Creating and Selling Music Digitally Online

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Creating, and Selling Music:

If you have an interest in music, and wonder how you can create, and sell your own music online, this blog is for you. Creating music yourself is not that difficult, especially in this era. The technology has made it much easier. There are so many digital music workstations available that are specifically designed for music compositions. You can easily find step-to-step guides on how to use them.

Apart from being a cool hobby, music production can earn you a considerable amount of money, and in rare cases, a lot of fame. So, here is how you can create music digitally, and sell it online. There are very noticeable advantages and a few disadvantages of this business. 


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How to create music digitally?

Making music digitally is fun, and it’s not as difficult as you may think it is. Of course, you would have to go through a learning process. But with time, you will get comfortable with this. So, here is what you need to do in order to compose music digitally:

  • Select DAW and learn it: DAW is a powerful music workstation that is used by almost all the professionals these days. It comes in various versions, and each version is slightly different from the other. So, choose the one you feel is right for you, and start learning. To get familiar with the process, compose and complete a track yourself, without worrying about its quality of production or concept.


  • Learn & Create Music: Now, when you have created your first track, it’s time to learn the basic concepts of music. At least, you should have an understanding of Music theory, Structures, Arrangements, and Mixing.  Learning is a long term process. So make sure you practice regularly what you have learned. The more music you make, the better you will be.


  • Get familiar with audio editors, and plugins: There are plenty of audio editors, and plugins available to improve the sound quality, and add certain features to your track. Learning this yourself will give you a peace of mind, and it will save you a lot of money.

How to sell music online:

After learning about the composition of music digitally, you must be wondering how you can I earn money with it. Well, there are indeed so many effective ways that can help you grow your music. Some of the best ways are listed below:

  • Personal Website: If you want to convert your music talent into a profitable business, you might need to think about getting a personal website. Your website is your online presence, where fans can get in touch with you, and buy your music. Moreover, you can sell other items on your site to fans such as printed hoodies, shirts, and signed musical instruments. This can all generate more revenue. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get a website for your business.


  • Online Stores: iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon are the most popular online stores where the majority of music sales happen. Using these stores are quite favorable, as most of the customers buy music through these stores. The stores also provide you sales reports. However, these stores take a noticeable commission. iTunes, for example, takes 30% from your sales. In addition to that, you don’t get contact details of the customers. However, it is still good to have your music in the most popular music markets.


  • YouTube: Using your official YouTube channel is a good way to monetize your music. By adding videos on YouTube, you will get a lot of advantages. Most importantly, more people will know about your music. As a result, you will get more traffic to your official website, online stores and other social media platforms.


  • Pre-orders and special offers: Pre-orders have a special value to them. The fans who are waiting for your album impatiently, would love to get their hands on your merchandise, before it is openly available to the market. It would also raise popularity to your new album. That aside, you can give special offers, and discounts to your fans, for various occasions throughout the year. This would be a great marketing strategy.


  • Email Marketing: According to some sources, email marketing is far more effective than Facebook, and Twitter combined. So sending newsletters to fans thru email, could be your most important source of generating income.

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Pros and cons of selling music digitally online:

Using the right techniques for selling music online, can bring you a lot of fortune. However, there are some disadvantages of this business that you should know. Let’s see what the pros and cons of selling music digitally online are.


  • Easily Manageable: For selling music digitally online, you don’t need a large network of employees. You don’t also have to worry about stock management, or the calculation of shipping cost. The majority of your management, is online. So the management is quite simple, and very easy.


  • Easy and Instant Distributions: The customers don’t need to wait for a long delivery process. Digital music can be ordered and distributed with a single click. It’s also free of charge.


  • Reduced Cost: One of the greatest benefits of selling music digitally online, is that you can reduce its price considerably as compared to physical music sold on the street. Since your not spending that much on services, you might decide to take your prices down. But maybe only for family and friends.


  • Client Data: You can analyze the clients data, to get insights on your business. For instance, with the clients’ location, you can identify the areas where your getting more business. 


  • 24-hour service: Sleeping, holidays, bad weather, and other happenings won’t affect your business. You can sell your music 24 hours a day.


  • Marketplace Commissions: The marketplaces, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon that you will use for selling your music, take a considerable commission out of your sales.


  • More Competition: As compared to the physical markets, digital markets are far more saturated and competitive. So, you will have to compromise over prices, and other aspects to stay more competitive.

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My Conclusion:

In conclusion, if you have a talent, don’t keep it to yourself. Show your talent to the world. Now, music is not just a hobby. It’s also a great way to earn an extra living online from home. Getting the right set up for this business is not that difficult, and the results are much more rewarding. So, take action now, and convert your talent into a profitable business.

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Do you have something to say or to add, about creating and selling music digitally? Maybe something something to share from your own personal experience? If this is the case, please take the time and leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear what you have to say! Other than that, thanks for reading my post, I hope it helped, and good luck with your success!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

a picture of The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

If you feel that your website or blog, is not getting the amount of traffic it was supposed to get, despite of matching all the SEO requirements, including keywords, then, it’s time for you to use a, “keyword search tool”. Using a good keyword search tool is important for your business, as it provides you with all the information about a keyword that is required to ace the ranking of the search engines.

For the same purpose, an online tool is available, which is the best available tool in the market. It offers many amazing features and benefits, at a manageable price. Read on to know all about Jaaxy keyword search tool.

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Why is it important to use a keyword search tool?

Today, it is so important to use the appropriate keywords for your article, or website. The right keywords will drive a considerable traffic to your link, and you will have an increase in the sale of your products, and services, as your website will appears in the top results of popular search engines. However, without knowing certain facts and details, it is very difficult to come up with the right keywords. You need to know the number of people who are searching for a certain keyword, and how many websites that are already using that keyword, so that your aware of the competition in the market.

For getting all this information, you need a good keyword search tool. These tools do all the research for you, and present all the information in an easy, and efficient way. With their help, you can get the right keywords for your blog, or website. So, it is very important for your business that you use a good keyword search tool. It will drive traffic to your website, and your website will generate much larger revenue.

a picture of best Keyword Search Tool

Why Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool?

