Traffic Swarm Review – What Is It?

view of the home page of traffic swarm

Name: TrafficSwarm
Product Owners: Steve Little
Advertised Price: Free-$30.00-monthly
Support: 50/50

Is Traffic Swarm Any Good?

Welcome to my Traffic Swarm review! I’m making people aware of whether or not this program works, if it’s any good, if you can make money, or if it is really worth joining or not. It’s hard to GET STARTED making legit money online right? Let’s get started.

What in the World is Traffic Swarm?

Traffic Swarm, is a traffic exchange program. And there are 2 parts to it. A traffic exchange side and an Affiliate Program side. I’ll explain both in short detail. There are not many things to say about this program, but the main purpose of Traffic Swarm is to send traffic to a website or websites of your choice by trading or exchanging clicks.

Before you read on – in my opinion – I look at this opportunity as a “Traffic Swarm Scam” – not because they are scamming you as the website owner, per se. They are scamming the search engines in general, though. It’s a kind of Black Hat technique, as they call it.

Black Hat techniques are not a legitimate way to get visitors coming to your website. For example: In the long-run, search engines will catch on. Your site will get reprimanded for this. Or, even worse, your site will get a penalty.

Not to mention that your visitors won’t be coming to your website because they legitimately found your website from a specific keyword phrase on their own accord.

This means, there will be no interest in their minds to stay on the site long enough to read the content. Think about it. You are here reading this right now, because you are interested in finding ways to make extra cash online. If this was not what you were searching for you, instead, would bounce off the page.

And, yes, Google even scores how long your visitors are staying on your website. It’s called “bounce rate” If Google sees that visitors are staying on your site for long amounts of time – Google terms – that means they are enjoying the content. Therefore, you move up into the ranks as an authority on the subject you are writing about.

Needless to say, if you are serious about the long-term health of your website, don’t be in such a rush to get the traffic. it will happen. In time, it will happen.

There are some of you out there, though, who delve into this kind of thing. If so, read on. Otherwise, Check Out My # 1 Recommendation!

Traffic Swarm’s Traffic Exchange

The traffic is the main product of Traffic Swarm. This “traffic exchange” program works kinda like this: Once your website has been approved, you then begin viewing ads or websites of other members and earning credits for doing so. These credits will allow other members to then visit your website(s) or ads in “exchange”.

Traffic Swarm Affiliate Program

Can you make money with Traffic Swarm? Believe it or not, the folks over at Traffic Swarm have a decent affiliate program that pays you up to 5 levels deep, for each referral you bring in. You get paid $5 for all members on level 1, $4 for members on Level 2, $3 for Level 3, $2 for level 4, and $1 for level 5. And all personally referred members, will also add 100 credits to your account.

a pictures of what traffis swarm is

The Pro’s Vs. The Con’s Of Traffic Swarm:

The Pro’s:

  • Absolutely Free to Start,
  • Newbie Friendly, For Any Person Who Wants/Needs Some Easy Advertising,
  • FREE/Very Cost Affordable Advertising,
  • Affiliate Program Included,
  • There’s A Mobile Version Available,

The Con’s:

  • This Type of Traffic Isn’t Good For Your Website, Because It’s Exchanged Traffic, Not Real Traffic,
  • Referrals Are Disappearing from Down-line Everyday From NO BUSINESS Contacts,
  • Exchange Traffic Is Too Deliberate, Where Search Engines Can Detect It’s Not Real!,
  • NO Results Will Likely Come, As Far As Sign Ups or Sales To Your Business,
  • People Don’t Really Read Your Ad/Website Content. The Majority Just Click to Earn Credits,
  • They barely have a good support team a!

Is Traffic Swarm Legit?

I don’t think Traffic Swarm is a bad program. But I wouldn’t say that it’s a good one either. If you are looking for the easy way out, or running low on money, then I might be able to understand where your coming from and why you chose this program.

The most important aspect missing from Traffic Swarm: Real and Legitimate Traffic. You won’t get real or legit traffic with any traffic exchange program, for that matter! Why? It’s nothing more, than exchanged clicks being thrown around, after you’ve done your job of clicking, basically. As I mentioned above: No one cares about reading your content.

When it comes down to Traffic Swarm, I believe this program is for the lazy folks who believe easy methods do exist, for achieving high traffic results. But in all actuality, it doesn’t. So, in time, they end up finding programs like this, thinking they will be successful by just getting the traffic. Not true at all!

