Financial Aid Scams-College Bound Students Beware!!

Scammers show no mercy to any one person or age group. You often hear about scammers preying on older Americans. But at the same time, there’s another group of people that scammers have been targeting. They are the younger Americans. We often say that as younger people, we’re often the type that “don’t know any […]

Scholarship Scams-Don’t Become A Victim!!

If there’s one thing that we need to stay one step ahead of these days, it’s scams. These exist in a multitude of variations and have often netted millions, maybe billions of dollars overall around the world. Unfortunately, the victims of these scams have unknowingly become victims and now have to deal with the financial […]

Infomercial Scams: Distinguishing What’s Real From What’s Fake!!

You see them on TV all the time. Usually, they’ll play late at night or in the early morning. Most of the time, they’re usually “As Seen On TV” products. A copper, non-stick pan? A pillow that gives you the best night’s sleep every time? Yeah, those are great products. Good enough for you to […]

Fake Prizes And Sweepstakes: How They Work And How To Protect Yourself!

We all know that winning is a good thing. It can be a cash prize or a trip to a dream destination. However, there are people who fall victim to scams that are based on fake prizes and sweepstakes. And day after day, these scammers stop at nothing to make sure that their next victim […]

Lottery Scams: What You Need To Know And How To Protect Yourself

There are so many scams out here/online. And scammers are reaching out to their potential victims through so many mediums like the Internet, telephone, and sometimes in person. The common mission of a scammer is to extract as much money as possible from their potential victims. People like seniors and other vulnerable people are more […]