Jaaxy is an online keyword search tool, that performs deep research, provides the ranking, and the value, of the popular keywords. Jaaxy collects data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and presents it in a clear, and understandable way. It not only tells how many people have searched for a particular keyword, but also provides data on how many other competing websites have used that keyword for themselves. This tool gives a great deal of  flexibility to the user. It allows you to play around with your words, and come up with the right keywords that will bring your website to the top of search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keyword research is a long, complicated, and boring thing, without a wonderful keyword research tool. Jaaxy, is the best keyword search tool among those available in the market. Let’s compare it with one of most popular tools: Google AdWords Planner. This tool is free of cost, but it won’t get you a good ranking for your website, because it lacks the required information. AdWords planner doesn’t show you the statistics about the competitors who are using the same keyword.

Google AdWords only shows advertisement competitors, the people who are competing for paid traffic. In contrast, Jaaxy provides you with all the information you’ll need to ace the rankings of the search engines. Along with that, it also contains a number of other useful features, that help you in an amazing way. Let’s see what else we can get from Jaaxy.

a picture of The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

Features of Jaaxy keyword search tool   

Jaaxy offers a number of great features, that further make this tool more lovable. Here are some of the amazing features of the Jaaxy keyword search tool:

  • Easy User Interface Design: All the data and information, is presented in an easy way. You won’t have to find the relevant information. All what you’ll need, is right in front of you, with descriptive tags.


  • Potential Ranking:  This tool also shows how your website will be ranked from the search engines.


  • Competition statistics: It gives you the correct information about the number of marketers competing for the same keyword.


  • Amount of traffic: It predicts the amount of traffic you will receive on your website.


  • Tracking Performance: This feature is very useful if you want to keep a record of your performance throughout the years.


  • Availability of domain names: This tool also shows the domain names that are available for a specific keyword.

a picture of The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

How much does jaaxy cost?

Jaaxy comes in three versions. The most efficient among them, is the “Enterprise” version. As compared to other versions, it is much faster, and provides instant domain availability. The price, however, is higher than then the “Pro” version. It costs $49 per month. The “Pro” version comes at the cost of $19 per month, which is slightly less efficient than the “Enterprise” version.

It also provides a basic version which is totally free of cost, but it lacks a lot of useful features. So, try these versions yourself, and decide what will work the best for you. The money spent on your keywords, will earn you a lot of fortune in return.

a picture of The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool, What is Jaaxy? - Only the Best Keyword Search Tool

What are the benefits of using The Jaaxy keyword search tool?

Along with these features, you get more benefits from using this tool. So, let’s see what benefits of using Jaaxy keyword search tool are available.

  • Low cost: Jaaxy comes at a very low price when compared to other tools available in the market. For example SEMrush, comes at around $65 per month, whereas Buzzsumo costs over $100 per month. So, you will be saving a lot of money by using this tool.


  • Training Videos: To get the most out of this tool, Jaaxy also provides four training videos. These videos explain how you can use this tool like a pro.


  • Very responsive online support: If you are facing any problems while working on the platform, you can contact online support. They are very response, and they help you fix what ever issues you might have.

Now that you know exactly what it takes to drive tons of traffic to your website, don’t wait. Register yourself for the Jaaxy keyword search tool, today. It’ll definitely give you plenty of help towards ranking at the top, within the search engines.

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Do you have something to say or add, about the Jaaxy keyword search tool? Maybe something something to share from your own personal experience? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. Thanks for reading my post, I hope it helped, and good luck with your success!

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A List Of 39 Smart Ways To Get Paid While Traveling

A real picture of a lady standing from the back with her arms up, facing the city from above

Do you like to travel, or for whatever reason, always find yourself on some sort of nice vacation? What if I told you, you could make a good living from doing it. Yes it’s possible to get paid while you travel or vacation. But before we dive into this broad subject, let’s remember these important facts:

First off..

Traveling will be subject to costs and expenses on the road. This will remain a key factor, on top of the standard road, train or flight charges. Travels will, therefore, raise specific cash requirements depending on the distance, time and the nature of the places visited.

It is important to realize that certain considerations have to be made, such as the duration of stay, laws governing labor, as well as indigenous cultures in the places you visit. Certain challenges may sully your travel experience. These are:

  • Your time and motivation to travel and sight see is cut down
  • The flexibility to move around and enjoy your trip is reduced as a result of assumed responsibilities
  • You may end up unpaid if you encounter unforeseen mishaps or deal with dishonest employers
  • Working in an area that you don’t know may also be complicated and getting around may prove a challenge in the event of a job that requires mobility

A real life picture of a teddy bear sitting in a brick wall in front of a city

Getting a job on your travels also avails certain advantages:

  • You can properly supplement your budget and make your trip truly memorable
  • There’s the unique opportunity for cultural immersion from the interactions with the natives in the course of your work on the road
  • Working in a different setup will often avail some unique learning opportunities with endless possibilities.
  • The course of your work also avails the opportunity to network and meet new people, much better than the simple visits to places over the course of your trip.


A picture taking from the back, of 2 guys riding in a car towards water

Here’s a list of 39 ingenious ways of making money while traveling:


