12 Minute Payday-Worth Your Time Or Wasting 43 Minutes?

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There’s a lot of ways to make money online. Most of those ways are legit. And there’s also one’s out there, that aren’t the best for one reason or another. If you are someone looking to make money online as a side gig, or something that can eventually become a full-time income, we have plenty of articles here that you can read pertaining to various legitimate opportunities.

From what we have learned, there are some opportunities that are worth your time and others that can be just a complete waste. We’ll be taking a look at one opportunity called the “12 Minute Payday”. Is it one of those things that are worth your time and effort, or is it a waste of time all together? Let’s get right to work and reveal to you what we’ve discovered.

Who Started “12 Minute Payday”?:

The “12 Minute Payday” program was founded by Justin and Steven James. As for when it was founded, we managed to find a video on YouTube that dates back to 2014. As far as we know, Justin and Steven James have not founded any other program, other than “12 Minute Payday”.

What Is “12 Minute Payday”?:

“12 Minute Payday” claims to be this program where you suppose to be able to make money in 12 minutes. The question is — is it for real? Well, we decided to dive in. When you visit they’re website (which can’t be found as of late 2021), it use to take you to a video that starts up on it’s own. And it’s those kind of videos where your not given the option to stop, pause, rewind, or fast-forward it. So basically, you have to watch it to the end (assuming you don’t close the entire page down). And by the way, the video itself is 43 minutes long. So this means you’ll have to sit through the whole thing in order to hopefully find something interesting. And if you just so happen to miss something, you’ll need to wait to rewatch the entire thing again. Remember, there is no rewind button here.

Anyways, the video starts out with Justin James character (or so we think), claiming to say that you can become a millionaire using they’re program. And to add a little cherry on top of this sundae, he said that he would personally pay you $2,000, if he failed to do so. Sounds like a pretty bold wager, if you ask me. So Justin goes on to talk about how he made $2 million online using this particular system. Then he goes into this long ramp on how it can be for anyone regardless of age, education, location, and so on.

He further claims that he can make you money within as little as 35 clicks. OK, now this is venturing into the “too good to be true” territory. And of course, if it sounds too good to be true, 9 time’s out of 10 it is. Apparently, you can get this done in 12 minutes (hence the name “12 Minute Payday”). And as expected, Justin launches into a story that you would normally find in most video sales letters. Keep in mind, most video sales letters are legit and are linked to a proven product  or service. But Justin tells this story that makes it look real and authentic.

Long story short, he segues into a part of the story where a friend of his found this system that somehow made him a ton of money. And he somehow learns this and gets rich off this so-called system himself. Fast forward even further, he now asks for 50 people to join his program. But there’s a catch: they have to meet his “criteria”. And those 50 people that fit will need to pay him $500 to test out his secret system. Now $500 seems like a bit of money for some kind of system that supposed to have made him $2 million.

All throughout the video, you see testimonials, pictures of the “lap of luxury” people claim to be living through this system and so on. We’re going to level with you, this video is not really worth the 43 minutes to watch.  Not only is it boring, but it smells like a scam of some kind. We put ourselves through the torture of watching the video so you don’t have to.

How Does “12 Minute Payday” Supposedly Work?:

The way the “12 Minute Payday” is supposed to work is like this. First you have to buy it. The price is $47. However, when you try to close out the page it will then offer a different price. A measly $10. If you try to close it out again, they’ll cut out a dollar and leave it at $9. So let’s get this straight: $47 from the start, but at the end of it all you’ll get is a discount of $38 for this program. We don’t know about you, but that also sounds kind of fishy. Plus, what’s confusing is that Justin said that it was $500 for 50 people.

So to make the long story short, you are supposed to be selling products. And as it turns out, they are of low quality. They are associated with a company called “Clicksure”. These contain products that have been rejected or even banned by “Clickbank”. So in other words, you are somewhat of an affiliate of these products. And in order to make money online, you need a lot of traffic.


  • A clear path to making money: With some of these money making opportunities that are considered “too good to be true”, the only good thing tends to be that there is a clear path that will somehow help you make money.


  • Fake testimonials: Anyone can put together a testimony within a few minutes. People get paid on Fiverr to write up or even do video testimonials of a product they have never tried.
  • Sale pitch/video is long: 43 minutes? Yeah, too long for a sales pitch. Especially for something that is designed to sell you low-quality products that might have no place on the Internet to begin with.
  • Price instability: It starts out at $47, then $10, and then $9. It reeks of desperation and even the newbies of entrepreneurship might pick up on this.
  • Webite Unfounded: The official 12 minute Payday website can’t be found on the internet, as of 2021.

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Our Final Verdict For “12 Minute Payday”:

In the case of “12 Minute Payday”, we’ve decided to consider this a waste of time. As far as we’re concerned, selling low-quality products online is not only unethical, it’s illegal depending on your jurisdiction. You’d be better off selling your own products if you want to make money online. That or actually doing some legit affiliate marketing. We have plenty of articles on how to do that. And believe us, they are worth the time to read.

Have something you would like to say or add about this, “12 Minute Payday” program? Maybe something to add. Do you also think that this isn’t worth your time or money? Is they’re any questions you might have concerning our “12 Minute Payday” review?

If this is the case, please leave your comments or concerns down in the comment section below, and we’ll be more than happy to get back with you. Thank you again for reading our post, and good luck with your success online..

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