American Consumer Panels Review- Earn Money As A Product Consultant Or Underpaid Scam? 

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Earn money as a product consultant or underpaid scam? 

Would you happened to be in the market for a product testing job, to add to impactful development work. Of so, have you come across American Consumer Panels? Suppose you have come across ACP and are interested in joining the firm as a Consultant, or using their services. In that case, you might be wondering what American Consumer Panels is all about and how they operate as a successful consulting firm, specializing in product testing and development. Well, they don’t.

American Consumer Panels is designed to misinform users into believing they are American Consumer Online Panels, which is a company that provides you access to a large pool of talent that offers effective user feedback when evaluating products, packaging, related product instructions, and more. American Consumer Panels DOES NOT provide an easy way for businesses to find and engage their target audience, gather their feedback, and shape the development of new consumer products across the country – why? Because they are an outright scam. Read more to find out why.

American Consumer Panels claims to allow you the ability to share product feedback and elevate products throughout their lifecycle with real-world insights. Let’s lift American Consumer Panels’s hood and find out why their business model does not work, with verified due diligence performed by experienced researchers here at

Here at, we help you cut out the noise of fraudulent businesses looking to take your time and steal your money. Our whole goal here is to help you find legit work online, while also aiding you in avoiding those online scams. Our team of analysts takes a common-sense approach to understanding business from a consumer perspective.


American Consumer Panels says they work hand in hand with brand managers, product managers, research managers, and/pr small business owners to perform consumer research for their products. Simply put, American Consumer Panels disguises itself as an organization that harnesses a network of “proprietary panels” for companies that request ongoing access to user feedback.

At American Consumer Panel, you don’t just get the stereotypical user testing feedback; actually, you are lucky even to get a response because their customer support is awful. Though, if you refer people to their website, their team claims to offer fast turnarounds, real-time feedback on product testing, and even in-home usage testing, with online survey completion. American Consumer Panel claims to provide product consulting that is designed to address the information and budget needs of their customers. But do they?

ACP’s website displays that they work with several companies to facilitate consistent contracts for their consultants. The ACP network allegedly consists of brands like; AngelCare, BaByliss, Clarisonic, Dyson, and Fisher-Price, to name some key brands you might recognize from your everyday life. Working with American Consumer Panels should mean gaining access to consistent end-to-end product consultation. It only takes a bit of research to unveil the American Consumer Panel’s history of failure.

Let’s do some more research and find out why American Consumer Panels is NOT a good way to make money, as a remote product consultant. Here at, we help you identify fraudulent businesses before you decide where to take your talent and hard work. 

What is American Consumer Panels all about? 

American Consumer Panels is a fraudulent website designed to seem like they are all about improving business products through in-home evaluations from reliable sources like yourself. American Consumer Panels operates as a consulting and advisory service scheme that earns money off of it’s referrals..

When did American Consumer Panels Start? 

In 1978 a company named American Consumer Opinion Panel was created. This is not to be confused with the American Consumer Panel known as ACP that we are talking about today. American Consumer Opinion Panel is owned and operated as a reputable business. On the other hand, American Consumer Panel known as ACP, is clearly branded as a scheme to offer a similar service and trick unsuspecting users into thinking they share the same reputation.  

What does it cost to use American Consumer Panels? 

It costs nothing to use the ACP platform. The team earns a referral after you signup on sites they redirect you to and then the correspondence simply goes cold. You may not hear from their team at all.

What Membership does American Consumer Panels provide? 

American Consumer Panels is a single-tier membership that claims to pay it’s product consultants $25 to $45 an hour, depending on the contract. You are supposed to earn real money by testing products for world-class brands. The application is not yet available on the Apple or Android, AppStore or online, which gives the impression that there is no team to support these claims.

Is American Consumer Panels successful?  

No, they are not successful. American Consumer Panels claims to have an established network of partners, but they do not. If we could give a rating, it would be an F. This is the typical internet scam except with minimal effort. American Consumer Panels has no listed CEO, zero principal operators or directors, and no file with the Better Business Bureau. 

How does American Consumer Panels help people? 

They don’t help you. American Consumer Panels puts money in their own pocket by reaping the rewards of your sign-up. American Consumer Panels does not help people or businesses as their website might lead you to believe. 


  • American Consumer Panel’s has a website and an internet presence. The only problem is that they use their presence to replicate an existing business and scam innocent and unsuspecting customers.

  • Completely free to join.


  • American Consumer Panels is outright fraudulent, and you should handle your information with extreme care.

  • This organization has a history of spamming users with other email addresses and selling data. 

  • Customer support is awful and known to not respond period.
  • No BBB profile.
  • The application is not yet available on the Apple or Android, AppStore or online.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users of American Consumer Panels have primarily negative opinions regarding the business, from our preliminary investigation. Here are some references to understand the American Consumer Panels business model.   

On one hand,

Apparently SOMEONE has a real job with this company making money (I can only assume), by posting FAKE reviews as employees of this company.”  

On the other hand,

It’s all a complete bait-and-switch operation. They claim that in order for them to decide if you “qualify” for the product testing job, that they supposedly first have to vet your interests, purchasing habits, etc., by sending you to their online survey sites to complete an unending slew of meaningless consumer surveys (which is how they REALLY make their money).

Our Conclusion For American Comsumer Panels: 

American Consumer Panels is a terrible business that claims it can help you make money online as a product consultant. Unfortunately, you cannot – at least not with their website. Take caution when using American Consumer Panels and understand the risks of doing business online and in person.

For these reasons, we believe American Consumer Panels is CERTAINLY a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their business is a scam or not.

Have you had a different experience with American Consumer Panels or do you have another opinion about American Consumer Panels? If so, we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about American Consumer Panels and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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