  • Teach English. In many situations, you need to be a native speaker to have your application considered by a school.
  • Sell Timeshares. If you’re gifted in sales, you will get paid in countries such as Greece and Thailand
  • Resort jobs are readily available in almost all destinations you’re likely to visit
  • Hostel work. These offer a good opportunity to earn cash over a few hours each day
  • Online freelancing. Skills like programming, illustration, and marketing will earn you money regardless of location.
  • Working Holiday Visas. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada among others allow persons between the ages of 18 and 30 to get a working holiday visa with stays of up to a year.
  • Fruit-picking. Backpackers and travelers across Australia can pick fruit, with payment being in the form of room, board, or cash
  • Travel blogging. This also provides an opportunity to make money from your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing. Even with stiff competition, you can make money this way
  • Online sales. A website or a shop on eBay can help you make money this way
  • Day-Trading. This may not be for everyone, but offers the chance to make money
  • Housesitting. This may not get you paid in cash, but you do save accommodation expenses.
  • Work remotely. Having a job that doesn’t require your physical presence can help you travel and earn
  • Give haircuts. You can get permission for erecting a sign and give haircuts for additional cash
  • Offer massages. Get proper permission and earn some money on your travels
  • Bartending. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the road
  • Café/restaurant work. With the proper agreement with the hostel staff, it’s a way to earn.
  • Web design. This is a limitless source of income in itself
  • Teach musical instruments. This is a good way to have your talent and ability pay you
  • Teach musical instruments. Teaching this skill will definitely earn you some money
  • Teach dance classes. You could put up signs and choose a spot in a park and teach dance
  • Teach yoga. As with any workout, yoga sessions will get you paid
  • Construction work. Experience in this field will get you paid
  • Au pair. You will get room, board and a paycheck for tending to a family’s kids
  • Be a surfing instructor. This is another easy avenue to earn if you have the necessary know-how
  • Scuba diving instructor. If you are certified, this is another way to get some cash
  • Sale of personal crafts at local markets. Your creations can very well cater for your travel expenses
  • Tour escort. Via international tour operators like can be a source of money
  • Photography. If you have a knack or skill of taking great photos, you will get paid.
  • Travel writing. You can get paid for pieces about places, sights, and cultures
  • Be a local tour operator. In the Caribbean, you can greet passengers and show them around
  • Vacancies in the corporate world. You can apply for a post on your trip
  • Cruise ship employment. This is a very direct way of earning an extra buck
  • Work on a yacht. Seafaring vessels offer the opportunity to earn
  • Travel/tourism industry. May not be so mobile, but provides a consistent paycheck
  • Sign and menu editing. Odd but a resourceful avenue of earning.
  • Busking. You can earn with your talent
  • Work exchange. Just check the listings on, and you’re good to go
  • Random opportunities. Brief miscellaneous assignments along the way

A picture of a hand holding a long tooth pick, with 1 dollar bills stuck to the tip.

Be creative. Spot unexploited opportunities

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Do you have something to say about making money while traveling or maybe something to add to my list? Or maybe something to add about your success or failures with incorporating whatI  just shared?

If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear whats on your mind! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Online Surveys: The Heart Of Online Market Research

A cartoon picture that reads best online survey sites that make money

Are you looking to earn some fast bucks or are you seeking a long-term, more sustainable income-producing endeavor? There are several ways you can make money online today, and this article acts as a rich guide.

What Are Online Surveys?

Online Surveys, or online market research, is a tool for fact-finding, which enables studies to collect data, identify patterns, and trends on the global platform. It can be widely defined as a method, and a medium for data collection.

an all white picture with yellow words of the top 50

Here is a quick list of the top 50 paid online survey companies:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Toluna Surveys
  3. MySurvey
  4. YouGov
  5. Panel Opinion
  6. Ipsos i-Say
  7. Survey Bods
  8. Hiving
  9. PopulusLive
  10. Global Test Market
  11. The OpinionPanel Community
  12. PanelBase
  13. Opnion Outpost
  14. Valued Opinions
  15. Branded Surveys
  16. MindMover
  17. iPoll
  18. Pinecone Research
  19. New Vista Live
  20. ClickPerks
  21. Opinion Bureau
  22. MyPoints
  23. iSurveyWorld
  24. Grab Points
  25. Resonance Research
  26. Harris Poll Online
  27. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel
  28. Inbox Dollars
  29. VIP Voice
  30. Survey Club
  31. Vindale Research
  32. Live Sample
  33. Earning Station
  34. Shop Tracker
  35. One Opinion
  36. MindsPay
  37. Cash4Offers
  38. Cash Crate
  39. Send Earnings
  40. Fusion Cash
  41. Panel Bucks
  42. Say So For Good
  43. Global Survey Group
  44. Treasure Trroper
  45. Survey Savvy
  46. Point Club
  47. Earning Station
  48. Creations Rewards
  49. Cash Back Research
  50. Survey Downline

How Do Online Surveys Work?

A computer screen zoom screen shot picture of the words http://Survey..

In many instances, when a company develops an idea for a product or service, it is of key importance to test and weigh perceptions of the target market. This greatly aids in the final modifications or alterations necessary for the product or service for the best possible chance of success in the market.

This is a proactive approach that helps the service provider or manufacturer to have the best start, with a far less chance of failure and loss. Market research is also conducted based on existing products and services with a view to knowing how to best tailor what is already being availed to the consumer for the best customer experience. This approach effectively serves its informative purpose as well as offering a financial security net for new investments.

Pros and Cons Of Doing Online Survey’s

It is important to note that this platform has its pros and cons, both to the company conducting the survey and the respondents. For the manufacturer or service provider, if well conducted, a survey can avail vital information that gives you the edge over your competitors.

It will also give facts and important perceptions from the end consumer, that helps you come up with the perfect product or formulate the best service. It also saves money and is convenient. Such advantages can prove priceless as they will result in increased turnover if acted upon appropriately and in a timely manner.

For the person giving the feedback in a questionnaire, it is a source of income. If by chance it is a survey on a product or service that you use, it gives you a voice and a chance to make known your concerns and recommendations, and if the same is acted on, you additionally become a direct beneficiary.

a cartoon picture of a gold metal

The Rewards Of Participating In Online Surveys

The natural concept of getting credit or value for time spent, drove the need to introduce incentives. This was to encourage participation in online surveys. The parent company generates questionnaires that seek to probe participants for vital information relevant to the select area of interest.

Once the questionnaires go online, a reward scheme is set up to augment the fact-finding process. It is important to note from the onset that all this is done with a target audience in mind, and not everyone who simply expresses interest, qualifies to be part of the survey.

The participants are offered a reward structure that will in many cases be in the form of a point award system, with the earned points being redeemable for a certain set amount.  Legitimate companies refrain from suggesting that a livelihood can be earned through participation in online surveys, but they are undeniably a good source of some extra cash with a few free hours of your time invested daily or over a certain period.

Hold The Hand Of Money PNG Images | Vectors and PSD Files | Free ...

How Much Can You Earn?

