Is Zija International Legit Or Just Another Pyramid Scheme?

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There are several ways to make money legitimately online. Yet, there are some bad apples that exist within the entire bunch. Some will allow you to make as much money as possible, while some of them come in the form of pyramid schemes where no matter how much money you spend, you don’t earn enough to “break even”. Just complete scam online opportunities!

Today, we’re going to look into a company known as Zija International. This article will determine whether or not if it is a legitimate way to make money, or if it’s another one of the many MLM pyramid schemes. Let’s learn a little more about Zija International and how they operate.

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What Is Zija International?

Zija International is a privately owned multi-level marketing (MLM) company, that was founded in 2005. They are currently headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Zija is known to distribute products that are related to weight management, nutritional, energy and performance, skin care, and essential oils. It was founded by Ken Brailsford.

Brailsford created the idea of Zija, after watching a documentary about a miracle tree. Prior to the inception of Zija, Brailsford was already retired from his role as CEO of Enrich International, an herbal supplements company.

It was because of this documentary that would inspire Brailsford to get back in the business game. Zija would hit the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies three consecutive times, from 2013 to 2015. Their highest ranking being #503 in their debut year on the list.

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What Specific Products Do They Offer?

Here are a list of products that are commonly sold via Zija International:

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  • Core Moringa: This is one of Zija’s flagship products. The Core Moringa products come in the form of either a tea, or a powdered beverage. These are derived from the superfood known as Moringa oleifera. It is claimed to have health benefits such as heightening mental clarity, increasing energy, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and promoting healthy digestion, among other benefits. Zija also claims that Moringa contains over 90 verifiable nutrients.


  • Ameo: Ameo is Zija’s line of essential oil products. It is sold in a tincture and can be used in multiple ways. They can be added to drinks, used for culinary purposes, applied onto skin, or added in a diffuser. Zija claims that their essential oils are beneficial for the overall well-being of their users. Essential oils can be inhaled, ingested, or used as a topical application.


  • GenM: GenM is Zija’s line of personal care products. Their products focus on skin and body care. Some of the products available include toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, and skin creams. Their hair care products claim to be Parabens-free, and infused with Moringa.


  • Ripstix: Finally, there is Ripstix. These are products designed for the active person. Their products include supplements that are used for pre-workout, during the workout, and post-workout. They also include products for the purpose of keeping you hydrated all day with electrolyte-rich beverages.

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How Do People Make Money With Zija?

Is it possible to make money with Zija? That is the question that a lot of people ask. And if so, how does it work. Keep in mind, Zija is a multi-level marketing company. So in essence, someone selling Zija products can be able to recruit other people to help them sell the products as well. As someone who distributes Zija’s products, you can do it in two different ways: the first of course is making sales yourself.

The other way is to grow a team. As far as product acquisition goes, you will need to purchase the products at a wholesale price and sell them to customers. Compare this to the typical way of selling a product using the MLM model, where you get a percentage of every customer’s total order.

However, you do buy the products using your own money. So from the start, you’re losing money. Another unfortunate thing is you’re not sure what your customers want. So now this involves playing a guessing game when you buy the products that you want to sell. If you’re really smart, you can talk to people you know, and listen to what they’re looking for.

Only then can you choose which products you want to sell, because it will be useful to their certain need. Assuming that you don’t sell your products at a discount, you can stand to earn at least a 20% profit of everything you sell. However, most MLMs allow you to earn up to 30% commission, even if you don’t purchase the products upfront.

Bear in mind, just selling the products alone won’t give you that substantial income. If that is your goal, this is where the team building comes into play. This of course is self-explanatory: you recruit people to sell products. And you and your teammates promote the sales.

The team commission setting is a tricky one. By this, here’s how it is set up. You have two legs: a power leg and a lesser leg. Yes, that’s right. You’re probably going to end up building two teams just to sell these products. And your bonuses determine how well both teams perform compared to each other. However, if one team does well and the other does not, your earning potential will likely suffer.

The income potential comes from building generations. So whoever you recruit first, is considered the first generation. And whoever the first generation recruits is the second. You can guess where exactly this will go. So if you build a large enough team, odds are your income potential will increase. The higher you rise through the Zija ranks, the higher you earn.

Pros and Cons


  • If you are passionate about the products Zija sells, you will have an easier time selling them.


  • The team setting will give you more of a boost in your income. If you are good at recruiting people that have the same interest as you, the better off you’ll be.



  • You’ll earn a little less in percentage compared to other MLMs. 20% tends to be on the low side of commissions.


  • Having to buy the products themselves at wholesale prices will set you back financially. Especially when you have no idea what people want for a product.


  • The team setting structure is just a headache to deal with. One team can ruin your earning potential, even if the other team performs exceptionally well.

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My Conclusion: Is It Legit or A Scam?

Despite some of the cons outweighing the pros, Zija seems to be well-intentioned with their line of products. It is a legitimate money making opportunity, but can be a ton of work if you want to maximize your earning potential. If you have an easy time recruiting people to join your team, you’ll have an even better shot at earning a decent income.

Would you happen to have something to say about Zija International? Maybe something to add to what I’ve already mentioned? If you do, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I would love to know what’s on your mind! Thanks for checking out my post, and good luck with your success!!

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