Vipdesk Connect Review: A Real Opportunity to Work from home, or not?

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The great thing about the United States, is that there’s so many different types of legit work from home opportunities (excluding the scams). This means, if you have the right skills, along with the right mind set, you could easily earn a lot of money from home. Here we have another work from home opportunity, that we are going to discuss in detail. This online opportunity goes by the name Vipdesk Connect. Vipdesk connect, formerly known as Vipdesk, is nothing more than an outsourced customer service company.

You can earn money from home, by becoming one of  the company’s virtual representor. You can earn money online by providing customer services to it’s various companies. The company seems to offers good pay, with benefits. But let’s see whether this company is worth giving a try or not. We will also look into the pros and con’s of working with this company.

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What is Vipdesk Connect, and how does it works?

Vipdesk Connect is a company that provides work at home opportunities, to seeking individuals. The company earns it’s revenue through outsourcing customer service’s. An outsourced customer service providing company, train’s and hire employees, to fulfill the customer service demands of other companies. So, as an employee of Vipdesk Connect, you will become it’s virtual customer representative. You will be providing customer service’s to it’s assigned companies. Although you would be working for these companies, you will be trained, hired, and paid by Vipdesk Connect.

As a brand ambassador of Vipdesk Connect (the term used by Vipdesk Connect for their representatives), your primary objective would be to provide good customer services to it’s various companies. You may also be asked to provide services through other conventional channels of communication like:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Inbound Phone Calls
  • Social Media

So, if you are interested enough, you may apply for the different job positions listed on Currently, the company hires from only 17 states in the USA, but in future, it is expected to spread its operations to other states. So you may apply for this work at home program if you live in the following 17 states:

AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, NC, NJ, NM, NV, OH, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WI.

To work for Vipdesk Connect, you will be required to have a computer, home office (separate room or cabin), headset. You will also need a good internet connection, with a minimum downloading speed of 2.5 Mbps, and a minimum uploading speed of 1 Mbps. You will be required to have a DSL, or cable connection. Wireless connections are not allowed.

The business model of this company is quite simple. Vipdesk Connect hires employees and trains them to work for various client’s. It generates revenue through providing quality service’s to various companies, and pays it’s representatives from that money.

Vipdesk Connect was founded in 1997. It started as an independent outsourced company service. In 2010, the company merged with International SOS, to become it’s subsidiary. Then, it successfully became it’s own corporate entity in 2014. It focused on strengthening it’s position as the premier provider for premium, and luxury customer care. Vipdesk Connect is expected to quickly enhance it’s operation service’s over many states in the future.

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How does it pay?

Vipdesk pays approximately $10 per hour which I would consider okay pay, for those starting off working from home. The company offers part-time, as well as full-time job opportunities, so you can work according to your preference. It uses time tracking software to calculate your dues. The payments are made every two weeks through direct bank deposit.

Pros and Cons

The job opportunities provided by Vipdesk Connect sound amazing. However, let’s see what else is being said about this company. The following listed, are the basic pros and con’s of working with this company:


  • Paid training: Vipdesk Connect does not train its employees without pay. It pays it’s employees for the hour’s they put in training. That’s a very good thing about this company. Unlike other online companies, Vipdesk does not train people without paying them. That’s especially great for the people who cannot afford to train, or do anything without pay.


  • Well-reputed company: Vipdesk Connect is a 21 years old company. It’s well-connected with reputable corporate businesses, including International SOS. Moreover, it has earned good reviews from the people who have worked with this company. Thru my research, I’ve found that most of those people seemed to be very satisfied.

  • Well-paying company: When compared to other work at home opportunities, Vipdesk Connect pays well to it’s representatives. On average, you will be earning $10 per hour. So if you are ready to put in enough effort, the money’s waiting for you.


  • Good payment method: Vipdesk pays you thru direct bank deposit. Some companies pay you thru a mailed a check, which isn’t a good thing and could take time. It could take over a week for your check to arrive, and days for your check to be cleared by your bank. With Vipdesk, you don’t need to worry about this. Your money will get transferred to your account, in a timely fashion.



