Survey Club – Is This Legit or Scam?

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We can talk about all online money-making opportunities all day long. We know which ones are legit, and which ones that are scams. Plus, we’re always on the hunt for the best opportunities for you (while coming across some of those that we should warn you about). Because we care about your online money making success and don’t want you to get suckered in the process.

With that said, surveys are a good way to at least earn some type of money online. With that said, it’s not something you could make a living out of. But it could be fun and easy to do nonetheless. If you want to know some of our recommended websites for completing surveys, you can reach out to us, or check out the few survey websites we’ve added to this review.

Staying on the topic, we’ll be taking a look at “Survey Club“. Does it deserve its spot in the ranks as one of our favorite survey sites? Or is it one of those that will turn out to be a major bummer. Leave it to the experts to dive in and investigate, so you don’t have to. With that said, let’s get started.

So What’s “Survey Club”?

Survey Club” is a website that is dedicated to it’s users completing surveys online. It was founded in 2005, but the name of the founder is unknown. The company is based in Denver, Colorado. Most of it’s “Survey Club” members are from the major English speaking countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. As of today, there are about 16 million registered users.

“Survey Club” claims to have a positive rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau. However, that claim should be taken with a grain of salt. If you really want to go deep, you should always do your research, so you know for sure that it’s a real rating. Keep in mind that BBB is not a government organization. Let’s move along, shall we..

How Does “Survey Club” Works?:

The way “Survey Club” works is you fill out a form when you sign up. Signing up will not cost you a thing. During the signup process, you choose a list of survey websites you want to join. These websites include, but are not limited to:

After the application process, you will receive a confirmation email to continue with the process. From there, you’ll need to fill out a profile that will be based on demographics. The reason for this is so that you can receive surveys that target your choosen audience.

How Do You Make Money With “Survey Club”?

With “Survey Club“, the money you’ll earn from completing different surveys will vary. The higher-paying surveys will take longer to complete, if you were aiming to make more than $1 per survey. The shorter surveys (of course) could be completed quicker, but you might only end up earning maybe around $0.25 cents, once completed.

To be completely honest, the pay will range from a few cents to about $5 at the most. You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings until you’ve reach $25. Some say that the actual minimum payout is $10. Once the minimum is reached, you would think your earnings would be deposited into you in a PayPal account. But it’s not.

You can choose to have your earnings added onto an Amazon Gift Card, or to a prepaid debit MasterCard. But what you choose to do, is completely up to you. Once you do cash out, it’s time to start all over again. And some users have claimed make more money by completing morw then just the surveys. More specifically, they say that if you were apart of a focus group, you’ll get paid a much larger sum (like up to $1,000). But at this time, we have yet to see any proof of that claim.

Pros and Cons:

Considering what we’ve gathered so far from our investigation, we were able to gather some pros and cons. We’ll explain in detail what they are, and why. Let’s start with the pros:


  • Amazon gift cards: As popular shopping on Amazon is, getting a gift card to shop more with them can seem like a nice way to get paid. I can see a lot of users opt for this form of payment, compared to the debit card. You’d be surprised by what you can buy on Amazon for $25.


  • It’s Very Difficult to reach the minimum payout: Reaching the minimum balance is hard to obtain, especially since the minimum payout amount is supposed to be $25, according to most users. Considering that you’ll be completing hundreds of low paying surveys, odds are it’ll take you quite a while to reach that minimum amount. And you’ll be getting more low paying surveys than the higher paying ones. Not to mention, if you start a survey and answer enough questions to a point where you are disqualified from taking the rest of the survey.  You won’t get paid the full amount, or maybe no money at all.
  • A middleman for various survey websites: As you have probably noticed, “Survey Club” is basically a “middleman” for multiple survey websites including “SwagBucks” and “Fusion Cash”. Why go through that much trouble when you can simply visit and sign up with those websites directly? So it’s relatively pointless (unless of course, you want survey after survey to be littered in your inbox). With that being said…
  • Expect your email inbox to be full of spam: There’s a good chance that your email inbox will get spammed with multiple random surveys. We’ve also learned that you’ll be hit with promo emails from their third-party partners. So if you really do sign up for something like this, consider using a burner email instead. Spam has been one of the chief complaints among “Survey Club” users.
  • You won’t make a living: As we mentioned earlier, don’t count on making a living excepting and completing surveys thru “Survey Club”. The money you’ll earn will amount to basically nothing. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that the surveys pay range for completing them, range anywhere from $0.10 cents, to a few dollars. The average survey you’ll be completing, will be low paying. Which is why we can’t understand how people can claim to make $100 to $200 a day doing this type of work.

Alternatives To Consider:

As we mentioned earlier, “Survey Club” serves as a middleman for several survey websites. So while signing up for a few survey websites all at once thru “Survey Club” might sound like a good idea, a better idea would be to simply sign up on one survey website of your choice, then (if you choose to) sign-up for another one later. Sure signing up for multiple survey website’s at once may sound easy and convenient. But it does come with a lot of spam and headaches.

If you do want to take surveys online through Swagbucks or Inbox Dollar (for example), sign up with them direct.

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My Final Verdict For “Survey Club”:

As you might have already noticed, there are far more cons than pros listed in this review. Typically in situations like this, we’re usually able to call it a scam. However, this isn’t the case with “Survey Club“. While the website’s legitimate, it’s something that we don’t recommend you use. But if you wish to sign up with “Survey Club” because you liked something about them that we’ve mentioned in this review, you are welcome to do so. But at your own risk!

However you should consider our recommended alternative survey websites that we’ve recommended. This way you won’t be wasting your valuable time, or subjecting your personal email inbox to being littered with spam. We have a few survey websites you can check out, and we have the content that talks about them, to back them up. Just click the few survey website links that are within this review.

So, would you happen to have any concerns you’d like to be heard about this,”Survey Club” program? Maybe something good to add? Do you believe this business is a scam too, or legit? Is they’re any questions you might have concerning my “Survey Club” review?

If you do, please leave your comments or concerns below in the comment section. I would be more than happy to respond back to you. Thanks again for checking out my post, and good luck with all your success online..

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