Money-Flipping Scams: The Truth Revealed

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Money-Flipping Scams: The Truth Revealed:

If you use the internet on the regular basis (especially social media platforms), you probably came across these well-organized advertisements. These advertisements claim you can make a lot of money, very fast and easy, by investing just a little bit of your hard earned money and time, into their proposed online business. This is suppose to be a Legit Work Online Opportunity, supposedly! Building, and owning your own website, isn’t suppose to be necessary either. They say the pay-back is great, while you relax at home doing nothing. Your only hard task will be, how you would spend all the money you’ve just earned. Yea right!!

A picture of a white girl flashing money in front of her faceAnyways these Con Artist, basically take advantage of an individual’s urge to make money fast, without going through the stress of taking the time and energy, to grow it gradually (which is the normal). This kind of mindset is very common in today’s world, and it’s popularly described, as the “Get-Rich-Quick” mentality, or “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme”. It takes time and patience to find the right legit work from home opportunity. A lot of people (even the well-educated ones), have been conned or scammed online over the years, by these sweet-mouth individuals, without having the slightiest clue.

The formats and methods of penetration used, are dependent on the type of scams. Yeah, there are different types of scams out there to watch out for, such as advanced fee/ prepayment scam, anti-virus scam, charity scam, emergency scam, employment scam, online extortion, identity theft, immigration scam, lottery / prize scam, money-flipping scam, over payment scam, relationship scam, social networking scam, tax scam, telemarketing scams, and the list goes on.

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One of the more trending scams out there, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes, is the money-flipping scams. The money-flipping scam is very enticing, and most impatient, ignorant individuals fall for it. Let’s take a closer look at these types of scams, and how you can avoid getting burnt.

What Is A Money-Flipping Scam?

A money-flipping scam, basically takes on the form of a fast online investment business. But instead of calling the process “investing”, they call it “flipping”. You would only need to invest a small amount of money, to get a cumbersome ROI (Return on Investment), or flip, all within a short period of time. Usually minutes. You will see advertisements like; turn or flip $50 into $500, or $200 into $2,500, in as little as 30 minutes, or make $200 per hour from home today! They also say things like, “I bought a Bentley 2 months into this business, “You can start earning today”, “Quit your job today, or “Buy the company in 3 months!” Yeah right!!

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You would agree, that these adverts are very enticing and tempting, because normally money isn’t easy to come by in today’s world. So grabbing a cheap opportunity to make loads of money within a short period of time, may seem to be a smart decision. But there is just one small problem. They are all scams. Their primary aim, is to get you to send them your money, via Western Union, Money Gram, or to simply obtain your banking details, and rip you off big time! Don’t fall for it.

Let’s take a look at this scenario, where an innocent social media user logs into their account, only to stumbles upon a well-written advertisement, with a flashy headline that reads, “turn $20 to $500 in 30 minutes”, and a picture depicting luxury, cash, pretty ladies, fast cars and all. Then the user gets super-curious, and visits the link.

They then get to a website where the supposed “Get-Rich-Quick” investment, is explained in detail, followed by the ‘almighty’ call-to-action, where he was told to deposit an initial sum of $100 via their platform and multiply it in minutes. He then punches in his online banking details on their platform and makes the “smart deposit”. I am sure you can guess what happens next? Obviously, his $100 is gone, which seems small right?

But in a way, the scammer already has his prepaid card details that he used to make the “small payment”. Moments later, his account gets wiped, he gets un-friended or blocked on the social network platform, and all communications are lost.

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Another real case scenario, could be you logging into your Instagram account, only to see a video post with someone counting about $8,000 in cash. They would be saying how thankful they are, for taking the chance they took, to see if the “money flip”, process was real. You see this video, and instantly feel like this is also possible for you. So you direct message (DM) the account holder for more details.

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They tell you that there’s a minimum deposit of $100, needed to start investing. Them they mention the 2 ways they except payment, and that they’ll stay on the phone with you, the entire time during the process. They say that you could either send a money gram, or send your money via Western union. You then send the money, and the countdown begins. They tell you to wait 30 min, while they stay in the phone.