  • Residency limitation: Vipdesk Connect only hires from 17 state’s in the US. People from other state’s can’t apply for these job positions. Although it is good for the company to limit itself to maintain the quality of service, it is still a con that a large number of people can’t apply for a job because of their location.


  • Setting virtual environment: To work for Vipdesk Connect, having your own personal office space, would be the first thing you would need. You would also be needing a computer, a headset with speaker, and a high-speed, non-wireless internet connection. All of this can be a bit costly, if you don’t already have it.


  • Non-informative website: Vipdesk’s original website does not provide a lot of information about it’s payment details, it’s training, or schedules. It seems like there is some kind of secrecy going on with this company. Due to it’s lack of information, new visitors may consider it a scam.


  • Unpleasant clients: As a brand ambassador in customer service, you may come across lots of impolite people. Therefore, this job wouldn’t be suitable for someone who’s extra sensitive. You would have to keep calm, and be polite at all times. Even in the case of an annoying client, you can’t lose your temper. 1 report of you having bad behavior, could result in immediate termination. This job wouldn’t be suitable for you if you consider yourself the hot-headed, or the sensitive type!

A picture that reads, VIP desk, making great brands even better

Is Vipdesk Connect a scam?

Vipdesk Connect is definitely not a scam. It is a well-reputed outsourced customer service company, that provides customer service’s to a variety of companies. It’s not a scam. This company is safe to work with. If you like to talk to people and are still interested in becoming employed as a customer service agent, you should give this a try.

Having said these, Vipdesk Connect is worth giving a try. This is a great work from home opportunity that pays really well. Most of the people who have worked with this company have posted good reviews about them. You can safely work with Vipdesk Connect. Happy working at home!!

Would you happen to have something to say about your experiences with making money using VipDesk Connect? Maybe something to add? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom of this post. I would love to know what’s on your mind! Thanks for checking out my post, and good luck with all your success online!

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Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

A cartoon picture of a money bag

Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

Working from home offers a special type of freedom. Whether you’re searching for work at home jobs for extra cash or to have a flexible schedule, you don’t want to find an opportunity that forces an upfront cost. In most cases, work from home jobs do not have startup costs and if they do, unfortunately, they can often be scam. Finding legit work from home jobs without a startup cost can be a struggle, but I have listed 50 options for you to sort through.

a color picture of Freelancing


Freelancing has become a popular option for extra cash and full-time work from home opportunities. There are 6 popular websites, without startup costs, worth checking out below. There are diverse categories you have the chance to explore on all 6 websites. After applying to open positions on these sites, clients can reach out to you for an interview or to ask further questions about your qualifications for their job.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Guru
  4. ProBlogger
  5. BloggingPro

a color cartoon picture of a female Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant:

If you have administrative assistant experience and developed an expertise in perfecting your administrative skills – consider becoming a virtual assistant! These jobs are often high paying and can be started without a startup cost. The websites below are not the only options, many of the freelancing sites listed above have opportunities for virtual assistants as well.Zirtual

  1. Fancy Hands
  2. Time Etc

A Picture of a keyboard and the words data entry

Data Entry:

Branching from administrative experience, data entry is an option for those of you that quickly input data. The sites below hire people to utilize their data entry skills for different jobs posted along their site. Often times, these jobs are not very high paying, but offer an opportunity for extra cash if you have extra time on your hand.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. Working Solutions
  3. Clickworker
  4. VirtualBee

A live picture of a survey


Surveys are a quick, small cash way to work from home without a startup cost. The websites below offer different ways to complete surveys. Some of the surveys offered require prerequisites for eligibility, but others are surveys anyone can complete. The reward for completion ranges from PayPal funds to gift cards.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Opinion Outpost

a color picture of a female Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative:

There are various options to consider when aiming to be a customer service representative without a startup cost. Many of the companies that hire customer service representatives, offer to supply the materials needed for the position. The companies can offer full time or part time opportunities.

