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Hi!! I’m Mr.Hassan, and welcome to Legit Work Online For Real!! Are you looking for legit work online, right now?

Are you sick of feeling stuck, and out of place? Are you tired of looking for a really legit online opportunity, that would give you the ability to work from home?

Are you new to online marketing? Would you like to educate yourself thoroughly on the online marketing arena? Would you like to make some real, legit money from the comfort of your home?

If your answer is yes, then you will want to read this entire quick review. My team and I are about to support you step-by-step, towards finding your very first real and legit work online opportunity/opportunities.

Plus, we’re going to be giving you the tools and knowledge you’ll need (FREE of charge!), to guarantee your online success! Now, how does that one sound?

Throughout this entire page and website, we will be doing our very best to help you out, and show you how you can Get Started working and making money from home, online today!

Achieving success online today is super tough! That’s one way to describe it, right? It could literally make us cry right?

It’s extremely difficult to figure out how to make an online business work. It can be tricky to determine what elements to focus on that will actually make working from home a success. Period!

How about when it comes down to finding legit ways of make money online? These days, nothing seems real anymore, right? Well we can most definitely relate. Now your really hurting and in need of a serious change, like this lonely gentlemen below.

a view of a man walking in the dark that might get scammed from a non-legitimate work opportunity

Avoid Make Money Online Scams | Keep It Real!

Some folks get scammed and quit the fight before giving themselves the time it will take to find the genuine ways to make money from home. Which is why so many of you simply give up and get stuck thinking it’s impossible to make money from home. If some of you were only aware of the Top 10 Make Money Online Scams, a lot of you probably wouldn’t be on this site.

Here’s a list of some of our other post on scam opportunities, you won’t believe exist online:

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And So Much More..

Hence the reason I built this website! I did it so you could have peace of mind. I did it for you to be able to find legit work online easy, and to ultimately be able to help you make money from home, just as planned!

So yes, I’m here to change a lot of crap!

“I want to help guide you through the right steps, in the right order. And I want to show you the right way to getting started with this “legit work” online stuff- so we can all make money from home together.”

I hate being swindled or lied to and I know you do, too. Especially when it involves money. Our goal here is simply to show you how to bypass the fraudsters, so you can make some money from the comfort of your home!

Now-a-days, it seems like nothing online is real, or even half-legit. My team and I know that you would agree. Does legit work even exist online this year? Will it exist next year or the year after? Either people want your money; or it’s not worth the effort. Or (you guessed it): It isn’t even real.

That said, we only want to recommend legit, “real opportunities”, that are truly worth it.

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Read some of our post, on some good online opportunities like:

My #1 Recommendation
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We want to educate you on services that don’t obligate you to spend any of your money, until you are ready to spend it (this way, you won’t EVER feel scammed). We want to give you a heads up on services you can try before you spend any of your money or make any purchases.

Some opportunities we offer, include a 7 day free trial. This will allow you to decide if the business is legit and worth trying or not; better yet – we want to help you determine if it’s worth the long-term. Look at it like test driving a used car.

Before you pay the salesmen any money, you get to first see if it works for you. You get to hit every corner store, market, near and far, just to make sure the car drives well.

Maybe even go see a few family members while you’re at it! This is what we want to allow you to do on our website. Test drive the business and detailed training with our full support, without you spending a single penny!

Legit Work From Home | Our Secret Ingredients:

Now, I must ask you..

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What Do You Think Is The Biggest Hurdle Stopping You From Your Goal Of Making Money Online From Home?

We already know it’s hard to find work online that can actually help you make real money. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but we’re here to help you nip that in the bud!

Are you looking for the actual training and support, that we all deserve when we need it? Is it always the lack of money that’s getting in your way, when joining a business opportunity?

Is it the fear of failing? Do these questions leave you feeling STUCK when joining or pursuing a business opportunity?

If so, we’re here to support you 110%. Feel free to respond to these questions in the comment area below if you feel the need to. Myself as well as others, want to hear your feedback.

Maybe you think you need to have a certain amount of money to start a business or to have success online. Maybe you are feeling that scams are the only thing online today – as if there is not even an ounce of legit work online anymore. I can totally relate.

But that’s not true at all. It is possible to make money from home, for any person who wants the opportunity bad enough!

