Wujiang Textile Co. LTD: Scam or legit?

screenshot pictures of Wujiang Textile Co. LTD cloth products


Work at home scams are everywhere. So the best thing that we can do here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal, is make sure that you steer clear from them, before you end up becoming they’re next victim. In this article, we’re going to cover a company known as “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD“. So without further or due, let’s jump into what we’ve dug up about this online company.

The History Of “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD”:

A simple Google search has yielded multiple results of similar names such as:

  • Wujiang Wangduo Textile Co. Ltd
  • Wujiang BTFX Textile Co. Ltd
  • Wujiang (Insert name here)?

There seems to be different variations of the same name. But upon further research on Alibaba, each company is different in terms of names and the years they have been founded. So depending on which company that carries the Wujiang Textile Co. Ltd name, the information is much different.

screenshot pictures of Wujiang Textile Co. LTD cloth products

What These Companies Do?

The “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD” company claims to be a supplier and manufacturer of textile goods. More specifically, they manufacture and supply items like curtains, bedsheets, and clothing to those selling these products thru their online store. If you were to Google the name, you’ll also notice there’s different names that come up in the search (as we mentioned earlier).

We can also assume that they supply different categories of textile goods. For example, the “Wujiang Danlu Textile Co” appears to offer fabric patterns. This might be used for manufacturing clothing. Another one, known as the “Wujiang Hailihong Textile Co Ltd” is supplying swimwear and shorts. You’ll probably also notice that some of these companies have different variations in names, but pretty much supply the same goods.

How Companies Like This Work?:

By the looks of what we see from the search results, these reveal types of manufacturers and suppliers that are based in China. These are probably companies that are often connected with those who are in the eCommerce and dropshipping niches. Most eCommerce store owners and drop shippers often rely on companies based out of China, to supply them with items they intend to sell online to their clientele.

The way it works is the store owner will initiate a conversation with the company. They’ll often ask for such things like samples and acquiring them for a price that is less than the usual “charge per piece price”. They do this to test the quality of the products before they sell them to their customers. This is also done for the purpose of preventing less refunds for their store and making sure their customers get good quality products.

What some of the eCommerce and dropshipping gurus will tell you is that you’ll need a burner email. You’ll need to use this burner email to contact the suppliers because your inbox has a high chance of being stuffed with tons of spam email. So here’s your early warning, you will be spammed a lot.

We also came across an old “Work From Home” scam article (upon further research), that was dated all the way back to 2007. This article implicated “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD” as being part of a “work from home scam”. To be more specific, this was said to be one of those wire and check cashing scams. In the article, it contained an email from someone claiming to be from the company offering a work at home job opportunity. The email happens to have the same characteristics and structure as a typical 419 scam email.

It would use a legitimate company name like “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD”. At this point, we can assume that’s how the company names are structured in China. These types of scammers lure unaware people with a false sense of security. And it always starts with a legitimate brand name. The sad thing about it is that these companies are not aware of something like this. As a result, their reputation is tarnished.

As for all work at home scams, it is important to know that these are not legitimate work at home job offers. If you truly want a work at home gig, then you’re always going to have to initiate the search yourself. No one is ever offered a job opportunity without having to initiate the conversation themselves.

You should never give any personal information to any “recruiters” over the Internet, or by telephone. You must always contact the company themselves to verify whether or not the person who contacted you is an actual employee. However, this would be a more difficult task if the company in question is based outside of the United States.

For Those Considering eCommerce and Dropshipping:

If you’re an eCommerce or dropshipping store owner, it is always important to do your due diligence and do your homework on potential suppliers you might want to work with. For example, you’ll always need to rely on Alibaba to find a reputable supplier, or manufacturer. There are all kinds of resources on the Internet that will help you determine which suppliers are reputable and which ones are considered to be the “bad apples”.

One of the ways to determine whether or not a supplier is legitimate, is to first request for samples of the product your thinking about purchasing. You’ll want to test them for a few reasons. One, you’re testing the overall quality of the product itself. Does it damage easily? Are the colors intact from the garments after washing? If you don’t run into any quality issues, that’s a good sign. Another reason to run one of these test, is to see if they really deliver in within the time periods that they say. This way, you can tell your customers upfront the estimated time of arrival, for the items they have ordered.

screenshot pictures of Wujiang Textile Co. LTD cloth products

So Is “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD” A Scam, Or Is It Legit?

With so many variations of names, it’s hard to tell if “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD’s” actually legitimate or a scam. If you’re looking for a supplier for your eCommerce store, you should always do your research to determine if they are a legitimate supplier. And remember to always test their products before you partner with them as a supplier.

However, if you receive an email with a name that appears to be a reputable company, watch out. If they offer something that appears to be a work from home job offer, then there’s a good chance that it could be a scam. These companies like “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD” may not be aware that there are scammers who may be posing as employees of the company. Regardless if it is a U.S based company or a foreign company, you should steer clear if a scammer contacts you via email about a “job offer”. Point blank, end of discussion..

Do you have any experience with using “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD”? Do you have any questions concerning my “Wujiang Textile Co. LTD” scam review? If you do, please leave your comments or questions below, and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks again for checking out my post, and good luck with your success online.

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