  1. Amazon
  3. BestBuy
  4. Apple
  5. TeleNetwork
  6. Dell
  7. Uhaul
  8. 1-800-Flowers
  9. Teletech

A live picture of a women's hand writing


If you have a love for writing or happen to be really good at creating content – check out the following websites below. These websites offer an opportunity to create different types of content – ranging from blog posts to books! Sometimes your content will be done as ghostwriting, which means you will create content without receiving public credit, but if you’re okay with being in the shadows and still getting paid – try it out!

  1. Speakwrite
  2. ContentJack
  3. WritersDomain
  4. MyEssays
  5. Express Writers

a cartoon picture of a man tutoring a young child


Tutoring is fairly popular through school systems, but in today’s world, tutoring has also become easily accessible online. You can be one of those online tutors on any of the following websites, without a startup cost!

  1. Chegg
  3. Brainfuse
  4. Enroll
  5. TutorVista
  6. Aim-for-A-Tutor

a cartoon picture of a merchant Selling Things

Selling Things:

Selling things can be an easy way to clear out a few things in your closet, while receiving profit for those items. The sites below offer an to sell your clothes, electronics, crafts, etc without a startup cost! What’s extra nice is that you can also sort through those same items from others to purchase on these websites – so you can use your profit as a way to shop through the site!

  1. Mercari
  2. Decluttr
  3. ThredUP
  4. Gazelle

a cartoon picture of Caregivers/Pet Care of a dog

Caregivers/Pet Care:

Work from home jobs are not limited to tech savvy individuals. If you’re better with children and pets than the computer, there are options for you too! is a pet sitting website that allows you to set rates for dog boarding, doggy day care, dog walks, etc. – occasionally you may also run into options for caring for cats. The other websites listed are for childcare and elderly care options. The jobs available range from caregivers to babysitters.

  3. SitterCity
  4. Urbansitter

a picture of an Online Juror

Online Juror:

It’s not often that people are excited about jury duty, but online jurors choose to be involved in mock trials. Not too many people choose this option, but consider exploring it if you enjoy shows like Judge Judy or have a fascination of the law. If you’re looking for extra cash and don’t mind mock trials – check out these two websites for more information.


A cartoon picture of a stack of money

General Work from Home Job Platforms:

The following websites offer many job opportunities. If you type in remote as the job type when searching for positions, they will provide you with a list of job options for you to skim through. Be sure to research the reviews of each company.


The 50 options on this blog post provides a plethora of options to get you started with legit work at home jobs without startup costs. Be sure to review all your options to avoid being scammed. If you have already experienced being scammed- be sure to check out my #1 recommendation!

Are you still looking for work online, that requires no start up cost? If so, 

Click here , to read my #1 recommendation!

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about your experience work at home jobs without startup costs? Maybe something to add about your mistakes or success with specific companies? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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TOP 20 Pros and Cons of Attending Webinars/Seminars

A picture of a large group of people having a seminar

TOP 20 Pros and Cons of Attending Webinars/Seminars

Seminars and webinars can be crucial methods of development for your business. Seminars are topic based conferences and are assigned locations each year. As technology grew into the business world, webinars became a simplistic, convenient form of seminars. Webinars can be specific to a section of the business world, but are most often used for meetings or training. There are multiple benefits and mishaps from attending these two. To provide insight into both, below are the top 20 pros and cons of attending seminars and webinars.

A picture of a group of people at a seminar, raising their hands

Seminar Pros:

1.) Professional Development

Seminars offer insight that extends beyond articles and your colleagues. The professional development opportunities could largely impact your employees, which in turn positively impacts your business.

2.) Learning Experience

You could have a special learning experience as a seminar attendee. This learning experience can be a stronger understanding of a subject you’re keen with, or new understanding of an unfamiliar subject. Either way, you can return equipped with valuable insight into your field.

3.) Observe Competition

The best way to beat your competition is to observe and further understand them. Seminars offer insight into your competitors, which provides avenues for overcoming them. 

4.) Motivating

If you’re feeling less experienced than your colleagues or find yourself unsure of your ability to complete your daily work tasks – try attending a seminar and apply those new ideas towards your business. 

