Facebook Bonanza-Scam Or Legit?

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These day’s, it has never been easier to make money online. More importantly, a lot of people have decided to make a full-time living online, out of such opportunities like freelancing, or starting they’re own online business. Let’s not forget that there are also money-making opportunities that would be perfect for earning a side income (but not enough for making a living).

While most of money-making opportunities are Legit, some of them are shady and could be considered a Scam. One of the opportunities that we will be looking into today, goes by the name “Facebook Bonanza”. We did a good amount of digging up on this program. We’ll give you the scoop on what we’ve discovered, and how it supposedly works. Finally, we’ll let you know if it’s legit, or something you should avoid.

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What Is “Facebook Bonanza”?:

Facebook Bonanza” started up in 2014. Apparently, it claimed to be something that was associated with Facebook, where you could make money online using it. “Facebook Bonanza” has no direct affiliation to Facebook, nor is it associated with it. And apparently, there is no known founder of this program. No name, nor a face to match. However, it is said that it might be connected to a Cyprus-based company known as “Markenark Holdings”, LLC.

“Facebook Bonanza” was recently believed to be linked to several scam complaints. So right off the bat, we were able to point out two red flags. The first one was they’re false claim to be associated with Facebook. The second one was “Facebook Bonanza” being linked to several scam complaints.

How Are You Supposed To Make Money with”Facebook Bonanza”?:

From what we were able to gather from our previously found testimonies, “Facebook Bonanza” claims that users can make hundreds of dollars per day. Some user’s claimed to be making five figures a month. The problem is, they don’t specify how you do it. How are you suppose to make money, when you have no clear blueprint on how to do so?

And it sounds like they pulled these numbers out of thin air. Guess what else? “Facebook Bonanza” claims that in order to make a living with they’re program, you only need to work as little as five hours a day. With that said, doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Well that’s because it is.

How Is “Facebook Bonanza” Supposed To Work?:

Now here comes the fun part, which is how to get started with “Facebook Bonanza“. Well, the sign up isn’t free, as far as we can tell. But in order to supposedly make this money online with “Facebook Bonanza”, you need to purchase something known as the,  “Facebook Cash Kit”.

And it’s priced at a grand total of $197. But wait…they give you a discount of $47. And if you leave the page, you’ll go to another page where they offer the program to you again, for $27 dollars. So you could basically save $170, just by closing out the first page and going straight to the next.

After purchasing the “Facebook Cash Kit”, your immediately subject to a $47 monthly fee, plus an extra dollar as part of your “Road Academy Training”. So now, you have the potential to spend very little to start, but then are charged a $48 per month fee for training. This sounds all way too confusing, right?

Of course, they have their own fine print that basically reads that if you don’t like it, you can cancel. But you don’t get a refund. Plus, they write these stipulations to make it look like they’re not liable for anything, and it’s your fault. What a sneaky way to avoid lawsuits, and having to pay these people back.

So What Are The Pro’s And Con’s Of “Facebook Bonanza:


  • You can join “Facebook Bonanza” for dirt cheap: This was basically the only pro that we were able to dig up concerning “Facebook Bonanza”. The “Facebook Bonanza” training program that you could join for originally $197, could actually be brought for the basement floor price of $27. Some of the later stories we’ve discovered concerning “Facebook Bonanza”, stated that their price for joining could get knocked down even lower (by at least about another $5).


  • No clear blueprint for making money: Despite the claims of making money, there is no way mentioned on how your supposed to do it. Do you post something? Do you watch videos? Do you complete surveys? There really isn’t a clear explanation on how this is done.
  • The testimonials are fake: Here’s the thing about testimonials. They’re supposed to show social proof. And a lot of people will choose to buy your service based on real testimonies. But today, any idiot can hire someone from Fiverr, to write up a phony review, and post a stock photo of someone claiming to be that person. Even if you do purchase something that’s legit, don’t take a lot of these testimonies at face value.
  • Your Paying a monthly fee for nothing: It’s one thing to pay a dirt-cheap price for a training program. But to pay a monthly fee just for “ongoing training” for nothing is absolutely absurd. You are literally throwing your money into a fire pit every month. So thanks, but no thanks.
  • No refunds: The fine print reads that you can cancel at anytime. But you can’t get a refund on the money you’ve already spent. That’s kind of a sleazy move considering that they are selling something that claims to make you money.
  • Deceptive Tactics: They claim to be associated with Facebook. Keep in mind that if something was really associated with Facebook, you would have known about it by now, through Zuck himself. Especially work from home opportunities (with the exception of freelance job board groups on Facebook, which are allowable if they follow the rules).

Note: At one point in time, there was a work at home opportunity that you could do through an app on Facebook called “CloudCrowd” (remember when Facebook had apps?). However, “CloudCrowd” is no longer available on the platform. 

  • Shady Scarcity Tactics: They claim that you have to claim they’re one time offer, or it’s gone forever. But from what we’ve noticed, is not real. You still get this “special offer”, every single time you visit the site. To the trained eye, they’re not fooling anybody here.
  • They collect and sell your information: This is where things get really fishy. If you enter in your personal information such as your name and address, they’ll sell that information to other businesses. And guess what? So you might get spam calls or emails soon after signing up. And they will likely never stop..
  • Fake credentials: Ever see those things where they claim to be featured on major news networks and publications? Well, there is no shred of evidence that “Facebook Bonanza” has been on any news network, or any kind of news whatsoever. If they were, then their website probably would have been making a cameo appearance in a news segment entitled “online scams”.

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Final Verdict For “Facebook Bonanza”:

There are lots of online money making opportunities that don’t turn out to be the best, and could e considered a Scam. And we are very subjective about throwing the “Scam” label around. But in the case of “Facebook Bonanza”, it is a 100% scam. Therefore, you should steer clear of “Facebook Bonanza“, and consider other legitimate opportunities. And we promise you that there are a lot of opportunities out there that will fit your personal needs, preferences, and income goals. If you want to make some real money online, don’t hesitate to check out one of our other articles.

So, would you happen to have something to say or add to this review? Do you have a story concerning this “Facebook Bonanza” program, that you would like to add, or share with us? Do you believe this business is a scam too, or legit? Do you have any questions concerning this review? Maybe something we didn’t mention concerning “Facebook Bonanza”.

If you do, great! Don’t hesitate to leave your question, or comment below, and we would be more than happy to respond back. Thank you for reading our review, and good luck with all your success online..

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