Depending on the nature of the survey, a participant may earn anywhere between $0.5 and $10, and in some occasions even more. This can be paid through PayPal or check. The amount paid is dependent on the nature and complexity of the survey.

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A cartoon picture of a guy sitting at a computer while dollars float on the air around him


It pays to remember that projected numbers of cash rewards earned by participants of a survey on select sites may not realistically reflect what you stand to earn should you get onboard. The additional concern of being scammed also inevitably comes to fore.

Certain websites will require paid membership with an unclear refund policy if what you enroll for doesn’t quite meet your expectations. They will also probably need referrals that you may not be in a position to give, and you eventually end up losing your money. When becoming part of an online survey, caution is advised.

Do you have something to say about taking online survey’s? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures doing online survey’s? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thank you for reading my post, and good luck with all your success!

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An Honest Google Adsense Review For 2018

An Honest Google Adsense Review For 2018:

Google AdSense is one of the most well known ways of generating traffic online. Anyone who uses Google, sees the paid ads that show up at the top of the search results on websites. They can be easily identified with the word ‘ad’ next to it. These ads are paid for by either a business owner or by a marketing agency, that is working with the company. Understanding more about Google Adsense and learning whether or not it is the right fit for you, can help you use this potentially profitable advertising methodology.

What exactly is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is essentially an advertising network that features sponsored ads by people that pay for them. This advertising network is offered by Google, and makes it easy for anyone to advertise on their website, or mobile device. These ads are called Google display ads, and show up on websites after an advertiser pays for them. Once the ad has been paid for, it becomes a ‘live’ ad, and anyone who enables Google Adsense on their website, will have these ads show up on their site.

How does Google Adsense work?

A 3D picture of a red question mark and an all white cartoon character with a blank face

When a visitor to the website clicks on a Google Adsense ad, they are able to earn a specific amount of money. The more people who click on the ad, the more money the publisher, also known as the website owner, will make. To make money from this advertising network, you will first need to set up an account. It is also necessary to have a website that the ads will be displayed on. After setting up your account, you will receive HTML coding that can be placed on your website, in the area where you would like the ads to be displayed.

How do the ads get shown?

A picture of a website with red arrows pointing out the google advertisement banners

Google Ads get displayed when the keywords on your website match the keywords of the specific Google ad. They can also show up, based on whether or not the customer is on a re-targeting list, which runs using re-targeting pixels.

The downsides of Google AdSense:

A black and white picture of an arrow pointing down

There are a few downsides to using Google Adsense and one of them includes the length of time it takes to make any money on this platform. Oftentimes people starting out think that this will be a major passive income stream for them. However, on the contrary, they end up only making just a few cents. In order to be successful using Google Adsense, it helps to understand the various factors that need to be considered.

The factors affecting your Google Adsense success include:

How much traffic? – Whether your website receives a lot, or a little bit of traffic, affects how many people see the ad in the first place. This is called the ad impressions. If the ad on your website gets lots of impressions, then the higher the earnings you can receive.

Website traffic type – Another key factor affecting your Google Adsense success is the type of traffic visiting your site. if it is referral traffic, the traffic isn’t usually as high as if it were organic.  

Where the ads are placed – It best to consider where the ads are placed when it comes to doing Google Adsense. This can vary based on the layout of the website. However, the most common places that ads are usually positioned on the website include the header, below the post on the page, in the middle of the post, or on the side. Testing is key here as different placements have different conversion rates.

Area of focus – The area of focus, also called the topic or niche of your website will play a major role in whether or not you will get a high volume of clicks.  

How to make good money on Adsense?

A picture of a lot of gold dollar signs

When it comes to making really good money on Google Adsense, the main thing to remember is that you need to have great content. Great, informational, long form content on your website is the single deciding factor in driving high rankings and traffic.

The next best way to make sure that your Adsense efforts pay off, is by sending large volumes of traffic to your website. Make sure to get active on social media, including sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the other social media sites. With larger volumes of traffic, you will get your ads seen more, and this equates to more money.


A screen shot of the Google Adsence symbol

Adsense is not a scam, and it is completely, 100% free of charge to join. Anyone can get started with using this advertising network to make some money online. However, if you’re hoping to get rich quick, this is definitely not the way to do it. The key to using this platform to your benefit is to keep sending traffic, so that your website becomes an authority site. Ultimately with many sites making money through Adsense simultaneously, you will have a much better chance of success.

If your looking for a legit work online opportunity or website, to advertise your Google Adsense ads on, please don’t hesitate check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about Google Adsense? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures, trying to make use of Google Adsense? If so, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with all your success!

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Learn All The Ends And Outs About Clickbank Here!!

A picture of the words click bank, the world's leading marketing online place for digital currency

Are you looking for more information on ClickBank? Wanna know all the ends and outs? Read on..

Are you searching for an affiliate marketing company that offers you a chance to become an entrepreneur? Or are you an entrepreneur searching for a platform to sell your products?  You may or may not have heard about the company, ClickBank, but to learn all about this company, check out the information below to see if they are the right fit for your business.

“All About” ClickBank:

ClickBank is an Internet retailer of physical and digital products. The company acts as a marketing affiliate program. ClickBank’s SEO, Kevin Strawbridge, considers ClickBank as the place for entrepreneurs, ranging from vendors to ClickBank’s affiliates. Vendors can expect to be presented with several opportunities to sell their products. On the flip side, affiliates can expect to have a chance to utilize those products to create profit for both parties. There are a large range of products offered on ClickBank. Vendor products include categories like arts and entertainment, travel, health, games, self-improvement, e-marketing, sports, and many, many more options!

Founded in 1998, this Idaho based company offers their affiliates products that cater to nearly any niche. The company offers a simple, 4 step process for becoming an affiliate. Affiliates will choose a niche, build a website (referred to as their platform), grow their audience through social media and business platforms, and promote products by the vendors on ClickBank. Their website offers affiliate extensive training, explaining their process through detailed YouTube videos. Their advice helps their affiliates maximize earning potential on their site.

There are over six million registered users with this company – signing up to join their team is free. The pay is commission based.