A black and white cartoon picture of a man standing in a suit

Anyone can be successful online, if they had the proper foundation/knowledge, tools, and unlimited support!

Check out some:

Advertising tips/tricks/knowledge, and tools that I discuss and share within my post, that could also help out!

As a matter of fact if you already have your own business, check out some cool ways to start off marketing now.

Learn the best way to:

Start Making Money Online & How
Marketing On Google
Multi-Level Marketing
Video Marketing
Email Marketing , and so much more!

Or if your just starting out, and don’t know what to do with yourself or where to begin:

  • 1st: Visit our menu at the very top,
  • 2nd: Find the, Start Here/Intro tab,
  • 3rd: Click arrow to the far right (>>>),
  • 4th: Follow the 5 steps to success!

Then from there, you can begin educating yourself and/our searching for the right opportunity or opportunities for you, all directly from within this website and it’s menu tab! But don’t join them all at once! So with that said, everything you need to to know to become successful online, is right here. Welcome ladies and gentlemen!!

Our Conclusion For Our Introduction:

To conclude this introduction and to make a long story short, you just need to know what the internet Gurus know to become successful and weed out those scams! That’s what I’ve learned overall. We want to turn you around today and put you on the right path of learning how to make your first real piece of money from home. And it wont be easy either! If it was, everyone would be doing it. To relate to you a little more, please allow me to share my personal story with you.

Well that sums it up guys for the most part. Welcome again ladies and gentlemen, and if you have any questions concerning our reviews on legit/scam work online opportunities or any other one of our detailed reviews, please don’t be shy. We would love to hear about it. Please feel free to leave all messages, comments, questions, and concerns at the bottom of this post, or any other post, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks again for visiting and reading our post, and good luck with all your success online! We’ll see you at the top, take care guy’s..

122 thoughts on “Legit Work Online. Real & Valid Reviews!

  1. I think a lot of people are put off with earning online these days due to the amount of dodgy deals floating about…and it’s so hard to pick them out from the more legit options at the moment!
    Do you feel it is best to learn a trade online instead of signing up with a reward based platform? How do you make your money online?

    1. Hey Chris, and thanks for commenting! Thanks for agreeing with me about all the scams online that exist out there. It’s definitely treacherous online now in days..

      And I think it’s nothing wrong with learning a trade online, even though Wealthy Affiliate was the best online choice for me. Wealthy Affiliate, is how I make money online. Thanks again Chris for commenting..

  2. when it comes to making money online wealthy affiliate is legit, now i know that there are many scams scams that are out there and the sad thing is that many people are buying into these scams without doing their home work first. But wrealthy affilaite is no scam, with this community you can make real money for real. Thanks fro sharing such a awesome post that is well detailed and is filled withj good information.

    1. Wow, hey Norman! Thank you for your awesome comment and clarifying that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit, and isn’t a scam! I’m all about helping others change there lives for the better, like Wealthy Affiliate has done for me.

      Thanks again Norman for commenting!!

  3. Hey Hassan,

    Yes there are so many scams out there! Very hard to find a legitimate product or membership these days,

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 2 months ago and absolutely love it.

    The training is amazing and takes you step by step to building and making money from your own website.

    Totally agree that WA is not a scam but a must have if you are looking at making money online,

    Cheers, Kev

    1. Hey Kevin!! Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. I’m all about helping the online world make better decisions when it comes down to making money online, and you just helped bring me one step closer to making that possible. Thanks buddy!

  4. Hey Hassan,
    Just wanna comment you for giving out this hidden code.
    I have been scammed several times,but a visit to Wealthy Affiliate has really given me a lift. Goodbye ? to online business frustration, and welcome to Ligit way to make money ? sitting at home ?. Thank you once again.

  5. To be completely honest I thought Wealthy Affiliate was a scam at first. I had heard mixed reviews and I was afraid to sign up. But, I’m glad I took the leap (it was free so nothing to lose). I have started my first niche site and not even 24 hours later it’s close to launch!

    1. Hey Sadie, and thank you for commenting! Yes Wealthy Affiliate does seem like a scam at first, do to the fact that it has so many perks and it being free to join! But like you, I took the leap too and it wasn’t long before I started my first website. This opportunity is taking over! Thanks again for your feedback Sadie.

