Vasayo Review – Best Network Marketing Company Or The Latest Pyramid Scheme?

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Is Vasayo the best network marketing company or the latest pyramid scheme?

Many people turn to network marketing to build their empires online and with good reason. Network marketing is one of the methods that can help you to create a solid stream of income over time. However, not all network marketing companies are alike. Some offer more options for growth than others while some are simply not at all trustworthy. In this review, we will take a close look at Vasayo to see which category they fall into. By the end of the article, you will have a better idea as to whether this opportunity is a good one or whether you should just steer clear. 

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Vasayo is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that provides a variety of health and wellness products. Their products are sold under the brand Micro-Life and are known for featuring Advanced Delivery Technology which means that more nutrients are absorbed than other supplement brands. Vasayo’s products fall into two main sections which are health and beauty. 

When Did Vasayo Start?

Vasayo was founded in 2016 by founders Dallin and Karree Larsen. The couple is also known for owning a different network marketing company known as MonaVie which was started a year before the start of Vasayo. The company is headquartered in Utah in the United States. 

What is Vasayo All About? 

Vasayo’s unique selling point is that its health products (MicroLife Nutritionals) are made to be better absorbed by the body so that your health can be greatly improved. They refer to science many times in their marketing as their way of establishing credibility with their audience. The premise of their supplements is that they are made using liposomes. Liposomes are supposed to deliver the nutrients that the body needs before they get broken down by the digestive system. 

Vasayo’s products include a wide range of different health and beauty care items. Their most popular products include their Eternal Liposomal antioxidant super-blend. This product was designed to provide the polyphenols and antioxidants that the skin needs to retain a youthful appearance. 

Vasayo’s Products Include: 

  • Beléza Serum 
  • Beléza Rejuvenating Cream
  • Beléza Hydrating Mist
  • Neuro Caps
  • V3
  • V-Slim
  • Eternal
  • Sleep
  • Renew
  • V Tox
  • V-Mune
  • V-Shake–Whey
  • V-Shake–Vegan
  • Microlife Core Complete

Does it Cost to Join Vasayo?

One of the points to note about Vasayo is that it costs significantly more to join their network marketing company than many other companies in the same field. The more you pay to join, the more products are included in your starter kit, however, the highest package goes up to a whopping $1,495 which is unaffordable for most beginning marketers. 

Membership prices include: 

  • $239
  • $329
  • $499
  • $899
  • $1,495 (Founder’s package)

How Much Can You Earn With Vasayo?

Vasayo has 18 levels in their compensation plan which requires you to keep two active affiliates on your team and one customer to stay in active standing. The company provides a retail commission of up to 20% and introduction bonuses between 10-20%. Vasayo provides its distributors with $25 for every 240 Gross Volume amassed. 

Is Vasayo worth your time? 

Vasayo has made a few million in its five years of operation so its distributors are making some type of income. However, your outcome will depend on your knowledge of the network marketing business as well as how well you can recruit team members. One of the things to know is that there is no residual income in Vasayo. This makes it hard to earn as much as network marketers at other companies. 


  • Science-backed products
  • Fairly new company still offering a founders package for early recruits
  • Unique angle with supplements that are more readily absorbed


  • Difficult to earn consistent income with no residuals
  • A history of mixed reviews
  • A low compensation plan of only up to 20%

What are others saying about Vasayo?

“Vasayo’s products are overpriced, so the average person does not order them consistently.” -Vasayo review

Another user wrote,

“MicroLife Renew has been a life-saver. I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to in years. Every morning, I’m up and ready to take on my day!”   -Francoise U.

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Our Conclusion For Vasayo:

Vasayo is a fairly new MLM company with a lot of buzz and promise. However, only time will tell whether or not this company has what it takes to stay in the game. Their supplements and beauty products seem to be solid and built on research and science. Their compensation plan, however, leaves a lot to be desired. This is because no residual income is like death to any network marketer. This is something to seriously consider before jumping into this opportunity. 

Have you had a different experience with Vasayo or do you have another opinion about Vasayo? If so,we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about Vasayo and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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