My Opinion of Traffic Swarm

Regardless of all the con’s I’ve listed, Traffic Swarm can and will deliver traffic to any website URL of your choice. Traffic is a good thing, right? Especially if you looking for non-targeted, irrelevant traffic. The problem, my friend, is that not one site out there would want non-targeted traffic.

a pictures of how traffic swarm works?

How Does it Work?

NOPE! It is not worth it. It doesn’t work because, to break the system down a little more, the Traffic Swarm system encourages other members to leave your site, 20 seconds after clicking on it? That’s right, they have a timer in the upper left-hand corner to keep you on the move!

view of an actual page off of traffic swarm's website that shows how many credits have been earned after 19 seconds
As you can see, I’ve earned 3 credits for clicking on someone else’s website, and I have 19 seconds left, before I’m urged to move!

And When You Don’t View the Next Website: Well,you don’t earn more credits! It’s All about surfing! So crazy to say, but the exact system that’s supposed to be helping you get business, is also slowing you down from getting new business.

It Can Hurt Your Website:

I think you know by now, this is the biggest problem I have with this program. Again, it is simply damaging to your website. I can’t reiterate enough that search engines like Google, Yahoo, And Bing measure your authority by bounce rate. If a visitor leaves your website quickly, it tells the SERPs that it didn’t provide them with the information they are looking for.

Search Engines measure Your Website’s Authority by:

  • How long the visitor stays around,
  • The actions of the visitor,
  • Or, do the visitor’s return?

These are all very important measurements Google, and other major search engines take into consideration, when it comes down to ranking your site. The greater the measurements, the greater your rank will be in the search engines.

When visitors are visiting your site for 20 seconds and leaving, Google, and other major search engines, will be left with no choice but to believe that your site offers no real quality content. So in time, your ranking will start to go down, and your real traffic will die as well.

Still Want To Join Traffic Swarm?

By this point, I don’t know why you would want to join? But if you do want to join Traffic swarm as a paid member, you can choose from 3 memberships:

  • 1 Month Membership-$20/Monthly,
  • 6 Month Membership-$25/Monthly and,
  • 12 Month Membership-$30/Monthly.

With choosing 1 of th paid memberships, you are supposed to have a certain amount of credits every month, without having to worry about surfing ads. Traffic Swarm then gives you around 5,000 credits, depending on what membership you chose, and the limit to your ad placement is increased from 10 to unlimited.

If you decide to stay a free member, you are not given any credits. Surfing, clicking, and hard work, will get you your credits. If you decide to stay a free member, you will also keep the limit of 10 ads placements.

My Honest Conclusion:

a thumbs down view of traffic swarm

Thumbs down! Sorry folds! Traffic Swarm is not a scam program per se, but a system like this won’t make you, or any person successful in the long-run. Guess what that means? Your website won’t be successful either. The service here is completely useless, which also makes the affiliate side disappointing and non-amusing. I mean, who would really be interested in promoting an affiliate program, with a bad product, like it’s traffic exchange.

But if you really want true traffic to your website and real success online, you have to put in the time to learn, and also get properly trained.

If you think you have the drive and the patience to learn the right way, I want to introduce you to a fantastic support team. They changed my life!

Check Out My # 1 Recommendation!

I explain in great detail, everything you need to know to help get yourself started with the BEST PROGRAM ONLINE! If you need to know anything else, I’d be glad to help you out. Other than that, thank you for reading my review for Traffic Swarm. I’d appreciate any feedback you guys may have. Just leave it at the bottom and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Take care.

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4 thoughts on “Traffic Swarm Review – What Is It?

  1. This is really helpful, thanks for sharing this!

    I would definitely have gone for something like this if I hadn’t read your warnings. It seems like an easy way to get traffic, but you have a good understanding of how Google thinks, and that’s what really matters.

    What about getting traffic through something like Wealthy Affiliate comments? What are some good ways of getting comments and traffic to your site, beyond just good keywords?

    I’m especially curious about how the CommentLuv plugin works. I don’t want to be falling into any black hat methods like what you describe about traffic swarm.

    1. Hello Jordan and thank you for commenting. If you choose to use Wealthy Affiliate comments as a way for traffic, that would be a good way to go. Or at least for someone who’s starting off with a brand new website.

       As far as some good ideas of ways to get traffic, other than using keywords, I explained at least 8 different ways or more to do so, thru out my website. But you could go with video marketing for starters. Just make sure you use HD quality. Let me know if this helps and good luck with your success online.

    1. Hey thanks for the inspiration!! I really appreciate it. There’s plenty more free help and advice to come from me in the future too. So look out!! Good luck with your success my friend. Take care..

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