My Home Job Search- Is It A Good Job Tool Or A Scam?

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Work at home opportunities are just about everywhere on the Internet. There is no doubt that you can find one that will actually earn you legit money online, as long as you stick with the gig of your choice. However, there are those out there that are not what they’re hyped up to be. And for most users, not distinguishing a good opportunity from one that is considered a potential scam, is a lost art. But thankfully, we are able to guide you through which gigs to stay away from, and which ones we consider legit (and they’re plenty of others…so just ask, if you are interested).

One such opportunity we’ll take a look at is the “My Home Job Search” website. Is this a legitimate online website to depend on? Or is it considered one of the handfuls of “scams” that are littered all over the Internet? We’ll be able to determine that verdict here shortly. But for now, we’ll dig through what we know and what we’ve discovered, so you don’t have to do the heavy research yourself.

What Is “My Home Job Search”:

“My Home Job Search”, is a website (which can’t be found online today) that claims that it can find work at home jobs for those in your local area. The website was founded by, Michael Anderson in 2016. The website is designed to be a search engine that is supposed to help you find a work at home opportunity from “proven, verified employers” that are near you. They say that you will never be contacted by any fake, or unverified companies. Furthermore, they also claim that you can earn anywhere from $14 to $56 an hour.

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How does”My Home Job Search” Work?

As I mentioned earlier, there is a search engine aspect to “My Home Job Search”. Apparently you can filter their search engine results by entering in how much money you would like to earn per hour, how many hours your willing to work per day/week, and when your able to start working, among a “laundry list” of other questions.

Now this may all sound legitimate and all, but there’s a plot twist! You pretty much get the same search results every single time. So either it doesn’t do a good job filtering the results like it’s supposed to do, or it just doesn’t bother, and you get the same results no matter what. If you ask me, that’s sets off a red flag in our minds.

Signing up with “My Home Job Search”:

With that said, you can sign up for a free account with “My Home Job Search”. However for a one time fee of $99, you can upgrade to a premium membership. Sometimes, there might be a sale where the price will drop down to $29. Once you go through the motions, you end up in the “member’s area”. This basically consists of links that take you to survey sites, and other supposed money-making opportunities.

So not only does “My Home Job Search” claim to be a job listing site, but they also include other so-called “work at home opportunities”. At this point, this seems a bit confusing. And for some, this might be one of those examples where it defeats the entire purpose. Not to mention, if you click through any of the links, “My Home Job Search” earns a commission if you choose to sign up, or take the surveys. Chalk that up as another red flag guy’s.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is a premium membership that you can “upgrade” to. The only difference between the free membership and premium membership, is that your supposed to get dedicated customer support. So basically, it leaves all the freebie users in the cold by the sound of it, right? So that’s another red flag! Actually there are so many red flags, we’ll begin to list them all out in the next section.

Red Flags: What Have We Discovered about “My Home Job Search”:

Rather than give you a list of pros and cons, we’ll be taking a look at what we’ve discovered that we would consider to be  a red flag. At this point, the only good thing about “My Home Job Search”, is that it’s free to sign up. That’s it! But here are some of the not so good things pertaining to “My Home Job Search”, that you should know about:

Search results are never filtered: As we’ve mentioned earlier, no matter how narrow you want your search to be, you’ll pretty much get the same results. A legitimate job search site would require employers to list their specifications, so it can be filtered through search results, based on certain preferences.

Premium upgrade doesn’t make much of a difference: Your only add-on is “dedicated customer support”. Other than that, you get the same old stuff.

There is no “Michael Anderson”: From what we were able to dig up, there is no face to the name. So it may have been a pseudonym of the original founder. This is quite common for anyone launching a low-quality job search site that claims all kinds of bold promises.

Fake testimonials: Testimonials (or social proof) might be one of the best things to rely on before purchasing a product, or service. However, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Especially when someone can drum up a quick positive review of a product or service they never used, and tack on a stock photo to go along with it. Check out how many people on Fiverr are getting paid to do these fake reviews. Pleasenote: While there are a bunch of things you can do on Fiverr, doing fake reviews is something we don’t recommend.

No real media credentials: Next to testimonials, media appearances are usually taken with a grain of salt. My “Home Job Search” claims that they’ve been on major media networks. But there is no evidence of any of that. But if there was, it probably was part of a video package of a news segment warning people about “online scams”.

Surveys? Yeah…right: Despite no real jobs not being posted, you are basically subjected to making at least $1 an hour by doing surveys. That’s not a good-paying gig if you can help it. Yes, there are legitimate sites where you can make money doing surveys. But don’t count on making a full-time income doing it.

So…Now What?

Before we wrap this up, we’d like to remind you that there are legitimate websites where you can work at home as a freelancer, or even an online business owner. We’ve got plenty material to help you go in the right direction (and we know of a few places that might fit you perfectly). Don’t let bad apples like “My Home Job Search”, confuse you from the whole aspect of working at home. If you have any questions regarding a good work at home gig, you can reach out to us, or check out our past articles on “Legit Work Online“. –screenshot picture of my home job search website homepage

The Final Verdict for “My Home Job Search”:

At this point, you already know what we are going to say about “My Home Job Search”. You should stay far away from this program, and any other websites similar to it. Plus, you’d be wise to save your money, that may have otherwise gone to a premium membership that literally gives you nothing. In the case of. My Home Job Search”…we find this to be a scam, and not worth your time. But don’t fret though! You can still find a good work from home gig anywhere on the Internet. While you do, we’ll be on the lookout for more of those not so good gigs that are trying to fool people every single day. Point blank, and that’s the end to this lovely discussion..

So, would you happen to have any concerns you’d like to be heard about this, “My Home Job Search” program? Maybe something nice you’d like to add? Do you believe this business is a scam too? Is they’re any questions you might have concerning my “My Home Job Search” review?

If so, great! Leave your comments or concerns below in the comment section, and I would be more than happy to respond back to you. Thank you again for reading my post, and good luck with your success online..

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