Is Empowr Legit, or Really A Scam?

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If your looking for ways to make money, whether online or offline, you can and will eventually find a gig that’ll pay you a side income, and eventually a full-time income. It just takes a little knowledge, patience, and focus when starting off. You also need to learn how to separate what is legit, from what is considered a scam, or not worth your time. And that’s what we are here for.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on a money-making opportunity known as “Empowr”. We’ll determine whether or not it’s a real money-making opportunity that you should consider, or if it’s something that you should steer clear from. We’ll do all the digging up and heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Then at the end of this detailed review, we’ll unveil our final verdict.

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What is Empowr?:

“Empowr” is considered a network marketing company (which shut down in 2019), that claims itself as a “democratic social platform”. Based in San Diego California, it was founded by Michael Poutsi in 2001. Before that, Poutsi was the founder and CEO of, which he started up in the late 1990s. “Empowr” is one of the many things that Poutsi has attached to his resume of online business accomplishments.

The “Empowr” website claims that they are committed to democracy, sharing, sustainability, and justice. Not only that, they claim they’ve made a promise to anyone who joins the business, to earn at least $25 a day. But how exactly do they earn it? Let’s take a look at how this program supposed to work.

How Empowr Works?:

“Empowr” claims that you’ll be able to sell or share something you may have (which could be anything), that needs to be shared, or sold. The object of “Empowr” is basically rolling social media, eCommerce, and auctioning, all into one great big package. Users claim that you can earn money by posting and sharing products, or even content. You can also sell what you want in their marketplace. There really isn’t a popular product that isn’t being sold or shared on “Empowr”, other than what past users have called “social aspect”.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Empowr?:

It’s absolutely free to sign up with “Empowr”. It’s basically like Facebook, but with a few extra interesting aspects. You know, the claim that you can make money by way of selling, or sharing something that may not be even a physical product. Posting a status and getting paid for it? It might sound a bit too good to be true right?. If such a thing were to happen with Facebook, they would probably go bankrupt, considering the user base is about 1 billion strong (and counting).

How Does The Signup Process Work:

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t cost a thing to sign up with “Empowr”. So basically you go through the motions and add in your information. However, in order to activate your Empowr account, you’ll need to link your PayPal account as well. To confirm the connection, Empowr withdraws $1 from your PayPal account (and this is done without your permission), which should stand out as a red flag if you think about it.

Here’s where it gets really confusing:

If you withdraw that $1 from your account, Empowr will pay you back. This is a bit sketchy considering the fact that they take a dollar first, just for you take your dollar back, to pay yourself. But still, you are out a dollar. Are you confused as I am? Sorry about that, but that’s the only way to explain how it all works.

Keep in mind that once you have your PayPal account linked to “Empowr, you have granting “Empowr” the power to access your PayPal account (another red flag if you are security conscious). With that being said, you should consider contacting PayPal first if you feel that it’s necessary to link your account to such websites like “Empowr”. If you want to play it safe, you should consider opening up a secondary PayPal account, so you won’t compromise your primary one.

How Do You Supposedly Earn Money?:

As I mentioned early, “Empowr” claims that you can earn money simply by posting, or sharing on their website. At the same time, you could earn money if a user views your blog post, photos, videos, or other content. You can also sell your own personal products, within the “Empowr” marketplace. As a matter of fact, the main way you’ll be earning money, is through the promotion, and distribution of what you are selling.

This can be a physical product, or a service you are providing. “Empowr” claims that you will start earning on all of your posts, within your first 24 hours on board. Again they claim you can also earn money through advertising, as long as people click through the ad itself, and purchase the product, or service you might be selling. You won’t be paid for impressions (or if a user sees the ad and doesn’t engage).

“Empowr” claims that you can earn money daily on their website. But the earnings go through what is called a “maturation period”. This period is supposed to last for 60 days. The money you earn can be used if you want to buy something through the marketplace. You can also use the money to purchase a subscription known as a “Power User” subscription. However, if you want to withdraw it by way of PayPal for example, you’ll have to wait until the money is matured, which takes up to 90 days. For example, if you earn money in February, you won’t be able to touch it until at least June.

Pros and Cons of Empowr:

After some deep digging with “Empowr”, we can list to you the pros and cons that we have come across. This might give you a good idea of whether or not you should approach it at your own discretion. Here’s what we can tell you:


  • You can earn money with every post: Sure you can. You can post a few things and get paid for each one during a 24 hour period. That isn’t so bad, right?


  • No posting limitation: Considering that you have no limit on how much you can post, that could increase your chances of earning. However, the downside of it is that it could open the floodgates of spam posting. If there was a news feed of various posts that come from the same user, then that can be quite tiring (not to mention needy).


  • Maturation period: If you earn any money, you can expect to wait as little as 60 days to use it (on they’re website), and 90 days if you want to use it elsewhere. That could be a long wait for someone who needs to money the right away. Imagine having money that you cannot touch until it matures. That’s not something you want, right?


  • Earnings are quite minuscule: Sure, you may see someone earn a lot of money on “Empowr”. But they might be embellishing the truth a bit on how fast they earned it. They may have a large list of followers. But we can imagine that the pay rate might be ridiculously low, especially for just one single post.


  • Your earnings may just disappear: There have been claims about money already maturing, but users never getting it. We’re talking money that was earned early on in the year, only to be gone in the latter half if it isn’t used, or cashed out. That seems a bit unethical considering you have already earned it (so it has to be acted upon once you have it, and it becomes available).

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My Final Verdict For Empowr:

Considering that we’ve come across more bad than the good, “Empowr” isn’t something that we should highly recommend to anyone looking for a real money-making opportunity. After all, Empowr seemed to have undergone a couple of identity changes in the past, due to constant, consistent complaints.

While you don’t necessarily pay to join, you may lose your “hard-earned” money at some point, as some have claimed. While we would say “use at your own risk”, we really couldn’t put together a good case to say it. Steer clear of “Empowr” at all costs, and consider other legitimate money-making opportunities. Point blank, and thats the end of this discussion..

So, would you happen to have any concerns you’d like to be heard about this, “Empowr” program? Maybe something nice you’d like to add? Do you believe this business is a scam too? Is they’re any questions you might have concerning my “Empowr” review?

If so, great! Leave your comments or concerns below in the comment section, and I would be more than happy to respond back to you. Thanks again for reading my post, and good luck with all your success online..

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