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They then tell you, after 30 min, that the processing has stopped at 90%, and that you’ll have to send them another $100, to finish the process. By this point, your heart should be racing! You start to wonder what happened to your first deposit?  By this point, the scamming as already been completed. Now your left $100 short, and extremely pissed, as the scammer tries to explain to you, that this is absolutely normal, and that this happens all the time. It’s apart of the process. Yea right!!

People suffer much greater losses, and end up going bankrupt, just because of one simple, ignorant online transaction, which is backed up by the common “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme” mindset.

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How to Avoid Money Flipping Scams

I can’t advise you to avoid all online investments, generally because there are some legitimate ones out there, that actually pay. But they definitely don’t promise too good to be true returns on investments like “Get-Rich-Quick” investment schemes do. The only thing I can suggest you do, is to carry out thorough investigations, and avoid divulging sensitive personal information online or to anyone.

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Here are some tips that can help you avoid getting into money-flipping scams, and confirm the legitimacy of an online investment program or company:

  1. Carry out a Smart Search

Whenever you come across an online investment program, in which your interested in investing in (before you make contact), make sure you take your time to search the internet for vital information. This will help you confirm the businesses legitimacy. Try checking into the following:

  • Make a search of the name of the company. For example, if the name of the company is Quick Capitals, you can search for “Quick Capitals Scam” or, is “Quick Capitals” a scam, or legit. There are niche-based review sites (like this one your on now for example), that investigate and write reviews on different investment programs.
  • Check out the company’s website, and make sure their contents are up-to-date, and well written.
  • Check for the company’s location, business registration number, and licensing information. If you can’t get this information online, or from their website, take note that something might be fishy about this business.
  • Find out how they make returns. Do they invest in the stock market, or real estate? How about Foreign exchange markets? It is important you know how they make money.
  • Search for the founder’s information. The scammers might use a fake image, or fake information. So what you can do is, search for the image, via your browser, and then the website, where the image was used. This will hopefully come up. You can then check out the information on that site, if it has any tie with the company.
  • Search for testimonies. Ignore the testimonies you see on the company’s website. They are probably false, and paid for. Go to high authority sites instead, with perfect online credibility, to check for testimonies and customer experience reviews.
  1. No Matter the Circumstance, Do Not Share Your Debit Card Details or Pin With Anybody

This information is very sensitive, and should be known by you only. If any online investment program request this information, don’t make any attempts to give it to them. The business is definitely a scam. The reason why, is because no legitimate service would ever ask you to share this information. Keep your information to yourself, and be smart about making online purchases from any site.

  1. Unrealistic Return on Investment

Take a look at the return on your investments. If it is too high and unrealistic, don’t go for it. The company might be an outright scam, or Ponzi scheme, which in the long run, turns out to be a big scam. A Ponzi scheme, promises investors a very large return within a short period of time. What they do, is that they pay investors that are due to get paid, with money gotten from new investors, or current investors, that are a re-investing in a larger sum, into the company. In the long run, everything crashes, and the unlucky ones get burnt.

So take your time carrying out smart in-depth researches. Feed yourself with the relevant information needed to make a well calculated, financial decision, you won’t regret making later.

  1. Don’t Trust Your Online Friends

These are the type of scams, that actually get people the most. So beware! These scammers hack into your close friends, or a family member’s social media account, upload fake picture’s and videos of people counting lots of cash, and then start to advertise the money-flipping scam, thru private messaging. Imagine your close buddy sending you a message that she just doubled her money in 30 minutes, and would love you to get in on it.

Another thing to be conscious of, is how much personal information your sharing online. Information like your address, family members pictures and addresses, friends, and your place of work, can all lead to a scammer being in your life.

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Our Conclusion:

Money-flipping scams, are becoming very popular, and are also ever-evolving, with new methods and ways to get to potential victims. It is up to you, to educate yourself, and people around you, on how they can go about it, and how to avoid being scammed.

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Do you have something to say about “flipping money scams” or something to add? Maybe you have something to add about your success or failures doing this?

