The Great World And History Of Video Marketing..

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Welcome to this great world of video marketing:

When was the last time you made a day through the World Wide Web without running across multiple ads on Facebook or video on a blog? There’s a reason for that! Have you been searching for a way to take your company or product to the next level? Maybe even a way to expand your brand’s marketing techniques?

Video marketing is by far one of the most powerful tools you could incorporate in your marketing campaigns. In a world ran by YouTube videos, commercials, and those same ads that you continue to run across, videos have become a way of life. The reality is that people pay more attention to videos than they do reading. Videos are attention grabbers and SEO friendly, which makes them such a powerful tool in marketing.

People are more inclined to trust and remain attentive to things that are visually appealing. If done right, your business will see an increase in engagement from your current customers and new customer conversion. A bonus is that your website will rank higher on the search engine! Yes, simply incorporating video marketing on your website will increase your SEO. Video marketing is taking over the internet and you can be a part of that revolution!

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The History and Meaning of Video Marketing:

As social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have expanded and exploded in the social scene, video has become a significant marketing strategy. YouTube, the “founder” of video marketing, is the second largest search engine, with good reason. Today, videos are must, in all industries, to help your brand reach its highest level of success.

Video Marketing is the incorporation of videos in business marketing techniques. It’s used to increase engagement, customer conversion, and maximize SEO. Video marketing is becoming a revolutionary tool for businesses because of the success it has provided brands. With the proper tools, video marketing could be the next big break for your brand. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of all marketing techniques, especially those that you are unfamiliar with in the marketing world.

I have compiled a small list of pros and cons to show you what video marketing offers to your brand. The decision will start to become clear after reading through the list. After reviewing the list, be sure to keep reading through the section explaining how to successfully use video marketing. It’s important to know how to work the pros in your favor and how you can overcome some of the cons.

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Video Marketing Pros and Cons:

Increased Customer Conversion Rates
SEO boost
Increased Engagement
Creates trust between the brand and potential customers

Expensive (but worth it)
Quality Downfalls (content quality could be lacking), Picture’s not clear
If done improperly, it could cause the customer to be less interested in your brand

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How To Successfully Use Video Marketing:

You’ve weighed the pros and the cons of video marketing and the pros have outweighed the cons by a long shot. How do you implement video marketing properly to confirm you can successfully increase traffic to your website and customers? Well, for starters prepare to create a video strategy to ensure everything in the video caters to your target audience. From your mission statement to your closing- be sure your target audience understands what your brand represents for them. You’ll also need a strategy to plan how to ensure your video stands out and has the best quality from the sound to the message.

Decide if interviews, instructional videos, or promotional videos work best for your brand. Despite the high engagement videos can provide, if you choose to incorporate a random video on your website- it could defeat the purpose of the video. Remember that no matter what, your focus is to cater to your target audience. Also, videos are known to heightened emotional connection between the customer and your brand- use that to your advantage! Personalize your videos in a humorous or emotional tone. Make it short and sweet to make a lasting impression on the customer.

Go with the method that works for your brand, which may be more of an instructional video. Regardless of the type of video, don’t forget to WOW the viewers, while remaining sensitive to your target audience’s needs. Your goal is to keep the watch time high so that viewers are more inclined to share it with their friends and colleagues. Unlike some of the other marketing techniques out there, you are in control of how you incorporate video marketing into your website, so make the best of it!

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Share Your Thoughts:

Do you have something to say about Video Marketing? Maybe Something to add about your success or failures with incorporating this technique? If you do, please take the time and leave your comment at the bottom. I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading my post, and good luck with your success!

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2 thoughts on “The Great World And History Of Video Marketing..

  1. Hi. You’re absolutely right – video marketing is a must nowadays.
    Cold you, please, elaborate on how to actually go about it? For example, you mention it is not cheap. But exactly how much does it cost to start? What equipment would I need? Do I have to actually appear in my videos or can I make sreenshots and comment on them, for example? Can I use other people’s videos on my website?

    1. Well to answer your questions Zbigniew, it’s free to start recording videos and to also use YouTube. You don’t need any special recording equipment either. You just need a good HD recording camera. Some Androids and IPhones are already built with it already installed. 

      You don’t have to appear in your videos. For example, you could create a screen recording, recording just your computer screen. I find this way the easiest for me. You could also create a video of pictures and sound. You could be the sound talking in the backround, while pictures playing photos. You can also use other people’s videos. You just need their permission. I sure hope this helps!!

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