MindsPay Review | Can You Make Money With this Survey Hub Site or Is It a scam?

MindsPay|Can You Make Money With this Survey Hub Site or Is It a scam?

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Online paid survey websites can serve as great platform for earning extra money on the side. Especially when it comes to making money online. It’s for this reason that we are witnessing a rise in the number of online survey websites. There has also been a spike in the number of members registering with these survey platforms, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. As appealing as that might sound, you must also understand that the number of scam online survey sites has also increased to an all time high. 

This means that you will need to be a bit more vigilant when looking for a survey website to join. In this MindsPay review, we will be investigating the legitimacy of this website, which claims to pay it’s members for sharing their opinions and thoughts. Is MindsPay legit or just one of the many online scams we’ve reviewed? Can you make money with MindsPay? If so, how will you get paid? Who is this site designed for? We will answer these questions and more in the sections that follow. 

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our goal and mission here, has always been to help people find legit work online job opportunities. We do this by preparing honest and unbiased reviews on sites that claim to help members earn money from home. Our goal is to put things in plain black and white, to help you make a better, more informed decision.

This MindsPay review is divided into the following sections:

  • When was MindsPay Started?
  • What is it all about?
  • What does it cost to join the site?
  • How can you make money with MindsPay?
  • How much money can you make with the Program?
  • What we liked about MindsPay 
  • Good vs. bad qualities 
  • What are internet users saying about Mindspay.com?

When Was MindsPay Started?

MindsPay is a market research site that was established in 2011. The website is owned and operated by Mailbox Forwarding Inc., an American company based in Grandville, Michigan, USA. 

However as of this writing, the company’s domain www.mindspay.com is defunct. That can only mean that the owner/operator has closed the site. 

What Is MindsPay All About?

MindsPay is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website, that claims to reward members for completing offers, taking surveys, and referring others to join the site. Although the website seems like an actual surveys site, that’s not really the case. 

Most of the supposed survey offers are links that will redirect you to third-party survey sites, where you can create accounts and earn rewards by taking and completing survey tasks. For that reason, we feel that MindsPay is not transparent about it’s offerings. 

What Does It Cost to Join This Program?

Signing up with MindsPay is free. Besides your name, email address, and password, the registration process also entails answering several questions concerning your demographics. You will then face a series of questions relating to your gender, age, income, personal preferences, and other relevant details to ensure that the site has a representative membership database. 

Your account information needs to be accurate, and you’ll need to sign-up with a valid email address, without proxy servers. The MindsPay membership is also only available to US residents who are 18 years of age or older. Once you’ve finished the sign up process, you will then receive a $3 sign-up bonus!

How Can You Make Money With MindsPay?

The MindsPay opportunity can be quite elusive, especially because it’s not a survey website, but rather a survey router that will link you to actual survey websites. That notwithstanding, there are still several ways to make a few bucks here and there on MindsPay.com. Discussed below are your MindsPay money-making avenues:

  1. Taking Promotional Surveys 

After signing in and accessing your accounts dashboard, you will see a variety of options, including survey tasks. However, you will soon find out that survey tasks are promotional, meaning they’ll lead you to other third-party survey sites. 

To earn money completing survey tasks, you’ll have to register with these third-party sites. 

  1. Completing Paid Offers 

MindsPay has a wide range of offers. However, they are also promotional offers and most have nothing to do with completing surveys. Some promotions will for instance, offer information regarding the total cost of a cruise across some ocean, or talk about something concerning energy reduction. 

Please note that many offers are not offers that you have to complete, but rather promotional links that will require you to sign-up with third-party sites. Like with surveys, MindsPay is not transparent about the nature of it’s offers, which is a suspicious tactic in our humble opinion. 

  1. Reading Paid Emails 

MindsPay also claims that users get paid to read emails. Like with the previous two options, emails are also promotional. The emails come with links to offers which you need to complete for 3 cents – a waste of time in our opinion! In some cases, you will need to spend your own money to complete an offer, one that you might not even get a reward for, to say the least. 

  1. Referring Others to Join MindsPay

Another way to earn money with this site, is by inviting others to join the platform. If someone joins MindsPay via your invitation referral link, you’ll stand a chance to make 10% of everything that they earn. However, before using this avenue to earn a passive income, you should take time to ponder on whether this is a platform that you would want to recommend to your friends. 

Don’t send out a MindsPay invite link, just to earn a tad bit of extra cash. Only when you truly believe that it’s worth recommending. 

How Much Money Can You Make with MindsPay?

From what users have reported, you should not put your hopes up too high with MindsPay. Considering the fact that you can only earn up to 10 cents for survey tasks completed and 3 cents for reading emails, the potential earnings are considerably low. 

With such low rewards, it’ll take you a lot of patience and hard work to hit the considerably high minimum withdrawal threshold, which is $50 bucks. And to be honest, it can take months to reach this payout threshold. As if that long wait is not enough torture, you will be subjected to an additional 30-day waiting period after reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold before getting your earnings. And, there’s only one payment method, PayPal. 

What We Liked About MindsPay

  1. It is free to join 

We liked the fact that MindsPay does not impose a registration fee, during the sign up process. This makes it easier for first-time online job seekers with no startup investment money, to get started with making some extra money on the side. 

  1. There are several noteworthy third-party survey sites

As much as we don’t like the dishonesty with which MindsPay presents it’s offerings, we like the fact that you will get linked with some of the leading survey websites, if you follow the promotional survey leads. 

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

Here are the good and ugly attributes of this GPT site, that you should be aware of before creating an account:


  • Offers PayPal payments 
  • The site is free to join 
  • You can earn some kind of money joining this platform


  • It is only available to US citizens
  • The minimum payout threshold is too high and unrealistic
  • The information about MindsPay offerings is misleading 
  • It’s not a survey website but rather a Survey router site 
  • The potential earnings are very low 

What Are Internet Users Saying About MindsPay.com?

MindsPay does not seem to be very popular among internet users. There is not much information concerning this site, but the little info found is critical. The company has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and is not accredited by the credit agency. Below are some of the comments and reviews on MindsPay that we came across:

One Complainant on BBB, 

Internet Customer reviews and experiences concerning the MindsPay website left on the better business bureau website

You can see that this user was having issues cashing out their MindsPay earnings. Though the complaint was filed in March 2020, the status of the complaint reads as “Unanswered,” which means that the company has been unbothered to even respond, after well over two years. 

Our Conclusion For MindsPay:

While we can’t call MindsPay an online scam, it also does not pass as a reputable site either. From the dishonesty and misrepresentation, as to what the true nature of it’s offerings is, to the high minimum payout threshold and low potential earning, you have all the red flags you need to steer clear and away from this site. 

Although free to join, we do not recommend joining this site. If you are hell-bent on taking paid surveys, you should sign up with reputable standalone survey websites. We have reviewed a boatload of legitimate high-paying survey sites here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal. 

We hope that this MindsPay review has been helpful. Please feel free to share your experience and comments with us, by leaving them down in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you on our next review. 

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