Earnings are split between the vendor and affiliate. There are also opportunities available to partner affiliates with other ClickBank affiliates. These collaborations open doors for two different expertise to come together for the best outcome for each business involved. Opening that door offers another opportunity for split earnings. Those eligible for direct deposit will receive a payment weekly and those who choose to receive a check, receive their money every two weeks.

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How to Make Money with Clickbank, as a Vendor:

ClickBank provides an easy way for entrepreneurs to list their products for promotion. ClickBank offers an opportunity for both physical and digital products to be listed on their site.  You would sign up as a vendor and would be in control of setting the commission percentage that you are willing to pay ClickBank affiliates. Ensure that your website is easily able to convert into sales to maintain the best profit.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate:

Signing up as an affiliate with ClickBank is an investment to become an entrepreneur on behalf of their company and the vendor’s products that you promote. As an affiliate, you can decide what products you want to promote and, as mentioned above, the product options available to affiliates are limitless. Choose the product(s) in whatever category you want to promote to get started.

Commission rates can reach 75% based on the product you choose to promote. After choosing a product, you are given an affiliate link to share on other platforms. You can choose to promote the product(s) based on the vendor’s website and commission rate. It may or may not be worth promoting if the website is lacking sale converting techniques. The traffic you’re able to generate and the vendor’s website holds your ability to make money on ClickBank.

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How to Be Successful with ClickBank:

The commission success of ClickBank vendors lie in the hands of ClickBank affiliates. After deciding what product(s) you want to promote, you are informed of the commission possibility of that product. This information allows you to decide whether it is worth promoting. If you choose to move forward promoting the product(s), ClickBank offers advice for the best ways to promote it. You can consider creating a website, but there are other ways to promote products, such as email marketing, Facebook Ads, Twitter, etc.

ClickBank encourages their affiliates to take advantage of both free and paid traffic sources. These traffic sources influence conversion rates, which determines affiliate pay. Their site offers resources for yielded success with both options. Paid traffic can become expensive, but could be a quick way to promote the product(s). Free traffic, such as video marketing, can also be effective, but the results are gradual.

ClickBank creates a chance to build a business for affiliates, while promoting products for vendors.

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Do you have something to say or questions about ClickBank? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with their company? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. Share your expertise or questions, I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

A cartoon picture of a money bag

Top 50 Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Cost

Working from home offers a special type of freedom. Whether you’re searching for work at home jobs for extra cash or to have a flexible schedule, you don’t want to find an opportunity that forces an upfront cost. In most cases, work from home jobs do not have startup costs and if they do, unfortunately, they can often be scam. Finding legit work from home jobs without a startup cost can be a struggle, but I have listed 50 options for you to sort through.

a color picture of Freelancing


Freelancing has become a popular option for extra cash and full-time work from home opportunities. There are 6 popular websites, without startup costs, worth checking out below. There are diverse categories you have the chance to explore on all 6 websites. After applying to open positions on these sites, clients can reach out to you for an interview or to ask further questions about your qualifications for their job.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Guru
  4. ProBlogger
  5. BloggingPro

a color cartoon picture of a female Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant:

If you have administrative assistant experience and developed an expertise in perfecting your administrative skills – consider becoming a virtual assistant! These jobs are often high paying and can be started without a startup cost. The websites below are not the only options, many of the freelancing sites listed above have opportunities for virtual assistants as well.Zirtual

  1. Fancy Hands
  2. Time Etc

A Picture of a keyboard and the words data entry

Data Entry:

Branching from administrative experience, data entry is an option for those of you that quickly input data. The sites below hire people to utilize their data entry skills for different jobs posted along their site. Often times, these jobs are not very high paying, but offer an opportunity for extra cash if you have extra time on your hand.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. Working Solutions
  3. Clickworker
  4. VirtualBee

A live picture of a survey


Surveys are a quick, small cash way to work from home without a startup cost. The websites below offer different ways to complete surveys. Some of the surveys offered require prerequisites for eligibility, but others are surveys anyone can complete. The reward for completion ranges from PayPal funds to gift cards.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Opinion Outpost

a color picture of a female Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative:

There are various options to consider when aiming to be a customer service representative without a startup cost. Many of the companies that hire customer service representatives, offer to supply the materials needed for the position. The companies can offer full time or part time opportunities.

  1. Amazon
  3. BestBuy
  4. Apple
  5. TeleNetwork
  6. Dell
  7. Uhaul
  8. 1-800-Flowers
  9. Teletech

A live picture of a women's hand writing


If you have a love for writing or happen to be really good at creating content – check out the following websites below. These websites offer an opportunity to create different types of content – ranging from blog posts to books! Sometimes your content will be done as ghostwriting, which means you will create content without receiving public credit, but if you’re okay with being in the shadows and still getting paid – try it out!

  1. Speakwrite
  2. ContentJack
  3. WritersDomain
  4. MyEssays
  5. Express Writers

a cartoon picture of a man tutoring a young child


Tutoring is fairly popular through school systems, but in today’s world, tutoring has also become easily accessible online. You can be one of those online tutors on any of the following websites, without a startup cost!

  1. Chegg
  3. Brainfuse
  4. Enroll
  5. TutorVista
  6. Aim-for-A-Tutor

a cartoon picture of a merchant Selling Things

Selling Things:

Selling things can be an easy way to clear out a few things in your closet, while receiving profit for those items. The sites below offer an to sell your clothes, electronics, crafts, etc without a startup cost! What’s extra nice is that you can also sort through those same items from others to purchase on these websites – so you can use your profit as a way to shop through the site!

  1. Mercari
  2. Decluttr
  3. ThredUP
  4. Gazelle

a cartoon picture of Caregivers/Pet Care of a dog

Caregivers/Pet Care:

Work from home jobs are not limited to tech savvy individuals. If you’re better with children and pets than the computer, there are options for you too! is a pet sitting website that allows you to set rates for dog boarding, doggy day care, dog walks, etc. – occasionally you may also run into options for caring for cats. The other websites listed are for childcare and elderly care options. The jobs available range from caregivers to babysitters.

