Best Ways To Sharpen Your People Skills in Business

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Do you want to know the top 49 ways to best sharpen your people skills for business? Well let’s dig in to it, shall we..

In the business world, people skills are essential for landing clients. There are certain qualities that clients look for when hiring, working, or negotiating with potential people. Don’t be frightened or intimidated by their expectations, keep reading to find out the top 50 ways to sharpen your people skills in the business world!

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1.) Empathy

Maintaining empathy is an important tool to provide understanding towards your colleagues. This helps with sharpening your people skills because it makes you relatable – everyone loves an empathetic person.

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2.) Active Listening

There is a large difference between hearing someone and listening to someone. Being an active listener keeps your committed to a conversation and enables trust. Ultimately, active listening is a great indicator for good communication.

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3.) Training

In the business world, training seminars can be part of monthly routines. You can never have too much training, which is why so many training seminars exists. Take advantage of training opportunities to assist in sharpening your people skills.


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4.) Team Building

Although team building is a people skill needed in the business world, it’s also something you can do to be more of a team player. If you struggle with being a team player, practicing your team building skills will help sharpen your skills.

5.) Ask Questions

Being inquisitive is helpful when building rapport. For business professionals, asking questions is a good indicator that you want to expand their knowledge and skills.

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6.) Research

Being educated isn’t enough, it’s important to consistently research factors in your field to remain updated with the newest trends. Things change from day to day and business professionals notice when you seem to be on your toes with your knowledge.

7.) Clarify

Be sure to clarify whenever necessary to ensure you’re on the same page with your colleagues. This goes along with asking questions and research – ultimately everything ties together.

8.) Personalize

Add a special touch to everything that you do and say by personalizing it. People want to get to know you, while maintaining a business relationship. Don’t overshare, but don’t alienate yourself either.

9.) Establish Trust


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Your colleagues want someone they can trust to be in their corner. People are more inclined to promote those they trust can get the job done. Establish trust with others to build outlook towards you as someone that is trustworthy.

10.) Explain

Shape your explanations to increase clarity and reassurance with your colleagues. If you have a misunderstanding, provide explanations to resolve conflicts smoothly.

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11.) Think Things Through

Don’t make hasty decisions or actions. Think things through – it displays a sense of wisdom.

12.) Lead

Being a team worker is important, but acting as a leader is equally as important. Try leading in your smaller groups before attempted to lead bigger groups – you have to start somewhere to sharpen your leadership skills.

13.) Reevaluate

Reevaluate everything that you do, while ensuring when you do it – it’s done with confidence.

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14.) Proofread

To sharpen your attention to detail, start proofreading everything, including the little things. Emails, messenger, and reports deserve the same amount of proofreading.

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15.) Take Your Time

Your people skills won’t fully develop overnight. It takes time to exemplify people skills, so be patient and work towards it one day at a time.

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16.) Dress to Impress

This isn’t a literal dress to impress technique, but more of an analogy to represent the best possible you that you can be. Although putting together impressive outfits is another way to stand out in the business world.

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17.) Short Term Goals

Crete short term goals when aiming to sharpen your people skills. Your short-term goals influence the long term.

18.) Long Term Goals

Long term goals are important to gradually grow into the ultimate person you want to be. These goals will help sharpen all your people skills for the overall benefit of your life.

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19.) Prioritize

Prioritize everything that you do to represent your ability to be organized. Not only will your business colleagues appreciate it, it will also help you avoid chaos.

When building relationships, allow yourself to be vulnerable to show another side of you. This helps display that you are personable and human.

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20.) Observe

Watch and learn your surroundings through observing others that have well developed people skills. Sometimes simply taking notes can help you sharpen those same people skills.

21.) Constructive Criticism

Welcome and accept constructive criticism from others. This assures your colleagues that you have tough skin and aim to improve at all times.

22.) Mean What You Say, and Say What You Mean

This is self-explanatory, but it’s important to do because it demonstrates commitment and dependability.

