Is “Get My Ads” Legit Or A Scam? Get the Truth Now.

A picture that reads get my ads.

a view of the getmyads scam website

Name: GetMyAds
Headquarters: Philippines OR US Virgin Islands OR Germany (who knows?!)
Price: $50 plus $50 plus $50 plus $50 (plus $50!)

So, What Is Get My Ads?

GetMyAds is a traffic token network that has a super cool-looking website coupled with broken promises and a $400 loss (TWO times over!). Let’s digest just what Get My ads is and why it doesn’t work.

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Why the GetMyAds Scam Feels Worse Than Not Getting a Rose?

Well – at least the average cost of a rose is only $2 compared to what I lost. And at least roses don’t break promises. It’s a scheme, my friends. And one heck of a scheme. This so-called traffic token network is nothing more than a fly-by-night MLM ploy to make you rich overnight (NOT!).

a screen shot picture of GetMyAds, Get My Ads Scam Update - Just Hit 100 Traffic Tokens

How No GetMyAds Payment Proof Can Keep You Out of Trouble:

Other than people making money from referrals who are tricked into signing on the dotted line, there is no payment proof from anyone. It’s your typical multilevel marketing scheme that spells more trouble than I’ve ever seen.

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Lets dissectpiece by pieceon why the Get My Ads scam is known for swindling many people since 2015:

I’m living proof of NO GetMyAds payment

They promised I could turn $50 into just over $500 per day. Believing them, I willingly placed my $400 on the table expecting $32,000 in return. As you have probably guessed – I might as well have burned my money. Except there were not even any ashes left. Nada. Zilch.

Is it the Frank Hanson Get My Ads or the Morgan Lewis Get My Ads? (OR, is it the Martin Schranz and Thomas Wo’s Get My Ads?)

Which is it? There are some serious fudging and smudging going on with the Hanson/Lewis Facebook profile page.

· 2,269 friends in not even a 60-day period? Before that, there was no one on his (their) account. It was practically dormant.

· Millions of commissions already sent out to people like me and you? After only a month of launching? Hmmm.

· GetMyAds Alexa:  US Virgin Islands? But the domain originates out of Germany. And Alexa proves that just over 40% of traffic comes from Germany.

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Are you smellin’ somethin’ fishy? Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate 2017 MLM Companies and there will be legitimate 2018 MLM Companies. But this one’s not successful now and it wasn’t back in 2015. It’s all phony. It’s a sham because non-scam MLM Companies are always upfront about who it is either run by or owned by.

I repeat!  NEVER hand over money to a multi-level marketing business if you are unclear as to who runs it or owns it.

a picture of the Get My Ads Investment program

Get My Ads Not Paying – And the Cost Of It:

We are fairly clear why GetMyAds wouldn’t be paying, but I need to explain the cost of it so you understand:  They trick you into believing your membership will be free! Though it is (technically) free, it really isn’t.

Here’s the scoop.

Get My Ads Investment:

· It costs a whopping $50 investment for GetMyAds “tokens”

Get My Ads (so-called) Compensation:

· ROI of At Least 1% (if not more) Per $50, Per Day

· $6 Commissions in GetMyAds Referrals

· Mentor Bonuses that Aren’t Even Disclosed

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Recap: 6 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Why GetMyAds is Not Working

1. Because we shouldn’t believe MLM Companies with bogus owner names.

2. $50 will not turn into $500.

3. GetMyAds is a Ponzi scheme. This is a form of fraud that fosters quick returns to the initial investors from money invested by later investors.

4. Ponzi schemes NEVER last.

5. The GetMyAds Ponzi Scheme will eventually collapse, because that’s what shams of this nature do.

6. Tricks of the trade:  After the collapse, the admin walks away with your cash!

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2 thoughts on “Is “Get My Ads” Legit Or A Scam? Get the Truth Now.

  1. oh gosh@

    Thanks for this review and for actually trying it out and verifying that this is yet another dirty old scam!

    I applaud you for putting in your own money to test this out. I will be sharing this post with friends to get the news out about this scam. Good people shouldn’t have to be fall into such scams with the promises of making good money. Its just not right!

    1. Hello there SJ, and thank you for commenting. When I blew the $200.00 it wasn’t actually a test. I was serious and actually thought that paid to read emails, was a real thing. I thought it really would make me money. Boy was I wrong. 

      Lost every penny and still haven’t received a message back about a refund. Don’t trust them. You’ve been warned! Thanks again for reading my post and I’m so glad I could help out. Plenty more future informative post to come. Thanks again for sharing SJ..

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