  3. SitterCity
  4. Urbansitter

a picture of an Online Juror

Online Juror:

It’s not often that people are excited about jury duty, but online jurors choose to be involved in mock trials. Not too many people choose this option, but consider exploring it if you enjoy shows like Judge Judy or have a fascination of the law. If you’re looking for extra cash and don’t mind mock trials – check out these two websites for more information.


A cartoon picture of a stack of money

General Work from Home Job Platforms:

The following websites offer many job opportunities. If you type in remote as the job type when searching for positions, they will provide you with a list of job options for you to skim through. Be sure to research the reviews of each company.


The 50 options on this blog post provides a plethora of options to get you started with legit work at home jobs without startup costs. Be sure to review all your options to avoid being scammed. If you have already experienced being scammed- be sure to check out my #1 recommendation!

Are you still looking for work online, that requires no start up cost? If so, 

Click here , to read my #1 recommendation!

Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about your experience work at home jobs without startup costs? Maybe something to add about your mistakes or success with specific companies? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Using Twitter

A cartoon picture of a blue bird winking its eye, while holding a Twitter sign

 10 Top ways to make money online using Twitter..

Social media platforms have become money making opportunities. Twitter is among the social media platforms that offers these opportunities. There are a variety of options to explore when aiming to generate income from Twitter, the top 10 ways are listed below. You may have seen a few of your favorite social media influencers use a few of these techniques, but don’t limit yourself – try a few of them on your personal account!

1.) Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets are a good option for those of you that have thousands of followers, or are in the process of landing into that following range. These sponsored tweets are used by brands to utilize popular Twitter “influencers” to advertise their products. These brands pay for each advertisement and your job is to simply create a tweet based on guidelines set by the brand.

2.) Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure you’ve seen affiliate marketing as an option for making money online. In fact, I have an article about my #1 recommendation for an affiliate marketing program. But these opportunities are not limited – they expand to social media platforms like Twitter! Affiliate marketing offers a percentage of sales based on the purchases made through the link provided by the company’s affiliate program.

3.) Crowdsourcing

If you have an organization that needs funding, crowdsourcing can be a great way to present your organization to your Twitter following. Crowdsourcing will allow your followers to contribute to the organization.

4.) Selling Products

Selling products on Twitter also relates to sponsored tweets. There are millions of product options available online – why not promote them? If you offer products, even better, promote those too! Use your 140 characters to tweet about your use of a product and adding a link (payment would be based on a prior agreement with the company).

A cartoon picture of the twitter bird chirping over a pile of money

5.) Ask for Funding

Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes the best way to get something is to ask for it?” Ask for the funding that you want. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tweet requesting money to your PayPal or sharing your code for your CashApp, Venmo, Patreon, or GoFundMe account. It’s easier to have followers interested in sending funding when it is for something that benefits the community as a whole – so consider your business, organization, or other cause as the focus of the funding.

6.) Promote your Service

If you offer a service, take advantage of Twitter’s platform to advertise it! Instead of, or in addition to, having sponsored tweets, advertise your services in your tweet. You can add a link to your website and encourage your followers to retweet it so that you expand the number of people that have a chance to click your link.

7.) YouTube

YouTube video links can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Start sharing your YouTube link on Twitter to maneuver your Twitter traffic towards your monetized YouTube videos. This will increase your YouTube subscriptions and views, which in turn will increase your money.

8.) Share Your Referral Links

Twitter offers a small number of characters, but enough to share a referral link with a few clever words to convince your followers to click it. If you’re a consistent Airbnb user, share your referral link to get a few bucks added towards your next trip. Or for any other site that you use often, share your next experience with that site through a picture or few clever words and referral link. 

9.) Advertise a Course About Twitter

Why not make money online using Twitter by advertising ways to make money on Twitter? As confusing as that sounds, allow me to explain. The same things that sparked your interest on how to earn money on Twitter has affected others (many of whom may already be following you). Use this sparked interest to your advantage by tweeting about a course or blog that you’ve created about ways to make money on Twitter. This will direct your followers to your website so that they can sign up and PAY for the course to receive your expertise.

A cartoon picture of a blue bird blowing out dollar and Twitter signs, while flying thru the sky

10.) Increase Your Twitter Following

The reality is that when you have a large twitter following, opportunities come to you. Brands pitch their products and services to you, in hopes that you will share it with others – and they pay you for it. Make sure that your followers are active, which means you should avoid buying followers. None of the other techniques will work if your followers are not actively interacting with your account.

Observe your favorite social media influencers and take note of their money-making techniques on Twitter. Establish trust with your followers so that they trust your opinions.

Are you looking for legit work online, besides working with Twitter? Click here, to read my #1 recommendation.

Do you have something to say about your experience with earning income through Twitter? Maybe something to add about your success or failures with a few of these techniques? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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TOP 20 Pros and Cons of Attending Webinars/Seminars

A picture of a large group of people having a seminar

TOP 20 Pros and Cons of Attending Webinars/Seminars

Seminars and webinars can be crucial methods of development for your business. Seminars are topic based conferences and are assigned locations each year. As technology grew into the business world, webinars became a simplistic, convenient form of seminars. Webinars can be specific to a section of the business world, but are most often used for meetings or training. There are multiple benefits and mishaps from attending these two. To provide insight into both, below are the top 20 pros and cons of attending seminars and webinars.

A picture of a group of people at a seminar, raising their hands

Seminar Pros:

1.) Professional Development

Seminars offer insight that extends beyond articles and your colleagues. The professional development opportunities could largely impact your employees, which in turn positively impacts your business.

2.) Learning Experience

You could have a special learning experience as a seminar attendee. This learning experience can be a stronger understanding of a subject you’re keen with, or new understanding of an unfamiliar subject. Either way, you can return equipped with valuable insight into your field.

3.) Observe Competition

The best way to beat your competition is to observe and further understand them. Seminars offer insight into your competitors, which provides avenues for overcoming them. 

4.) Motivating

If you’re feeling less experienced than your colleagues or find yourself unsure of your ability to complete your daily work tasks – try attending a seminar and apply those new ideas towards your business. 

