The Top 10 Online Scams You Should Stay Away From!

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Avoiding Work At Home Scam – It Doesn’t Stop There!


With this post, I will be taking you through the top 10 SCAM websites and/or other scams people use around the Internet to ploy you into giving up your hard-earned cash or personal and sensitive information.

The other day I received a text from someone asking me to call the phone number they texted to my cell phone. They claimed I had suspicious activity on my credit card. I would’ve fallen for this scam and called the phone number they provided (thinking it was my bank) just a few years back. Instead, I contacted my real bank by using the phone number located on the back of my credit card.

Lord and behold, my account was fine. It was just another ploy that someone was using to obtain social security numbers in order to steal the identities of those falling for the scam. I wonder how many people per day fell for this scam that day?

Let’s break it down: Over 4 million people are scammed on a yearly basis. Approximately 34% of us are scammed via phone (texts, calls, etc…). Another 24% are through websites. 16% of us are scammed through letters in the mail. And about 10% of us are scammed through our inbox.

On average, approximately 10,958 people are scammed each day. This figure keeps growing yearly.

My goal is to not only inform you of the best opportunity online, but to also gain more information myself while helping good people like yourself avoid scam work from home online all together!

Top 10 Scam Websites And Tips On How To Avoid The Fraudsters

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Online Dating Scams

These types of scammers use fake profiles with very attractive pictures (men and women alike). They claim to need money during a fake emergency, using excuses such as, “My mother is sick with cancer, but we don’t have the money for surgery, medicine, therapy, etc….” In fact, the first lie that online dating scammers will use is claiming to live in the United States, yet they are operating out of Nigeria – of all things.

They secretly groom their victims for a long amount of time in hopes that their prey will fall for it when they ask for money during their “emergency”. Once the money leaves the hands of the innocent, the scammer disappears – leaving the victim feeling violated and robbed.

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Fake Prizes, Sweepstakes, Free Gifts, Lottery Scams
How many of us have received emails saying we’ve won something? I think we all have. Whether it be something from the lottery, a prize, or a special gift. But the catch is, you pay a “small fee” to claim it. Really? These scammers tend to reach out to prospects in the form of unsolicited phone calls and/or e-mails that inform people about them being already entered a prize drawing.

Later they’ll receive a call praising them for winning, when in fact they haven’t won a thing! But before they can claim their prize, they must pay for fees and taxes? If you really won something from the lottery, or any real company/business, why would they ask you for money to send you what you’ve already won?

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Phishing / Emails
Emails that look like they are from a business or company you are already doing business with, but request some sort of personal information. TIP: No online company you do business with will ever ask for personal information over an email. Don’t ever call the phone number they provide, either. It’s a scam. Should you ever be concerned, call the phone number provided on your billing information.

Fake Friend Facebook Scam
Have you ever received a friend request from someone that was already your friend on Facebook? If you’ve accepted it, chances are, you’ve already befriended a scammer. Their goal now is to build trust, and basically get whatever they consider valuable out of you. So, pay close attention to your friends that have double profiles.

Recovery/Refund Company Scams
Have you been burned by a scam already? Or, are you retired? If so, this one’s for you. Why is that you ask? Because most retirees and past fraud victims fall for this one almost all of the time. These scammers claim that you have been scammed (whether you really have or not). It’s a double whammy that anyone would fall for, actually.

They coax you into thinking you’ve been conned if you haven’t. And if you have and know you’ve been tricked – they’ll coax you into thinking they can recover everything you lost. Or, better yet, they’ll make you think they can put the people who cheated you in jail. They’ll play up their title and say they are from government watchdog agencies. They’ll inform the victims that there are recovery fees involved (sometimes equaling from hundreds to thousands of dollars).

And, yes, these innocent people pay the fees! They range from Timeshare property fraud to investment and work at home schemes. Even tech support service schemes that are a complete hoax. Beware!