  6. I enjoyed your website! I kept googling until I was blue in the face, and everything seemed like a scam. At first, I thought Wealthy affiliate was a scam but I read some reviews on it, and I thought I would take a chance. I’m glad I joined! I have two blogging sites and a wonderful and helpful community!

    1. Thank you so much Karin for commenting. I did the same thing. Everyone seemed to have been skeptical before joining, since this business does sound too good to be true! We have the best building tools, support system, and the best up to date training on how to be successful online. I’m glad I Wealthy Affiliate joined as well. Thanks again for sharing your positive feedback Karin!!

  7. Hey. This company seems very Legit..Lol. I love your website. You give tons of information, great examples, and plenty of personal experiences. I’m so ready to sign up!

    1. Hey Ashley and thank you so much Ashley for commenting! Well feel free to click on any one of the links on my page, to get yourself signed up, for free!! Let me know if you need any help!

  8. Hassan,

    You did expressed yourself in the way you wrote your content in your site. I appreciate it. You may have indirectly mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in your review but you put your intention in the links you have used. Right at the end you undoubtedly invited your guests to Wealthy Affiliate.

    I hope many will find your product and benefit from it.

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is our home for success.

  9. Trying to navigate online through all the scams and dodgy sites out there. You’ve cleared up a lot in a way that I think anybody new can understand.
    All the Best.

    1. Thank you so much Ryan, for visiting my website and commenting! I appreciate the compliment too, as I tried to clear things up for people who don’t know anything about WA.Take care..

  10. Hey Hassan

    That you for doing great in pointing people in the right direction on how to earn money online legitimately. Do you know that there are many people out there who look for the glittering and the fast way to make money online. The end they are scammed.

    The biggest culprit are fake survey site that promises thousands of dollars per month and end up not paying their members.

    Thank you for introducing Wealthy Affiliate. Their concept of earning money online is solid. It might seam slow but it is the right way.

  11. It is true that it does take a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t if you’re going to be successful with any business. I find too many people think money will be just handed to them for doing nothing basically and that is not true for any business.

    I like the fact that you know and are helping others find the right path to learning on how to be successful. Starting off with the right system is crucial, and you have that covered.

    Well, worth looking into!

    1. Your absolutely right and I agree Travis! It takes knowledge to be successful online and Wealthy Affiliate definitely helps you obtain that, with unlimited support! Thanks for your positive feedback homie.

  12. Wealthy Affiliate is a legit site. I’ve been a member for a few weeks now and the insight I’ve been given has been 100% helpful and worthwhile. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone looking to retire from their ‘9-5’

  13. Hi Hassan
    I checked into several “money making” websites out there. Majority of them were scams so I became very cautious of internet business. I came across Wealthy Affiliatte about 6 months ago and tip toed a bit until I realized it was ligit. They will genuinely help you to build your own business. You won’t get rich by tomorrow but you will make profit and get as big as you want it is awesome. You can eventually go full time if that is your goal

    1. Hey Bill and thanks for your positive, wonderful feedback! Wealthy Affiliate is still to this day proving that there is a such thing as legit work online. And I’m here to put the word out there. Thanks for the reinforcement’s..

  14. I wish more people would realize the internet is the greatest opportunity they will ever have to be financially independent. Yes, it does take effort, but the rewards are more than worth. And, yes, it will take time, longer than you might expect, but the rewards are worth it.

    The truth is, anyone who can surf the internet can learn the skills they need to make a substantial income online. It probably won’t happen overnight and it is certainly not get rich quick. But I cannot think of a more valuable skill than to be able to harvest money from the internet at will.

    Sometimes someone will say that it isn’t easy to make money online. I’d like to ask them compared to what? The money I’ve made online is by far the easiest money I have ever made. And it is far easier to make money online that to work a dead-end job and suffer under a stupid boss. Life is short!

    Hassan’s advice is invaluable and his recommendation is the best place to learn what you need to know to make a very good living online. It’s where I finally learned how to make it happen.

    In addition to the excellent training and support you will get with Hassan, you will need to commit to your own success, focus on your goals and persevere. No one is going to hand it to you. You have to learn the skills and apply them.