If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear whats on your mind! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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92 thoughts on “Money-Flipping Scams: The Truth Revealed

  1. Pls guys, money flip is a big lie,,,, I lost 27000, just last week…… They all go by d name…. Mr kelly… They are on Instagram…. Different Mr kelly in d same business…… Don’t mind them, they are criminals……

    1. Hello there stranger, and thank you for commenting and verifying that money flipping is truley a big scam. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost so much money to this pathetic scheme. And they use different names. Not just Mr.Kelly. They are found predominantly on Instagram, as well as other major social medias like Facebook, and Twitter. Me myself was scammed out of $200, from a scammer on Instagram! So I know the feeling. That’s why I wrote this detailed review. I wanted to warn any and every serious person looking to make real money online, to stay far away from this evil scam. It doesn’t matter how good it sounds, it’s not real, period. Thanks again for commenting on my post, and good luck with all your success online.

  2. I don’t know it was scram bt I find myself am a vitcm just yesterday I lost 3k though it might be small to some of you bt for me as a student in school right now was dupe yesterday. Seriously dis people needs to be arrest but human being can I know my God will as d saying goes ALL DAY FOR THE THEIF JUST ONE DAY FOR THE OWNER. Sammyflip as dupe me oooooo???????? there is no how God will surely punish dem except if I don’t serve a living God and I knw d God I serve will never fail and he has never fail diz will be there last.

    1. Hi there Debbie and thank you for commenting. 3k is definitely a big deal, and I and I’m so sorry for your lost. I hope this post helped you out, and made you more well informed of this popular social media, online scam. At least next time it won’t be the same case, if you were to run across this so called “money flipping” scam again. I’m so sorry again for your major lost! Good luck and thanks again for commenting. Take care..

      1. Account name:EZE KELVIN
        Account number:2119711057
        Bank UBA
        +234 815 944 0299 miss Becky number
        Ghana number +233 26 937 5596.
        All this information are scammer (Yahooboys) beware of 419 and share it

        1. Thanks for the info Michael and making all of us aware of this particular scammers info. Others will see this when they visit this particular post. Take care Michael.

  3. Thank God you guys said something, I was about transferring my 30k to this man before something told be to search online about flip cash….. thanks to you guys ,I won’t

    1. Who in their right mind would invest or i should say throw away 30k? To a money flipping company they dont know anything about

      1. Hey Tony, your right I agree! But sad to say, a lot of people do everyday. That’s one of the reasons I felt compelled to write this review. I may not have lost thousands of dollars to this scam, but losing $100 was good enough for me to know it’s a scam and write this review.

          1. Hey Nick, thank you for commenting and confirming even more that this Jessica Allen is one of the individual’s promoting this evil scam. I’m pretty sure my readers will appreciate knowing this. Glad you were able to avoid this and thank you again for commenting. Take care..

          2. yea, dont trust jessica allen via instagram im one of her victims i lost 1k to her…she will be really nice and lead you in promising it works and then she will take all your money and then continue to switch things up. i dont know if there’s someone we can report her to so that maybe myself and others can get their money back. but i stopped messing with her after she kept lying. she will make promises and then change them up after she receives the money. we need to get her cancelled on Instagram. but problem is she has like 50 other accounts. her main account is @jesica._babygirl

          3. Hey sarah savelle, and thank you for commenting and sharing your experience being scammed by these evil “money flipping scammers. Sorry to hear that you lost $1,000. These scammers got me for $100, and almost robbed for another $50 when they told me I had to send them more money to finish the “transferring process”. Then I realized I was being scammed too. But hopefully this review, and us sharing our stories will be a big lesson to others reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience,and I hope everything works out for you in the future.Take care Sarah!

    2. my own story is exactly like madam president, Abt to let the day break & transfer money to them, BIG TNKS TO THE WRITER UPDATING US OF THEIR SCAM LOGIK & MUCH TNKS TO GOOGLE

  4. Thank God you guys said something, I was about transferring my 30k to this man before something told be to search online about flip cash….. thanks to you guys ,I won’t.lemme block him immediately

    1. Hello Madam President, and thank you for commenting. Thank god you didn’t send your 30k out to these scammers. You would have made those scammers very happy. I’m so glad my article was able to help you out. Please warn others about this scam, as I’ve warned you. Spread the word please, and most certainly block them immediately. Thanks again for commenting. Take care..

    1. Hey their Esther Adaora! Glad I could help. Now you can put your 10k towards something more useful. Stay away from this big scam. Thanks for commenting. Take care!!

