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Boosting Your Google Ranking with 10 simple tips:

Learning, and taking advantage of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the secret behind boosting your Google rank. Search Engine Optimization is what holds your website’s ability to maximize the amount of traffic that comes your way.  This traffic, among other things, determines your search engine ranking.

Higher Google rankings are equivalent to higher click rates. Everyone wants more attention towards their website and aim to rise to the top of the search engine results. Your website (Click Here, if you don’t have one already), is not exempt to this possibility! I’m going to share 10 tips with you to help you boost your Google ranking.

Tip 1: Keyword Research

Taking the time to do proper research on the keywords needed on your website is essential in boosting your search ranking. SEO is highly influenced by keywords. Once you learn how to create keyword based blog posts, your site’s SEO will be maximized to its full potential.

Avoid keyword stuffing- Google will catch on, but maintain high quality content while including the necessary keywords to get those higher rankings on search results.

Tip 2: Share Buttons

With the increasing popularity of social media, having social sharing buttons on your website can create more awareness and increased visitors towards your website. Through adding these buttons to your site, you will be able to increase traffic to your site from the plethora of people on social sites.

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Tip 3: Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly site causes a friendly relationship with Google’s search algorithm. You can expect to have higher search rankings by simply ensuring your site is mobile friendly. It lets Google know that your website is easily accessible from any device, which gives you leverage for a boost on Google’s search results.

Tip 4: Updated Content

Ensuring that you have updated content on your website will also boosts your Google search ranking. Keep your creative hand working or hire someone to do it for you so that you can maintain relevant, updated content on your website.

Google notices what sites are outdated, and will assume it has been abandoned by the owner. Make sure Google knows you’re working hard on your site! This is a perfect example of hard work paying off – you’ll get that boost for your Google ranking!

Tip 5: Readability

Readability influences the amount of time people spend on your website, which can affect your search rank. This dwelling time is also known as the ‘click through rate.’ Your website should maintain readability, which means the layout should flow smoothly and it shouldn’t be cluttered.

If you have categories on your website in an organized format, it will be easier for visitors to click through your site to explore your brand. Google takes notice of these click through rates and rewards you with a boost on the search engine.

Tip 6: Usability

Be sure that your website visitors don’t get a 404 page when clicking your link. Ensure the usability of your links are active. Google will take note of broken links and it will plummet your search rank.

Tip 7: Contact Us Page

Yes, this simple addition to your website will provide higher search ranking for your website. If you’re creating a way for your customer service to be accessible, Google is under the impression that you’re a legitimate business. It provides credibility for your business and creates trust for Google to rank you higher on their search results.

Tip 8: Longer Blog Lengths

Google favors longer length blogs. Anything under 300 words is considered unworthy of page 1 of Google search results. A good rule of thumb for your blog word count is to aim towards 1000 words and, with your audience’s attention span in mind, under 3000 words.

Tip 9: High Website Speed

Yes, website speed affects your google ranking. Do you usually stay on a site if it takes too long to load? Neither does anyone else. Those that click away from your site contribute to your abandonment rate and you DON’T want that for your website! The catch is, neither does Google.

Everything will start to connect when trying to boost your Google ranking. High website speed is a must when trying to apply effective readability, usability, share buttons and updated content. This tip is a must have if you want anything else to effectively help boost your Google ranking.

Tip 10: Monitor Your Ranking

After applying these other tips, be sure to monitor your ranking. As you work towards finding the best formula for your site, you want to monitor your progress. Notice what causes your Google rank to rise and take note when something causes it to fall. You want to keep doing what’s helping and stop doing what’s detrimental for your brand.

Maximized SEO:

Maximizing your website’s SEO potential can potentially change your business forever! If you have been consistently creating great content, but have struggled with bringing traffic towards your site- SEO will be your hero! Use these SEO based tools to boost your Google ranking!

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2 thoughts on “Learn Everything You Need To Know, About “Boosting Your Google Ranking” Here..

  1. I think boosting your google ranking may be the biggest challenge of running a business online for most of us.

    I’ve been writing long post, but am experimenting with going back to writing 6-800 word post that are just crammed full of good information.

    No doubt that choosing low competition keywords are boosting my google rankings, but it’s pretty difficult to find the ones that have good traffic and high competition.

    There’s so many kw research tools available today, that it get’s confusing. Which kw tool do you think is the best for google ranking?

    1. Good evening Mike, and thank you for commenting. Well, I use Jaaxy. That’s from what I’ve heard, the best keyword research tool on the internet. But your welcome to do your research on it

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