5.) Networking

There are a variety of networking opportunities at seminars. There are often expert speakers attending seminars and you can interact with them one on one. Take advantage of these interactions by exchanging contact information, as networking is a vital business technique.

A picture of a guy writing, while sitting in front of a computer.

Webinar Pros

6.) Affordable

Webinars are an affordable way to have the seminar experience. Regardless of the type of webinar, they are often free.

7.) Accessible

As an additional pro, webinars are easily accessible. They are often done through phone conferences or web cam voiceovers.

8.) Unlimited Spaces

Unlike seminars, webinars have unlimited spaces because it doesn’t have a physical location. This means you don’t have to plan ahead or rush to get a spot in the webinar – you can sign up for it at any time.

9.) Flexibility

Webinars are a flexible opportunity because it offers an accessible, affordable option of expanding your knowledge or attending meetings for an important business cause.

10.) Location

Because webinars occur through the phone or online, your location is irrelevant – you can be in the coffee shop, office, or library and still participate in the webinar.

Seminar Cons:

11.) Limited Spacing

Seminars offer a limited number of spaces. This is detrimental because it could mean you miss an opportunity to attend the seminar. If the seminar is essential for your professional development, this could prolong your business success.

12.) Cost

Unlike webinars, the cost of seminars can be pricey. Again, if the seminar is essential or overall beneficial for your business, this could negatively impact your ability to attend.

13.) Inconvenience

Seminars tend to be located away from your business, which is inconvenient when you need to be involved on site of your business. You may not have the time to travel to the seminar location – this is where priorities for your business weighs in your decision to attend.

14.) Possible Waste of Time

If you find yourself drifting away in the middle of the seminar and realizing your time would have been better spent at your business – you will regret the time, money, and effort placed into the seminar.

15.) Disappointment

Although numerous seminars are conducted by experts in their field, there are times where some of the speakers are on the same level of thinking as those colleagues that are hanging on to their jobs by a thread. This can be a waste of time for you and your business, which can create unnecessary problems after the seminar.


Webinar Cons: 

16.) Technological Difficulties

Although webinars are easily accessible because of technology, this can also backfire. Technological difficulties are inevitable and can ruin your ability to participate in the webinar. Some webinars are required, so losing internet service or having crackling during the webinar can become a bad situation.

17.) Poor Focus Levels

Despite the convenience and location of webinars, when your surroundings are distracting or you struggle to multitask, you develop poor focus levels. These poor focus levels can cause you miss valuable information for the benefit of your business.

18.) Lack of Teamwork

Teamwork is valuable in the business world, but webinars remove this opportunity. If your webinar is required for training techniques you must relay to your employees, you will be forced to convey the information on your own. This requires large focus levels, which as mentioned above, can be awfully difficult.

19.) Restricted

Sometimes webinars are voiceovers, which restricts interaction with the speaker. If you misunderstand something during the webinar, you will be restricted in ways to ask for clarification.

20.) Incompatible

In addition to technological difficulties, your device may be incompatible with the software used for the webinar. This is extremely inconvenient and will remove more time from your business, as you attempt to find alternative ways to participate.

A cartoon picture of a man standing with his hands up

Although the effects of webinars and seminars vary, they could be beneficial to your business.

If you don’t have a legit work online opportunity, that your already apart of, please don’t hesitate check out Wealthy Affiliate. Weekly webinars take place every Friday at 8pm.

Do you have something to say about your webinar and seminar experience? Maybe something to add about your favorite or disliked portions of both? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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Best Ways To Sharpen Your People Skills in Business

A cartoon picture of people talking and communicating with each other

Do you want to know the top 49 ways to best sharpen your people skills for business? Well let’s dig in to it, shall we..

In the business world, people skills are essential for landing clients. There are certain qualities that clients look for when hiring, working, or negotiating with potential people. Don’t be frightened or intimidated by their expectations, keep reading to find out the top 50 ways to sharpen your people skills in the business world!

a picture of a red person and a green person showing empathy

1.) Empathy

Maintaining empathy is an important tool to provide understanding towards your colleagues. This helps with sharpening your people skills because it makes you relatable – everyone loves an empathetic person.

a cartoon picture of a man and a women talking

2.) Active Listening

There is a large difference between hearing someone and listening to someone. Being an active listener keeps your committed to a conversation and enables trust. Ultimately, active listening is a great indicator for good communication.

a cartoon picture of a seminar

3.) Training

In the business world, training seminars can be part of monthly routines. You can never have too much training, which is why so many training seminars exists. Take advantage of training opportunities to assist in sharpening your people skills.


a picture of a team building

4.) Team Building

Although team building is a people skill needed in the business world, it’s also something you can do to be more of a team player. If you struggle with being a team player, practicing your team building skills will help sharpen your skills.

5.) Ask Questions

Being inquisitive is helpful when building rapport. For business professionals, asking questions is a good indicator that you want to expand their knowledge and skills.

a picture of someone searching for something

6.) Research

Being educated isn’t enough, it’s important to consistently research factors in your field to remain updated with the newest trends. Things change from day to day and business professionals notice when you seem to be on your toes with your knowledge.

7.) Clarify

Be sure to clarify whenever necessary to ensure you’re on the same page with your colleagues. This goes along with asking questions and research – ultimately everything ties together.

8.) Personalize

Add a special touch to everything that you do and say by personalizing it. People want to get to know you, while maintaining a business relationship. Don’t overshare, but don’t alienate yourself either.

9.) Establish Trust


 Picture of a person helping another person up over a hill

Your colleagues want someone they can trust to be in their corner. People are more inclined to promote those they trust can get the job done. Establish trust with others to build outlook towards you as someone that is trustworthy.

10.) Explain

Shape your explanations to increase clarity and reassurance with your colleagues. If you have a misunderstanding, provide explanations to resolve conflicts smoothly.

a cartoon picture of a man thinking really hard

11.) Think Things Through

Don’t make hasty decisions or actions. Think things through – it displays a sense of wisdom.

12.) Lead

Being a team worker is important, but acting as a leader is equally as important. Try leading in your smaller groups before attempted to lead bigger groups – you have to start somewhere to sharpen your leadership skills.