Internet Merchandise Scams
People are shopping online more than ever before. Picture this: You make a purchase online, but what you bought was never shipped. OR, it was not what they said it was OR, it had malfunctions! Tips: Shipment and merchandise problems do happen – even when ordering through legitimate and real companies – but before ever purchasing something online, make sure the company or person you are buying from has a physical address and phone number, so you can call if something goes wrong. Don’t fall for extremely low prices.

Use websites that make you pay with PayPal (transactions such as these are typically safe). If PayPal is not offered, always use your credit card (not your debit card). This way you can dispute any suspicious charges very easily. Never give out your social security number. And keep all receipts by either printing them out or storing them in a file on your computer. You can never be “too safe”.

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Computer Tech Support Scams
Have you ever heard of ransomware? These Software and computer fraudsters say they will offer “technical support” after freezing your computer by encrypting the important files located in the very depths of it. You are left to feel helpless, because your files are completely inaccessible during this time. And the only way to get out of it is to pay them a fee to un-freeze your system.

TIP: If you are working on your computer and ever get a pop-up message telling you there is a problem with your computer – DO NOT click on it. Simply go to your task manager (by right clicking the bottom right side of your computer where the date and time is located). Click “Task Manager”. Then right click on the browser showing the message. Lastly, you’ll want to click “End”. This will close your browser without you risking the freezing of your computer.

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Student Loan, Scholarship, and Financial Aid Scams
Scammers trick students who are looking for scholarships, loans, or grants to apply for. They do this by asking for money, in turn helping the student “apply” for these grants and loans. TIPS: Legitimate and real grant opportunities do not ever come for a price. Try visiting for legit information on how to apply for student loans, scholarships and grants.

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Loan Scams /Credit Fixer Scams
These swindlers promise to fix your credit, but only if you pay them. They promise to give you a new identity, credit-wise. They’ll even tell you that if you apply for an EIN (Employee Identification Number) from the IRS you can apply for a loan using this number instead of your social security number. This is a scam.

In fact, these companies may try and sell you a social security number – often stolen from others (mainly children). Guess what happens next? You are now involved in an identity theft ploy (not on yourself) but as if you’ve robbed someone else’s identity! Needless to say, meet with a lawyer if you need credit help.

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Click Bait Scammers
Scammers are now using real and fake news, celebrity photos, and inspirational stories to entice you to click on their ads, and unknowingly download malware. For example, how many times do you see an ad online that just seems way too shocking? Ads like – “100 Pics of Once Beautiful Celebs but Now Old and Decrepit”.

These fraudsters might even take a celebrity’s name and say they’ve died in order to lure you to click on the ad. Sad, but true. Don’t click. TIP: Instead – hover over any ad to see where the link is taking you. If the website is unfamiliar – don’t click on it. It’s a simple tip that helps many.

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I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and checking out these unbelievable scams that are hurting people every day in some, way, shape or form.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment at the bottom, and I’ll get back to you promptly. Thanks again folk’s, and good luck with your success online. Take care!

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Online Scams You Should Stay Away From!

  1. Hassan, once again I am finding your reports fascinating. The sad thing about scams is that scammers are ‘allowed’ to get away with it all.
    But you are right, we must all learn to wise up to the many tricks of the mind scammers play on us, especially the ones where we are made to believe we have or have not done something specific.
    Can I tell you a really funny story? At work of course our phone lines are for business purposes, yet sometimes we get the odd cold callers trying to sell something. This particular time in turn we all received a call from a chap who claimed he could help us following a car accident we allegedly were supposed to have had two years before. Of course none of us had had car accidents. We all in turn kept turning him away, but he kept phoning and would get answered by the next person. Until my manager answered and jollily send him away because, as she told him … she didn’t even have a car!!!
    Thank you ever so much for your very helpful insight 🙂

    1. Hey GiuliaB! Thanks for commenting and also for the complements. I really try to be as informative as possible, when it comes down to my post. And I’m glad you agree. A lot of times once you’ve already given the scammer your money, you’ve lost out and it’s no way to get it back. Yup they got away, but hopefully your left with a lesson right. Don’t be fooled twice. Thanks again GiuliaB and good luck with your success online.

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