The Paid To Read Email Scam – Are Any of Them Legit?

A picture that says get paid to read emails

Name: Paid to Read Email
Headquarters: Unknown
Price: Time. Lots and lots of time.

Picture This: A Google ad. And the image shows a computer keyboard with two $100 bills on it. Enticingly it reads, “How I get paid to read emails!” Now one would automatically think that the online email reading business would make them an easy $200 bucks! The question is:  How long will it take to make $200? Let’s find out.

Get Paid To Click Ad & Read Email. Review / Scam of PTC and PTR Sites Review

Where do I begin? Actually, if you are not up for a bit of sarcastic humor in my tone as I discuss this joke of an opportunity, jump to some ideas on how to make money with Amazon. Or, if affiliate marketing is not the “it factor” for you, read about real and legit online customer service representative opportunities with LiveOps ,or Alorica at Home.

Pay for Reading Emails | Pay to Read Email Jobs

Most likely, you wouldn’t be here right now if you hadn’t seen it on Google:  “Get paid to read emails!” A.K.A. “Earn a massive $0.02 per email you read! (ahem, per ad you read!)”

Are we desperate enough to fall for scams such as making money online reading emails? If it sounds too good to be true, don’t do it. Just don’t. Because I hate to break it to you. You only receive about 3 emails per day (in the best cases) from these so-called companies paying for email reading. Do your math. You’ll earn a whopping $0.42 a week reading emails.

Better yet, the $0.42 reading emails pay turns into a monstrous $1.68 monthly.

The question then becomes:  How many months will it take to earn the $200 showed in that Google ad? One would’ve hoped you could make, at the very least, $200 weekly (or, worst case scenario, $200 monthly). Not the case. It would take you 119 months. Yes, it would take you just over 9 years to make $200.

But alas! The madness doesn’t stop here. Would you believe that one of the most maddening deal breakers for email reading “jobs” is not the amount of money you’ve made. It’s that the money you’ve accumulated won’t cash out for one of 2 reasons:

· The company paying for email reading may have a threshold of $15 that you must achieve before ever getting paid in the first place. Here’s a word problem for you:  If you make $1.68 cash monthly with Paid to Read Emails, how many months would it take you to make $15? (answer: It would take 9 months to make $15.12)

· Most paid to read email companies shut their doors within several months of unveiling their online business.

·  You guessed it. The possibility of not getting paid in the long run far outweighs trust with this online money-making platform. Plain and simple.

I apologize for my tad bit of sarcasm here, but by now you get the picture. Paid to Read Email does not sound promising. Should you not want to investigate this opportunity even further, Check Out My # 1 Recommendation, instead.

a picture of Paid-To-Read-Email.Com website

Paid-To-Read-Email.Com | Reviews of People who Say it’s a Scam (Or Not)

Honestly guys – research shows that not even 1000 people are signed up for Please allow me to tell you why this is interesting. The Paid to Read Email site leads you to believe it has been around from 2005 to present. If this is true (and we’ll say it is) then I have three simple questions:

1. If this company began all the way back in 2005, where are all the Paid to Read Email reviews?

2. If paid-to-read-email began all the way back in 2005, wouldn’t they have more members?

3. And I wonder if the few members that have written reviews are taking advantage of people by enticing them to sign up so they can get paid their “15% for life” referral income.

My point exactly. The only legit thing I see about Paid to Read Email is the fact you can get paid via Paypal. Paypal is the way to go when doing online business. You probably know that by now. You just may not get paid any time soon!

Cartoon man in blue suit running away vector image on VectorStock

Will These Legitimate Paid to Read Emails Sites Send You Running for Cover?

Although Paid to Read Email is “technically” legit, remember that just because something is legitimate in the money making online arena doesn’t mean that it’s not a scam in some way, shape, or form.

That said, it wouldn’t be fair to post this article without a short list of “so-called” legitimate ways to make money from reading emails online.

a picture of , Swagbucks — MumbleBee Inc (Rates #1)

  • Watch Videos and Get Paid
  • Research and Get Paid
  • Play Games Online
  • Shop Online

 a picture of , Cash4Offers – Get Paid To Read Emails, Take Surveys | Big Survey Money

  • Read Emails
  • Play Online Games
  • Take Surveys
  • Referrals

a picture of, Is FusionCash a Scam? - Avoid Scams Online!

  • Read Emails
  • Play Games
  • Download Mobile Apps
  • Referrals

a picture of, InboxDollars Review (Scam or Honest Rewards Club?) – ScamFinance

  • Earn $1 for Downloading a Toolbar?!
  • $0.05 Paid for Research
  • Watch Videos for $0.06
  • Share Opinions on Surveys

a picture of , Make Money Online,Blogging: Received Payment from Matrixmails ...

  • Since 2002
  • Referrals Up to 6 Levels

a picture of a green check and a red x

Are Paid to Read Emails Legit or Scam?

You know, I was one of those people that used to fall for scams. I admit it. Years ago, I would search non-stop for legit work online before I knew that not all opportunities are legit just because the internet says it’s legit. It was the biggest trial and error learning process of my life.  So, I am now passionate about providing real and legitimate information about online companies in order for it to help YOU make the right decisions and choices when it comes to legitimate work online opportunities.

I encourage you to pass on the “get paid for reading emails online” scam because the cream of the crop is not found in email reading jobs; nor is it found with Paid to Read Email.

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Are You Tired Of Being Scammed And Lied To?

If you are tired of being scammed or lied to, my best recommendation would be for you to start off with a company that actually cares about your success.

Check Out My # 1 Recommendation!

a picture of more scams

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I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and checking out this particular article. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, and I’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks again, and good luck with your success online. Take care!

4 thoughts on “The Paid To Read Email Scam – Are Any of Them Legit?

  1. Building an online business means looking for suitable options that may value-add and bring in extra income. Your post on ” paid to read email scam – are any legit? is helpful explaining the hazards, it is all too easy to get caught up in these time and money wasting schemes.
    Thank you for giving the actual figures involved which makes me realize how distracting and destructive these con offers can be.

  2. My emails readings stopped getting paid after $4.75 earnings and entering into surveys on this site was so tricky that some were not valid for my country and the others took hours just to open up, search for surveys and display no results found and once or twice I completed the survey but was not paid my $0.50 earnings. Fed up so I have deleted my account in it. It’s a scam in my opinion. Please do not waste your time on Cashkarma survey app, Swagbucks, Life points, Google rewards app for Playstore purchases, Opinion World, Global test market, xcel surveys, yuno surveys, valued opinions etc are much worth than this over-demanding dull site. No wonder there are no cashing out stories from paidtoreademail. Thanks for reading.

    1. Thank you for commenting Akshaya. I totally agree with everything you’ve mentioned in your very detailed comment. Well said, and I’m so glad my post could help educate and confirm what you already were starting to learn thru your online experience. Thanks again for commenting Akshaya.

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