  5. I’m so glad I found your review. There are money flipping scammers out there now. Convincing people to send $100 to make $1000, $200 to make $2000, etc. They’re on Instagram and there are so many. I had one contact me name Jessica Allen. Claiming shes a Western Union manager for a couple of branches and that money that hasn’t been picked up goes into an account and is just sitting there. Claims to flip the cash in 30-45 minutes. Have posts of people sending videos thanking her for making them so much money in such a short time. But what’s funny to me is they don’t share the videos of the aftermath of making this so called “real cash”

    1. Hello there, and thank you for commenting. Your right, there’s so many money flipping scams out there, that it would be hard to believe it’s really a scam. But it is. And if it sounds to good to be true, then more than likely its a scam! And how could these scammers share thier aftermath video’s of thier clients making this so called “real cash”, when the real proof doesn’t even exist? Their proof videos are simply stolen and copied from search engines and social media websites. So sad. Thanks again for commenting. Stay safe, and take care!!

    2. Lol yeah ive seen the same girl on instagram jessica allen and she has so many videos with her tagged in it saying thank you and them in western union / money gram picking up money and flashing a reciept and assuring people its not a scam.

      1. Sam thing I said Kristina! She’s definitely popular on Instagram. Big time scammer! Thanks for verify and helping in exposing this person and this evil “money flipping” scam.

  6. This is what I’ve got in Instagram and her name is montique Kimberly where in New York queens Jamaica where I want to send the money sdress is an agent named Donovan Armstrong and I have to send him the. Cash and then below are the details she send of??
    You have to get this done at a western Union/Moneygram location because that’s where you’ll be doing the transaction.After you get to the Western Union/Moneygram location and have the transaction done they are going to give you a piece of receipt with some verification numbers on it your going to provide me with those numbers so I can put it here in the system once I put those number in the system i will then provide me with another verification numbers that you’ll need to receive your cash.

    Plzz tell me guys it’s a scam or what and she has my name email I’d and my mobile number to register to her system as she said so…plzz help me out.

    1. Hey Gideon, and thank you for commenting. “Money flipping” is a scam! They told me the same thing. But there’s no system they’re putting your verification numbers in. When you send them the verification number off your receipt, they now have access to the money you’ve sent, which means you’ve just paid them money. Next they’re gonna ask you to send more money again because they’re “system” froze, or is moving slow. But in reality there’s no system. Just an evil person on the phone who’s ready to visit the nearest western union location near them to pick up the money you just sent them, which you can’t get back after you send it. Then they’ll keep contacting you later for more money and more money, claiming that this is normal and they need more money to finish the process. Bullshit!! Don’t fall for this evil stupid scam. These people are nothing but crooks!! Thanks again Gideon for commenting. I hope my post helped..

  7. I really don’t understand how people fall for this. I feel bad for them, but can’t comprehend it. The danger of technology is still being discovered the hard way. It is sad, so sorry for them. If too good to be true, it is.

    1. Hey Nancy and thank you for commenting. People fall for this scam because they’re misinformed, and/or desperate. So they become delusional and begin to forget that no money comes from nothing. All real money comes from hard work and dedication. No one just gives you more money than what you gave them (within a 3o min time period). PERIOD! So I made this post to help inform people who don’t know about this scam, and to inform people who are feeling desperate. Hopefully they’ll find my pist in time.

    1. Thank you Daramola for taking the time to comment on my post. Oh my god, damn!! I’m so so sorry to hear this Daramola. Hopefully this post helped educate and inform you about this cruel scam “money flipping” business. And hopefully your comment and this post, will also help in confirming to future folks looking to make money online, that “money flipping” is a scam! Now that your eduacted, this can’t and won’t happen again. Thanks again for commenting Daramola, take care..

