Barefoot Writer Club Review: Is This Right For Your Freelance Writing Goals?

Is The Barefoot Writer Club right for your freelance writing goals?

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You may have seen the ads for the Barefoot Writer Club across the internet from time to time. If so, it’s possible that you dismissed it as just another membership that won’t help you meet your writing career goals. However, did you take the time to truly research them and find out whether they can really help you with your writing goals? If not, this review will be helpful for you as we will explore exactly what the Barefoot Writer Club is all about and whether or not it can help you to earn more money as a freelance writer. 

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The Barefoot Writer Club is an online membership for new and beginning writers. Their website states that they strive to show new writers everything that they need to start a successful writing career. They also state that they share the best tricks of the trade to help writers find success quickly. The Barefoot Writer Club is essentially an online subscription magazine and it is a faction of American Writers & Artists, Inc. also known as AWAI. 

When did Barefoot Writer Club start?

The Barefoot Writer Club is owned by Paul Hollingshed and was started in 2013. Since then it has become well known for marketing to newbie writers who would like to go full time with copywriting. 

What is Barefoot Writer Club All About?

The Barefoot Writer Club focuses on teaching new writers how to get well-paid writing work. The club is set up as an online magazine subscription and writers will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to join. Once a new member has joined, they will get access to a variety of resources and training. 

Membership Provides: 

  • Smart Start Writing Course
  • 11 Bonus How-To Reports
  • Private Members Facebook group
  • Ongoing Support
  • Access to Barefoot Writer Magazine

Does it Cost to Join Barefoot Writer Club?

Yes, there is a cost associated with joining Barefoot Writer Club. Their website shows the yearly membership joining fee to be $149. However, they advertise a discounted new member joining fee as being $108. They offer a money-back guarantee within the year so that people can join at no risk. The Barefoot Writer Club allows any member to cancel within the first year for a full refund even if it is on the last day of the yearly membership before the renewal. They call it a continuous service guarantee so that members will keep their low price throughout their membership. 

Can you make money with the Barefoot Writer Club?

Although the Barefoot Writer Club makes a lot of claims about helping writers succeed, ultimately their training materials are not very thorough. They simply allow new subscribers to get access to back copies of their magazines. In addition, new writers get a few videos and articles which are mostly suited for beginners. 


  • Large social media following with over 115k users on Facebook and over 3K followers on Twitter. 
  • Instructional videos are available upon purchase
  • Simple to understand training materials


  • Too many upsells into their more expensive paid pieces of training
  • Not enough detail in their training materials to take writers to higher levels of success
  • No live discussions with trainers are currently available. 

What are people saying about Barefoot Writers Club?

“Good opportunity for a writer to learn and hone their skill in the craft through many different avenues of writing.”

-Barefoot Club Member

“Thought I’d give it a shot as I believed I would have access to the jobs board. My member fee only brought me daily spam. I called and asked for a refund and they were kind enough to respond with a refund right away. I found the site very cumbersome, confusing, sales-oriented, and definitely not user friendly.”

-Barefoot Club Member

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Our Conclusion For Barefoot Writers:

The bottom line is that Barefoot Writers Club is not an outright scam. However, you can’t expect to become a prolific writer or make tons of money just from their bare-bones training. The meat and potatoes lie in their main courses offered by their parent company. If you are looking to become a six-figure writer just from this training alone, you may not be as successful as you would have hoped. However, you will get a basic idea of what you need to become a writer and a general outline of how to proceed. 

At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we want to know what you think about our review. Have you found that your experience with The Barefoot Writer Club is different or do you agree? Leave your opinion in the comments below. Thanks for taking the time to read our review and we look forward to providing you with more informative content on online money-making opportunities. 

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