Is “AppBounty” Legit or a Scam Review: The Untold Truth Exposed

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Is it possible to make money using a mobile app? Well the jury is out! The untold truth, is finally exposed. With such programs like SwagBucks, it makes it possible to earn money, or even gift cards from brand names such as Amazon, or the iTunes store.

But not all apps are created to be the same. And to prove that, we’re going to take a look at one of them today. The app in question today: AppBounty. We’re going to determine whether or not if it is a legit way to make money, or if it’s a scam that is luring people in on the promise of making fast cash. Let’s dive in and see what we’ve got.

The Story Of AppBounty?

It is unclear when AppBounty started and who created it. But found on the customer support forum, is a supposed story of AppBounty. Right off the bat, it’s concerning. Typically, you’ll know who created the app and why they developed it.

a screenshot picture of AppBounty website app

So…What’s The Catch?

What exactly is the purpose of AppBounty? It is an app that allows you to download certain apps. And when you download them, you earn credits. Easy enough, right? You can even earn points just by downloading apps, playing certain games, watching videos, and yes even taking surveys. So it has that SwagBucks kind of style to it. You don’t have to keep the apps on your phone. But you are probably expected to keep the app on your device for at least a few days, in order to really earn any credit for it.

Of course, once you reach a certain number of points, you can redeem them for gift cards. The gift cards they claim to have available are through reputable brands like Amazon, Google Play, the iTunes Store, and more.

Of course, you can earn extra points if you refer a friend, and they successfully download the app. You earn 250 points for every friend you successfully refer. And when they sign up, they get 50 points right off the bat. Just a standard referral system, with a nice little incentive for both you and your friends. You can invite friends by way of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or good old fashioned email.

The lowest threshold of reward points is 2500. At that point, that’s enough to redeem a gift card that contains a value of $5. Obviously, if you want a gift card with a larger amount, you’ll need to earn more to redeem it. Simple as that. That will take a lot of work.

Remember, when you redeem your points for a gift card, you won’t receive them instantly. You must allow up to 48 hours before the gift card is delivered to you.

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Can You Really Earn Money From It?

The short answer: Yes and no. Let’s begin with the “no” part first. If you are a member and use the app to download the other apps and such to earn reward points, you only can redeem them for gift cards. That’s about it. Now here comes the “yes” part. It is possible to earn money through AppBounty. But here’s the catch: you have to be a media partner. In other words, if you have a social media account or YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers or more, then you can earn real money through AppBounty.

You can create a video and AppBounty will share it with their users, thus giving you more exposure and a chance to increase your audience. Plus you get a special affiliate code they can use to join the app. And in order to grow your following some more, you can also take part in giveaways that AppBounty will set you up with.

So all you have to do is make a video that promotes AppBounty using your special code and that’s about it. When you get a successful invite, you earn 250 credits. Which is the equivalent of $0.50. In theory, if you want to earn $500, you’ll need to have 1,000 people successfully sign up.

Unless you have a large following on social media and become a media partner, you are only limited to earning so many points and redeeming them for gift cards. However, media partners won’t always have successful referrals. Just because they have a large following, doesn’t always guarantee that they’ll make a lot of money from being a media partner.

If you expect to earn money just by downloading apps, you’ll be disappointed. Of course, there are a handful of negative reviews that say they never got money by earning these points. Since you’re probably considering AppBounty, hopefully this is the first thing you’re reading.

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Pros And Cons


  • Multiple ways to earn. Not only will you have the option of downloading apps, you can also “earn and play” with certain games, watch videos, take surveys, and so on. What you earn, will depend on the activity that you do. The number of points will differ with each download.


  • Easy to use. And it’s easy for you to earn no matter how you use it.


  • You can earn enough to redeem for a gift card quickly. But remember that it may take longer if you’re gunning for a higher value gift card (i.e.–$25 or $50 Amazon Gift Card).


  • Whether you are a member, you can earn 250 points for every successful referral. On top of that, the people who signed up will earn 50 points from the start.


  • If you are a media partner, you can earn money for each successful referral.


  • As a member, you’re only regulated to redeeming your points in exchange for gift cards. You won’t earn cash, period.


  • It may take some time to earn credits for certain things. As mentioned earlier, you may not earn credits by simply downloading an app and immediately uninstalling it. You’ll probably need to keep it on your device for a few days.


  • Gift card delivery is not instant. You’ll need to wait at least 48 hours for delivery.

a screenshot picture of AppBounty website app

Final Verdict

Despite the backstory being a mystery, AppBounty is the Android/iPhone version of SwagBucks. And yes, this is a legitimate opportunity to earn points in exchange for gift cards. Unless you intend to build out a large following for the sake of being a media partner (which may take a painstakingly long time), you’re better off just earning and redeeming for gift cards. No app will ever make you rich. But using apps like AppBounty can be fun when used correctly.

But other than that, would you happen to have something to say about “AppBounty”? Maybe something to add to what I’ve already mentioned? If you do, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I would love to know what’s on your mind! Thanks for checking out my post, and good luck with your success!!

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