    1. Wow Gary! I really, really, really, appreciate your detailed, well written, advice, compliments, encouragement, and feed back! Wealthy Affiliate is without a doubt, the best place to be, if you want be successful online. And the best place to do it, is the internet, so I most definitely agree with you. Of course, once you know the proper steps, which does take some time to learn. But once you got it, it is pretty easy, which makes the entire process well worth it. Thanks again for the positive feedback Gary, and continue enjoying the fruits of WA : )

  15. I joined Wealth Affiliates recently and haven’t turned to look back since. I was able to get my website up in running in less than 24 hours of work (a couple days of reading materials and working with the interface to get used to it. This isn’t a get rich scheme). If you have any doubts just try for free and see the amazing community welcome you!

    1. Hey Mac, and thanks for commenting! I’m the same. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t look back either. Everything I needed, including 24/7 support, was right here. Free of charge.

      Absolutely not a get rich quick scheme. Thanks again for your feedback and I wish you all the best with this awesome opportunity!!

      Take care..

  16. Hello Hassen. I agree that learning how to make money online is indeed very tough. There is so much competition in this model that it is hard to keep faith in the possibility, and there are also many scams out there. Luckily for me, I found my scam detox center in wealthy affiliate, and it truly has shown me that it is possible to make money online, and it has also shown me how.

    1. Hey Jacob, and thanks for commenting! I would agree. And that’s why following everything WA teaches you to be successful online, is so crucially important. But good luck on your success, and never give up. Take care..

  17. Good intro here, thanks for sharing!

    I’ve heard really good things about Wealthy Affiliate, it has the best reviews of any program like it online. And it’s also one of the most affordable!

    I highly recommend going Premium, and buying it yearly instead of monthly. It’s a commitment, but if someone really wants to succeed, commitment is necessary.

    Thanks for sharing this advice to help people start up a blogging business! It’s a pretty awesome opportunity!

  18. Hey Chris, been following your investigations into these sites I got one called dun dun for you Commish call Press a key keeps emailing me ever heard of them A to Z systems Miami business they won’t leave me alone let me know something I am a member didn’t know you were involved would love to talk to you please hit me back and I really appreciate it thank you I mean that profusely

  19. Good afternoon Hassan,
    I believe i was just scam again on Instagram by ms_cierra_Investments and looking to make legit money some online. I’ve been having a WA Affiliate for 5 years and NEVER received any help for it can you help me figure out how to get started and i paid $49. Everyone always talking about they are willing to help but no one has helped me so far its been 5 yrs and i have no clue on this online stuff but want to be successful so i need assistance.

    1. Hey Chyna! Sure, I can help you. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been really busy latley. But what are your questions? What can I help you with? The Wealthy Affiliate platform has an entire training library and support team available 24/7, if I’m not able to answer all of your questions. Have you went thru they’re website in full?

  20. Your post has encouraged me to start learning how to work online. It takes a lot of time to build a foundation. But the only thing that separates us from those that are making a living online is knowledge. I am willing to put in the hours it takes to learn this craft to see the results I want.

    1. Thank you so much Ann and thank you also for commenting! We’re so happy to know that our content here has encouraged you to start learning more on how to work online. That’s what we’re here for. We want you, as well as everyone online to know that they’re not by themselves and that some people online, actually do care about you succeeding and making a living from home. As long as your willing to put in the time and hours like you said, anything is possible from they’re. Thank you for verifying that what we believe in and are striving for, is in fact all falling in to place! Thank you so much again Ann for commenting, and let us know if you need anything. Cheers to your success online 🍻😇..

  21. There are SO many scams out there! It seems like the multiply faster than the legitimate work from home opportunities. It’s refreshing to find someone willing to tell the truth about a lot of the programs trying to take our hard-earned money today. I can’t wait to follow along with you and see what real opportunities are available. I’m going to read some of your scam reviews now because I didn’t know about some of them.

    1. Hey there Theresa and thank you so much for commenting on our site! It does seem like the scams are multiplying faster than the legitimate work from home opportunities. But that’s what we’re here for. That’s the whole reason why this site was built! Somebody has to warn the entire online world, to help give the innocent a fighting chance. We actually need more sites like this, if you ask me. But not everyone’s out to help other’s. Anyways, feel free to check out the rest of our site as you said you would, and please let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions. We’re always here to help, and we gain pleasure in exposing these evil online criminals. Take care Theresa, and good luck with your success online!

