Is LinkedIn A Good Social Networking Tool Or Not?

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Introducing: The Social Networking Platform of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, is one of the most famous, powerful, social networking platforms in the world. What makes this tool so different from the other platforms, is that it’s developed not just for the casual socializers to make connections. It’s also specifically built for professionals, and business minded folks to do the same.

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LinkedIn, is all about making positive connections with like minded people, and growing what ever that is that interest you. LinkedIn can also support you in finding that particular person or company, that might have the opportunity your looking for. With over 500 million users world-wide, LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities for professionals to excel in their chosen fields.

So, what more is LinkedIn about, if there’s  anything else, and what account features do they offer? What are the advantages, and disadvantages of using this platform. Why is joining this platform so important? Read thru this post, and I’ll explain.

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More on what LinkedIn is all about?

LinkedIn, is a business and employment oriented professional network, that was launched on May 5, 2003. In this professional network, the profiles are resume-like pages that include your educational history, job experiences, and other career related information.

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After creating your profile on LinkedIn, you can immediately begin getting in touch with new colleagues, companies, and professionals. When you allow LinkedIn to access your email contacts, it’ll show you the profiles of folks you might already know. Your experience (once posted), and capabilities, attract employers and companies to get connected with you.

This enhances your job opportunities in a major way. Apart from that, you can join LinkedIn groups where issues of a specific industry, are discussed, and solved. You can also link your twitter account with LinkedIn, to enhance your professional networking experience. So, LinkedIn is a good place for your professional side of life to grow, and flourish.

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LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is a platform that offers a lot of features for various categories of users. Especially, if you are looking for a job, looking to hire a few employees, or start your own business. LinkedIn can help you in a major way. The main features of LinkedIn are listed below:

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Basic Account Features

Here’s a list of features, that you receive free of cost. When you sing-up, you get these features with your profile. Here are some main featured included in your basic account:

  • News feed: They your news feed, like other social media networks, you’ll get instant, constant updates, concerning the activities of your friends. Your news feed will also show your recent connections.


  • Job Search: LinkedIn, provides a list of available jobs in your job-feed. You can apply for these jobs directly through the platform. Usually clients check your profile, as well as your professional resume, before making a decision about hiring you.


  • Hiring Employees: If you want to hire employees, LinkedIn makes it very easy for you. You can post jobs to your account, and get responses from all types of people. All whom are seeking real employment.


  • Groups: LinkedIn, allows you to join up to 50 groups. By joining these groups, you’ll find people from similar industries, with the same interest. With that said, you can then begin participating in discussions, to build your reputation, and get more attention.

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Premium Account Features

LinkedIn, provides special features to people with specific needs, and interests. The network has different premium accounts. Premium accounts for Sales Professionals, premium accounts for Job Seekers, Job Recruiters, and Businessmen. The prices of these accounts range from $29.99 to $99.95 per month. The main features of premium accounts are the following:

  • Advanced Search: Based on your account type, LinkedIn will provide you advanced search options. You can apply certain filters to narrow down your options. This could help you easily find companies, and people, based on their seniority, time in business, company size, and skill.


  • LinkedIn Learning: Through this feature, you’ll learn new courses that are on demand in the industry. These skills can make your profile give more an impact, and enhance your chances of success.


  • In-Mail: In-Mail, is the feature through which you can send messages to those whom your not directly connected with. This is especially useful when you are looking to approach high profiled people, or companies.


  • Who viewed your profile: With this feature, you’ll be able to see all contacts who viewed your profile. By knowing this, you can have an idea whether your profile is getting the proper attention, or not.

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Pros and Cons

Just like all the products, there are some pros and cons of using this platform. Let see what the benefits of using LinkedIn are, and what disadvantages it carries.


  • Job opportunities: LinkedIn, loads a number of jobs thru your job-feed. The more connections you make with the right persons, the more likely you are to win a good job opportunity. And the different kinds of work opportunities offered on LinkedIn, usually pay well.


  • Keyword based searches: LinkedIn, provides recruiters with a facility of keyword based searches, when searching for their candidates. Candidates can also improve their positions in search results, by using these particular keywords in their profile.


  • Stay up-to-date about industry trends: Thru LinkedIns Business accounts, you can get access to the latest, upcoming trends concerning an industry. This will help you make your business plans more efficient, and timely executed.


  • Build Personal credibility: If you own a company, you can build, and increase its reputation, and visibility by sharing posts on the network. Also, LinkedIn for Business allows customers, and partners to give real testimonials regarding your products, and services, which enhances the credibility of your business in an effective way.


  • Fake Profiles: Fake profiles, aren’t just a problem for LinkedIn. It’s also a problem for every social networking platform. However, it’s more harmful for this platform, since it’s developed specifically for business, and employment purposes. There’s no way for a recruiter to know whether or not, a certain candidate actually holds the listed skills, and experience.


  • Spamming: You will get a lot of spam messages on LinkedIn. In addition, some users connect with you, just to obtain your email I.D, and other account information. They’ll sell your information to earn money. So beware of unwanted spam. Don’t reply if you recognize it!

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Having said these, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for enhancing business, and employment opportunities. There are over 500 million professionals on LinkedIn. You can improve your business, and enhance job opportunities by making the right connections with the right professionals. LinkedIn is not just a social networking website. It is also your professional resume, and your presence in the business world.

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Do you have something to say or add, about LinkedIn? If so, leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear what you have to say! Other than that, thanks for reading my post, I hope it helped, and good luck with your success!

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