Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program Worth It? Is it Legit and Scam Free?

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This post, is about how to make money with Amazon Affiliate Program. Shall we get started?

What is Amazon and How Amazon Affiliate Works

Amazon to this day, is the Largest Online Retailer’s on the planet! People from all over the world have shopped on their website or at least heard of them. Their great products, wide selections, and excellent prices, make them perfect for online business.

Whether you are looking to buy a toaster, clothes, or 60-inch televisions – Amazon’s got your back. What people may not be aware of is that Amazon has an affiliate program. And, those of you who are aware, you may be asking, “Does Amazon Affiliate Program work?” Yes, it’s working! A lot of people use this as a legit way to work and earn money online.

How Much Does Amazon Pay?

amazon’s affiliate program page showing that affiliates get paid 10% of what they sale

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program, and how does it work? Amazon has an affiliate program, where you can sell one or more of the millions of different products, and get paid up to 10% for each sale.

How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website or Store:

So, for you entrepreneurs out there who are looking for a legit work online business opportunity by starting an online store, without inventory taking up space around your house, here’s your big chance! Shopify would be a great resource for opening an online store by using Amazon affiliate links. WordPress, too.

However, if your interest does not involve opening an online store – never fear! There are many ways to earn money as an Amazon Affiliate. For example: You can place the Amazon affiliate within your content as you blog. You would then earn a commission any time a website visitor clicks on the link of the retailer to purchase the item you are promoting.

If the visitor chooses not to purchase in the moment, a tracking cookie will then be stored on their web browser for a particular window of time. If they purchase during that “window of time” the commission still goes to you. There are tools such as banners you can place on your website, too.

Where to start?

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It is Completely FREE, to work online as an Amazon affiliate. After signing up, and once you’ve made your decision and you’ve chosen what you want to advertise, you will be given a referral link to your product of choice. Simple!

Choosing Your Niche – Amazon Affiliate Niche Ideas

With literally millions of product’s and categories to choose from, and picking your niche or category of business you would like to advertise and focus on is key. This won’t be easy for some! Your niche of choice could be for example:

a man in a blue shirt and tie scratching his head trying to figure out an amazon affiliate niche idea

  • Healthcare Products,
  • Video Gaming,
  • Sports Products,
  • Baby Products,
  • Shoe Products,
  • Book Products, or
  • Exercise Gear
  • Clothing, or
  • Whatever category you like, that can possibly keep your interest!

Doing this will not only give you better focus, but also more order in the things you’ll be promoting. Give it some thought because this will be the main focus of your website.

How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website

This is something very important to have when advertising online. Without a website, you won’t be able to brand yourself or your product. Once you’ve chosen your niche, and the products you’d like to promote, it’s now time to build your free website. There are a few ways of going about this:

You could:

a view of wordpress showing how important it is to have an amazon affiliate website niche

  • Pay someone to build it for you (Expensive $$$), or
  • Learn directly from the Professionals and do it yourself (Recommended).

The reason I recommend doing it yourself, is because you need to understand how to build a successful affiliate marketing business, otherwise you won’t be successful. There are so many ways to get lost on how to sell something online, I don’t want you to get “Lost in The Sauce“!

Doing it yourself by implementing some training will not only save you money, but also put you in a position to be a great online marketer, who has full control of his business. Besides, no one out there is going to work for you, as hard as YOU work for YOU, right? So just imagine your Unlimited Potential, if you only knew what you were doing!

How Amazon Affiliate Pays

a view of amazon and hundred dollar bills on green grass showing how amazon affiliates get paid

Amazon has a couple different ways of paying its affiliates. You can get paid:

  • By Check, $100 minimum,
  • Amazon Gift Cards,
  • (US only) Direct Deposit, $10 minimum,


Need Help Getting Started?

Well of course you need help! Obviously, you won’t be able to just join Amazon’s affiliate program and all of a sudden know how to promote its products. To be successful with Amazon (or selling through any other program, for that matter) you need:

  • Support from experts,
  • A sufficient affiliate marketing education,
  • Access to getting help when needed,
  • Hosting, domain(s), keyword tools,
  • The ability to be able to communicate with other affiliates that are very successful.

There is a program out there that offers all this in one. That program is Wealthy Affiliate. Read my full review here!

My Conclusion For Building A Legit Work Online Business With Amazon

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Yes! It’s Very Possible to build a successful business with Amazon. Anyone can join and start selling products of their choice, as long as your registered. The difficulty becomes how to promote it. I can help you Get Started with that.

If you have something to say or to add, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need help. Thanks again for reading my post guy’s.

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2 thoughts on “Is Amazon’s Affiliate Program Worth It? Is it Legit and Scam Free?

  1. Excellent article Hassan. Amazon is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online. The trick is knowing how to promote the products. We highly recommend your DIY marketing as you have explained.

    Yes, you need an education so you can succeed. Wealthy Affiliate does offer everything you talked about and probably even more. They have the best value of any online training courses that we have found.

    Anyone wanting to make money online should take your advice. Learn how to Do it yourself. It will not only save you money but you will get an education that will allow you to eventually be your own boss. Thanks for the info Hassan and some very good advice for anyone.

    1. Hello Mr.Ken, and thank you for those kind words. People need to know about making money with Amazon. I found it to be kinda simple. Choose a product you want to sell and advertise it. The only trick is mastering how you advertise it, or put it out there, in which like you said, Wealthy Affiliate could help. Having Amazon, mixed with the education of Wealthy Affiliate, you can’t lose. Thanks again for the motivation to write more, verification that Amazon really works and for those kind words. Take care Mr.Ken..

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