13.) Reevaluate

Reevaluate everything that you do, while ensuring when you do it – it’s done with confidence.

a picture of a man Proofreading an article

14.) Proofread

To sharpen your attention to detail, start proofreading everything, including the little things. Emails, messenger, and reports deserve the same amount of proofreading.

a cartoon picture of a snail

15.) Take Your Time

Your people skills won’t fully develop overnight. It takes time to exemplify people skills, so be patient and work towards it one day at a time.

a cartoon picture of a man and a women in a suit

16.) Dress to Impress

This isn’t a literal dress to impress technique, but more of an analogy to represent the best possible you that you can be. Although putting together impressive outfits is another way to stand out in the business world.

a red and white picture of goals

17.) Short Term Goals

Crete short term goals when aiming to sharpen your people skills. Your short-term goals influence the long term.

18.) Long Term Goals

Long term goals are important to gradually grow into the ultimate person you want to be. These goals will help sharpen all your people skills for the overall benefit of your life.

a cartoon picture of a man working extremely hard on a writing

19.) Prioritize

Prioritize everything that you do to represent your ability to be organized. Not only will your business colleagues appreciate it, it will also help you avoid chaos.

When building relationships, allow yourself to be vulnerable to show another side of you. This helps display that you are personable and human.

a cartoon picture of two big eyes open really wide staring really hard

20.) Observe

Watch and learn your surroundings through observing others that have well developed people skills. Sometimes simply taking notes can help you sharpen those same people skills.

21.) Constructive Criticism

Welcome and accept constructive criticism from others. This assures your colleagues that you have tough skin and aim to improve at all times.

22.) Mean What You Say, and Say What You Mean

This is self-explanatory, but it’s important to do because it demonstrates commitment and dependability.

23.) Work with PurposeA real life picture of three people communicating

If you are consistently going to work out of habit, you’re doing it all wrong. Work with purpose – the right people will notice.

a real life picture of a white man looking in the mirror

24.) Convince Yourself

If you want to sharpen your ability to persuade, learn how to convince yourself first. If you believe what you’re saying and approach it with confidence from within, you will grow into persuading others efficiently.

25.) Reject the Status Quo

Don’t overdo this one – it’s okay to object the norm, but ensure you have an appropriate reason to do so. Offer a better solution and explain why it’s the better solution. Business professionals respect someone that’s daring, but with reason.

a cartoon picture of a girl raising her hand

26.) Participation

Get involved whenever you have the chance. This can be through responding in meetings or volunteering to do things others aren’t as quick to do.

a black and white cartoon picture of an empty room with nothing in it

27.) Personal Space

Take time to yourself to regroup and develop yourself into a well-developed employee. Sometimes you need personal space to do this properly.

28.) Motivation

Motivate yourself and your colleagues to grow as individuals – everyone wants to be around someone that makes them feel good about themselves. You’ll find yourself scoring more clients for this same reason.

a cartoon picture of a man and a women laughing

29.) Humor

Having the ability to make your colleagues and potential clients laugh is always a bonus. This helps sharpen your personable skills. Make sure to use humor when appropriate – don’t overdo it.

30.) Body Language

Being attentive to your body language and the body language of your colleagues will help you exemplify and notice imperative things words may not say. Use nonverbal cues to signify your confidence and notice when someone is uncomfortable or uninterested by theirs.

31.) Use Discernment

Using discernment will assist with representing wisdom and help you decipher when to act or lay low in the business world. There is a time for anything and employers respect when their employees can tell the difference.

32.) Request

Ask for help! If you’re struggling with your people skills and trust someone that represents those skills well, ask them to help you sharpen your own.

33.) Grow Awareness

Start to become aware of what and who surrounds you. This will help with building discernment.

a cartoon picture of a man relaxing on a couch

34.) Relax

Don’t overreact or overthink anything.

35.) Build Boundaries

Building boundaries is important in all aspects of life, but in the business world it represents a sense of security and confidence. People respect someone that knows their boundaries because those people are usually confidence and secure in themselves.

a screenshot picture of someone Troubleshooting a computer

36.) Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is a term used to describe problem solving, which is an important tool for sharpening your people skills.

37.) Etiquette

Proper etiquette shouldn’t end at the dinner table, you want to carry it with you throughout your day.

38.) Tone

Watch your tone! The tone of your voice helps communicate your attitude.

a picture of a camera not focused

39.) Focus

There is a multitude of ways to display your focus level, but however you decide to express it – ensure you maintain it.

40.) Adjust

Work on your ability to adjust to uncomfortable situations or clients – it will help employers see that you are flexible.

a black and white picture of a clock

41.) Timing

There is a time and place for everything – always keep that in mind.

42.) Written Communication

Emails, messenger, and reports represent written communication. Use written communication as your milestones towards sharpening your people skills in the business world. You have to start somewhere!

43.) Take Responsibility

Although it is important to be responsible, it is equally as important to take responsibility for your own actions. Employers want to know that you’re accountable and taking responsibility is one of the best ways to illustrate that.

44.) Challenge Yourself

You will find yourself constantly challenged in the business world, so start with your first few challenges being set by yourself. This will help you establish your limits, which will then help you build boundaries.

a cartoon picture of a man looking extremely confident

45.) Boost Confidence

Boosting confidence may begin internally. If you lack confidence in yourself, that is the first problem. You must build confidence in yourself to represent an appropriate amount of confidence in the business world.

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46.) Aim High (but not too high)

Tread lightly when presenting or engaging with others. You want to appear knowledgeable, while maintaining humility.

47.) Work on Control

Work on your control – it represents a certain level of patience.

48.) Avoid Interrupting

Not only is it rude, it can be interpreted as an inability to listen. Avoid interrupting, you don’t want to seem impatient.

49.) Practice

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Practice all these options of sharpening your skills repeatedly until they become habit. You get better through practice so incorporate these things into your everyday routine – inside and outside of work. Practice makes perfect!

Maximize every given opportunity to improve your people skills.

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Do you have something to say about your experience sharpening your people skills? Maybe something to add about your success or failures with the techniques listed above? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your business world success!

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