5.) Networking

There are a variety of networking opportunities at seminars. There are often expert speakers attending seminars and you can interact with them one on one. Take advantage of these interactions by exchanging contact information, as networking is a vital business technique.

A picture of a guy writing, while sitting in front of a computer.

Webinar Pros

6.) Affordable

Webinars are an affordable way to have the seminar experience. Regardless of the type of webinar, they are often free.

7.) Accessible

As an additional pro, webinars are easily accessible. They are often done through phone conferences or web cam voiceovers.

8.) Unlimited Spaces

Unlike seminars, webinars have unlimited spaces because it doesn’t have a physical location. This means you don’t have to plan ahead or rush to get a spot in the webinar – you can sign up for it at any time.

9.) Flexibility

Webinars are a flexible opportunity because it offers an accessible, affordable option of expanding your knowledge or attending meetings for an important business cause.

10.) Location

Because webinars occur through the phone or online, your location is irrelevant – you can be in the coffee shop, office, or library and still participate in the webinar.

Seminar Cons:

11.) Limited Spacing

Seminars offer a limited number of spaces. This is detrimental because it could mean you miss an opportunity to attend the seminar. If the seminar is essential for your professional development, this could prolong your business success.

12.) Cost

Unlike webinars, the cost of seminars can be pricey. Again, if the seminar is essential or overall beneficial for your business, this could negatively impact your ability to attend.

13.) Inconvenience

Seminars tend to be located away from your business, which is inconvenient when you need to be involved on site of your business. You may not have the time to travel to the seminar location – this is where priorities for your business weighs in your decision to attend.

14.) Possible Waste of Time

If you find yourself drifting away in the middle of the seminar and realizing your time would have been better spent at your business – you will regret the time, money, and effort placed into the seminar.

15.) Disappointment

Although numerous seminars are conducted by experts in their field, there are times where some of the speakers are on the same level of thinking as those colleagues that are hanging on to their jobs by a thread. This can be a waste of time for you and your business, which can create unnecessary problems after the seminar.


Webinar Cons: 

16.) Technological Difficulties

Although webinars are easily accessible because of technology, this can also backfire. Technological difficulties are inevitable and can ruin your ability to participate in the webinar. Some webinars are required, so losing internet service or having crackling during the webinar can become a bad situation.

17.) Poor Focus Levels

Despite the convenience and location of webinars, when your surroundings are distracting or you struggle to multitask, you develop poor focus levels. These poor focus levels can cause you miss valuable information for the benefit of your business.

18.) Lack of Teamwork

Teamwork is valuable in the business world, but webinars remove this opportunity. If your webinar is required for training techniques you must relay to your employees, you will be forced to convey the information on your own. This requires large focus levels, which as mentioned above, can be awfully difficult.

19.) Restricted

Sometimes webinars are voiceovers, which restricts interaction with the speaker. If you misunderstand something during the webinar, you will be restricted in ways to ask for clarification.

20.) Incompatible

In addition to technological difficulties, your device may be incompatible with the software used for the webinar. This is extremely inconvenient and will remove more time from your business, as you attempt to find alternative ways to participate.

A cartoon picture of a man standing with his hands up

Although the effects of webinars and seminars vary, they could be beneficial to your business.

If you don’t have a legit work online opportunity, that your already apart of, please don’t hesitate check out Wealthy Affiliate. Weekly webinars take place every Friday at 8pm.

Do you have something to say about your webinar and seminar experience? Maybe something to add about your favorite or disliked portions of both? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Top 50 Ways to Make Money On Your Niche Website

A picture of 2 tractors and the words website under construction

Hey guy’s and welcome back!! On this post, I’ll be listing the top 50 ways to make money with your niche website. Let’s dig on in..

Have you had your website running for a while and want to build profit on it? From Pay Per Click Advertisements to affiliate marketing – there are ways to make money online with your niche website.