  8. Well dam I was about to send money to these so call people that told me i could get alot of money if I sent some first which I knew something was wrong because i asked him where was the money coming from he says does it matter and I told him that it sis matter but he wouldn’t tell me then kind of gotten smart with me so I knew that I shouldn’t do it cause something was definitely off with these dam fake ass people shame on yall for doing people like that some of us are already struggling then people like that want to scam people don’t make no dam sense.I know now I wont send my hard earn money to them messed up people no way will I do that.Thanks for the info

    1. My pleasure Burnetta. I’m so glad I could help you avoid this evil scam and save your hard earned money. If it sounds to good to be true, then it most likely isn’t true. Especially when they can’t answer where the money was going to coming from. If they can’t answer a simple honest question like that, nothing else need to be asked. Thank you for sharing your experience and for commenting on my post.

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    1. Some guy just posted the exact same reply post but with a different name, but a address. How does one refer someone else to assist them when the email to send to is the same person giving that referral? Who’s scamming who? Don’t fall for it guys,! That too is a scam!

  10. I invested a massive chunk of my capital and savings into the care of an unregulated broker who vividly convinced me into investing ,he said pulling out of the investment is easy and I could make withdrawals .He kept asking for more funds ,this kept going on until my therapist introduced me to a certified recovery expert Mr jefflee donald who guided me until I got all my funds back ,I really don’t know how he did it ,It was a relief to get my money back? i think someone else might need his asistance, feel free to contact him if you are having issues accessing trading acount, reach out to him via his email address: and he will guide you on steps to take and get back your funds without any form of restriction.

  11. I was a victim of this flip cash yesterday I transfered the money I was supposed to use for my clearance and graduation in the camouflage of binomo trade, I have been duped of 36k. I came across unfortunate person on Instagram. Please beware of instagram money doublers.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. 36k is a lot of money to lose man. Not alone 1k! Yea these scammers are getting a lot of people for their hard earned money. I’m glad I could help inform you about this evil scam, so this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for commenting on my post. Take care..

    1. Hi Joy and thank you for commenting your experience with this evil scam. Sorry about your major lost too! Hopefully my post helped clear things up as well as your comment, for others that might think that “money flipping” is real, or legit. These scammers need to be exposed.. Sorry again for your lost Joy! I wish you nothing but the best..

  12. Few months ago, i invested about $36,000 into this binary option platform with the aim of diversifying my trading portfolio. However, with my strict habits of growing my account 300% before taking profits, i never attempted any withdrawals, not until two months ago when i tried to withdraw but all effort was in vain. I called the account manager and explained the situation, he told me i would be able to withdraw after 4 working days which sounded shady to be very honest. 4days went by, still no withdrawals, i tried reaching out to the manager and customer service line but non of them were reachable till this moment. I shared my experience with my colleague at work, he introduced me to an International Recovery Firm ultimatfundrecovery These people saved me and I had my claims after 6working days. Their professionalism was top notch. contact them Eamil

    1. Hey Cynthia! Wow, thanks for sharing your experience! This doesn’t sound like a “money flipping” scam you were involved in. But $36,000 is surley a lot of money to lose, if you were to end up losing it all in the end. Hopefully you sharing your experience and this information on “International Recovery Firm ultimatfundrecovery” can help someone else who’s invested money in “Binary Options”.Thank you for sharing your story and this valuable information Cynthia, and good luck with all your success!! Take care and stay blessed..

  13. This binomo trade investment is also a scam! I lost 15k to them today. Yet they keep telling me that their system is telling them i had high expectations of my money so i need to send extra 5k for them to pay me immediately. Then i realized i have been scammed.

    1. Hey Prince Golden, and thank you for commenting and sharing your experience being scammed by these “money flipping scammers. Sorry to hear that you lost so much money. I was luckily only robbed for $100, and almost robbed for another $50 when they told me I had to send them more money to finish the “transferring process”. Then I realized I was being scammed too. But hopefully this review, and us sharing our stories will be a big lesson to others and help others avoid this evil scam. Thank you for sharing your experience, and good luck with all your success online.

  14. Scammers have ruined the forex trading market and this company is one of them. They have deceived many people with their fake promises on high returns. I learnt my lesson the hard way. I only pity people who still consider investing with them. Please try and make your researches, you will definitely come across better and reliable forex trading agencies that would help you yield profit and not ripping off your money. Also, if your money has been ripped-off by these scammers, you can report to a regulated crypto investigative unit who make use of software to get money back (fightingscams at aol dot com). He is a recovery expert and a very professional one at that.