  22. It’s a big scary world out there in the online world and yes a lot of scams but really you have laid out a great plan for helping people here. I started my earn money from home journey a few years ago and I had very little computer skills. But I had decided to find an opportunity online so every day for 6 weeks I read articles and looked at ‘Opportunities’ online. 

    The one that sticks in my mind was the scam that cost $5000 and you kept moving down the funnel at each step and the price got more and more. I turned off my computer and went and had a drink that day! But I came back and eventually read a comparison between MLM and Affiliate Marketing and I was hooked. I joined for free that day and have loved building my successful business.

    1. Hey Lily! Thank you for commenting and sharing your awesome story with us! Hopefully others will find it to be just as inspiring as we have. Let us know if you need anything. Until then, take care Lily.

  23. What a fantastic article you’ve written. That being said, when it comes to making money online, people must exercise extreme caution. There are numerous scams out there that are perpetrated solely for the purpose of making a quick buck. However, it is very reassuring to people like us when someone can go out and write about other people’s lies. Thank you for doing that. I enjoy being able to read reviews and join legitimate companies such as Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Wow Kiersti, thank you for your kind words. That’s what this site was build for. To show people who are truley interested in making legit money online, a true way to success! We’re not just all about making a quick buck here like you said. That being said, let us know if you need anything and thank you again for the kind words Kiersti. Take care..

  24. Making money online from your home is a very viable option if you are tired of working the usual 9-5 job that in the end brings you nothing more than tiring and frustration. One only needs the right tools, the right guidance and the right motivation to make it work. There are a lot of opportunities out there, you just need to find them.

    1. Yes sir Stratos, and it seems to us that you’ve found it lol. Let us know if you need anything, and thank you for your wise words. You hit it right on the button on what it takes to be successful Especially online. Take care Stratos.

  25. Hello there Mr Hussan

    I was just having a read at your article here and have to say that i found it to be an absolutely amazing read indeed. I also have to say that i found it to be very interesting, intriguing and educational. Its most definitely a big thing for many people in this day and age to turn online to earning a living. So thanks for shaaring this information with the world.


    1. Your quit welcome Kwidzin, and thank you for reading. Glad you enjoyed it! Let us know if you need anything. Until then, take care Kwidzin!

  26. I can definitely agree and wholeheartedly confirm Wealthy Affiliate and Swagbucks are both legit as they can get. Though both are entirely different platforms for making money online, I personally have experience with both.

    WA is for those who aim to build a steady, long-term online business and it won’t be easy but well worth it. Swagbucks is a little different for those who are looking to grab some extra cash to their pockets on the side.

    Great intro guide Hassan!

    1. Thanks a lot Julius and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience concerning WA and SB. Let us know if you’ll be needing anything. Until then take care.

  27. I have felt stuck, defeated and even quit before trying to make money online. I always came back because despite the many scams out there, I knew that the opportunity to make money online was REAL and that it was possible. 

    I just needed the proper help to get me started and moving in the right direction, as I am an overthinker and easily distracted. I will blame it on ADD. 

    You have done a great jon here laying it all out on the line and helping us to see what is legit and what isn’t. I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is my go to! It was my missing piece and has changed the online game for me. 


    1. Hello Lisa! Thank you for commenting and sharing your journey thru the online world with us! Your story will definitely inspire future visitors. Thank you again Lisa for sharing and let us know if you need anything. 

  28. One of the biggest challenges in today’s world is to search for legit work from home opportunities. There are lots of scams that dominate the internet and many people fall into this huge financial epidemic called the “Shiny Object Syndrome”. One needs to do a thorough research about the opportunity that they are focusing on and work on ensuring the legitimacy of the opportunity. 

  29. Hey Hassan, great post!

    I believe everyone wants to be able to have the freedom to earn whenever and wherever they are, I mean who wouldn’t but I feel like they get thrown off this dream due to the many scams out there. They believe what’s being said often, only to be lied and cheated too which obviously would end up making that individual loose hope!

    1. Very true Sariyah. Other future visitors will find your remarks and personal experiences very useful Thank you for commenting! 

  30. There are so many people out there that are trying and successfully baiting people into buying into these money opportunities but in the end, turn out to be nothing but a scam. My experience comes in the cryptocurrency and trading sector. So many people promise that this particular cryptocurrency is going to make you this crazy amount of money whereas, in reality, the only thing it’s going to do is lose your money.

