Juice Plus Review-Super supplement or snake oil?

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Is JuicePlus+ a good way to build your muscles or is it just snake oil?

If you are in the market for a new all-in-one performance shake, that helps you with bone support, mental performance, energy production, and much more – you have more than likely heard of or ran into JuicePlus. JuicePlus claims to deliver an everyday plant-based nutrition concentrate that helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you actually do eat. Let’s take a deeper look into the JuicePlus product and their business, with market research from our team here at LegitWorkOnlineForReal.com.

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JuicePlus is a company that produces a plant-based nutrient supplement that supposedly bridges the gap between what you eat, and what you should be eating. The team at JuicePlus claim that you can look better, have a healthy and active lifestyle, and even a healthy family if you use their product. At JuicePlus, they believe you can look and feel your very best, just by nourishing your body “the way nature intended,” which is supposedly with their product. The JuicePlus product is a new way to increase the nutrition you receive from plant-based supplements. 

The Juice Plus+ Company has a mixed history of sales to valued customers like yourself. 

What is Juice Plus+ all about? 

Juice Plus+ is a brand line of nutritional supplements produced by Natural Alternatives International of San Marcos California, for National Safety Associates. The supplements offered by Juice Plus were introduced to consumer markets back in 1993, by the National Safety Associates via a multi-level marketing scheme, also known as MLM.

Juice Plus leverages the suspicious business model popularized by brands like Amway, Avon, Herbalife and many more. Multi-level marketing (to often at times) sell generic products, with larger than life claims. JuicePlus begs the question, is this a legitimate nutritional supplement, or is this another run of the mill multi-level marketing scheme?

When did Juice Plus+ Start? 

Juice Plus+ products have existed since 1993. Juice Plus+ is designed to upcharge you for not-so-extraordinary supplements.

What does it cost to use JuicePlus supplements? 

It can cost from $25 to $50 or even $75 per month, depending on the level of the plan that you choose to get when you join the Juice Plus+ program. And remember, this is the cost of generic nutritional supplements that are being sold at a premium because they will supposedly make you and your family look and feel better.

After performing some essential research, we discovered that Juice Plus+ charges no hidden fee’s, other than the cost of maintaining an account. As long as you are 18 years or older, you can join their platform and test out their membership. 

What Membership does Juice Plus+ provide? 

Once you are a member, you get a certain amount of multivitamins depending on what price you paid. 

Their primary product catalog centers around fruit and vegetable supplements. These multivitamins come in either a capsule or a chewable form, for their Orchard (fruit), Garden (vegetable), Vineyard (berries) blends of supplements. However, Juice Plus+ also has a history of selling a lot more than just multivitamins. They also sell meal replacement shakes, soups, and bars.

For their adult dose plan, two capsules are required for each blend everyday, preferably with a meal. Children on the other hand, are only allotted one capsule or chewable per day. 

Multivitamin blend information is available from the Juice Plus+ website. 

Is Juice Plus+ successful?  

Yes, they are successful. With all their mixed reviews, they prove to be profitable enough to stay open for business and provide fruit and vegetable supplements to all who are willing to look passed the negative feedback. If we could give a rating, it would be a B. This company is an alright organization, with subpar nutritional vitamins that come across as snake oil. 

How does Juice Plus+ help people you? 

Juice Plus+ helps you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with nutritional supplements. Their website claims that their product can help you lead a better life, where you look better and feel tremendous. 

It only takes a few seconds to check out their website and find out what price tier is right for you and your lifestyle. After you are a member, you can expect to pay monthly and receive a four month supply of supplements.


  • Juice Plus has a long track record of delivering products that were introduced to consumers in the early nineties. 

  • They have a strong brand/reputation and have been in the healthcare industry for 50 plus years.
  • Juice Plus sells generic but effective supplements, so if you have the money and are interested, why not?

  • They have a good Better Business Bureau rating.


  • The supplements are still generic and not life changing.

  • This company is a multi-level media company.

  • Not only are the products very expensive, but they also require you to purchase a (4 month supply) minimum amount.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users of Juice Plus+ have mixed opinions regarding the business from our preliminary investigation. Here are some other references to understand the Juice Plus+ business model.   

On one hand,

“There is no evidence that Juice Plus+ is more effective than a cheap multivitamin.”  

But on the other hand,

“have never suffered what I would deem to be adverse side affects. I also understand that one would not “feel” any effects by just taking the supplement. It has to be part of a lifestyle change.”  

A screenshot of the JuicePlus logo

Our Conclusion For Juice Plus+: 

Juice Plus+ is a suspicious multi-level media business that can connect you with allegedly life changing supplements that help bridge your lifestyle and the one you should live. Be safe when you use the Juice Plus+ products and understand that your body is unique to yourself. Take your time to consult with a licensed medical professional before you decide to take any supplement.

For these reasons, we believe Juice Plus+ is NOT a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether their nutritional supplements are worth their time or not.

If you have a different opinion concerning Juice Plus, let is know what it is! Do you have questions or comments concerning our review? If so, be sure to leave them below in our comment section. Thank you again guy’s for reading our review on Juice Plus and we wish you nothing but the best.

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