A screen shot of a multi level marketing diagram

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate networks helps produce profit for your website. Networks offer a percentage of the sale amount to you for promoting their programs and/or products. I have multiple reviews for Wealthy Affiliate so be sure to check those out! You can also consider the other options if you’re interested analyzing all your options.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Program
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. eBay Partner Network
  4. ClickBank
  5. Walmart Affiliate

a picture of Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay Per Click Advertisements:

Pay per click advertisements are the easiest ways to make money with your website, without much effort on your part. These websites make your website money through paying you when someone clicks the ads on your website. That simple click will give you profit, regardless of what they do beyond their click. I’ve listed a few networks that you can use to add these ads to your website – feel free to check them out! Although Google AdSense is the most popular, the other options are also profitable networks.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Media.Net
  3. Pulse360
  4. Infolinks

A cartoon picture of a guy sitting at a desk, sending 3 people messages thru the air

Direct Affiliate Marketing:

Direct Affiliate marketing are affiliate networks offered through companies. It may be difficult to find these opportunities, but the pay is much higher.

  1. DreamHost
  2. HostGator
  3. BlueHost
  4. ThemeForest
  5. ElegantThemes

Cartoon serviceman with computer

Offer A Service:

People pay for services. If your website caters to a specific field, create services that offers premium expertise to those that pay for your service.

  1. Online Course
  2. Membership area
  3. Paid forum
  4. Freelance Service
  5. Webinars

Cute Collection Of Different Shapes In Collage Cartoon Style stock ...

Offer A Product:

What better way to make money on your website than to make your own? Creating and offering a product on your website could be one of the most profitable ways to make money on your site.

  1. E-Book
  2. Software
  3. Sell a Product on Amazon
  4. Sell a Product on eBay
  5. Apps (Apple Store or Google Play Store)
  6. Merchandise

a picture of Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content:

Brands often reach out to bloggers to request reviews or promotion of their products. These brands pay for these reviews, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars PER POST. This makes sponsored content a large revenue option for bloggers. Side note: Be sure to inform your readers that your post is sponsored.

  1. Cooperative
  2. Taboola
  3. Izea
  4. Marketly
  5. Link Vehicle

Sell Ad Space, or Text Links:

Although you can use pay per click networks, you can also sell your own ad space to companies that want to sponsor blogs. You create your own prices for these companies and sell to them based on those prices. This allows you to have more traffic towards your site from multiple different other sites.


A cartoon picture of a brown dog holding a piece of white paper, and a cup


If you have a faithful, engaged audience (big or small) ask your readers to donate. Although, the income won’t be stable or consistent, it can help when it does happen. It won’t hurt to ask!

  1. Patreon
  2. PayPal
  3. GoFundMe
  4. Fundly

a picture of Collaboration with Companies amd 2 hands shaking

Collaboration with Companies

If you collaborate with businesses that relate to your website’s niche – you can create profit from these companies. You’re promoting related businesses to help increase their customers. Regardless of purchases, these collaborations can still create profit.

  1. GlobalWide Media
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Neverblue
  4. Peerfly

Email List:

Although it takes longer, email lists can be a great way to make money for your website. For email lists, you’re able to offer free advice to your devoted readers and eventually promote your services and/or products in the emails. Be sure to check out my article about email marketing to see the best way to market this technique!

  1. Podcast Advertising
  2. Service Advertising
  3. Product Advertising

a picture of E-Commerce websites


Ecommerce websites are online stores that allow you to sell products. Consider this your own personalized eBay or Amazon site, specifically for your products.

  1. Shopify
  2. WordPress
  3. Squarespace
  4. Wix

a picture of a website Subscription


Along with offering services on your website, allowing your website visitors to subscribe to the premium content creates the profits. You’ll be able to charge specific prices per content membership options. In addition, YouTube is also a great way to have others subscribe to your channel and generate income through the views from your videos. This will also help establish credibility through others seeing the views of your videos.

  1. Premium Content
  2. YouTube

a picture of the words give away

Give It Away:

As surprising as it sounds, giving away your website is extremely common. It’s important to research if this is the best decision for your prior to making an official decision.