     It’s becoming harder to find the diamonds in the dirt, especially with so many people doing whatever it takes to find online financial success. Before you get stuck into any part of a online business, research intensely what it takes to make this business work and what to look out for when running into scammers.

  31. Online businesses have been popping up from every corner of the internet. I am really tempted to engage in those businesses but are they really legit. I have read from this article that there are ways to avoid scam from internet. I am taking this advice for myself and for my friends so that we could climb the ladder to online marketing success.

    1. Thank you for visiting our site and sharing your experiences Johnny! We’re glad that you and your friends are taking our advice to help aid you towards your online marketing success. We wish you nothing but the best and let us know if you need anything. Take care Johnny!!

  32. I’ve always been interesting in making some bucks on the side and build residual income left and right. However, I was dicouraged sometimes because I had an employee’s mentality. I didn’t understand that I didn’t have to work for money, but to help people. After all, when you are an entrepreneur, you’ll start to work for free. All I have to do is to love what I do and show my passion. Money will follow and flow afterwards.

  33. Thank you for this article, it was a big help in seeing some truth behind making money online. I have been through scams in the past trying out different course and tactics to make money online and nothing was making me any money or was always different once you got into the course so this is a huge help in understanding the best system to use to make passive income online!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Logan, and for sharing your experience! Let us know if you need anything. Take care!

  34. Years ago I was looking like crazy to find something that would help me work from home as no “real job” would be able to work with my schedule. Plus, I just wanted the freedom of being able to be there when friends and family needed me, and be able to take a break when I wanted to. It’s maddening how much of our lives are spent doing things that aren’t in alignment with who we are. What a waste of human potential. I’m glad that you’re sharing legit ways that people can set themselves free of this craziness! I made a little bit of money from going through Wealthy Affiliate and blogging about my passions. I know that if I stick to it, I’ll attain the freedom I desire. Thanks!

    1. Wow Nicole, thank you for sharing such an awesome story. I’m sure it’ll definitely inspire others to do the same! Let us know if you need anything.

  35. This website is great thank you for providing us with legit ways to make money online i personally know what its like to get scammed online it sucks.  Its Great to see someone take initiative and expose all the fakes out there i wish i had found your site when i first started looking  great information on here.

    1. Hey Daniel and thank you for commenting! For the record, it’s ever too late to get started making money online. Let us know if you need anything. We’ll always be here for you. Take care!

  36. Educating people on the various different ways to make money will take time. You offer people the opportunity to find ways to make money from home and doing it online. You are giving someone hope that they can change their position in life by following the steps you show them. I applaud you attitude of helping.


    1. Thank you for visiting our website and for the warm words Jerry! Let us know if you need anything. Take care!

  37. I am making money online for the past 5 years, I am in the online affiliate marketing field. I think in today’s world, the internet is a platform that gives you an infinite number of opportunities to grow financially and as a person. You just need the proper knowledge of how things work, and how you can generate traffic and you are good you go. Wealthy affiliate helped me a lot when I was a newbie in the field. These people helped me a lot by teaching me through their video tutorials and they were always there to help me whenever I was facing any issues. According to me, not only in this field but in any field related to the internet, you must have a lot of patience as you will have to work days and nights without thinking about returns, your main motive must be to gain the trust of your readers a and once it is done, then there is no looking back.

    1. Wow thank you for your awesome feedback Hari! Future visitors will find your words very unique and helpful. Thank you for commenting.

  38. With so many people that want to work from home and earn an income online, there are also many more scammers that have low quality products and scam websites that they entice you to buy or sign up to. So it becomes harder to find legitimate programs that will enable you to earn real income online. 

    Thank you for sharing the reviews of scams that you have uncovered, as well as some legitimate platforms that one can join to make money online. This is a great resource. Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Thank you for your kind words LineCowley and verifying that we’re doing the right thing for people. We do our best to get the point across that these scammers need to be stopped. Thank you so much for commenting!

  39. I use Wealthy Affiliate tutorial courses every day to learn how to improve my online website. It’s never easy to find reliable quality sources online these days. I would recommend trying their free trial as it caught my interest. This website provides valuable information about web design, SEO (search engine optimization), and marketing.

