eBesucher Review | Can You Make Passive Income or Is It a Scam?

eBesucher|Can You Make Passive Income or Is It a Scam?

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Having a passive source of income can be financially liberating for most people. Now you might be asking yourself, what is passive income? Passive income is when you earn money without having to trade your time and energy for it. A passive source of income will buy you time that you can spend living life to the fullest. This explains why everyone is looking for means to create a passive source of income. 

In the online job market, many websites claim to help members make passive income, and eBesucher is one of those websites. In this eBesucher review, we will explain how the site works, whether you can make money with them or not, how to join, how eBesucher pays you, whether it’s a scam or not and so much more. Read on to get a better understanding of the eBesucher website, and the opportunity it presents. 

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our mission is to help online job seekers like yourself, find legitimate online job opportunities. We understand that many online fraudsters will try to steal your money, identity, and personal information through seemingly well-polished online scam websites. As we review the online money-making websites that we do (please note that we do not get paid to write and publish these reviews), our goal here is to highlight legitimate opportunities and call out online scam opportunities.

This eBesucher review is divided into the following sections:

  • When was it started?
  • What is eBesucher all about?
  • What does it cost to join?
  • How to make money with eBesucher
  • How much money can you make with eBesucher?
  • What we liked about the program
  • What are internet users saying about eBesucher?

When Was eBesucher Started?

eBesucher is a German traffic exchange company that was founded in 2002. Though headquartered in Germany, it’s membership is available globally, which means that anyone can join the site and start making money from the comfort of their home. 

What Is eBesucher All About?

eBesucher is essentially a mail exchange and autosurf program that claims to pay people to simply surf the web, refer customers, and read emails. As such, the website’s primary purpose is to drive traffic to websites that have paid eBesucher to attract visitors.

In return, eBesucher pays at-home online workers like you and me, to visit it’s client’s websites. eBesucher simplifies the process by offering a “Surf Now” button, which creates a new tab on your browser. This new tab will then keep track of all the websites you’ve visited. You will earn points for every recorded website visit, and these points are redeemable for real money. 

What Does It Cost to Join eBesucher?

Joining eBesucher is free of charge and it will only take you a few minutes to set up your account. To get started, visit eBesucher.com and fill out their short registration form. After submitting this short form, you will receive an account verification email.

Once you have verified your account, you will be ready to start earning with eBesucher. And as far as availability goes, the website’s membership is available globally.

How To Make Money with eBesucher 

Like most money-making websites, eBesucher offers multiple ways to earn money online. Below are the different ways to print money with this traffic exchange website:

  1. Open Your Browser and Surf

Click on the “Surf Now” button which is located on the website’s homepage. Clicking on this button will in turn open a new tab where you will begin getting paid to visit websites. The site will not probe you to enter any captcha or click anything else. Simply keep the tab open and earn money!

For better performance and to allow you to continue using your computer, it is best that you open the new tab in a new window. 

  1. Open and Read Emails 

The website also pays it’s users to read emails. Yes, you read that right. This might not be a passive way to make money, but it’s definitely as easy as the ABC’s. These emails are sent to your eBesucher account inbox. You’ll have two weeks to read the emails before they expire. 

  1. Refer Others to Join eBesucher 

Another way to make money online with this program is by referring other people to join the platform. eBesucher offers a two-tiered referral program that allows you to earn 8% of your direct recruits’ earnings and 5% of the earnings generated by your recruit’s recruit’s. 

Referrals are a great source of passive income because you earn from the efforts of people within your downline. 

How Much Money Can You Make with eBesucher?

Now even though eBesucher’s reward system is points based, you can still redeem these points for money. Different task offer varying rewards, with reading emails paying better than browsing the web. That notwithstanding, it is worth noting that eBesucher is a low-income earner. 

Taking this fact into consideration, you should not expect to get rich by simply leaving your browser open and reading a handful of emails a month. On the contrary, eBesucher serves as a cool source of passive income that can help offset small monthly bills like your internet bill. But it can never get better than that with eBesucher. Or at least from our point of view.

According to eBesucher members, potential monthly earnings range between $10 and $50. You will receive your payments via PayPal, once you have hit the minimum withdrawal threshold.

What We Liked About eBesucher 

  1. It is free to join and globally available

eBesucher makes it easier for online job seekers by ensuring them that there are no monetary and geographical entry barriers. It is free to join eBesucher.com and you can join them from any corner of the world. 

  1. eBesucher Offers a lucrative referral program 

Considering the fact that your potential earnings from surfing the web are going to be considerably low (due to the small amount of paid to read emails), the referral program can help boost your earnings. Having 8% of your recruit’s income and 5% of their recruit’s income can significantly boost your eBesucher earnings.

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

Like every other online money-making website/business, eBesucher comes with it’s fair share of upsides and downsides. This section will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this traffic exchange site:


  • The sign-up process is straightforward 
  • The program offers an opportunity to earn passive income
  • It’s free to join 
  • It is available globally 
  • There are multiple ways to make money 


  • The potential earnings are too low 
  • You will not get as many email tasks as you would wish 
  • Rewards are point based 

What are Internet Users Saying About eBesucher?

eBesucher has a 3.4/5 stars rating from 16 reviews on TrustPilotAdditionally, the website has a high 90/100 trust rating on Scamadviser.com, which is an indication that it is safe to use. From the comments and reviews published online, it appears that a majority of eBesucher users are satisfied with the company’s offerings.

That being said, below are some of the comments and sentiments shared by eBesucher users on Trustpilot:

Rich Doe,

TrustPilot or SiteJabber Customer reviews and experiences concerning the eBesucher website


TrustPilot or SiteJabber Customer reviews and experiences concerning the eBesucher website

Martin’s review is in German, which we can’t read ☺, but we can tell it’s a positive review since it’s a five-star rating!

Our Conclusion For ebesucher:

eBesucher is a legit traffic exchange website that allows you a chance to earn a passive income by leaving your browser open, reading emails, and referring others to join the program. Creating an eBesucher account is completely free and you can join the website from anywhere in the world because there are no geographical barriers. 

Though eBesucher could be considered a legit passive income generator, the potential earnings are so low, that the opportunity created by eBesucher might end up being a waste of your valuable time. For better-paying legit online job opportunities, you should check out the 100’s of programs that we have reviewed here are LegitWorkOnlineForReal. 

That being the end of our eBesucher review, we welcome you to share your experience, concerns and comments with us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you in our next review. 

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