Pinecone Research Review: Make Legit Money Sharing Your Opinion Online or Scam?

Make Legit Money Sharing Your Opinion Online or Scam?

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Are you looking to offer your opinion online in exchange for cash? If so, you might be interested in signing up with Pinecone Research – a sure-fire way to provide trusted brands with real-world market research. Pinecone claims to be an excellent method to becoming an influencer today. Using Pinecone, you can become the first of many to test, review, and give your opinion on emerging technology and different concepts for products and services you know and trust.

The Pinecone Research team is supposed to be a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. But are they a legit way to make money online? Here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we’re all about helping you find real legit work online, while also assisting you an avoiding those evil online scams. We do the research you need to verify online opportunities, to ensure your saving precious time. Our group of researchers work relentlessly to ensure you get an accurate and comprehensive outlook on the company behind your screen. In this article, we address Pinecone Research. This website incentivizes market research by earning points for completed studies, redeemable points for cash or prizes, and early access to company products.

So, if you are interested in getting involved with reputable brands by providing market research, finish up this article and head on over to Pinecone Research to get started today. In our investigation of the money-making opportunity behind Pinecone Research, we looked deeper into the heart of the operation. Our analysts pay attention to detail when discovering the ins and outs of online businesses. At LegitWorkOnlineForReal, we assist you in identifying the risks in the open web. 


Pinecone is a super simple way to earn money behind your screen. Their business model works in a very straightforward and easy-to-understand method. First, users sign up. Then users are notified of potential studies where they can then earn points redeemable for cash or prizes. Pinecone claims they offer quality services as a trusted leader in voiced opinions and consumer research nationwide. Their main area of operation is within the United States, where users complete online surveys and “directly influence tomorrow’s products today.”

The purpose of Pinecone is to make consumer insights more accessible to businesses. So how legit is Pinecone Research, and why should you try it? At Pinecone, you are a part of an exclusive group of panelists representing diverse consumers and households from coast to coast. So, let’s find out if it is as simple as creating an account and starting to make money?

Discover the facts behind Pinecone’s seemingly foolproof way to make money by providing your opinion online. LegitWorkOnlineForReal helps you decide if the online companies will make you real cash. 

What is Pinecone all about?

Pinecone is a trusted leader for technology-based solutions concerning consumer opinions. They bridge the gap between the development of new products and real-life consumer opinions on them. With each study you complete, you earn points. Once those points hit a certain level, they can be redeemed for cash and prizes. The added benefits of signing up with Pinecone Research are having access to new products before they hit the market and having real influence over emerging products.

Once you’ve signed up, you are alerted to new studies and are immediately enrolled in the Pinecone Rewards. So, will you be able to make some cash by signing up with Pinecone Research? Reward points are redeemable once the redemption level has been met. At the redemption level, you can cash out or redeem gift cards. The average payout is $3 per survey. 

When did Pinecone Start?

Pinecone Research has offered the opportunity to make money by influencing consumer products for 22 years. Their parent company is Nielsen Company, a marketing agency based in New York City, USA. Pinecone Research, however, is operated out of Cincinnati, USA. 

What does it cost to use Pinecone?

There is no cost to sign-up with Pinecone Research. When you are signed up, you are alerted to new studies. Past users have reported low numbers of study offerings, often with 3-4 surveys available each month. Add an average earning of $3 per survey, which can mean you’re making less than $15 a month from Pinecone Research. In addition, in order to complete a survey, you must successfully qualify for it. To learn more about the price to use Pinecone Research, check out their website. 

Is Pinecone successful? 

Pinecone Research is mostly sort of unsuccessful. They have the largest number of 1-star reviews, with a light scattering of higher reviews. They were once believed to be the most successful way to make money through surveys online. But the majority of reviewers cite their program as going downhill. If we could give a grade to Pinecone Review, we’d give them a C+. 


  • Fast payouts.
  • Easy to follow surveys. 
  • The parent company has a BBB rating of A+. 
  • Free to join!


  • Very limited amount of surveys. 
  • Users must qualify in order to take a survey.
  • Trustpilot rating of 2 stars and F rating on BBB. 

What are internet users saying about this website? 

The reviews for Pinecone Research are mostly negative, with a few positive ones. These two reviews pretty much give you the whole picture of an experience with Pinecone Research.

One customer had this experience;

“Pinecone has been one of the better survey sites I’m on. Been with them for a couple of years. Yeah, as others have stated, there’s no Paypal anymore, which used to be nice but instead, I just do the Amazon gift cards which are okay. Not as many surveys as other sites but not a bad number either.”

While another one had this to say;

“Not had any surveys for a year, so I thought id check if I have any balance left but the website doesn’t even load anymore – used to be the BEST research website. but then you just got less and less and didnt get paid for some you supposed to.”

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Pinecone Research website logo

Our Conclusion For Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research has some of the most profitable survey options on the web. They give users the ability to influence the new technology and consumer staples ready to premier on the market. However, surveys are few and far between, and there have been an increasing amount of website issues in more recent years. 

We believe Pinecone Research is NOT a scam for these reasons, and we over at LegitWorkOnlineForReal recommend you find out yourself if Pinecone Research is an easy way to buy and sell tech for free.

Have you had a different experience with Pinecone Research or different opinions on the survey website? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Pinecone Research, and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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