Global Domains International – Is GDI a Scam?

a view of the gdi global domains ws website showing legitimacy

Name: Global Domains International
Price: 7-Day FREE Trial + $10 per month
Owners: Mr. Alan Ezeir, President
Mr. Michael Starr, CEO

What is Global Domains International Affiliate Program?

Global Domains International or GDI, is nothing more than a website hosting company. In other words they promote website addresses. There is only one catch, though. They don’t promote “.com’s”, “.org’s”, or “.net” addresses. For whatever reason, Global Domains International strictly promotes “.ws” domains. And has been doing so, since 11/15/1999, to be exact. GDI also has an affiliate program side to it, for those interested in making some legit money online through an affiliate system implemented by GDI themselves.

About GDI’s Affiliate Program | How to Make Money with Global Domains

What makes Global Domains International a turn off to so many people today, is not the structure of their compensation plan, but the percentage the compensation plan pays to its members. With GDI’s affiliate program, you get paid 10%, which is $1 per month in residual income, for every member referred by you. You can do the math for how many people it would take, to get you to $1,000 per month in residual income.

a view of gdi’s matrix system showing the recruiting structure and per level referrals

GDI also has a 5-level recruiting structure (as shown above), where you can recruit as many people as you want, on each level. Meaning when you refer a member, you not only get paid for their membership, but you also get paid when they refer someone, and when the next person refers someone, all the way down to the 5th-  level.

Now seeing that $1.00 per member in residual income is kind of low, GDI decided to have a bonus program. One that pays you $100 for every 5 people personally referred by you, within a 7 day time period. I would say that this incentive was what made this opportunity more attractive to many folks. Even more so to those who already know a thing or two about advertising and affiliate marketing, that is!

The Goods Vs. The Bad:

The Good:

  • Free to Join, With 7-Day Trial,
  • Only $10 per month membership, with option to upgrade,
  • Earn $100 bonuses for every 5 members personally referred,
  • The Affiliate program has some potential,
  • Great customer service/Support team,
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited,
  • Been in good business since 1999.

The Bad:

  • You Only Earn 10% Monthly Residual Commission For Each Affiliate ($1.00),
  • Takes a lot recruiting to make a simple income (500 people = $500 per month in residual income),
  • GDI only promotes “.ws” domains, no other options,
  • No Affiliate Training,
  • GDI hasn’t been “Booming” since 2013.,

What’s Included In Your GDI Membership?:

One of the things that separates GDI from other companies, is that they let you “test drive” all of their different services for. When you sign-up for your 7-day FREE trial with GDI, you automatically will be given the following:

  • A “.ws” Domain Name,
  • Website Builder,
  • Domain Hosting,
  • 10 Custom Email addresses,

Is There Any Help/Training Involved With GDI?:

I would say one of the biggest problems I’ve learned through the Global Domains International Reviews is that their affiliate program offers absolutely no training system of any kind. I feel like this is why so many folks, in general, shy away from it. Without training, there is no way to become successful with affiliate marketing or making money online. In cases like these, lots of hopefuls end up quitting before they even get started! Simply because the average affiliate program (GDI Included) lack the training system needed in order to be successful. Some of you may even be familiar with GDI. Think about it. Although they’ve been around a while, I bet there is not one person on the Leader Board from 5 years ago that is STILL on the Leader Board. Please correct me if I’m wrong and comment below, if you know differently.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Join GDI (Global Domains International)?

Joining Global Domains International is completely FREE, along with a 7-day FREE trial, to test the waters. After you complete your 7-day trial, you are then automatically billed $10, and $10 per month, from that point forward. There are no other fees or hidden cost!

Is GDI Worth Joining Today?:

With all the new MLM companies out there having way better compensation plans and paying out a whole lot more, I would say GDI isn’t worth joining. There are way too many types of MLM companies (as well as non-MLM related companies) paying out more than $1.00 in residual income per month, not to mention the included training. For example, I personally love Wealthy Affiliate’s Training. Unlike GDI, the tools they have to help guide you, including the website builder and domain hosting, are amazing and very helpful.

The only people benefiting the most from this program, are the experienced ones or the one’s who have some type of guidance system in place. Without help, your almost guaranteed to fail, period.

What do I recommend?:

Is GDI a scam? Not “technically”. However, instead of joining a company that not only lacks training, but also a good compensation plan, consider joining a company that’s made to support you and your business. By doing this, it’s almost a guarantee for success.

Scratch GDI off your list, because to be successful, you will need:

  • Support from experts,
  • A sufficient affiliate marketing education ,
  • Access to getting help when needed,
  • Hosting, websites and keyword tools and,
  • The ability to be able to communicate with other affiliates that are very successful.

GDI doesn’t have any of the above. There are programs out there, though, that are great to consider. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. Learn more about WA here.
Read about my #1 Recommendation, Tips and Helpful Information.

Would you happen to have something to add on or something you might want to say about Global Domains International? Possibly something to add that could help us all out? If so, please take a few seconds and leave a comment at the bottom. I would love to hear what’s on your mind! Thanks again folks for reading my post, and good luck with all your future success!

5 thoughts on “Global Domains International – Is GDI a Scam?

  1. What an interesting and informative article, $1.00 would not make me too enthusiastic to do anything. I hardly think I going to drive across town for a $1.00 I don’t think so. Still, it does say something about the program as it has been around for a long time. If you don’t mind to gamble you could play around with it. I am sure you are right, there are better places to spend your money

  2. Who would get off their backside for a $1.00 make no sense to me? There must be more to it if they have lasted this long in the marketplace. perhaps the $100 bonus is used to motivate people. I think there must better ways to spend your money on without this type of risk.
    Well done for reporting on it

  3. Wow, I’m just in the middle of looking around for an affiliate program I can join and a friend of mine mentioned Global Domains. You really have done your research. I’m definitely interested in joining for free and at least I can spend a week trying this one out. Do they ask for a credit card up front before I join for free. They have been around for a long time so that’s good and with the BBB that’s good too.

    The part I don’t like is from what you’re saying is I would have to recruit 500 people… that won’t do.

    I appreciate the review but I am now curious about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hello Monica and thank you so much for commenting and I appreciate the kind words. I’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2009-2010 so, yeah, I’ve done my research. In serious about helping others succeed online.

      As far as GDI goes, your right! It’ll take 1,000 to make $1,000 per month in residual. That would take even a internet guru some serious time to accumulate some real cash results. At least maybe 5 years.

      And if your referring to Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t believe they ask for your credit card upfront, since it is free to create an account. Took me a second to create my account, if I remember tight (it’s been almost 2 years since I joined WA). Only when you become premium, is when your required to provide your credit card details. 

      Check out my Wealthy Affiliate scam review, or my #1 recommendation at the top of this page. You’ll find everything you need to know there. Hit me back in this comment section if you need any assistance. Thank you so much again for your comment, and I wish you nothing but the best with your success.

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