OfferNation Review- Earn Money Taking Surveys Online Or Just Another Scam?

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Is OfferNation a legitimate way to monetize your time online, or is it just another digital survey submission scheme? 

If you are in the market of completing online surveys for extra money or a side income, you might have come across a survey website that goes by the name, OfferNation. According to the OfferNation website, they have paid out more than 1 million dollars in cash, and – you can see which members have been paid. Keep reading to learn more about OfferNation today!

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OfferNation is owned and operated by 99 Ventures Ltd, registered at Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD United Kingdom. OfferNation claims to be one of the best ways to earn extra cash entirely online just by taking surveys. The organization says they have international partners and relationships that allow you to earn real cash online, using they’re legitimate survey websites. 

What is OfferNation all about? 

99 Ventures Ltd. Is a consumer insight company bridging the gap between companies and consumers to enhance their networks products or services. If you are a business owner, their company helps your business acquire new business, drive growth, and improve traction, all through market research. 

OfferNation is a company that has existed since 2013, with valid copyrights and consumer disclosure statements – which is always a good sign. OfferNation extends 99 Ventures Ltd. and it’s market research by providing consumers access to various businesses seeking to gain insight into consumer trends. 

When did OfferNation Start? 

OfferNation is a 99 Ventures Ltd. subsidiary company. OfferNation has existed for nearly a decade, specifically their company formed in 2003.

Does it cost to join OfferNation programs? 

After performing some essential research, we discovered that OfferNation makes it possible, so there is no cost to joining their site because their network of businesses and organizations demand feedback for user improvements. As long as you are 18 years or older, you can join their platform for free. 

What Membership does OfferNation provide? 

Once you are a member, OfferNation allows you to submit surveys online and ‘earn’ money practically instantly. Their model operates on a single-tier account. You can sign into their system with a username and a password-authenticated by reCAPTCHA. This platform allows submitters to contribute and earn rewards with PayPal. 

Is OfferNation successful?  

Yes, they are successful. If we could give a rating, it would be an A-. Their web presence is above average, but there are deficiencies in the user interface and the general customer experience that make the quality suffer. Their system allows any user to go back to transactions from 2013 and review their payout history. 

How does OfferNation help people make money online? 

OfferNation provides online surveys to people looking to make extra money from home.  These users complete and submit surveys and earn rewards online thru PayPal payouts. It only takes a few minutes. OfferNation will then share your feedback with companies who need it.

The company and their holding company, have aligned values and missions of providing proper market research to on-demand organizations. OfferNation allows 99 Ventures to successfully acquire consumer insight with forms and a simple PayPal payout. Fortunately for OfferNation, they are entirely able to establish this website, and they have been operational online for almost a decade. This might not be the case for other websites in the same niche industry. Are you considering entering the market for online survey submissions that pay you thru PayPal? If so, your in the right place.


  • OfferNation has a network of company’s, organizations, and individuals maintaining survey submissions and processing.  
  • Active internet presence. OfferNation’s website is up and running and ready for you to get onboarded. Their user interface could use a face-lift, but their process is straightforward and adds an element of transparency.
  • Refer a friend: You get a nice 25% commission on what your referrals earn.
  • It’s completely free to join.


  • As is the case with most online rewards company’s, OfferNation has scattered poor reviews. Beware of working with any company, and make sure you are compensated for the work you agreed to do.
  • This market insight firm pays decently in PayPal with instant transactions or standard processing rates. 
  • Not mobile friendly: They don’t have an app version for your phone. Only a mobile version of the website, which isn’t easy to navigate thru.
  • No BBB profile.

What are internet users saying about this website?  

Previous users and contributors of OfferNation have mixed opinions regarding the business from our preliminary investigation. Users report minimal earning potentials well below the minimum wage standards. Here are some other references to understand the OfferNation business model.   

On one side,

“You can make money in your downtime from the comforts of your home.”  

On the other hand,

“There is a 2% transaction fee on all cash withdrawals, and the minimum wage standard is higher pay.”  

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Our Conclusion For OfferNation: 

OfferNation is a good business that you can undoubtedly use to make money. OfferNation has been reported for having a simple to use website with many mixed customer interactions, but ultimately their business is considered a legitimate operation. Maybe their management should consider taking a bit less profit and rewarding their customers more for their time.

Be safe when you use the OfferNation site. You might have trouble accessing your funds, but if your account is appropriately set up, you should be able to earn money in just a few minutes. For these reasons, we believe OfferNation is not a scam, and users can sign up to find out whether or not their system is worth their time.

Have you had a different experience with OfferNation or do you have another opinion about OfferNation? If so,we would love to hear about it! Leave your opinion in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed our review about OfferNation and we’ll see you in the next review. 

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  1. I forgot what company it was but I was working for a company that provides surveys which you have to do and you get revenue for it. I absolutely hated it because there was hardly any surveys available. This program seems more legit so I will be sure to share this article with friends and family 

  2. Thank you very much for this review on Offernation. Although Offernation seems like a legit way to earn money, there is something that holds me back to be diving further into this and that is the income potential. I think it is a lot of work for just a little bit of income. I think that I will be focussing more on something else, like affiliate marketing, but thanks!

    1. Hey Lizzy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Your response definitely helps make this review as a whole, a lot more informative. Thank you again and good luck with all your success online.

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