5 Top Legit Ways To Make Money Online With Your Cell Phone

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5 Top Legit Ways to Make Money On Your Cell Phone

Cell phones have become attached to our hips. If it’s always there, what better way to make money than making it on your cell phone? Cell phones constantly hold our attention and don’t take too much effort to use – they feel impossible to put down.

Plus, nowadays smart phones are the only type of cell phone being made and purchased. It’s time to start using them and their app store as a money maker because there really is an app for everything. Below are 5 legit ways to make money on your cell phone.

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   1.) Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back option for making money on your cell phone. For your daily grocery or retail shopping, and sometimes restaurants, you can use this app to get cash back deals from your receipt. You will need a PayPal account to cash out or you can use gift cards – but for most legit ways to make money a PayPal account is good to have.

If you’re a receipt hoarder, like me, whip them out and see what cash back deals you’re eligible for now!  You may be able to start earning before you make it half way through this article! But be sure to come back and read the other legit ways to make money afterwards.

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    2.) Foap

Do you consider yourself a mini photographer, but not enough to make it a career? Or maybe you simply take amazing, quality photographs that you wish went beyond Instagram – and you want to make money from it. There’s an app for that! Foap is an app that allows you to post pictures and have then available for ratings, which can then turn into someone buying your photographs.

What’s even better is that if the people that rate your photos love them enough to add them to their albums, your photo gets even more exposure and you still get a cut of the pay if someone wants to buy it.

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   3.) Uber or Lyft

If you love to drive or simply find yourself being the driver in all the carpooling events, you should consider driving for Uber or Lyft! This option of making money on your cell phone involves the act of driving outside of the app, but the before and after of your drive occurs through your phone.

All necessary bookings and payments occur through the Uber or Lyft app – which means your cell phone holds your next Uber or Lyft paycheck! These apps can give you as little or as much money as you would like based on the amount of bookings you accept. As a full time driver, you could honestly rack up nearly a thousand dollars or more a week!

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   4.) GigWalker

If you’re a spontaneous person and enjoy doing things on the spot, especially when it involves walking around the grocery store, consider downloading Gig Walker. This legit way to make money allows you to accept tasks directly on your cell phone. These tasks can be as simple as getting the price of your favorite grocery store’s milk or ensuring specific products are available in the store.

You’re able to accept any “gig” that you’re interested in – right in your local area. If you’re a Walmart kind of gal/guy, you can focus on accepting gigs that involve you going into your local Walmart, but if you don’t mind exploring your other local grocery stores – your options are limitless! After successfully completing a few gigs, you’ll be able to compete for the higher paying gigs to increase your earnings.

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   5.) Mercari

Mercari is smaller version of eBay, but is a bit more personalized. If you have large amounts of clothes, jewelry, or other apparel options in your closet and someone could “shop” their way through your closet – you should consider Mercari. This app is easily accessible from your cell phone’s app store and can be used as your online store to sell your large apparel selection.

This app also allows you sell electronics, furniture, beauty products, house ware, and even your collectibles. What you choose to sell on the app is ultimately up to you, but you will be able to set and negotiate prices, apply shipping, and even discounts and clearance items to make money directly from this app!

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Remember, there’s an app for nearly anything!

Making money on your cell phone can happen without taking you away from your daily activities. Your normal love for shopping, driving, or photography can be put at good use – profitable use! Use these 5 legit ways to make money and start profiting from your everyday cell phone screen scrolls. Make the next thing you scroll past on your phone, be minutes away from your next source of cash or your next purchase be one step away from getting cash back!

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Do you have something to say about your experience with making money on your cell phone? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with this “cell phone” lifestyle? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom of this post. I would absolutely love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with all your success!

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