The Importance of Passive Income!!

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Why Join A Top Paying Affiliate Program?

Why would you want to join a Top Paying Affiliate Program? My favorite Affiliate referral program is Wealthy Affiliate, for example. I joined it because they pay their affiliates over a million in commissions. And they are known for very high conversion rates. To top it off, make 3 referrals daily with Wealthy Affiliate, and you could be looking at around $200,000 recurring revenue.

So, it’s no wonder that joining a top paying affiliate business can allow for you to earn a stable living from home.

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Recurring. Residual. Referrals. That’s the key..

Think about it. Working remotely from home and making a passive income online is your dream or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve seen how people’s lives are changing every day from them earning money while working with a business that includes recruiting or referring.

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Why Work with One of Many Residual Companies?

Wealth. Do you ever dream about having it? Money isn’t everything, but wouldn’t it be a relief not to worry about living paycheck to paycheck?

These days, some people don’t even know Wealthy Affiliate exists, so they turn to the Internet for advice on how to make extra money online. Every day, year-after-year people scour the Internet in hopes of learning top ways to supplement their income. There they sit tapping on their keyboard in hopes of stumbling across the top residual income opportunity, or just the right company with referral programs; or the number one residual income job or business that will catapult them into financial freedom.

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And then comes speculation..

We’ve all been there, right? We all wonder, “How in the heck do people make their money!?” We see huge, sprawling homes as we drive past them. We watch the HGTV shows about people buying private islands.

Have you ever watched those couples (both young and old) buying the million-dollar yachts on AWE TV?

Oh, and let’s not forget about HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

The kicker is not always the bargain beach homes or the fact that people are throwing money away on yachts and private islands – and still have extra for wining and dining. The kicker is that I often catch the buyers talking about how they have the freedom to work remotely from the locations they are buying into. Whether it be the St. Croix, Honduras, Ocean Park, Miramar Beach, Pensacola Beach, or a private island somewhere off the coast of Key West. You name it, and there’s someone living it. There is someone living the dream!

Whether you want to be a millionaire or whether you just want to earn a stable income while living working from home, statistics show that the people living this dream do it with passive and residual income opportunities working for companies that provide a way for them to wine and dine while making money with affiliate programs and referral programs.

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Make Passive Income Online | Top 7 Reasons Why Working with Passive Residual Income Opportunities Can Predict Your Financial Future

1.) Produce Multiple Streams of Income

It’s a well-known fact that millionaires make their money with not one, not two but multiple streams of income.

2.) Choose Companies with High-Recurring Commissions

If you go with companies who produce high affiliate commissions (like Wealthy Affiliate, for example) you can earn monthly and yearly recurring commissions. And with WA, for example, you can make $1 when free members upload their profile picture as well as a description (meaning they don’t even have to pay for you to earn). However, most will join (another $23.50 in monthly recurring commissions). Over 12% of your referrals will then go Premium. In this case, that’s another $175 yearly you will earn.

3.) Referrals Produce More Referrals. Referrals of Referrals Make YOU More Money

There are some programs that allow you to make money off your referrals AND Their referrals AND their referrals’ referrals.

4.) To Blog or Not? That is the Question.

Yes. Blog and do it every day by providing affiliate links throughout your entire website or blog. Affiliate links with many different venues will provide you with passive income by doing this, therefore leading to streams of income.

5.) Because Who Wants an Active Income?

Active incomes can earn you a salary. You work for a company earning a yearly or hourly wage – never giving you the chance to make much more – not even through raises. Passive Income means you are compensated after you’ve already put in the work. It takes hard work in the beginning of these kinds of ventures, but if you don’t quit, the money will continue to grow for the long-term.

6.) Lifestyle

Passive, residual, and referral income allow for the financial freedom of “buying a yacht” and still having money left over. My point is, you can change your lifestyle. You can do it. Just keep working at it.

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7.) Because Learning Turns into Knowledge and Knowledge Turns into Opportunities

Not every opportunity will grow your bank account, but what you learn from each experience will help you make smart moves for the future. It’s called trial and error. You are not alone. Everyone learns through trial and error. It will be through those trial and errors you will see an influx of cash over time.

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  1. Hey Hassan,

    Indeed earn passive income online is everybody dreams with the luxury you can work anywhere, anytime you want. You don’t have to worry about product, service, and payment, it’s well handled by the Product Owner.

    Further, it’s true that Wealthy Affiliate’s own affiliate program can drive you full-time income and you can also diversify into any niche /direction at your own choice. This creates another stream of passive income to you.

    A good read on your article.

    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much Shui! Your kind words mean everything to me. Luck out for my future informative post, and good luck with your success.

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