    1. Hello John and thank you for commenting! Thank you also for mentioning wealthy affiliate and their training videos, for the quality that they offer is most definitely out of this world, which is why we push that opportunity the most. Thank you again for commenting John, and good luck with all your training and success online. Let us know if you need anything!

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    1. Hey Moses! Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience with wealthy affiliate. Hopefully others will find your words of wisdom very useful. Thank you again for commenting.

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    1. Hey Stephanie! Thank you so much for commenting on your experience with becoming an internet marketer and making money online. Staying consistent is all it takes with a little bit of hard work and hopefully everyone gets there. Thank you again for commenting. Good luck with all of your success online.

  42. Thanks for the information. It can be very difficult to navigate the world of making money online. A lot of things come and go and probably the best thing you can do is look for longevity and value. At least with a free trial, like with Wealthy Affiliate, you can take it for a test drive first and then decide how you feel about it.

    1. Good evening Lynn and thank you for commenting. It can most definitely be hard navigating the online world of making money, which is why we are here. And you’re right with sites like wealthy affiliate you can try them for free, which is the greatest part about it! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and get luck with all your success online!

  43. Hi, I was caught out and scammed by one of the very scammers you mentioned “success with Anthony” I lost some of my hard earned money that I couldn’t afford to lose.   That was just one of quite a few and you are quite right I got so despondent and was ready to give up. Coming across a “legit” opportunity is a lifesaver and has given me the motivation to carry on… thanks Ruth

    1. Good evening Ruth, and thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear that you were scammed online. But it’s a good thing that you shared it because others can learn from your story. Sometimes we all have to fall down before we get back up and actually find that legit online opportunity. Thank you again for sharing your experience Ruth! Take care.

  44. I am an affiliate marketer but always looking for programs to add to both my websites and to the way I earn my retirement income.  I really appreciated the link you offered about 10 money making scams.  I had heard of several of those and am glad I ran into your review.  I have been thinking about click bank which I see you recommend.  Thank you for this honest review.  I now have a few options to add to my affiliate marketing.

    1. Yeah sure thing Anastazja. So glad that we could help and that you enjoy reading our reviews. Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is even more powerful. Good luck with all your success online and your website. Take care Anastazja!

  45. We all fear to get scammed online for finding work online. In this article, you focus on legit resources that offer real work opportunities.

    One can make money online, and it may not be as difficult as one might think. But there are many scams out there, so you need to be careful. In this article you really explain systematically how to find legitimate ways to start making money online.

    Thanks Hassan for sharing awesome article.

    1. You’re very welcome Prashant! That is what we are here for. To help as many people as we can, avoid scams online while also leading them to the legit opportunities. Thank you for your awesome feedback and good luck with your successful online. Let us know if you need anything. Take care Prashant!

  46. There are many scammers out there selling all kinds of “Get Rich Programs”. They will provide you with a standard template and ask you to follow exactly the same format and duplicate all the steps.

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    1. Greetings TYP and thank you for providing your personal experience and wisdom when it comes down to making money online and WA. Wealthy affiliate does work and they do provide a 7-Day free trial for you to see if it’s for you. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom for others will find your input very useful. Take care buddy!

  47. Hi Mr. Hassan,

    Great intro and awesome concussion.

    Your attached blog posts about scams and false website reviews are helpful. It is frustrating to waste time with them. 

    It is nice to know what not to go for. 

    You have convinced people there are legit online money-making sites that still exist. One can start out free and experience. 

    Family and friends can experience the free one-week trial and decide to go after really making legit money online.

    1. Thank you for the warm compliments! We do our best to help people as much as we can here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal. Let us know if you’ll be needing anything.

  48. Very true. Anything that promises a get rich quick idea is blowing smoke. To make money online or offline it takes work. It takes effort, time, energy, sacrifice, and more. I have to agree there are a lot of scams out there. Scams are only designed to steal from you and benefit the scam artist. Look for any opportunity which is win/win. Good for you and good for them and doesn’t break any laws or leave anybody screwed over.  These seem to be more integrity oriented.  

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and personal knowledge Nel. We are pretty sure that future visitors will find this information quite useful. Thank you again for commenting sir.

