PINCHme Review: A Fun Way to Sample Popular Brands or a Waste of Time?

Is PINCHme A Fun Way to Sample Popular Brands or is it really a Waste of Time?

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Are you interested in receiving free samples from the brands you love? If the answer is yes, you’d probably want to check out PINCHme. PINCHme sends free samples through the mail in exchange for survey answers from their users. PINCHme provides the opportunity to sample some of the most popular brands on the market. PINCHme claims to be a great company to sign up with, but are they as good as they seem? 

Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we’re all about helping you find real legit work online, while also aiding you in avoiding those evil online scams. We investigate online businesses to ensure you are dealing with legitimate companies. Our team of researchers is dedicated to providing the most relevant and accurate breakdowns on internet companies selling good opportunities. In this article, we look into PINCHme. When signing up with PINCHme, you have access to samples in exchange for providing market research. If your considering trying PINCHme out for yourself, keep reading to the end of this article.

Our investigation into PINCHme lays out the essential operational aspects of the company.  Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we offer the know-how to navigate businesses on the web. Learn more about the success rate of actually sampling fun products online from PINCHme.


PINCHme is a fun way to test drive typical household, beauty, pet, and food and drinking products. The business model is not very complex; it’s pretty straightforward. After creating a profile and indicating your product preferences, PINCHme provides an array of new products each month to choose from. PINCHme users receive a box of samples every month.

PINCHme advertises its sample program as a “no-catch” way, to test out products online. PINCHme provides data-driven sampling, ratings & reviews, and consumer research programs. So, will your experience be as good as PINCHme’s promises? Signing up with PINCHme gives access to brands such as Starbucks, Hallmark, Kraft, and Clorox. If you want to find out how legit of an opportunity it is choosing from products to sample from, keep reading. LegitWorkOnlineForReal displays how fun online money-making opportunities actually are.

What is PINCHme all about?

PINCHme is a free sample program that allows everyday consumers to sample products from notable brands, before entering the market. They send out boxes full of free samples each month and provide access to more free promotions. Each month members are given product offerings to choose from to build their boxes. The more products you sample, the more rewards you earn.

When did PINCHme Start?

PINCHme is a New York-based company operating product sampling and digital promotions. They were founded in 2012 and tbey are a privately held business. PINCHme was formally backed by a venture capital fund, but no longer is today.

The Rewards:

They Rewards program offers you the ability to choose from even higher quality products. Signing up with PINCHme is rewarding to consumers who want to test products before they hit the store shelves. After completing a profile and registration with PINCHme, users are given access to building a box on the following sample day.

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Do you sample new products each month with PINCHme?

If your preferences do not match the monthly samples, you will not receive a box every month. In addition, sample offerings are limited because not many of the products will be relevant to your preferences.

What does it cost to use PINCHme?

PINCHme has no cost to sign up. They actually advertise that you’ll  never need a credit card, which is true. Once you have completed your profile, you get access to they’re sample release days.

The other free promotional opportunities offered by PINCHme are not guaranteed to be free of price. In addition, samples are only provided to consumers with preferences that match the product. 

Is PINCHme successful?

No, but PINCHme used to be successful. Reviews are mostly positive from previous years, but there are hardly any recent positive reviews. Users have reported customer service changes. Users have also reported that they were getting product offerings from other websites that they never signed up for. That being said, if we could give a grade to PINCHme Review, we’d give them a C.

Can You Make Money With PINCHme?

Well the short answer to this question, is no. They’re basically giving you free monthly samples to try out, for your feedback in return. So your basically paid in the form of free giveaways, instead of actually straight cash.


  • Products from major brands.
  • Easy to register.
  • Free to join.


  • Limited sample offerings.
  • Slow delivery times.
  • Lack of information security.
  • They’ll spam you to death with other company products.
  • Trustpilot rating of 2.5 stars and is not accredited on BBB.

What are internet users saying about this website?

Reviews for PINCHme used to be primarily positive. Now it’s for the most part negative. We provided some personal experiences from real users of PINCHme, to give you a beyyer understanding of the gossip.

One customer ssid this about PINCHme,

“I used to get free samples from Pinchme, but lately they say you have to sign up for one of a selection of offers to get the free samples. The offers are not free (cancellation is not allowed) and have nothing to do with the samples. So they are no longer free samples. It is a big scam.”

Another user said,

“It may take a while for it to ship your samples but they are 100% legit and awesome. All you have to do it complete surveys and customer reviews and they send you samples that fit your profile. It’s amazing. Sometimes they give small samples and sometimes it’s full sized products.”

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Our Conclusion For PINCHme:

PINCHme provides the opportunity to sample products from prominent brand names. Users are given access to various free promotions when they sign up. However, user information is given to untrustful companies, and product offerings are now minimal.

For these reasons, we believe PINCHme is a scam, and we over at LegitWorkOnlineForReal recommend you find out yourself if PINCHme is an excellent way to sample brands online.

Have you had a different experience with PINCHme or have something else to report about the sample programs? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about PINCHme, and we’ll see you in the following review.

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