Ruby Ribbon Review-Your Ticket To Riches Or Should You Just Stay Away?

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Is Ruby Ribbon MLM Company Your Ticket To Riches Or Should You Just Stay Away?

Many people associate network marketing companies with vitamins, supplements, and beauty products. However, network marketing can include a wide variety of different products. Ruby Ribbon is one of those that strays from the norm by offering shapewear and other innerwear for women. Among their collections are swimwear, shapewear, leggings, camis, and bras. The products are available only from a distributor and the distributor makes a percentage of each sale. If you have heard about Ruby Ribbon and you’re wondering if this is the new, fun opportunity you’ve been hoping for, read on to learn more. 

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Ruby Ribbon is not just any network marketing company. As we stated, they offer a unique twist by selling attractive and fun women’s underwear in a direct seller business model. Many people delving into the world of MLM may be wary of scams. However, after doing extensive research, we’ve found that Ruby Ribbon is not a scam. They sell legitimate products and have a reputation for offering unique clothing items that are in high demand. 

Whether or not you can earn your life’s fortunes from Ruby Ribbon is another story. They offer a compensation plan like most other network marketing companies and distributors can earn via direct sales or by recruiting. Read on to find out if Ruby Ribbon is the right opportunity for you. 

When Did Ruby Ribbon Start?

Ruby Ribbon was founded in 2011 and launched in 2012 by Anna Zornosa and Deborah Uri. Their brand is marketed as a modern, innovative, and unique intimates line that also offers athleisure and shapewear. Ruby Ribbon is targeted at women of all shapes and sizes and focuses on comfort, confidence, and style.

What is Ruby Ribbon All About?

On their website, the company defines itself as “a new social commerce apparel company, supported by a nationwide network of independent personal stylists.” The company is known for leveraging social media and direct sales to market its clothing brand. With an eye for stylish yet casual intimates, they have been taking the fashion world by storm. Ruby Ribbon provides high-quality bras that don’t have underwire which is one of their unique selling points. 

Since the company only offers its apparel via direct sales channels, this creates a huge opportunity for anyone to make an income by selling their products. 

Does It Cost To Join Ruby Ribbon?

Yes, like almost all network marketing companies, you will find that there is a cost to join the Ruby Ribbon direct seller program. The company offers starter kits and sellers can choose which kit they would like to begin their business with. 

Ruby Ribbon Starter Kits: 

  • Mini Starter Kit: $149 and comes with 1 demiette, 2 camis, business tools, and a website. 
  • Cami Starter Kit: $249 and comes with 2 demiettes, 6 camis, business tools, and a website.
  • Ultimate Starter Kit: $399 and comes with 2 demiettes, 6 camis, legging, and more products, business tools, and a website. 
  • Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: $549 and comes with 2 demiettes, 6 camis, leggings, more products, business tools, and website, as well as $300 in credit to purchase more products. 

How Much Can You Earn With Ruby Ribbon?

Ruby Ribbon’s compensation plan offers a 40% commission on sales. They also provide incentive bonuses if the team performs well. 

Is Ruby Ribbon Worth Your Time?

Ruby Ribbon is a legit work-at-home business opportunity. However, you may be asking yourself whether or not you should invest your hard-earned money into a starter kit or if it’s best to just watch the company’s growth for a little longer. In the end, some distributors do well with the company, however, it’s not for everyone. Below are some of the pros and cons of working with Ruby Ribbon. 


  • A new, unique, and innovative company with a lot of buzz and attention
  • High-quality clothing line with a solid reputation in the industry
  • A legitimate network marketing company, not a scam


  • Complaints about poor customer service including pricey shipping even on refunds
  • Low compensation plans make it difficult to progress
  • Pricey product kits can be challenging for new marketers to afford

What people are saying about Ruby Ribbon?

“I love this company. I do not work for them. I have been approached before, and I have come close, but I am just not good with selling. However, as far as using the products, I am completely sold.” -J.R.E. 

Another user wrote,

“I bought some of their items from one of their independent sellers and to say I was unhappy is an understatement. Not even a month into my purchase I had holes in the seams. At this time I had worn it maybe twice.” -Dana J. 

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Our Conclusion For Ruby Ribbons:

Every network marketing company is unique and as with any online business opportunity, hard work will be required to see progress. It’s helpful to take a look at the compensation plan that Ruby Ribbon offers and compare it to other network marketing companies to see if theirs is more of what you had in mind or less. In this way, you can move forward confidently with deciding whether or not the Ruby Ribbon business opportunity is right for you. 

Do you have a different opinion or experience with Ruby Ribbon? If so, we would like to hear about it! Leave your comments about your experience down below and be sure to check back often for more informative reviews on work from home opportunities. 

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