    1. For some people, it takes first hand experience for them to learn whatvtgey should be doing. Which is actually the hardest way smh. So your right wheller,and thank you so much for commenting. I wish you nothing but the best..

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    1. Hey Ethan! Thank you for your valuable information. You sharing your experience and knowledge is going to help all those who find and read this post. I really appreciate it, and wish you nothing but the best.

  16. Jessica Allen got me…why I waited to google it until after, I don’t know. I lost over $400 and she’s still telling me I have to pay another $1000 for my money to be “released”
    Told her to pay it. The girl’s name was Samantha Carcamo.

    1. Hey Jennifer and thank you for commenting. Your story sounds sorta like mines. They told me I had to send them $100 more, to release my earnings. Nothing but a big lie and a big scam! The proof is in the pudding..

  17. Most crypto exchanges take advantage with customers funds because they feel these customers don’t know how to get their funds back, But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back from the broker. I was able to withdraw my 7BTC from kraken, If you want to recover your money back then mail recoverywealthnow360 at gmail dot com

  18. Hey I’m actually doing a video on Jessica Allen for my YouTube channel. She’s trying to scam me and I want you guys to help me make it go viral. Or at least get enough people to watch and listen to how promising she is. Maybe it would get people to pay attention and get her canceled

    1. Hey Brandy Boyd, and thank you for commenting. You most definitely have our support her at When you finish recording your video, you have our permission to share your link to your video, her in our comment section. Thank you in advance Brandy! Take care.

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  20. Its normal to win and lose when investing. But its heart breaking when you know you have been cheated. I was caught up in a scam with bitsane last year that cost me BTC. This guys came up with a fake story of being hacked when it was actually an insider affair. Luckily i was able to track and recover my funds thanks to fightingscams at AOL dot com. I strongly recommend them to other victims going thru similar situations. Together we can uncover the truth and save millions of other people.

  21. WoW!!! While my husband was just siting here telling me about the “JESSICA ALLEN” girl from Instagram/ Facebook she is all over ” Social Media” that she want him to send money???? I told him not to she was a scam. HE sent her 40 for her to turn around an ask for his full information and then the money would be sent. To make a long story short SHE IS A REAL SCAM!!! please DO NOT send her NO money you will loose it and not get it back. After he sent it is when i came online to look her up an seen all these comments with her name in it and showed it to my husband he was pissed!! I WAS TRYING TO POST PICTURES BUT IT WONT LET ME HER OTHER NAME MICHEAL SMITH ON CASH APP $SERVICEBANK412 DONT SEND DO IT.. PLEASE WE NEED TO GET HER AN OTHERS DOWN!!!!!!

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing Marissa, and adding more value on to this review. Lets expose Jessica and the rest of these evil “money flipping” scammers together. Thank you again for commenting Marissa.

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  23. I was duped of nearly $600 dollars just today by an instagram user by name Jessica Allen. I come from a poor family and now I lost all my hard earned savings and fell into debt.