  1. Sell Your Website

A cartoon picture of a pill of money and coins

How to Maximize Your Website Profits:

You have the resources available to make your website profitable. The 50 options on this blog post provides a plethora of options to develop income from your site. Be sure to review all your options to avoid being scammed. If you have already experienced being scammed- be sure to check out my #1 recommendation!

a picture of a tired dog laying down

Tired Of Being Scammed? Click here To Read My # 1 Recommendation!

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about your experience with profiting on your website? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with your attempts? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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How To Start With Making Legit Money Online

a man in a green shirt thinking about how Making Legit Money Online could make him happy

With this post, I would like to explain from my own experience, how to approach making legit money online.

Especially for you individuals who are just getting started, and would like to know some good advice to keep in mind, while searching for your very first legit online opportunity to join. So shall we get started with choosing what online opportunity you want to try FIRST!

Online Home-Based Business Ideas:
an animated yellow light bulb with pencil and paper referencing online home based business ideas

Before you open your laptop or computer to search for your very first piece of legit work online, do you think you have an idea of what you want to do? It can be very easy to get lost in the “Swamps” of the Internet!

Legitimate Online Jobs at Home:

  • Insurance Work at Home Jobs: If you are a licensed agent, learn more about independent contracting with LiveOps. They always have openings for Insurance agents. Better yet, if you don’t have a valid license, LiveOps
    quite often has job availability for those who may have an interest in helping people file insurance claims after a car or home accidents.
  • Health Care Work at Home Jobs: If you are a registered nurse or a physician, McKesson (a work remotely type of company) will hire you to work remotely in the telehealth field. Telehealth is used in what they call telphone triage. The positions may even require frequent travel, making it even more interesting.
  • Become a Ghostwriter: for multiple industries such as: Fiverr, Upwork, Textbroker, Association of Ghostwriters (for those who have written at least one book), Contena. There are countless opportunities in this area.
  • Do you have a passion for helping and/or motivating others?
  • Or how about being a part of Online Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities? The up and coming ones are like World Ventures.

I would say that – if you’ve been doing this for a while – most of you have made the mistake and fallen for the wrong business opportunity, simply because – from the start – you don’t have your minds focused on your true interest. Lucky you, if you are in the beginning stages, you can learn from us who have made mistakes.

Let me tell on myself: I was one who fell for those types of “too good to be true” scams. I signed up for more than a few opportunities that didn’t work out too well for me, or not at all. This was due to the fact that I didn’t pick something of interest to me – something I wanted to be or something I wanted to do online. It felt like I was getting “pulled” in many different directions. For me – I remember the first opportunity looking as if it was “BIG EARNING CAPABILITY“. I got swindled into thinking that, in a vert short period of time, I would get rich. I don’t meant o sound cliche, but it took a while for me to learn not to fall for things that sounded “too good to be true”.

Feel free to read more about my story.

Knowing what you really want to do first will clear things up when getting yourself started online. After you get an idea of what you want to do, search the web and build a list of online business opportunities from home you could see yourself working with for a long period of time. I hate to break it to you, but if you learn one thing from me: Never believe anyone who makes you feel as if you are going to make a lot of money very quickly.

If you want to find successful opportunities online, it will be for the long-term. it takes a lot of time to build any successful business (online or offline). The more extensive research you preform on work at home ideas (including reading up on reviews) the more it will help you determine what to weed out and what to keep on your list of possibilities.

How to Research Work at Home Opportunities:

7 chalkboards showing how to research work at home opportunities with who what when why where and how

There’s one specific rule that you should always follow when finding online interesting work. Especially after you feel like you’ve hit the, “Jack Pot Opportunity“!

Rule: # 1.)

No matter what, PERFORM THE RESEARCH before joining any business opportunity to earn money online. Look at it this way: Would you stay in a hotel without looking over the reviews? Would you buy a laptop without making sure that other people like that brand, too? Would you not perform research on that brick and mortar company through Glassdoor (for example) before applying to work for them?

I think you get the picture. It’s all about the research, my friend. Good research – at all times – will play a big role in your future success.

