Click Intensity- Is It Legit or A Scam?

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If you’ve been on any social media websites lately, you might have heard about, or ran across this program that goes by the name, “Click Intensity”. If you haven’t ran across this program yet, it might be a good thing (or not). So the question is, can you make plenty of money on a daily basis using “Click Intensity”?

Well let us do the digging around and bring you the facts and our final verdict, so you can make your own decision. So if you want to know and learn more about Click Intensity, just continue to read on.

Who Runs “Click Intensity” and When Did It Start?:

“Click Intensity” (website link is unavailable as of 2021), was founded in 2016 by, by an individual that goes by the name Nick Johnson. The website involves online ads, videos, and games. “Click Intensity” also utilizes a business model that is typically used by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. If you know a thing or two on multi-level marketing programs, you might have a good idea on how “Click Intensity” operates. But we’ll provide more details on that in a minute.

How Does “Click Intensity” Work?

The way “Click Intensity” works is you first (of course) have to sign up for the program (which is absolutely free). After opening your new account, you’ll instantly have the ability to begin and complete various tasks. These task include but are not limited to:

  • playing games
  • watching videos
  • clicking through ads

It sounds like something you would see on various survey sites. You supposedly would earn a reward, each time you perform one of the website’s specific task.

So how much do you earn for completing every task? Well this amount is unknown. This is where things get really fishy. You have to purchase ad packages (which start off around $25). The purpose of these ad packages is to supposedly help you boost your income.

According to “Click Intensity”, they say you can earn up to $30 in 30 days, with the help of these ad packages. So in other words, you’ll spend $25 and make some kind of $5 profit. This should make you go “hmmm, what the hell…” right? But here’s another interesting thing we’ve noticed. There’s little information about these ad packages and what information they suppose to contain. They don’t tell you a clear reason why they are so important to buy.

They then go on to tell you that the best way to make more money with “Click Intensity” is by recruiting people. This is where the MLM-style practices come in. The more people you recruit who successfully sign-up, the more money you make. Your level or ranking in the program will also increase, as you continue to grow and refer more affiliates.

And guess what you’ll need to do, if you were looking to acquire a top-level in the “Click Intensity” program? Purchase more ad packs. Apparently, you’ll need to purchase as much as 4,000 ad packs in order to reach the highest level in the program.

So let’s do the math here. One ad pack is roughly $25. Multiply that by 4,000 and you get…brace yourself, $100,000. This will end up costing you a crazy six-figures, to reach the highest level in this “Click Intensity” program. Now something’s really not looking like it makes any type of sense, right?

Hold Up, Check This Out..

There’s a video that was floating around on their website of one of their co-founders. She claims that in order to reach a high level in “Click Intensity”, you’ll need 53 billion people on your team. No, that is not a typo…53 billion people. Keep in mind that there are up to this point nearly 7.5 billion people on this Earth (not factoring in the number of births and deaths per day). So referring a certain number of people that would equal 8 times the population of this entire planet, is extremely without a doubt impossible!

So at this point, here’s what we’ve covered…you’ll need to spend $100,000 worth of ad packs and recruit the entire world, nearly eight times over, in order to reach the highest level possible with “Click Intensity”. Now if this doesn’t sound crazy to you, I can’t tell you what does.

Pros And Con’s of Joining “Click Intensity”:


  • It’s free to join “Click Intensity”: When signing up with “Click Intensity”, you dont need to enter any payment information. The initial sign-up is actually free
  • The higher the level, the more money you earn: As you can guess, the higher your level the better your earnings will be. Never mind the value of what you earn for every task that you perform.


  • There is no specific value in what you earn: As mentioned earlier in this review, there is no known value of what you’ll earn per task. You can earn coins, or a like for every task. However, there is no monetary value that equals to a specific amount of coins. In similar programs that we’ve previously reviewed, at least they had some kind of value. For example, this one program (which name escapes us) allows you to earn coins for sharing something on a social media like platforms. Every coin is worth a penny. So if you earn 1000 coins, that’s $10. But that’s not for “Click Intensity”.
  • It’s impossible to reach Level 7: Unless you have $100k in the bank, and have some type of “superpower” to actually recruit 53 billion people, you’ll never reach “Click Intensity’s” level 7.
  • Your Credits will tend to go missing: Even after you worked hard to earn your credits, some of them will never show up on your account. At the same time, there are those that have complained about trying to receive payment, only to end up having to wait for weeks, or even months for it to show.
  • Not PayPal Compatible: What you’ll notice is that “Click Intensity” does not support or use PayPal, of all things! “Click Intensity’s” only compatible with Payza and Payeer, which are two programs that we would consider being less known to most folks.
  • Vague And Elusive Information: “Click Intensity’s” entire website seems to have little to no information on how this whole program works. It doesn’t specify how much credits equal to a certain amount of money. It doesn’t also explain the importance of “ad packs”, or what’s included inside these so called, “ad packs”. It seems like they are hiding something. And all they seem to be trying to do, is get you to buy these ad packs. “Shut up and buy these ad packs”, basically.
  • They’re Training Videos Provide No Actual Value:”Click Intensity’s” training videos are nothing but fluff. And they contain information that is either fake, or over inflated. In fact, you don’t want to watch them. They are boring as heck (or so we think). Anyone without a brain could tell you that they’re video’s is a bunch of garbage.
  • “Click Intensity” Is A Classic Case Of A Definite Pyramid Scheme: As we have mentioned earlier, this business all starts with you recruiting and reffering new people. If the recruiter successfully sign a person up, they get paid. But will you get paid more if they start recruiting other people? Well that’s hard to say at this point. You gain a $5 profit for one single ad package. And that’s not enough to pay anyone who’s your “upline”, if you ask us.

Final Verdict for “Click Intensity”:

In the case of “Click Intensity”, all the cons we’ve listed thus far, far outweigh the pros. While calling something a scam is subjective for our part, we seem to notice that “Click Intensity” runs on a pyramid scheme type system. While we probably won’t call it a full-blown scam (just yet), it would be smart of you to stay clear from “Click Intensity”. This is not the type of online money making opportunity you would want to pursue.

If you want to pursue some real online opportunities, we have plenty detailed articles here, that’ll help point you in the right direction towards success.

So, would you happen to have something to add to this review? Do you have a story concerning “Click Intensity” that you would like to share with us? Do you believe this business is a scam too, or legit? Do you have any questions concerning this review? Maybe something we didn’t mention concerning “Click Intensity”.

If you do, great! Please feel free to leave your question or comment below, and we would be more than happy to get back with you. Thanks again for reading our review, and good luck with all your success online..

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