Coffee Shop Millionaire is a Scam and Hoax

a view of anthony trister on the front page of the coffeeshop millionaire affiliates website

Name: The Coffee Shop Millionaire
Owner: Mr. Anthony Trister
Cost: $37 per month + up sells

This Post is all about Coffee Shop Millionaire not being exactly what they might seem to be, in case some of you Newbies out there were wondering! Let’s get started.

A picture of Anthony Trustee sitting in a coffee shop in his computer

What Is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a program initially set up for teaching the basics of Internet Marketing, using multiple different training modules.

But from the word usage (or should I say sales pitch) it sets people up for invalid results! Mr. Anthony Trister states the name Millionaire within his sales title. He states how he watches money roll in while sitting in a coffee shop.

A screen shot of the Coffe Shop Millionaire website

The Good and Bad Truth of it All

The Good:

  • The Coffeeshop Millionaire Truth: You must do a lot of work to reap the rewards of possible earning potential,
  • Low Start-up Cost.

The Bad:

  • It’s Not FREE TO JOIN (I know a program that is),
  • Earning Potential Doesn’t Average on the Million Dollar Scale, Regardless Of What’s Being Advertised,
  • Training Is Not Up to Date,
  • After Paying, They’re Are More Charges That You Must Pay Per Month,
  • After Paying, the Company Encourages you to Spend More Cash,
  • Anthony Trister is The Only Real Coffee Shop Millionaire.

a view of the Coffee Shop Millionaire brown training modules

About the training – My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Should you decide to purchase the Coffee Shop Millionaire (hoax), it comes equipped with multiple training modules. It’s recommended that these training modules be reviewed as many times as needed, until you understand the tasks at hand. Of course, this is when the real work comes into play. The training process is supposed to be an all in one “Blue Print” to your success, regardless of the confusion you might have to experience during your studying and growing process.

This quote unquote “superior” training is supposed to be made for all intellectual levels, beginners, and experts. So with that being said, (I would sarcastically say) the owner has assumed that you already have Internet Marketing Skills, making unnecessary you would need additional training from him or his program.

a pictures of Coffee Shop Millionaire is a Scam and Hoax

Coffee Shop Millionaire Affiliates Training – Broken Down

In this Coffee Shop Millionaire Review, we will dissect what is included in your so-called training. They provide 12 Training Modules that summarize what you need to know. One thing I will say is that (CSM) did take the time to create a “Members Communication Forum.” The bad news is that it’s for their members only. You won’t get all questions answered either, since there is not one member who knows any more than the owner or technical support team. They do also have extra support videos for FAQ purposes.

The original promise from this training, is that you are going to a “blue print”, showing a clean-cut way to making 20k or more, within your first few weeks, all without having your own products or customers. If you are already a successful Internet Marketer who’s working from home and making legit money online, you are already aware that this just isn’t possible.

Let’s get back to the “Premium Training”.

The “Premium side” of Coffee Shop Millionaire “Cash Machines” focuses on Article submission, Video Marketing, and Email Marketing. Now these are all real marketing methods that can generate real traffic to your website. But seriously, they all lack the real up to date details (ALL 2014 data), to actually be able to be put into a real game plan for today AND the future. Not to mention, the “Premium side” is leaving out all of the many other new ways to advertise and make legit money online from the online world today – the very day you are reading this.

Anthony Trister’s Coffee Shop Millionaire – Any Support?

To add on to the normal customer support options (Email and Phone), for today’s members and future members, Anthony (The Owner Of CSM) claims to have a huge, aggressive community, that is extremely informative, intelligent, and helpful.

But either way, I’ve witnessed the simplest questions go without being responded to, inside the community. To be completely honest, you’d be lucky if you receive a response using the email support button.

The Cost – $37 Monthly Plus!

a view of green dollar signs representing the cost of coffee shop millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire listed their standard starting price at $37 per month, for regular training and support. However, I’ve already educated you about weak support. Next comes the “Six Figure Success Club“, in which they ask you to upgrade to the next level, for another $297.

Yes, they get you in the door with their low $37 price, then try to up-sell $297 later. This is the typical “Internet Guru” tactic! Your $37 investment soon turns into $334 before you hit the members section of your back office. Yes, this program here is all about playing the up-selling game.

But your investment doesn’t stop there. The cost of $334 will not include the hosting cost, website creation, or domain acquisition, which are all things you will need in order to get the most out of this online opportunity. They also tell you to purchase hosting as soon as possible, which is going to run you somewhere around $100. Before you know it – you’re now up to $434 If you don’t like feeling annoyed by being encouraged to spend more and more cash after joining a program, then don’t join this one.

My Conclusion and Final Review: Not What It Seems!

a sad red heart showing a thumbs down that the review of coffee shop millionaire is not a good decision

Me personally, I do not like the surprise of needing to spend more money here and more money there. I prefer knowing what I’m going to be spending up front. Coffee Shop Millionaire would be good to learn and grow from, if only the information was up-to-date. You know a program will create skepticism and red flags when 3 years have passed without any updates.

So in conclusion, Coffee Shop Millionaire Is Not What It Seems To Be! You need a program with more up to date training, real building tools, and a much better support team with 24/7 availability, in which you won’t find here. You also need a program in which it might be possibly FREE to join, with no crazy up sale surprises later. Everything’s being told to you upfront.

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I want to thank you guys for checking out my review. If you have any comments, suggestions or something you would like to add, please feel free to leave them at the bottom and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!

4 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire is a Scam and Hoax

  1. There seems to be a pattern amongst these types of programs, upsells and often out of date training material
    You have to wonder what sort of reputation the online community gets from these below standard offers
    The bright light is that sites like yours are doing the due diligence for the rest of us, and saving us from spending our hard earned money on the wrong type of program
    Well done

    1. Thank you so Geoff for your kind, motivational words and for commenting. My whole goal is to inform folks who are serious about making money online, so they won’t make the same mistakes I’ve made. Not to mention countless others. Thanks for verifying me doing so and look out for my future post. I have lots of useful experiences to share. Thanks again for commenting, and good luck with your success.


        1. I totally agree with you Mr.Wilbert! I’m glad I could reinforce the facts for you, even more. Good luck with all tour success online, and take care..

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