iPAS2- Is It Legit or A Scam?

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Lots of people even today are looking for a good opportunity to make money online. It can be done as a side-hustle, or a full-time income. Yes it’s possible, depending on what you choose to do. At the same time, we are always committed to finding the best opportunities for those who are interested in finding them. This also means weeding out all the bad apples by exposing which ones are legit, from the one’s that should be considered a scam.

In this article, we continue with business as usual. We’ll be investigating a money making opportunity that goes by the name, “iPAS2”. We’ll be digging into what it is, how it’s supposed to work, and whether or not if it’s legit, or something that you might want to steer clear from, in favor of a better opportunity.

What Is iPAS2?:

“iPAS” (website url can’t be found online anymore) stands for, “Internet Prospect Acceleration System”. It’s part of another online program that goes by the name, “Empowr Network“, which is a company widely known for being a MLM (multi-level-marketing) program. “iPAS2” is an app that claims to handle all kinds of back end tasks for those who are running an online marketing business. The “Ipas2” program was founded in 2011 by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.

Their app claimed that it could perform such tasks like creating multiple streams of income automatically, creating traffic for lead generation, quick campaign tracking, and putting everything together in one easy to read and understanding website. Sounds like it’s an app that knows what it’s doing. But the question is, is it for real or a scam? Well read on and find out.

How Does “iPAS2” Supposedly Work?:

One of the many things we’ve learned was that you can sign-up for a 7-day trial with “iPAS2”, for $7. But apparently, that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. However, some people had reported saying that in order to try it out, you had to join the “Empowr Network”. To best describe Empowr, it’s a social media network that pays you for posting, selling products and services online, and other things. Imagine using Facebook and getting paid to post your status, or a random piece of content. There is no other way to bypass it, from what we understand.

With that said, this “iPAS2” app is supposed to work in the manner of helping you drive traffic to your website. This traffic’s supposed to help you generate some sort of leads and possibly some passive income. But what exactly are you selling? Well, since we’re also discussing the “Empowr Network”, these tools are probably useful just for selling products or services while your are on “Empowr’s” website. So by the sound of it, you can’t use this app outside “Empowr”.

While the $7 trial was around, “ipas2” offered 7 days worth of training material. But other than that, you get nothing else. In order to get the full features themselves, you’ll be required to pay $47 per month. After you’ve upgraded, you can fully sell products on the “Empowr Network”. And from what we were able to discover, some of the products you would be selling would envolve basically low quality ebooks, amongst other low quality products. So this was a major red flag for us. If you are selling something to your targeted market, the least they could do, is provid you with good quality products.

If your goal is to make more money using this “iPAS2” program, you’ll need to purchase one of their memberships. There are four different membership levels that you can choose from. They have Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black memberships. The higher level the package, the more money you’ll end up paying per month. However, the perks you claim to get for enrolling in the “black” package, is suppose to be VIP event access, along with other huge discounts.

How Do You Make Money with “Ipas2”?

“iPAS2” provides two way for you to make money thru they’re program. You could either earn a 50% commission when selling products on the “Empowr Network”, or earn 100% commission based on your referrals (or recruits) you refer to “iPAS2”. Yep, you recruit people and get paid off they’re efforts, just like you would in any multi-level marketing (MLM) program. And then your recruits will have to do the same thing, which is recruit people and so on. Does this  make sense?

Major Red Flags We Were Able To Uncover:

We were able to dig up some major red flags concerning “iPAS2”, during our detailed investigation. It’s important to take heed and pay attention to these, if you are considering the idea of using and being apart of “iPAS2”. Here’s what we were able to dig up:

You Can’t Purchase “iPAS2” By Itself:

Unfortunately, there’s no bypassing joining “Empowr Network” making it an obligation. So if your interested in joining “iPAS2”, you’ll also be required to join the “Empowr Network”. This is another one of those tactics that “Empowr Network” excerises, to add more money and business to their program. So when you recruit and make money, they also will grow, and make more money too. Both companies will constantly benefit in the end.

The Money Back Guarantee Is Not Usually Honored:

Despite the fact that they claim to have a 14-day money-back guarantee, most users have reported requesting a refund and never recieving. Some ex affiliates have even gone as far as to say that they’ve waited weeks to hear back from the “Empowr Network”, but heard nothing. Then when they finally would hear back from them, it would be “Empowr” telling them that their refund request has been denied.

Your Earnings Will Disappear:

Another thing we’ve discovered about the “Empowr Network”, is that any earnings that you may have earned on their platform, could possibly end up disappearing without warning, or notice. And to make matters even worse for anyone using the “Empowr Network”, Google and Facebook has taken down any links that are associated with this program. Couple that with the complaints of users reporting their “hard-earned money” disappearing all of a sudden. If this isn’t one of the biggest red flags of them all, we can’t tell you what is.

Spam, Spam, Spam:

The reason why Google and Facebook banned all materials involving the “Empowr Network” is because they’re users spam, and spam a lot. So imagine a Google search results page filled with spammy links from the same website. That will definitely hurt a lot of other websites depending on the keywords used. And it makes it completely unethical.

It’s Expensive:

iPas is already expensive. But on top of them being expensive, they offer a low-quality program. Why spend $47 on a program that sucks quality-wise?

Empowr Network Gets Plenty Of Complaints:

The “Empowr Network” has received so many complaints from they’re users. And of course, let’s not forget all the legal stuff that EN had gone through because of these customer complaints.

Advice About MLMs:

While we are quite impartial about several money-making opportunities, we are well aware of how multi-level marketing programs operate. While there might be some that are considered pure pyramid schemes and scams, some of them are proven to be very legit. However, they do use a form of pyramid scheming. So we advise you to steer clear from them, since they’re not really the best money making opportunity.

My Final Verdict For “iPAS2”:

If you made it this far, you probably know what the verdict is going to be for “iPAS2”. “iPAS2″ isn’t really a scam per say. But it’s a low-quality app that allows you to sell low-quality products. Plus, you’ll get paid peanuts from them, when participating in promoting they’re low quality products and services .

With that being said, we’d highly suggest that you do not give iPAS2” a try. And while we’re at it, let us remind you that “Empowr Network” is also not a good money-making online opportunity to look into. If you want a real money-making opportunity, we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

Do you have any experience with being scammed by this “iPAS2” program? Do you have any questions concerning our scam review? If this is the case, please leave your comments,questions, or concerns below, and we would be more than happy to respond back. Thank you again for checking out our post concerning “iPAS2”, and we wish you the best of luck with all your success online..

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