  24. Hello & thank u SO MUCH for this article! So, this just happened. I was curious about someone who wanted to follow me on Instagram and so I checked her page and she had all of this information about “Money Flipping” and how you can turn this small sum of money into something greater & of course, this can be enticing, especially when u are in need of fast cash that can help u out. There were also videos & posts of “Another satisfied customer” & how this is all so legit. The videos were only snippets and not greatly edited. To me they were like, only the parts u NEED 2 hear but, maybe not the full story. I DM’d her for more details on how the HECK is this all possible & too darn easy? She eventually DM’d me back saying she was a representative at the “Unclaim Service” where money or stocks get lost in the system & unclaimed …” blah, blah, blah…her English & grammar was not so great & way too many typos to be a “representative” of that sort. After a little more info, I made it seem like I was interested & would “check my funds” to see how much I could really invest & would send her my info once I got all of my money info. I was really actually Googling “Money flipping” & wanting to see about the things she told me to confirm if it was a scam like I truly FELT it was. Here’s the thing, I usually do my research & check things out before making any commitments like that, especially to people I’ve never met & giving them my CashApp & other info. I mean, u HAVE to & I have been scammed in the past so now, I don’t trust ANYONE’S word who I’m new to or who I’m sketchy about with giving out vital info until I can get true clarification & if I can, I WILL GOOGLE U and/or ur business. She said she would be waiting for me to get started & then DM’d me about needing my CashApp info….”WHY SO IMPATIENT?” I thought. Another MAJOR clue. The pic she also sent me about prices also matched your examples. So, while Googling, I found your article…BINGO!! After reading most of it, I DM’d her that I was made aware that what she’s doing is a scam, that I even Googled it & won’t be sending any money, this wasn’t going to happen. She swore she was legit; “look at my testimonies”, “please don’t judge me”, “money back guarantee”, “believe in The Lord”, “l would not tell you it is legit if it was not because, lying lips is an abomination to the Lord”, at which I replied, “Yes, it is.” She just went in & on about please trust her & even, “I hope The Lord whispers in your ears tonight”…what “representative” says these things? & guess what? Turns out I actually found her name in some of these comments…JESSICA ALLEN. I’m so happy that my page is set to private which is why she had to request to follow, no doubt she would have followed MY friends and tried to scam them. And my theory about those “testimonies” if they actually got money from her is that she most likely used the money she got from the people she SCAMMED & paid off some friends and/or acquaintances who pretend to be customers who have “proof” that they’ve “gotten paid” & it’s legit. RIDICULOUS. So, I made it clear that she was NOT getting my money, I feel like she was most likely crying the way she pleaded for me to “trust her” & a bunch of other crap & just ended it. Thank you so much for articles like yours, they are very helpful, it helped me A LOT & I’m sure it will keep helping more people & I feel sorry for those who’ve gotten taken in by these scammers. People, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. God Bless

    1. Hey Laci. Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. I’m pretty sure what you’ve added here will help thousands of people avoid this evil scam. Thank you again Laci for commenting, and good luck with your success online! Keep avoiding those scams..

  25. Hi,
    I guess I just became a victim as well. Do you know Jessica Allen? She claimed to do cashapp money flipping. She sent me a wallet address to send her $150.00 BTC, then she turned around and said that I earned $5500.00 after about 45 minutes. Then, she hit me with another blow: $9% of $5500.00=$495.00 to send her back again before I can unlock the $5500. I’ve been thinking about it and she said I got 6 hours, after that money will bounce back to the server. What can you tell me about that please?

    1. Hey Gil Laf and thank you for commenting. No I don’t know Jessica Allen (if that’s her real name). But from what you’ve stated, it surely sounds like you’ve been scammed. Don’t send them anymore money period and make sure you report her on other review sites like this one. Spread the word and I hope you learned your lesson from this. Take care Gil Laf..

  26. Do you know about Isabella? On Telegram it’s like @ isabellaj5 says that she can get the money back from a scam that I had for almost $ 5k, Isabella says it will cost $ 700 DIY REMIT.

    1. Hey Oscar and thank you for commenting. The whole goal of these scammers is to get as much money out of you as possible. That being said, don’t do it. No matter what they say, “Money Flipping” isn’t real. I had to learn the hard way. If you need a reminder on why you shouldn’t give away more of your hard earned money, refer back to this post. I wish you the best Oscar!!

  27. If you have been a victim of any binary/ forex, cryptocurrency or online scam contact Wizard Charles group hackers to Recover your scammed funds back, they’re highly recommendable and were efficient in getting I initially lost 2btc refunded. Email: ( ) WhatsApp: +1 (361) 201-2646  

  28. Hello James and thank you for commenting. Damn smh. That is so sad and I’m sorry for your lost. Just look at it like a lesson learned. That’s how I had to look at it lol. But thank you for sharing your personal, first hand experience with these “Money Flipping” scammers. The more real personal testimonies, the more informative this post will be for future victims. Thank you again for sharing your experience James. Take care!!

  29. Money flipping scams are horrible, another thing is that most of them target the elderly. I have friends that offered something similar. They said that by investing a “small” amount you can get big returns in just a few days, I rejected all offers because it seemed to good to be true. Thank you for making this article and informing people about this type of scam. 

  30. I have been a victim of a money-flipping scheme. I joined a program where I was able to make money from reviewing apps and leaving a comment on the different apps. As soon as I joined, the program did not provide me with any apps and I lost so much money.

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