really good at creating content – check out the following websites below. These websites offer an opportunity to create different types of content – ranging from blog posts to books! Sometimes your content will be done as ghostwriting, which means you will create content without receiving public credit, but if you’re okay with being in the shadows and still getting paid – try it out!

  1. Speakwrite
  2. ContentJack
  3. WritersDomain
  4. MyEssays
  5. Express Writers

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Tutoring is fairly popular through school systems, but in today’s world, tutoring has also become easily accessible online. You can be one of those online tutors on any of the following websites, without a startup cost!

  1. Chegg
  3. Brainfuse
  4. Enroll
  5. TutorVista
  6. Aim-for-A-Tutor

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Selling Things:

Selling things can be an easy way to clear out a few things in your closet, while receiving profit for those items. The sites below offer an to sell your clothes, electronics, crafts, etc without a startup cost! What’s extra nice is that you can also sort through those same items from others to purchase on these websites – so you can use your profit as a way to shop through the site!

  1. Mercari
  2. Decluttr
  3. ThredUP
  4. Gazelle

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Caregivers/Pet Care:

Work from home jobs are not limited to tech savvy individuals. If you’re better with children and pets than the computer, there are options for you too! is a pet sitting website that allows you to set rates for dog boarding, doggy day care, dog walks, etc. – occasionally you may also run into options for caring for cats. The other websites listed are for childcare and elderly care options. The jobs available range from caregivers to babysitters.

  3. SitterCity
  4. Urbansitter

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Online Juror:

It’s not often that people are excited about jury duty, but online jurors choose to be involved in mock trials. Not too many people choose this option, but consider exploring it if you enjoy shows like Judge Judy or have a fascination of the law. If you’re looking for extra cash and don’t mind mock trials – check out these two websites for more information.


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General Work from Home Job Platforms:

The following websites offer many job opportunities. If you type in remote as the job type when searching for positions, they will provide you with a list of job options for you to skim through. Be sure to research the reviews of each company.


The 50 options on this blog post provides a plethora of options to get you started with legit work at home jobs without startup costs. Be sure to review all your options to avoid being scammed. If you have already experienced being scammed- be sure to check out my #1 recommendation!

Are you still looking for work online, that requires no start up cost? If so, 

Click here , to read my #1 recommendation!

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  1. With more and more people jumping online to work from home, I think it’s great that there’s a huge selection of various jobs to do and also businesses to build.

    I’ve also been looking into different ways to work from home and hopefully replace my day job, and I think freelancing and writing would definitely suit me best because I love to write online (as you can tell) lol.

    I also love the fact that you’ve highlighted different platforms that have 0 start-up costs because most folks are on a budget these days and can’t afford to invest $100s, even $1,000s in getting started online.

    Thanks for your list of 50 recommended jobs. 🙂


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