BzzAgent Review | Legit Market Research Company or Scam? | Can You Make Money with this Site?

BzzAgent | Legit Market Research Company or Scam? | Can You Make Money with this Site?


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Finding the right work-at-home platforms can be a bit challenging, when getting started with working online from home. Most people find themselves reading through reviews to find out the best legit opportunities – which is exactly what you are doing as you read this BzzAgent review. But first things first, kudos for making that decision. 

Most people don’t realize that online jobs are jobs like any other. With this being the case, you want to be sure that the platforms you sign up with will not end up being a waste of your money, time, or energy. Your true intention is to find a platform where you will get a return on your time investment because time is money! This review sets out to examine the legitimacy of BzzAgent. 

Can you make money with BzzAgent? Is this website legit, or is it another one of the many online scams? These are critical questions that you must answer before signing up with any money-making website. Fortunately, LegitWorkOnlineForReal is here to help you find answers to these questions and more. We are committed to helping online job seekers find legit online job opportunities by providing them with relevant and detailed information.

Read on to learn more about BzzAgent. We have divided the review into the following sections for easier comprehension:

  • When was it started?
  • What is BzzAgent all about?
  • What does it cost to join?
  • How do you earn with BzzAgent?
  • Can you make money with BzzAgent?
  • Other ways to earn with BzzAgent 
  • What we liked about the platform 
  • Good vs. bad qualities 
  • What are internet users saying about the website?

When Was It Started?

BzzAgent was founded by Dave Balter back in 2001. The Boston-based market research company was later acquired by Dunnhumby, a consumer analyst group. Dunnhumby also happens to be a subsidiary of retail agent Tesco. 

What is BzzAgent All About?

BzzAgent is a market research platform that claims to help members earn free products by participating in a variety of activities. BzzAgent invites people to join an online community of “BzzAgents” where you can evaluate a plethora of products and services and share your opinion about the same. 

It is a social media-based site, which typically means that you will have to be active on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. In 2017, BzzAgent reported having over 1 million members around the world. 

If you are wondering where the opportunity lies, BzzAgent gives great credit to spread word about different products and services via social media and word of mouth campaigns.

What Does It Cost to Join?

To join this marketing company, you must be a resident of either the United States, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, or Brazil. Registration is free of charge, which means that you are not required to pay any registration fees. 

To sign up, you will need to enter your name, a valid email address, and a password. After joining the platform, you will have to answer a number of questions concerning your demographics. This information will help the company match you with the most relevant offers and survey tasks available. As soon as you have been accepted as a member, you can start completing tasks and earning rewards.

How Do You Earn with BzzAgent?

BzzAgent works with well-known companies and brands such as Disney, Loreal, Fisher-Price, and Purell, among others. Tasks on this platform are mostly product testing. As an agent, you will receive free products to try in a BzzCampaign and give honest feedback through social media accounts. 

What’s a BzzCampaign? This is an activity that you undertake for BzzAgent and requires you to try a service or product. The process commences with the completion of surveys. From time to time, the company will send you survey invites. These surveys are intended to gather information concerning you. The information you give when taking these surveys will be used to qualify you for future campaigns. 

After qualifying for a campaign, you will receive a BzzKit, which is typically a package of the product you are required to try and review. Your job is to then evaluate the service or products and give an honest opinion about them. You will also receive instructions on how you will share your opinion. 

As for the reward or compensation, the website does not mention any other reward, apart from the free products sent to you. 

Can You Make Money with BzzAgent?

Here is the tricky part. The truth as it turns out, is that you are not going to make any money with this market research company. The only reward for your efforts, is the free products that you receive during BzzCampaigns. 

If you are looking for a way to earn real money from home and not just free products, you should consider checking out our other legit online job opportunities that pay you in real cash. The best or most ideal opportunities are those that allow you to earn a passive income.

Other Ways to Earn with BzzAgent 

Apart from product testing, you can also earn other rewards such as gift cards and BzzScores through the following options:

Prize Draws

By taking part in the Prize Draw or other competitions, you can win prizes like goods and promotional items. Members who participate in BzzCampaigns are eligible for this. You might also get access to handout packages, pre-registration, high-quality goods, or campaign previews.


You will receive survey invites via email, depending on the goods and services you’re interested in. After completing your registration, you’ll receive an email with a survey, which you should answer honestly, to be eligible for later campaigns.

Invite Your Pals

Additionally, BzzAgent has a referral program. Fill out the referral form with your friend’s information, and BzzAgent will contact them to extend an invitation. You’ll get a $10 gift card after your buddy registers and performs their first review. 

What We Liked About BzzAgent 

  1. You will earn free products

Although you don’t stand a chance at earning real money with BzzAgent, the platform does allow you an opportunity to earn free products. And some of the products are worth way more than what some other survey websites pay. 

  1. The website is free to join 

We also liked the fact that BzzAgent is free to join. Provided that you are at least 18 years of age and a resident of any of the listed countries, you can join BzzAgent free of charge.

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

This BzzAgent review wouldn’t be complete without having a list of the advantages and disadvantages that come with this opportunity. 


  • It’s free to join
  • You’ll earn a lot of free products
  • It’s available in many countries 
  • It offers a lucrative referral program 
  • It’s a well-established company 


  • It does not pay you in real money 
  • There aren’t enough campaign and promotion opportunities 
  • It will take you time to build a worthy score before you can start receiving campaigns more frequently

What Are Internet Users Saying About BzzAgent?

BzzAgent has a 3.18/5 stars rating from 90 reviews on SiteJabber and a 2.6/5 stars rating from 26 reviews on TrustPilot. Below are some of the comments and sentiments shared by BzzAgent members:

Laura D. 

TrustPilot or SiteJabber Customer reviews and experiences concerning the BzzAgent website

Sherrio G.

TrustPilot or SiteJabber Customer reviews and experiences concerning the BzzAgent website

Our Conclusion For BzzAgent:

BzzAgent is a legit market research platform that dates back to 2001. It is free to join this website, provided you are a citizen of any of the countries mentioned on the website. You will receive free products to complete simple product testing and marketing campaigns. You can also earn $10 gift cards for inviting others to join the platform. However, you will not earn any real money with BzzAgent. 

If you were looking for a website that will help you earn extra cash on the side, BzzAgent isn’t for you. This site is ideal for individuals who only want to earn freebies for testing and reviewing products and services. 

Having come to the end of our BzzAgent review, it’s our hope that this review has been helpful. Feel free to share your experience and comments with us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and see you on our next review.

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