Fusion Cash-Is It Legit Or A Scam? 

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There are plenty of ways to make money online today! Whether it’s for work, or just for the fun of it. Well online surveys for the most part, is the latter. But the question is, which opportunities are considered legitimate, and which opportunities are a complete scam? Let us do that heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

One such survey website we’ll be taking a look at is “Fusion Cash“. Is it a legit survey website where you can make some extra money? Or is it one of those websites you might want to steer clear from. Let’s dive in so you’ll have all the answers to those questions, and then some.

What is Fusion Cash?:

Fusion Cash” was founded in California, in 2005. The name of the founder is unknown at this time. It is considered to be one of the oldest survey websites online. One of the things we look for is how long they’ve been online. Considering that they’ve been online for quite a while, it seems like their business practices are quite standard. But do take this with a grain of salt going forward. They claim to have members in all 50 states and to be accredited by the BBB.

How Does “Fusion Cash” Work?:

Signing up for “Fusion Cash” is absolutely free. But right now, it seems like they are only accepting new members who live in the United States, or Canada. But once your able to sign up and confirm your email address, you will then be able to set-up your account and prepare yourself to take surveys. And there’s a few ways to make money with “Fusion Cash”, should you not qualify to complete one of “Fusion Cash’s” survey’s.

The first way to make money with  “Fusion Cash” is obviously completing surveys. Some claim that you can earn anywhere between $0.05 to $5 (or even more) per survey. Of course, the longer and more complex the survey, the more you’ll get paid. But what if you don’t qualify to complete that specific survey?

Meaning your trying to complete an online survey, but end up not qualifying because you don’t meet a certain requirement. In a case like this, you’ll end up not earning anything and having to use another avenue with “Fusion Cash” to earn cash.

Aside from completing surveys, you can still earn money with “Fusion Cash” thru watching video clips, searching on the web, listening to the they’re radio, completed they’re paid-to-call tasks, completing offers for a new product or service, and so on. And if that doesn’t cut it for you, you could also become an affiliate and earn money by referring others the the platform.

There are plenty of things you could do with “Fusion Cash“, once you’ve finished completing surveys that have been mailed to your inbox. And once again, the pay rate may not be the best and it obviously won’t be enough to make a full-time income. But the good news is that “Fusion Cash” does a good job at keeping plenty earning options available for you to earn money.

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How Are Members Getting Paid?:

From what we were able to gather, “Fusion Cash” members can choose to get paid using three different methods. “Fusion Cash” members can get paid thru a mailed check, direct deposit, or Paypal. And there’s no option that offers you any gift cards like most survey websites. Nine times out of ten, it would seem logical for people to opt for the PayPal option over all else (which most people do), so they can get they’re earnings right away. Once you’ve decided how you want to get paid, here comes the downside.

Your payment request is only paid out on the 20th of each month. After your payment is approved, you then have to wait an additional 1 to 5 days before the money is paid to you. Though this may seem like a disadvantage, the good news is that they will never knock off any amount of money for “processing” fees.  But what can be a disadvantage is getting to the minimum payment threshold (which you would have to obtain) in order to cash out.

The minimum amount you must earn to qualify for payout, is $25. And here’s where it gets a bit confusing. $15 of that has to be made from personal earnings and NOT referrals. Yes, you can earn money from referring friends to sign up. But you’ll have to work for it in order to earn it.

It might make some sort of sense, but you can be sure that it can be a turn off to potential users. Compared to other survey websites, it may take a while to reach $25. Especially when you’ll be earning small amounts from completing most surveys, but won’t seem to get the earnings from it, due to not meeting certain survey requirements.

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The Good vs. The Bad:

We were able to dig up quite a bit about the good and the bad of “Fusion Cash”. If you want a comprehensive guide on what we’ve discovered, here’s what you need to know now:

The Good:

Free to sign up: Of course, this is to be expected among most survey websites. If you come across a survey website that wants you to pay to sign up (and it supposed to be a survey website), it might be a scam, and it’s best to stay away from it.

You do earn a some kind of money: Though the range of earnings does vary, some surveys pay you more than others. Plus, you’ll have plenty of surveys to complete. So if you want to earn money just for the fun of it or because your bored, completing surveys might be a good place for you to start.

Plenty of other non-survey options: Of course, I think doing other tasks aside from surveys is a great way to earn more money online. If you want to watch video clips and earn some extra cash, it’s possible. Want to earn a couple dollars more for shopping, why not take on the opportunity. You can really do that with “Fusion Cash”. You are not limited to just completing surveys.

The Bad:

It’s only available to US and Canada citizens: If you live in the US or Canada, you’re in luck. But if you live in Australia, sadly you won’t be able to sign up for “Fusion Cash”. If you do live in Australia and are still interested in making money completing surveys online, consider signing up for “SurveyJunkie”. “SurveyJunkie” would most definitely be a great alternative.

Your choices may be limited: While you might have plenty of online survey opportunities to choose from (and other non-survey tasks), there will be days when your options might be limited. This is another big reason why you shouldn’t rely on completing surveys, as a way to make a full-time income online from home.

Potential spam in your inbox: If you are signing up for “Fusion Cash”, we highly suggest that you use a “burner” email. The reason why is because you might get spam emails from third-party partners of “Fusion Cash” daily. So with this case, we suggest that you use a new separate email address, that’s specifically entended for “Fusion Cash”. This way you won’t have to bother with tons of spam emails being mixed with your important emails.

You’ll be waiting for your earnings: If struggling to earn a $25 for a minimum payout balance isn’t enough, waiting for your cash will be more excruciating. With PayPal, you’ll be waiting 1 to 5 business days after your payment request has been approved. For checks and direct deposits it could take 2 to 10 business days.

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My Final Thoughts And Conclusion For “Fusion Cash”:

While “Fusion Cash” is one of the more legitimate survey websites on the Internet, you can also consider some other options as well. You can check out “SurveyJunkie”, “Swagbucks”, or “Inbox Dollar”, and earn some extra money with them too, if you have the time to do so.

Earning money online is fun, if you are doing something like taking and completing surveys. But if you are serious about making money online, on a full-time basis, reach out to us, and we’ll give you some better ideas.

So, do you happen to have something to say about the,”Fusion Cash” program? Maybe you have something to add? Do you believe this business is legit too? Maybe you have some really good questions concerning our “Fusion Cash” review?

If so, let us know what you have to say! Leave your comments or concerns below in the comment section, and we would be more than happy to get back with you. Thanks again for reading our post, and good luck with all your success online..

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