Sabika Jewelry Review | Is It a Legit MLM Program or Scam?

Sabika Jewelry | Is It a Legit MLM Program or Scam?

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Having multiple sources of income is a great way to grow wealth. However, many people find it hard to set up multiple income streams. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for everyone who wishes to have a profitable side hustle. From survey sites to online job boards and MLM programs, your options are limitless. You just need to know how to establish the legitimacy of the sites before signing up because online scams exist virtually everywhere across the internet. 

Multi-level marketing (MLM), is one of the popular online jobs among freelancers. Sabika is a jewelry company that markets and sells it’s product’s through an MLM program. As a member, you can make money by simply marketing and selling the company’s products. 

In this Sabika review, we will explore the business opportunity presented by this website. Can you really make money with Sabika? How much money can you make with the program? This review sets out to answer these questions and more. 

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, our mission is to help our community of online entrepreneurs find legitimate online jobsOur goal and duty is to make your work easier by doing all the necessary research for you. We understand that looking for a legit online can be overwhelming and we are more than happy to help make the process more bearable for you.

This review covers the following sections:

  • When was it started?
  • What is Sabika Jewelry All About?
  • What does it cost to join the program 
  • How to make money with Sabika Jewelry 
  • How much money can you make with Sabika Jewelry?
  • What we liked about the program 
  • Good vs. bad qualities 
  • What are internet users saying about Sabika Jewelry?

When Was It Started?

The company behind Sabika-Jewelry, was founded in 2001 by Karin Mayr. Four years later, the website’s domain got registered. Sabika Jewelry is currently headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. The company boasts that they have well over two decades of industry experience selling European artisan jewelry.

What Is Sabika Jewelry All About

Sabika Jewelry is a company that majors in selling women’s jewelry products using a multi-level marketing business model. They mostly sell European artisan jewelry. At this point, you are probably wondering how you can make money using Well, we will get there. 

Like all MLM programs, Sabika requires that you join it’s membership to start earning money, by promoting and selling it’s products. 

What Does It Cost to Join Sabika Jewelry

To become a member of Sabika’s multi-level marketing program, you will need to sign up with them as a consultant. You are required to buy at least one Sabika Starter Kit. There are three types of starter kits:

  • Sabika Digital Kit for $25 – Allows you to start a Sabika Business online or open a physical store. The $25 is a monthly subscription fee. You get your very own Sabika Jewelry website and back office, with a 30-day free trial to test things out. 
  • Sabika Essentials Kit for $100 – Allows you to start your Sabika Business with all the essentials. This is the most popular option among it’s members. 
  • Sabika Boutique Kit for $250 – This kit covers sales, marketing material, and about $700-worth of jewelry products. 

How To Make Money with Sabika Jewelry 

Since Sabika is a multi-level marketing company, there are only two ways to earn money with the website. These methods are:

  • Recruiting members 
  • Selling products 

Despite having a limited number of ways to make money, MLM programs come with a plethora of advantages. The biggest perk is the huge cash bonuses awarded to members who met high sales goals. After joining Sabika Jewelry, you get instant access to it’s products at a discounted price, hence raising your retail profit margin. 

However, you will need to develop effective marketing and selling skills to succeed as a jewelry retailer. Finding clients and convincing them to buy your products won’t be easy. When it comes to recruiting new members, you’ll have to make them aware of this fact.

And with recruiting, you’ll end up receiving commissions from sales generated by members from your downline. That essentially means that you will make more money if you recruit more people. This is a cool way to generate passive income, adding on to your other earnings. 

Though this might sound promising, the MLM business model is not sustainable. We say this because you’ll eventually run out of potential recruits as time goes by. 

How Much Money Can You Make with Sabika Jewelry?

According to Sabika’s compensation plan, you make $300 for selling $1,500 worth of Jewelry in two parties a month. If you are lucky enough to sell the same amount worth of jewelry in a single party, you’ll earn $450.

It’s clearly evident that you’ll need to work hard and smart for you to make money with this MLM program. It also appears that Sabika does not have a tiered membership plan, which means that there are no ranks to move up with. 

The company’s income disclosure statement shows that about 95% of all active Sabika Consultants make an average annual income of $1,352. This figure shows that you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune as a Sabika Jewelry consultant. 

You must also take note that the average $1,352 is a gross figure. It does not include expenses that you’ll incur when conducting business. 

What We Liked About the Program 

  1. Sabika is more affordable compared to other MLM programs: 

You can purchase a Sabika Starter Kit, for as low as $25. The $100 and $250 alternative options are also relatively affordable compared to most MLM companies. Sabika’s affordability makes it possible for everyone interested in the company to join hassle-free. 

  1. You’ll earn free jewelry: 

As a Sabika Jewelry consultant, you stand a chance to earn up to $450 worth of jewelry, depending on your monthly sales.

Good vs. Bad Qualities 

Below are the upsides and downsides that come with this MLM company:


  • Sabika is a well-established company 
  • Relatively low subscription fees 
  • Offers free repairs 


  • The business is most suited for women
  • The potential earnings are relatively low 
  • The home party model is quite unnecessary 

What Are Internet Users Saying About Sabika Jewelry?

Over the years, Sabika has attracted both positive and negative reviews from it’s members. Below are some of the comments shared by Sabika Jewelry consultants who have gone before you:

A Former Consultant,

Internet Customer reviews and experiences concerning the Sabika Jewelry website

Another former sales consultant, 

Our Conclusion For Sabika Jewelry:

Having been around for well over two decades, Sabika-Jewelry is one of the MLM programs that have stood the test of time. From what we have gathered when conducting our research, Sabika Jewelry is a legit company with a track record of doing what it claims to do. You can join the program for as low as $25 to start making money.

Sabika uses a house party model, which might not be appealing to everyone. You are required to host house parties to sell Sabika jewelry. If this model does not work for you, you should check out other legitimate online job opportunities that do not compel you to invite random strangers into your home.

The website is also more suited for women. The potential earnings are extremely low, being at $1,352 annually. However, your earnings will depend on your personal efforts. 

Having come to the end of our Sabika Jewelry review, we hope that this review has been helpful. At this point, we welcome you to share your experience and comments with us in the comments section below. Thank you and see you in our next review! 

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