23.) Work with PurposeA real life picture of three people communicating

If you are consistently going to work out of habit, you’re doing it all wrong. Work with purpose – the right people will notice.

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24.) Convince Yourself

If you want to sharpen your ability to persuade, learn how to convince yourself first. If you believe what you’re saying and approach it with confidence from within, you will grow into persuading others efficiently.

25.) Reject the Status Quo

Don’t overdo this one – it’s okay to object the norm, but ensure you have an appropriate reason to do so. Offer a better solution and explain why it’s the better solution. Business professionals respect someone that’s daring, but with reason.

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26.) Participation

Get involved whenever you have the chance. This can be through responding in meetings or volunteering to do things others aren’t as quick to do.

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27.) Personal Space

Take time to yourself to regroup and develop yourself into a well-developed employee. Sometimes you need personal space to do this properly.

28.) Motivation

Motivate yourself and your colleagues to grow as individuals – everyone wants to be around someone that makes them feel good about themselves. You’ll find yourself scoring more clients for this same reason.

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29.) Humor

Having the ability to make your colleagues and potential clients laugh is always a bonus. This helps sharpen your personable skills. Make sure to use humor when appropriate – don’t overdo it.

30.) Body Language

Being attentive to your body language and the body language of your colleagues will help you exemplify and notice imperative things words may not say. Use nonverbal cues to signify your confidence and notice when someone is uncomfortable or uninterested by theirs.

31.) Use Discernment

Using discernment will assist with representing wisdom and help you decipher when to act or lay low in the business world. There is a time for anything and employers respect when their employees can tell the difference.

32.) Request

Ask for help! If you’re struggling with your people skills and trust someone that represents those skills well, ask them to help you sharpen your own.

33.) Grow Awareness

Start to become aware of what and who surrounds you. This will help with building discernment.

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34.) Relax

Don’t overreact or overthink anything.

35.) Build Boundaries

Building boundaries is important in all aspects of life, but in the business world it represents a sense of security and confidence. People respect someone that knows their boundaries because those people are usually confidence and secure in themselves.

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36.) Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is a term used to describe problem solving, which is an important tool for sharpening your people skills.

37.) Etiquette

Proper etiquette shouldn’t end at the dinner table, you want to carry it with you throughout your day.

38.) Tone

Watch your tone! The tone of your voice helps communicate your attitude.

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39.) Focus

There is a multitude of ways to display your focus level, but however you decide to express it – ensure you maintain it.

40.) Adjust

Work on your ability to adjust to uncomfortable situations or clients – it will help employers see that you are flexible.

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41.) Timing

There is a time and place for everything – always keep that in mind.

42.) Written Communication

Emails, messenger, and reports represent written communication. Use written communication as your milestones towards sharpening your people skills in the business world. You have to start somewhere!

43.) Take Responsibility

Although it is important to be responsible, it is equally as important to take responsibility for your own actions. Employers want to know that you’re accountable and taking responsibility is one of the best ways to illustrate that.

44.) Challenge Yourself

You will find yourself constantly challenged in the business world, so start with your first few challenges being set by yourself. This will help you establish your limits, which will then help you build boundaries.

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45.) Boost Confidence

Boosting confidence may begin internally. If you lack confidence in yourself, that is the first problem. You must build confidence in yourself to represent an appropriate amount of confidence in the business world.

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46.) Aim High (but not too high)

Tread lightly when presenting or engaging with others. You want to appear knowledgeable, while maintaining humility.

47.) Work on Control

Work on your control – it represents a certain level of patience.

48.) Avoid Interrupting

Not only is it rude, it can be interpreted as an inability to listen. Avoid interrupting, you don’t want to seem impatient.

49.) Practice

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Practice all these options of sharpening your skills repeatedly until they become habit. You get better through practice so incorporate these things into your everyday routine – inside and outside of work. Practice makes perfect!

Maximize every given opportunity to improve your people skills.

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Do you have something to say about your experience sharpening your people skills? Maybe something to add about your success or failures with the techniques listed above? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your business world success!

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