  49. Hello Hassan, thanks a lot for this lovely article on work from home opportunities that are legit as you have proven.  Before I make a comment on the article, I’d like to draw your notice to the fact that the Facebook add on your website seems to a bit of inconvenience, since it’s all over the website and too close to the content of the article. Regardless, you have written a wonderful piece. Work from home opportunities are so much out there. And it is very important one gets to know if these opportunities are legit.

    1. Good evening Danny and thank you for commenting. Yeah we’re trying to work on that, as far as the Google ads are concerned. We actually have them set on autopilot, so Google has full control of these. But now that you have brought this to our attention, we’re thinking about changing this setting. Thank you for your friendly advice and good luck with all your successful online.

  50. I love that you are shining a light on these online scams while also pointing people towards legitimate ways to not only earn money online, but to also build or create their own business in a niche they love with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    Keep fighting those scammers my friend, the internet needs more positive articles like this.

    1. Of course Danny, and thank you for commenting. That’s where all about here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal. The fight isn’t over until we say it is. Again, thank you for commenting and good luck with all your success online!

  51. That you for doing an excellent job of directing people in the proper route for legitimately earning money online. Do you realize how many individuals out there are looking for a glitzy and quick method to make money online? They are duped in the end. I enjoy how you know and are assisting others in finding the appropriate road to learning how to be successful. It’s critical to start with the correct system, and you’ve got that covered. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine website. I’ve been a member for a few weeks now, and the information I’ve received has been quite beneficial and useful. I suggest Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wishing to leave their ‘9-5’ job.

    1. Good evening Pasindu, and thank you for commenting. Yes, we have realized how many individuals are out there looking for quick methods to make money online. But that’s what we are here for. Our goal is to see everyone making real money online and not just us. Thank you for reminding us that we have that covered! Thank you again for commenting, and good luck with all your success online!

  52. Hello and thank you for your Real And Legit Opportunities post. I really enjoyed this.
    You made this easy to read and I like the links. You backed up your claims about scams with several links to scams online. 

    You backed up your claims for affiliate business and again included links for affiliate opportunities! I like this.

    Then I see that you are talking about WA as the best place to be. I am at WA too! 

    Your post is very informative and you learned from the best. 

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Regards, Corinne 

    1. Hey, thanks for the motivation and your kind words. You’ve just brightened our day! Well good luck with all your success online and with WA. Oh and let us know if you need anything. Best wishes!

  53. Hello Hassan

    I once used an app that said they will pay money if we downloaded and used certain apps for a set period of time. I spend almost every day in those apps collecting coins and converting them to real money. I had reached my limit for converting and sending real money to my Paypal account. However, after a certain period of time, the money does not return to my account. I still feel bad about it. If you want to make money online, read every review first and then use it.

    1. Good evening Raja, and thank you for commenting! Our rule of thumb, is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That all being said, you’re right, it’s very important that you read every word first before using or spending your money, in any situation. Thank you for sharing and for the friendly advice! Take care my friend.

  54. You certainly have quite a resourceful website going here. I love how I could find links to so much valuable information on this page. 

    I see you are also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This I one membership I pay for gladly and I love bothe their training and website hosting, not to mention the great community. Mostly I love how you don’t need to promote only them to make money, but just about anything you want to. 

    1. Hey thanks Michel! We definitely do our best to give folks as much information as possible. Thank you for commenting and sharing your knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate. Take care Michel and good luck with your success online.

  55. Hey! I just wanted to thank you for the info on your page here, I’ve actually been scammed before with websites saying I can make money online. It’s nice to see someone just straight up putting the info out there about not just one program, but multiple. I’m definitely going to be diving into your different link and seeing what all you had to say about each page or program.

    1. Hey thanks Caden and sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed before. Our whole purpose here, is to help good folks like yourself avoid scams online. Thank you for clarifying that we’re doing just that. And yes, feel free to go through our links, as we have a lot of information to offer concerning scams online, legit work online, ways to advertise, and so much more! Thank you for commenting, and good luck with all your success online! Take care Caden..

  56. Hi Hassan 

    I think the online world is pretty scary for so many people. There is an enormous amount of clever scammers online too. So handing your credit card information to a complete stranger is a big deal!

    At least with Wealthy Affiliate, in time the money is real, the community is real and the owners are visually available and also real! These things matter and count an awful lot to build trust, loyalty and integrity. The side benefit is an online income! Great Read!


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