Creating and Selling Music Digitally Online

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Creating, and Selling Music:

If you have an interest in music, and wonder how you can create, and sell your own music online, this blog is for you. Creating music yourself is not that difficult, especially in this era. The technology has made it much easier. There are so many digital music workstations available that are specifically designed for music compositions. You can easily find step-to-step guides on how to use them.

Apart from being a cool hobby, music production can earn you a considerable amount of money, and in rare cases, a lot of fame. So, here is how you can create music digitally, and sell it online. There are very noticeable advantages and a few disadvantages of this business. 


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How to create music digitally?

Making music digitally is fun, and it’s not as difficult as you may think it is. Of course, you would have to go through a learning process. But with time, you will get comfortable with this. So, here is what you need to do in order to compose music digitally:

  • Select DAW and learn it: DAW is a powerful music workstation that is used by almost all the professionals these days. It comes in various versions, and each version is slightly different from the other. So, choose the one you feel is right for you, and start learning. To get familiar with the process, compose and complete a track yourself, without worrying about its quality of production or concept.


  • Learn & Create Music: Now, when you have created your first track, it’s time to learn the basic concepts of music. At least, you should have an understanding of Music theory, Structures, Arrangements, and Mixing.  Learning is a long term process. So make sure you practice regularly what you have learned. The more music you make, the better you will be.


  • Get familiar with audio editors, and plugins: There are plenty of audio editors, and plugins available to improve the sound quality, and add certain features to your track. Learning this yourself will give you a peace of mind, and it will save you a lot of money.

How to sell music online:

After learning about the composition of music digitally, you must be wondering how you can I earn money with it. Well, there are indeed so many effective ways that can help you grow your music. Some of the best ways are listed below:

  • Personal Website: If you want to convert your music talent into a profitable business, you might need to think about getting a personal website. Your website is your online presence, where fans can get in touch with you, and buy your music. Moreover, you can sell other items on your site to fans such as printed hoodies, shirts, and signed musical instruments. This can all generate more revenue. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get a website for your business.


  • Online Stores: iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon are the most popular online stores where the majority of music sales happen. Using these stores are quite favorable, as most of the customers buy music through these stores. The stores also provide you sales reports. However, these stores take a noticeable commission. iTunes, for example, takes 30% from your sales. In addition to that, you don’t get contact details of the customers. However, it is still good to have your music in the most popular music markets.


  • YouTube: Using your official YouTube channel is a good way to monetize your music. By adding videos on YouTube, you will get a lot of advantages. Most importantly, more people will know about your music. As a result, you will get more traffic to your official website, online stores and other social media platforms.


  • Pre-orders and special offers: Pre-orders have a special value to them. The fans who are waiting for your album impatiently, would love to get their hands on your merchandise, before it is openly available to the market. It would also raise popularity to your new album. That aside, you can give special offers, and discounts to your fans, for various occasions throughout the year. This would be a great marketing strategy.


  • Email Marketing: According to some sources, email marketing is far more effective than Facebook, and Twitter combined. So sending newsletters to fans thru email, could be your most important source of generating income.

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Pros and cons of selling music digitally online:

Using the right techniques for selling music online, can bring you a lot of fortune. However, there are some disadvantages of this business that you should know. Let’s see what the pros and cons of selling music digitally online are.


  • Easily Manageable: For selling music digitally online, you don’t need a large network of employees. You don’t also have to worry about stock management, or the calculation of shipping cost. The majority of your management, is online. So the management is quite simple, and very easy.


  • Easy and Instant Distributions: The customers don’t need to wait for a long delivery process. Digital music can be ordered and distributed with a single click. It’s also free of charge.


  • Reduced Cost: One of the greatest benefits of selling music digitally online, is that you can reduce its price considerably as compared to physical music sold on the street. Since your not spending that much on services, you might decide to take your prices down. But maybe only for family and friends.


  • Client Data: You can analyze the clients data, to get insights on your business. For instance, with the clients’ location, you can identify the areas where your getting more business. 


  • 24-hour service: Sleeping, holidays, bad weather, and other happenings won’t affect your business. You can sell your music 24 hours a day.


  • Marketplace Commissions: The marketplaces, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon that you will use for selling your music, take a considerable commission out of your sales.


  • More Competition: As compared to the physical markets, digital markets are far more saturated and competitive. So, you will have to compromise over prices, and other aspects to stay more competitive.

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My Conclusion:

In conclusion, if you have a talent, don’t keep it to yourself. Show your talent to the world. Now, music is not just a hobby. It’s also a great way to earn an extra living online from home. Getting the right set up for this business is not that difficult, and the results are much more rewarding. So, take action now, and convert your talent into a profitable business.

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Do you have something to say or to add, about creating and selling music digitally? Maybe something something to share from your own personal experience? If this is the case, please take the time and leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear what you have to say! Other than that, thanks for reading my post, I hope it helped, and good luck with your success!

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