Check Out My List of The Top 10 Online Scams

a view of search engines to use when researching legit and real online work at home opportunities

Here are a few resources to start off with:

  • Search Engines(Google/Yahoo/Bing etc.),
  • Ask,
  • Forum Discussions,
  • Social Media Websites,
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Let Me Elaborate a Little:

Using the Search Engines is pretty self- explanatory. If you want to know something, just search for it. But if you want a more detailed response, ask your question on or You could also join popular Forum Discussions, or visit

If that doesn’t get you enough information, you could try researching on More times than not, you will find a video about it. YouTube is especially nice for those of you out there who enjoy learning by watching verses reading. Researching via YouTube is my favorite way to learn.

And don’t forget about the popular Social Media Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Now-a-days, businesses of all kinds are adding their information to Facebook and other social media platforms. Just type the name of the company into the search engine of any social media platform.

Trust me, at least one or all of these tools will help with your quest for more information on ways to make legit money online as well as the people using their services. And the good thing is: Those same people will be chatting about the pro’s and con’s. This will work in your favor!

Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Way too often I hear of work online scams that people could’ve avoided had they checked the BBB. The BBB will show if the company any track record to help you avoid the frauds.

Join an Online Business Opportunity from Home:

a hand with a blue mouse prompting us to click and join online business opportunities from home

Some opportunities such as multi-level marketing opportunities, for example, will feel like they are screaming in desperating for you to join whatever it is they have to offer.

Doing your research will save the hassle of making hasty decisions that will only waste time (and money).

You Must Have Your Own Website/Build out Your Brand:

How To Approach Making Legit Money Online

After you have chosen your legit online opportunity, it’s now time to showcase it by advertising it on your own personalized website! This website could be built by a company that costs more out of pocket money OR you can build it yourself. Building your own website sounds easier than you think.

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I would recommend building your own website. It will not only save you tons of money, but will also build your knowledge and skill, as an Internet Marketer. Now you might be asking yourself, “What will my own website do for me and my online business in the long-run?

Most of us know that by Branding Yourself Online, you will give your guests a place to come and learn about YOU and what it is YOU are offering. As you build your customer-base, your authority will grow. In fact, the more websites or online stores you build, teh more streams of income you can create for yourself.

Building authority gives you power, because the more authority you have, the higher you will rank in Google and Yahoo’s search engines. And the higher your rank, the more visitors you gain. And the more visitors you gain, the more success you gain. It’s a win, win, win situation.

Using some “hand me down” website, or referral link, will never get you noticed, and will leave your prospects feeling scammed, confused, and lost.

Focus On Your Customers/Visitors The Getting Paid Part:

a blue and white website builder

Customers are a major part of your business. That said, answering a visitor’s simple questions, could lead you to get Paid.

So always “Pay” close attention to any questions or concerns your potential customers may have. The growth of your business depends on it. The success of your business depends on it!

My Conclusion on How To Make Legit Money Online

5 business men looking to make real and legit money online

I say in conclusion: Creating a team of people with Internet Marketing experience to assist you from the start, would put you in the greatest position to making legit money online.

3 green dollar signs showing legitimate and real money can be made online

There are those with the experience of making a lot of money online, who are successful and advertise on a regular basis that they are willing to share their knowledge with any novice, beginner, or even an expert.

Once you determine the opportunity you would like to pursue, find someone doing the same and follow their blog or subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can be successful, too. I heard someone say (not too long ago): Find someone who is successful with something you want to do and then do it better than them”.

Once you have the necessary tools and training, you will be better equipped to know how to avoid the work online scams.

Now I know finding and choosing an opportunity might sound tough! But you are not alone. In fact, what if I told you there’s a solution I followed that can help you, too. There’s a system I followed that guided me to making money online!

This system has up to date training through endless video/written material, Live weekly training, Live chat, 24/7 customer/team support, and much more! Check out Full Review If you have any questions or need any help, I’ll be right here to assist you!!

Other than that, thank you for reading my “short” post, on how to approach making legit money online. If you have any comment’s or questions I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments area, and I’ll respond right back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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